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I watched Mizuki hide under the table I quickly walked over to him and touched him. He instantly blended in so no one could see him. I watched my eyes full of hatred as the guards past by. I pulled the ebony blade out and looked it over carefully. I handed the blade to the dragon "it will dent for the first hour or two so be careful" I said
  Camael / _Ren_ / 284d 19h 23m 0s
Mizuki watched as the flames burned and flicked across the wood like a dragon's tongue, the cat's large eyes that were green, lit up with a blaze of fiery ember. Of course, the cat shook slightly and lifted his head quickly at the sound of guards and the cat frantically looked around before hiding further under the table near the iron, the talking getting louder.

The reason for the hiding was if the cat was caught, traps would have to be placed around the camp, but since most of the village knew who Mizuki was, they never really cared for the cat, except for the guards, that is.

He never really tried to show he was there, if it was a dry day, which it usually is, the cat would instinctively use his hind paws to hide his paw prints in the dirt and mud.
  Mizuki / Grey_ / 285d 13h 21m 40s
I began to calmly wait as the female did her work on the ebony blade. I sighed gently, as my tail moved from side-to-side in a slow manner and my eyes scanned over each action the blacksmith performed. Things were very silent for a few minutes, which made me feel rather awkward like before, but I tried to not let it show.
  Telantes Phazia / AskTheStaff / 303d 15h 22m 34s
I went inside the blacksmith and cleaned myself up and grabbed the ebony and the ebony blade. I walk out to the fire and I reassure Mizuki that I was alright by scratching behind his ears. I put the ebony in something that looked like a drawer above the flame and i closed it. After the ebony was done melting i put the blade in a mold and pored the melted ebony into the mold. I put the mold in a bucket of water to cool down. I sighed as the steam rose from the bucket.
  Camael / _Ren_ / 303d 20h 57m 25s
Mizuki looked over to the dragon then followed quickly behind Camael, perking his ears and purring as she pet behind his ears, looking up into her eyes and nodding as he padded over to the coals, sniffing the now burnt out fire starters. He looked around and didn't really know what to do.

Looking over to the axe, he took it in his teeth and smashed it against some flint, it making sparks and he knew what to do then, grabbing some dry grass and placing it along the coal, and then using the ax to make sparks again and lighting the grass, it reaching to the coal, and then making the fire burn. The large cat jumped back and hid under the table.
  Mizuki / Grey_ / 318d 21h 6m 56s
I could easily notice the feline become worried for the blacksmith once she could be seen in full view, and I had to admit, I was actually worried for her as well. She had forced a smile upon her face, and despite trying to seem fine, I could hear the pain in her voice. "Are you sure you are alright? You sound hurt, and although I'm no medical expert, I feel it is my duty to assist you and tend to your injuries, if I can." I had said to her, feeling my long tail drag across the ground from side-to-side in a slow manner. Before the female seemed to answer, she said something else and was already starting to walk off, as if further trying to hide her pain.
  Telantes Phazia / AskTheStaff / 319d 13h 57m 42s
I looked up at the dragon my eyes where a light grey and I tried to change them to yellow to hide the fact that I was hurting. I Smiled and said "no its ok i'm ok. I got the ebony so i should be able to finish your sword." I got to the blacksmith pet behind Mizukis ears and asked him telepathically if he could get the coals burning while i cleaned up. "Hold on just a moment sir im sorry everything is taking so long I will be right back"
  Camael / _Ren_ / 324d 15h 4m 13s
I looked over at Camael. My ears perking when I had saw that recent injuries have bruised her. Making me sniff gently and recall what had happened. But didn't know what was wrong. Quickly padding to her and sniffs g her legs and then her hands. A meow rose from my throat. Blinking my large forest green eyes in wonder and curiosity. Along with a little bit if worry for her since she was the only walking being that would help me and cheer me if anything wrong happened. Looking at her wounds. All I saw were a few scratch marks and little bits of blood on her. But being a very worrying cat. I kept myself calm and followed behind her in case anything happened.
  Mizuki / Grey_ / 325d 13h 54s
I continued to look at the feline with a strange expression. [i A "simple" cat who can use telepathy.] I thought, looking at it and knowing it could sense my thoughts just as well as I could do to same to it. A few seconds later, I sat down on the ground, glancing around. It seemed to take a decent chunk of time for the blacksmith to return to the shop, but eventually, I could see her in the distance. However, she seemed to have gotten a few bruises. "Hello! It's nice to see you again. However, you seem to have injured yourself. Is there anything I can do to help you, ma'am?" I offered, as my tail dragged along the ground.
  Telantes Phazia / AskTheStaff / 325d 13h 18m 23s
I grip my picaxe tightly as I enter the cave. Following the lighted pathway like my father had taught me. I enter a bigger underground cave with a big ravine separating the floor. My eyes change color again as I grab the rope to swing across. I swiftly swing to the other side and land. About to take a step, I slip and start to fall into the ravine. Caught myself on the ledge and falls again and caches. . after hitting the ground with a yelp I try to sit up and see stars. Then i try to stand but being in to much pain I sit back down and look up at the top of the ravine. After a while of siting their she tried to stand again. After she managed to stand up she picks up some of the ebony that fell with me and limped to the end of the ravine. I lifted the picaxe above my head and hit the wall with it as hard as i could. the wall breaks open I limped free with a grunt. I walked back to the blacksmith with the ebony.
  Camael / _Ren_ / 325d 13h 21m 38s
I looked up at the dragon, wagging my tail, giving him a [i 'I'm nothing bad, just a simple cat who is the blacksmiths companion. There is no need to fear me or be nervous'] I purred and laid down, resting my paws on each other. This dragon seemed oddly nervous about me, and it was very confusing to me.

Perking my long tuffed ears, I watched theblacksmith leave to go get ebony. Feeling a little ashamed for getting the matirial wrong as i put my paws on my head, giving an apologetic look about it and I let out a huff only cats and creatures with good hearing can hear
  Mizuki / Grey_ / 336d 16h 21m 33s
Throughout the entire time I was sitting there, the presence of the feline seemed so...strange. I watched as it took my money and placed it in a drawer, and even taking my sword. It had given the blacksmith the sword, and was communicating with her from what I could tell. [i I'm not sure if I like the feeling of this. Something isn't right about this feline...and it makes me nervous.] I thought to myself awkwardly, before hearing the blacksmith woman speak. "Thank you, madam." I stated, as I saw her walk away for the materials to my sword. Afterwards, the feline was staring at me...and I became even more nervous without knowing why. I gave it a look that said '[i Alright, I can tell something isn't normal about you and it makes me uncomfortable. Tell me your secret...please.]' as I sighed gently.
  Telantes Phazia / AskTheStaff / 336d 16h 43m 15s
I gently took the sword from Mizuki "I will see what i can do" I smiled warmly. I turned and walked to the back and put it on my desk and looked at it for a second. This is not Iron i thought to myself. I looked at it closer. "this is ebony..." I need to go the the mines to get some of that. I grab my bag and picaxe.
  Camael / _Ren_ / 336d 18h 30m 6s
The large cat swayed his tail as he purred, leaning his head against the females hand before letting her do her work. Looking up at the gold and silver and taking the bag. Padding over to a wooden table and placing the bag in the drawer he opened with his teeth. Knowing where, piratically everything was since he comes here often.

Slowly padding forward, Mizuki examined his sword. The tip was very dull, which looked to be an iron broadsword. Mizuki looked up at Camael with forest green eyes, basically telling her that the iron was placed in the back as he twitched his ear to the left. His eyes going back to the dragon. Examining him and giving him a [i 'Tell me something about you'] kind of look.
  Mizuki / Grey_ / 337d 14h 4m 2s
Upon seeing the creature jump down from where it was situated, and setting itself next to the female, I finally am able to identify it as some kind of feline. Then I heard the female greet me kindly as her eyes returned to a more neutral color, which calmed me down a bit. Holding up my sword and showing it to the woman, I let the light shine over the many scratches and other signs of wear upon the weapon. "If you could do so, I would like a repair upon my broadsword." I request, also pulling out a nice handful of gold and silver from my pocket to use as payment. Glancing towards the creature again for a second or two, I can't help but feel as if something is different about it than what it seems on the outside. I turn my attention back to the blacksmith, as I wait for a reply from her.
  Telantes Phazia / AskTheStaff / 337d 14h 12m 1s

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