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A young female sat at a table near the front of her school, waiting. As she waited, she was doing her homework. "Let's just make sure I got the quadratic formula correct in this equation..." She said to herself quietly, as she looked over the last problem on her math homework. Looking outside, the girl noticed a familiar purple car in the pick-up area. "There she is." Monika chuckled, getting her things together as she walked outside to the car.

"How was your day, Nika?" The woman in the car asked, who was Monika's older sister.

"It went okay. Nothing amazing, but I can't say anything bad happened either." The student explained as she swept some of her bright blue hair back, and smiled gently towards her sister.

"Well, that's better than doing bad." The older female said with a slight grin. "Let's get home." She stated as she drove the purple car out of the school parking lot, and soon was at their house.

Quickly, Monika rushed into her room and started up her gaming system as she placed her white neko headphones on. Her username was {Nika-Neko}, which she really liked. The female was usually the type underestimated by others, but she was actually better at her games than most people thought. Many times, she had completely destroyed overly confident gamers at what they did best.

Joining a public game with a good handful of players, Nika noticed that she was placed onto a team with some player by the name of Wildcat-X. "Sounds like some kind of tryhard...but I guess I'll see how this works out." She told herself as she chuckled gently.
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[+navy "Okay, remember. The assignment is due on Monday next week, I expect it done"] Ms. Kohallon told the class and of course, being the class rebel. Xeric grinned [+neon "Of course! Ooonly if I get an A!"] he laughed and the kids did a 'ugh' sound. Knowing, of course, he never got a good grade for his assignments. But he didn't care. The bell rang and the white haired male stood up, out of the class first and out of the school, his back-pack having small key chain's on it and what not's.

The male walked into his house, being quiet because of his dad. His mother have currently died. He slowly walked. He jumped when he heard his dad grunt, telling Xeric that he was asleep and he ran to his room. Throwing his things down and turning his gaming system on. Throwing on his headphones and grabbing the controller. Starting his favorite game up. Signing in as 'WildCat-X'

Joining in a public game, he sat back, grinning. He was a boss player, a good player. Could kill three people with two different weapons. One if he wanted. If anyone could best him, it wouldn't be a challenge to beat under seconds.

He waited for other players. Wanting to actually get someone on his team. A female by chance. His team mainly being males and it was plain boring to him. So, putting on 'Anyone Can Join' on his team preference. He waited for anyone to join.
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