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Xerox started up his guns and pulled out his knives. Yes, he was going to do this with a knife. But knives get one hit kills if you do it correctly. Running off, he managed to get 3 people before getting shot in the back and healed up quickly by hiding. He started again and aimed for a veteran level person and stabbed him before running off again.

'just a few more seconds here' he thought as he ran over to someone and got em from behind and threw his knife at another person as the clock hit 0 and he stopped. 'it's either me or Nika' he said and placed his controller down, his green eyes gazing into the screen as the result suddenly came up.
  Xeric Talkien / Grey_ / 260d 10h 6m 9s
Nika sighed, having found cover for a moment as she prepared for a final rush on whoever was near her in the game. That was when Xeric spoke about it being the final 30 seconds, and then she knew that now was the time for her attack. "Yeah, we can get this done...although it'll be close." The female responded, using her sniper to peek up and get a couple kills from long range before pulling out an assault rifle. As she did so, she sprinted towards a couple buildings, throwing a grenade into one and getting another kill while rushing into the other one. Inside, she managed to shoot one last enemy and get them eliminated right as the clock hit zero. Now all she could do was stare at her screen, and hope for the best as the final results would be shown.
  Monika Eldridge / AskTheStaff / 260d 10h 10m 37s
Xeric continued to shoot as he then turned the T.V down, the thumping of his dad's footsteps going throughout the house. Xeric's breaths were quiet as he ran around the map, landing in a pit where bombs were placed and he died in the game, re-spawning as he gritted his teeth slightly, cursing under his breath. All he really wanted to do was win the match and continue.

Flinching slightly as he heard the door slam, it telling him that his dad had left for work and Xeric had the house to himself. He huffed and spoke up [+springgreen "30 seconds, we can do this"] he said into the microphone and started sprinting, grabbing a rifle to start shooting everyone near he saw, realizing the points. They weren't from him though, it was from Nika. Smiling slightly, he shot one last time as the clock hit 5 seconds.
  Xeric Talkien / Grey_ / 284d 10h 37m 45s
Nika had glanced over towards the male, seeing that he was up and going quite well now. At this rate, they could most definitely pull a victory out of the match! She kept running throughout the map, shooting at any enemy that came into her sight. Their score kept jumping up higher and higher, getting rather close to the enemy team's at this point.

At around that time, the building near the center of the battlefield blew up in all of its glory. The female smirked when she realized that Xeric had fooled a few enemies into going in there before it had exploded. The timer for the match was at thirty seconds, so Nika put all of her possible effort into the game now as she continued to get more kills.
  Monika Eldridge / AskTheStaff / 287d 22h 11m 27s
He thanked her as he started shooting again, taking head shots with the sniper he had and sat in the house near the building that would blow up any second in the game. Getting a few points and doing risky attacks, he got out of the building in the last second as a few enemies went onto the building, killing them and giving Xerics teams a few more points.

He examined the match and saw that the game was ending soon and he glanced at the points, seeing that their points were going up a big shot. 'That's not me' he thought and realized it was Nika. Smiling, he started shooting with a auto he collected from a dead enemy, but the bullets were running out so he went to his throwing knives and 1 hit kill knife. Going after people from behind so they didn't notice his sudden attacks.
  Xeric Talkien / Grey_ / 331d 3h 44m 37s
"No prob." Nika had said with a chuckle as she helped the male's character to his feet, before they both started running around again. She heard him speak of how they could do this, how they could win. "Yeah, we can! It might be hell to do so, but we can!" The girl exclaimed, shooting down any players she could see to get more and more score.

Soon, as the timer for the match began to get close to ending the match, the female tried even harder than she already had been, taking more risky chances for points and luckily succeeding in her efforts. "Come on, just a few more kills and we might just be able to win this thing!" She yelled to Xeric confidently.
  Monika Eldridge / AskTheStaff / 331d 22h 6m 26s
He shot half of the other people as he smiled when she came over, shooting down the others as his screen started going blurry, indicating he was about to die in the game and let out a relieved sigh as she healed him, speaking into the microphone [+springgreen "Thank you"] he mumbled as he waited, healing completely and nodding at her reassurance.

[+springgreen "Yeah.....yeah we can do this, we just gotta get up, we can do this"] he said as his character got up and started running around. Shooting people and getting points up.
  Xeric Talkien / Grey_ / 336d 7h 48m 47s
Hearing the rather confident voice of Xeric through her headphones, the young female chuckled. "Sounds like a plan. Let's do it." She replied, before getting out from her cover and firing towards any enemy player she could see, making sure to take any materials from them that would be useful in the long run of the match.

That was when Nika heard the male speak again, and she realized he was at very low health and was about to be killed. By sheer luck, she realized that she was located on a ledge right by Xeric, and she jumped down before shooting the enemy soldier who was moments away from a kill. "You're welcome." The girl chuckled, getting out a first aid kit she had stolen from one of her dead enemies a few minutes before, using it to heal Xeric's character. "We can still do this, if we try hard enough." She reassured both of themselves.
  Monika Eldridge / AskTheStaff / 336d 11h 21m 20s
He listened closely and then realized those two were basically the only one's on. Which gave them some advantages at the same time took away their advantages. Grinning he started running around and shooting [+springgreen "Alright, let's do this, shall we?"] he asked as he stared running around, collecting gun's from the dead players and a few explosives if they were needed, which looked like they were.

Of course, he started running around again, some of the people on the group were complete noobs who wanted to join a higher ranking team, and them some of them were complete nerds who knew the game well and could beat it easily, which scared Xeric just a little, but he didn't really care. He started going off again and then suddenly was shot down, knowing if he were shot any more he would die and he was in a challenging mode of one life, using the explosives he had and the two pistols, he started mumbling into the microphone [+springgreen "Wildcat down, Wildcat down"]
  Xeric Talkien / Grey_ / 337d 19h 2s
Nika heard the male's question as she found some good cover, so she glanced towards the progress of her team. "It seems that the majority of our team is afk or has disconnected from the game. That would explain why the enemy team was able to jump ahead so easily, because the afk and disconnected players are easy targets for points." She explained, before things seemed to go quiet for a while.

Once the silence ended and the female could hear Xeric's voice once again, she realized he was the only player left online besides her. "I'm here...but I don't think anyone else is." She stated honestly, getting out of her cover for a few seconds to get a few more kills to bring up the score some more.
  Monika Eldridge / AskTheStaff / 337d 22h 9m 11s
Xeric looked around in the game, listening to her [+springgreen "How are we on men?"] he asked, looking at the game scores as they slowly went up and a few people spoke, but by the sounds of it, it seemed that some of the people were afk. He didn't know the total amount though and hoped Nika knew as he continued shooting, using a silencer to get the higher enemies like the veteran level characters.

He stopped talking as he gently tapped the game controller as his dad wandered the halls, getting ready for work which gave Xeric the rest of the day ti'll 6 in the morning to be alone. Which he liked about his dad. Xeric loved his dad either way, but it was the depressed part and abusive part he hated, but he knew his dad didn't mean any of it. He understood very well of course, Xeric would be depressed if he loved someone and then lost them to death.

Coughing, Xeric cleared his throat as his phone started ringing and he muted his microphone, taking his phone and answering it, a female's voice on the other side [+springgreen "Hi dad's leaving right now....visiting? Sadie if you visit now and leave, dad just gonna be even more mad.....I know.....yes you can visit.....I miss you too"] Xeric smiled as he continued playing, the phone to his ear.


Sadie was Xeric's sister, who looked like his mom a lot more than Xeric did. Xeric looking like his dad more than his mom. Sadie was just two years older than him and dad loved her more than Xeric due to the appearance. But...Sadie didn;t know about his drinking problem and depression. It was sad, but she didn't know and was the only one that could calm him down if he had a panic attack or a fit.

Of course, Xeric turned his microphone on and realized everyone was gone [+springgreen "Nika? You still there or is this a one guy thing now?"] he spoke into the microphone, wanting to hear her voice.
  Xeric Talkien / Grey_ / 339d 11h 17m 15s
Once Nika had made sure she was in a safe position away from danger, she decided to go back to checking the male's progress. He...wasn't moving...or shooting...or healing...or anything. Was he AFK? Nah, he was probably just planning his attack on a group of enemies or something, no one just gets up and leaves in the middle of a game in a spot like he is.

Soon enough, she noticed that Xeric was moving again, and talking to her about the scores. "I really have no idea why we're so behind! Our kill streaks are better than everyone else's at the moment, we should be winning! It doesn't make sense." She said as she ran around some more, using her precise shotgun loadout to fire powerful slugs of bullets into other players, racking up some more kills and score. The rise was slow, but Xeric and Nika's increased efforts were starting to balance the score out just a little bit. However, it would take a decent amount of time to surpass the enemy team's total.
  Monika Eldridge / AskTheStaff / 345d 18h 41m 28s
Xeric started running about again, have collecting a few other things like an upgrade on his throwing knives a few grenades, more ammo and a couple of ammo boxes he placed around the map for his team only. He stopped suddenly when he heard walking around outside of his door, hearing his dad groan and walk around some more, making Xeric quickly turn his T.V down and stop everything.

That's when he forgot about his headset and heard Nika talk and he quickly covered them. Hearing her statement and he examined the team scores, realizing how low they were going, not knowing the reason why, he examined the points a they went up, but very slowly. But he didn't do anything.

Hearing another slurred voice, Xeric bit his lip and hid behind his bed as he heard the croaking voice of his dad [+red "Xericwh ere are yeh?"] he said. Xeric gulping and keeping quiet, not wanting to be heard by his dad as he heard the footsteps get quieter as he walked off. Xeric walking back over to his chair and threw on his headset, turning the volume up on it and taking his controller into his hands.

[+springgreen "Wow, who knew it would go down so low. Did somethin happen? Who's got the grenades?"] he asked and tilted his head, running around in the game and shooting people, examining his health as he hid in one of the secret paces for sniper, knowing this could be a place to hide and heal as he started to shoot people from above. Using an armor piercer to get through the targets armor and kill them with a few hits.
  Xeric Talkien / Grey_ / 355d 9h 4m 2s
Nika continued to watch the male's progress while she could, sitting behind some cover where she couldn't be seen. Noticing how he killed the sniper she had warned him about, and then another player that had begun firing at him. Then she heard Xeric's compliment, and smiled gently as she started to reply. "No problem! You can call me Nika if you want, that's what I usually go by." The female chuckled a little bit, before getting out from her cover and running around again, getting some more kills with her shotgun loadout.

"They're winning? Team, come on! We can do this!" Nika exclaimed, beginning to use more risky tactics but also getting a larger amount of points and kills from doing so. She took some damage, but found a good spot to heal up before jumping right back into the fray and shooting at her targets, racking up as much score as she could.
  Monika Eldridge / AskTheStaff / 356d 20h 1m 9s
Xeric lifted an eyebrow as he watched her progress go up as she killed the gang that was going for her. He suddenly noticing something when she spoke softly and he smiled slightly, grinning happily after a few seconds [i So, she can kill like me? With a shotgun] he chuckled under his breath as he had noticed that she was using a shot gun to kill her enemies.

That's when he stopped smiling when he heard her say 'There's a sniper near by' which made him turn the toggle to the left then to the right as dodge the three bullets he sent. Xeric aiming as he started shooting as well, getting him with a head shot and then a character with a pistol started shooting at him, his gun being changed quickly as he shot back with a machine gun and killed them quickly, this game being full of beast mode characters and he spoke into the head set [+limegreen "Thanks Nika.....or whatever you would like to be called"] he said happily as he spoke into the headset.

Starting off to find a gun chest, he couldn't quite find it as he saw his points go down, wondering why, he examined the game to see that the other team was slowly winning. Making Xeric sigh
  Xeric Talkien / Grey_ / 357d 9h 43m 22s

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