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I looked up at the dragon, wagging my tail, giving him a [i 'I'm nothing bad, just a simple cat who is the blacksmiths companion. There is no need to fear me or be nervous'] I purred and laid down, resting my paws on each other. This dragon seemed oddly nervous about me, and it was very confusing to me.

Perking my long tuffed ears, I watched theblacksmith leave to go get ebony. Feeling a little ashamed for getting the matirial wrong as i put my paws on my head, giving an apologetic look about it and I let out a huff only cats and creatures with good hearing can hear
  Mizuki / Grey_ / 7d 4h 33m 0s
Throughout the entire time I was sitting there, the presence of the feline seemed so...strange. I watched as it took my money and placed it in a drawer, and even taking my sword. It had given the blacksmith the sword, and was communicating with her from what I could tell. [i I'm not sure if I like the feeling of this. Something isn't right about this feline...and it makes me nervous.] I thought to myself awkwardly, before hearing the blacksmith woman speak. "Thank you, madam." I stated, as I saw her walk away for the materials to my sword. Afterwards, the feline was staring at me...and I became even more nervous without knowing why. I gave it a look that said '[i Alright, I can tell something isn't normal about you and it makes me uncomfortable. Tell me your secret...please.]' as I sighed gently.
  Telantes Phazia / AskTheStaff / 7d 4h 54m 42s
I gently took the sword from Mizuki "I will see what i can do" I smiled warmly. I turned and walked to the back and put it on my desk and looked at it for a second. This is not Iron i thought to myself. I looked at it closer. "this is ebony..." I need to go the the mines to get some of that. I grab my bag and picaxe.
  Camael / _Ren_ / 7d 6h 41m 33s
The large cat swayed his tail as he purred, leaning his head against the females hand before letting her do her work. Looking up at the gold and silver and taking the bag. Padding over to a wooden table and placing the bag in the drawer he opened with his teeth. Knowing where, piratically everything was since he comes here often.

Slowly padding forward, Mizuki examined his sword. The tip was very dull, which looked to be an iron broadsword. Mizuki looked up at Camael with forest green eyes, basically telling her that the iron was placed in the back as he twitched his ear to the left. His eyes going back to the dragon. Examining him and giving him a [i 'Tell me something about you'] kind of look.
  Mizuki / Grey_ / 8d 2h 15m 29s
Upon seeing the creature jump down from where it was situated, and setting itself next to the female, I finally am able to identify it as some kind of feline. Then I heard the female greet me kindly as her eyes returned to a more neutral color, which calmed me down a bit. Holding up my sword and showing it to the woman, I let the light shine over the many scratches and other signs of wear upon the weapon. "If you could do so, I would like a repair upon my broadsword." I request, also pulling out a nice handful of gold and silver from my pocket to use as payment. Glancing towards the creature again for a second or two, I can't help but feel as if something is different about it than what it seems on the outside. I turn my attention back to the blacksmith, as I wait for a reply from her.
  Telantes Phazia / AskTheStaff / 8d 2h 23m 28s
Realizing that the dragon meant no harm for now i smiled a warm smile and said "i can help you sir." I quickly pull my hand away from my belt and scratch behind the large cats ears. my eye go to a light yellow color as i greet the dragon.
  Camael / _Ren_ / 8d 2h 28m 45s
I examined the large cat, purring gently as I stood up, jumping down next to Camael and drinking some of the fresh water that would sooner or later be used for the sowards, my short tail flicking as if it were wagging.

Taking my water break, I stood up and sat down next to the female. Swishing my tail from side to side and thought in my head for a moment [I 'These two would become good friends. I know this'] as a low rumble sounded in my throat.
  Mizuki / Grey_ / 8d 2h 33m 5s
I had glanced towards the woman working, and noticed her eyes shift in color strangely as she placed a hand upon her belt. [i Even glancing towards people gets them suspicious of me doing something.] I thought to myself as my tail swayed to the other side, and I unsheathed my broadsword. "I do suppose I could get a touch-up on this, to make sure it doesn't break or chip." I said, as I sighed. Walking up to the woman, glancing towards some creature I couldn't quite recognize due to it being behind a couple things, I waved as a friendly greeting. "Good morning, madam." I stated kindly, hoping she would reply in a relatively similar manner.
  Telantes Phazia / AskTheStaff / 8d 2h 39m 36s
My eyes flash from emerald green to ocean blue as I put the hot blade in the water for it to cool. Then I walk to a bin of coal, grab a shovel, and put a shovel full of coal in the flame. I mutter to my self "I need to get more coal I'm almost out." I turn around and see the dragon looking this way. My eyes change color to a maroon color and I place my hand on my belt were their is a small hidden dagger just in case to make sure it is there. I continued to work and put iron in the furnace to melt it.
  Camael / _Ren_ / 8d 3h 17m 22s
I padded down the dirt road, my paws slightly aching from walking as I looked around. Purring at the sight of the blacksmith but jumping when seeing.a dragon?? I didn't know dragons would come here because of getting scared of people hating them and driving them away.

Of course, that didn't bother me as I continued walking. Feeling a slight brush of wind go down my spine as I hopped onto the top of the blacksmithing quarters. Wagging my short tail.
  Mizuki / Grey_ / 9d 2h 38m 29s
I slowly walk along the trail of a small town, glancing around every now and then. As people glance towards my scaly complexion and battle-hardened armor, they seem to become frightened. Unfortunately, my kind isn't liked all that much, since dragons are known for destruction. However, I've tried to prove that wrong, and have become a warrior traveling the lands. I pull myself from my thoughts as I glance to my right, seeing some kind of blacksmith's shop. My tail sways to one side gently, as it leaves an imprint upon the pathway.
  Telantes Phazia / AskTheStaff / 9d 10h 58m 3s
*i finish hammering a new blade and wipe my face leaving a dark spot on my cheek*
  Camael / _Ren_ / 10d 38m 28s

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