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What could be worse than this situation that Gonzal had found herself in? She wasn't the one to easily get flustered with other students, in fact she could easily dismiss every single one of the boys that tried to mess with her in an attempt to get out of trouble with ease. This was a habit she had grown rather skilled in, brushing men off one after the other as if they were nothing but pathetic trash. Which, she thought, is what all of them were at this point of her life. It's a seadweller eat seadweller kind of world out there, this much was certain.

She almost had forgotten the position she had found herself in as she wandered about in her silly, crowded mind. She found her eyes lingering on the males facial expressions for far too long, her round orbs lowering as they made their way down to observe the perfectly aligned jaw that the Gods have graced the seadweller boy with.

What the fuck was wrong with her? She snapped out of her delusional state, almost cursing herself out when she had realized she was checking a STUDENT out! In her very office, before school hours even began! She knew that going to Hell was in her future, but if this didn't seal the deal by now then there were going to be some concerns. Regaining her composure and puffing her chest up as a little kitten does to seem more intimidating, she furrowed her eyebrows once more and pointed a perfectly polished finger up towards him sternly.

"I am your elder Mr.Ampora and you will treat me with respect." She quickly demanded, brushing off his comments about how she had left the door unlocked and all that nonsense. She was sure she didn't do such a thing, it must have been those silly custodians again.

"Whether or not I left the door open has nothing to do wi--" As she had widened her mouth in order to complete her tangent, she was greeted with a strong taste of grape on her tongue. It took about a couple of minutes to process, her eyes now widening more and more until it seemed as if her eyes would pop out of her skull.

Then, the rush of blush came to her cheeks. She hadn't even heard what the Ampora said about moving to the side, her hands up in shock trying to process the situation once more. Did he really just stick a lollipop in her mouth to shut her up and then told her to MOVE? Oh no. Oh no no, she wasn't going to let that slide easily.

Gonzal reached up and snatched the lollipop out of her mouth shutting her eyes as she stuck a tongue out and shook her head quickly. This was all for show of course, who's to say that she didn't enjoy the taste?

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Watching the female’s entire facial expression, the Ampora could feel his grin stretch out further across his face. Seeing this girl, close to a wall, almost pinned up to it with a flustered expression on made his heart flutter. Sure, most would react negatively in response, even snapback with such an attitude being placed on them, children these days... but not Cronus. Oh, no. In fact, the boy almost wanted to lean in further, but bid himself not to. He didn’t want to get detention so early within the day... not intentionally, anyways.

[#6a006a “Oh,”] He began, his smooth voice coming out more inquiring as he leaned back, a hand giving a small run through his slicked back mane. Despite the slight amount of gel he had in to keep it in the position it is in, he couldn’t help but do so as his arm splayed back behind his back, elbow positioned skyward. [#6a006a “So, you’re tellin’ me if I vwere to ask...”] He said, eyes drifting to the side before reaching towards his principal once more.

Just when he got out of her space bubble, too.

The male leaned in yet again, one step being taken forward. He almost looked similar to the cheshire cat as he stared down at the woman. Oh, how he loved when she tried... [i tried] to get assertive with him.

[#6a006a “Doll, am I allovwed to come into your office? I hadn’t done anythin.’”] yet. Honestly, he didn’t see a reason in antagonizing the woman. It’s too early in the morning, even for him.

[#6a006a “Besides,”] His voice raised on the first word, it’s almost as if his voice raises whenever he said anything with a ‘b’ word within it. [#6a006a “It ain’t my fault the door is vwas left unlocked...”] He trailed off, taking the grape flavored sucker he has been toying with during the exchange to stick right in the woman’s own mouth.

[#6a006a “I thought you vwoulda missed me... guess not. May you mowve out of the vway, then?”] He asked, eyes closing with a slight frown on his face once more. It changed into being so dismissive, as if HE were the one shooing HER away.
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As the Strider listened in on her words, he couldn't help but keep that smile that he had on his face from growing ever so slightly. He didn't really pay any mind to how much he had missed people over the break, seeing as he really wasn't the type to miss friends. Though she had something, different about her. Perhaps it was the way her tail wagged whenever he would speak, or how excited she was at seeing him again though she tried her best to hide it. She really was a lot like a dog, it seemed.

He listened to her more carefully, his hand raising up to run some fingers through his blonde locks once more. He was doing his best to be smooth, he really was. When she had made the comment of being the only pooch he knew, he had to reply with a funny remark.

"Not true," He started, obviously having a joke coming. "I know a lot of dogs. In fact, the dog park has a lot of 'em." He finished, hoping she wouldn't find offense to that. It was funny, to him at least. Though wanting to be more serious and listen to her once more, he cleared his throat and paid more attention.

"So much anime and working? Sounds like the dream." He replied half sarcastic, thinking the anime part was pretty cool sounding but the work? Not so much. He too had gotten a little part time over the summer, having helped out in the local car shop offering his time to get a couple of dollars for spending. He had to do something in the summer time, or else he'd be bored out of his mind or going OUT of his mind at home.

Before he could answer any more, his words were put on hold when he saw a bag being held up to him by the canine girl. He stopped smiling quickly, his face now harboring more of a 'surprised' expression as he absentmindedly reached for the bag before taking a hold of it. For him? She made him food? His heart slightly began to race, much to his embarrassment, as he was reminded of all the animes he's watched with the kohai handing her senpai a love letter or a bento box out of affection. How cute.

"S...sure. Thanks." He muttered out trying to sound as chill about it as he can.


Gonzal barely had noticed herself tense up just a slightly, her shoulders raising as she watched the seadwellers every move after he had moved away from her perfect desk. She had silently hoped that he didn't mess with anything, hoping that everything was left in the same position and exactly distance that she had left it during the break, but she knew that was a pretty far wish considering the custodians that came in and out of the office-- and now the intruder that had probably messed it up some more.

Her violet eyes never left his face, the small tinge of rage that she had started to form in her chest now boiling up higher as he made her way over to her. She silently took a small step backwards, her hands going behind her to now hold herself up against the closed door of the office and probably try to escape if need be. Why did this always happen to her? Had Cronus harassed ALL of his principals in his earlier years or was it just her?

As she wondered this, she now was greeted with a small waft of cologne, the scent hitting the females nostrils and her cheeks now flushing to more of a violet purple hue that matched her own blood color. Stupid, stupid boy. The blush was partially due to how nice it smellt, the other reason being the fact that he managed to take up all of her personal space and had her up against the door of the office that she had HOPED no one would try to come through.

"What gives?" She started, a small stutter threatening to come out but she had held it back. "What 'gives' is that you are already barging into my office and causing mischief. You know students aren't allowed in here without my consent." Gonzal had a habit of her formal teacher voice slipping out from time to time, this being one of those times, as her hands rose up once more from her sides to form air quotes when she said the word 'gives'.
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At his last name being mentioned, Cronus slowly pulled himself away from the mahogany desk. It was a beautiful thing, being polished spic and span to its best ability. As his eyes gauged her, it was difficult to say if he was truly inspecting her or blatantly checking her out. Perhaps a bit of both.

The male turned his head slightly, now rubbing at the back of his neck. It’s been months since he has last seen the girl, but it almost felt like an eternity to the sea dweller. And the cruel tone as she enunciated the three syllables to his last name almost hurt.... Almost.

With that, the male closed his eyes, his brows doing its usual curve downwards whenever the girl got feisty with him; feigning pain.

[#6a006a “Ovw, doll, you sure knovw hovw to crush a troll’s feelin’s, huh?”] He asked, frown apparent on his facial features. It was generally easy to see when the male was genuinely upset or saddened, as his fins would react with his own emotions. Right now, they remained as be, showing he wasn’t all that phased with the girl’s temper -- yet.

[#6a006a “Ya ain’t ewven answer my question,”] He said, advancing towards the girl with his smirk soon sliding across his face once more. [#6a006a “Vwhat giwves?”] He’d ask, invading her personal space by bending down just to get more of an idea of how annoyed the woman is with his presence. Some may say Cronus had this bad habit of being overly touchy, overly invasive. But it’s something he can’t control, try as he might.

He’s honestly a rather contact-y person, resulting in others to get uncomfortable with him often. Even now, his eyes stayed leveled with the rather short woman, his eyes holding a slight curious yet playful mirth in them. There’s a faint smell of cologne wading off him along with the faintest tinge of grape, thanks to the sucker he has in his mouth.

[center _]

At the voice, Moniku couldn’t stop her tail wagging even if she tried. The puff at its end showing a mind of its own as her lips drew upwards into a slight grin. The mutant couldn’t stop herself from smiling even if she wanted to. Not when it came to the blond, anyways.

[#ff6892 “You’re only saying that because I’m the only pooch you know...”] She stated, a small laugh escaping from her form. The pink on her face slowly began to fade, her grin receding into a smile as she took in what he said. He wasn’t very social in person, she noted, as he had this habit of messing up his sentences. Not that it was a problem to her, she enjoyed listening/reading what he had to say.

[#ff6892 “Get some more sleep, mister nocturnal,”] She’d state, a light jab made towards his sleep schedule. [#ff6892 “Me? I’m fine... I watched so much anime dude... and working! Lots of working.”] She said, nodding her head at the second mentioning of what she has been up to.

Moniku shuffled just the slightest bit, her fingers curling slightly tighter around the small bags she had. And, after some thought, she offered one of the bags to him, her eyes closing as a slight tinge of pink dusted her facial features once more.

[#ff6892 “Er, here. Since you barely eat anything, y’know? I.... got you breakfast.”] She said, her eyes opening to show uncertainty, would he want it? [#ff6892 “U-unless you don’t want it, I can give it to someone else, er..... Fuck.”] She said, facepalming with her free hand. Why did she have to make it bigger than it was? Calm down, girl.
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Had he been a couple seconds late, Dirk would have found himself walking a couple of miles to the school in which he attended. As he bit down into the banana in which he grabbed seconds before heading to the bus stop, the blonde stepped silently onto the yellow bus that was provided to get there.

The bus was an interesting place in the mornings. Half the seats occupied by the sleepy students, the other seats empty with old, dried up gum plastered all over the bottoms of the leather seats. It was beaten up and old, something the school board probably wouldn't even bat an eye at until a complaint was made towards them. He wasn't going to be the one to tell them however.

As he made his way down the narrow hall of the bus, the driver had already begun to drive without allowing him to sit down safely. The motion of the bus had caused him to stumble just a tad, his glare now turning to look over his shoulder at the older man whom drove the bus. He thought this guy hadn't known happiness in years, judging by the dark protruding circles under his eyes as he drove the bus like a zombie.

He tried not to let this bother him, and eventually found a seat behind a couple of familiar humans he had seen from the year prior. He doesn't speak to many people, but he certainly remembers faces. After a couple of minutes on the raggedy old death wagon, they finally had come to a stop in the front of the school as students made their way into the building.

Dirk was one of the last to exit, his eyes looking around immediately as if he was already expecting someone. He knew just whom he was looking for as well, the sudden leap of his heart after hearing the words 'senpai' reminded him clear as day whom he was looking for.

"[#f2a400 Well, if it aint my favorite pooch.]" The Strider teased softly, his straight face turning into a very small smile from the corner of his lips as he approached the female. "[#f2a400 Meh. Could be better. How are things with you?]" He attempted to be casual and smooth about it, though he obviously was very close to stumbling over his words like the dork he was.


Click click click, the heels Gonzal had worn obviously making more noise as she went down the halls than she had intended. Was this due to her speed walking down the halls in order to escape her own thoughts? Perhaps, however she would never had admitted that out loud. To say that she was thinking of a certain student in such a way, well, that would certainly get the female fired faster than any other school scandal she had heard over the years.

She kept a bag at her side, one filled with many assortments of things such as papers and files alike. She was always a workaholic, and the first day of school was one of the busiest times for the female. If one had forgot to mention one thing, it would be that the certain troll wasn't just any student. No, in fact, she was the very principal of Alternia high that kept things running as smoothly as they did.

She was the back bone, the one that as she made her way down the halls students would scowl and or cower away from her petite form. She was tiny, but a force to be reckoned with. Like the smallest of waves able to subdue it's victim underneath it's grasp to a watery grave. That was she.

After she had made her way up the seemingly endless hall, the female found herself face to face with the door to her sanctuary. The Principals Office-- the sign on the door made this clear to whomever read the text etched into the wood. Her violet painted lips began to form a smile as her hand grabbed a hold of the handle, turning it before she had swung the door open to meet with her desk-- Cronus?

She stood silent, eyes widening with surprise and her eyebrow twitching the slightest. "[#6a006a Ampora.]" The words growled out, irritation already setting in realizing the unexpected visitors presence.
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Dualscar wasn’t in any sort of mood today. Not. At. All. Why did he have to leave the watery depths for this? The man’s fingers tightened around the steering wheel just the slightest bit. He wasn’t one to get dressed up, and despised the fact he had to wear a violet dress shirt with a pair of black slacks and black pointy shoes. It almost felt constrained. Like a monkey in a suit. Unnatural.

He couldn’t stop it now even if he wanted to. The male gave a long enough sigh as he parked in his usual designated spot. And not even before he could set the vehicle in park, he heard the opening and closing of the car door.

Cronus Ampora gave a small stretch, his tall stature moving with a slight amount of haste. Bless the old man for having to get to classes early and being a teacher. It gave the seadweller time to ... reacquaint himself with his dear friend. The mere thought of it made his twitch into a slight upturn.

As a matter of fact, the brisk pace he made was directly to the principal's office. The large glass window seeming to stare back at him as he could remember the first time he was brought in there... God, she was hot. Especially when she had her jaw drop when he blatantly told her so when he first saw her. Was the suspension set longer because of that? Or was it how horribly beat-up the other humans were? Shrugging it off, he leaned back, similar to a cat sprawling itself out as the wall kept him up for support. One of his legs came during the fluid process of his arms folding across his somewhat burly chest.

And there he waited, popping a sucker in his mouth , that shit eating smirk remaining on his face. He loved to rile that little girl up, he remembered. Just seeing the female scowl towards him similar to an animal who wet on the carpet was priceless.

It’s only when he noticed a small figure make their way towards said door, clicks from the heels the girl, no, woman had did he begin to raise his violet colored orbs. His voice emanating through the rather silent halls. It was a wonderful sound, as it was a rather smooth yet deep, calming, but enticing. A croon.

[#6a006a “Hello, doll, fancy meetin’ you here today,”] He didn’t feel any need to regard her as her name. He barely did it even when other students were around... honestly, the record he has for being a delinquent. [#6a006a “Vwhy hawven’t vvw... vwvwvwvw....”] Confound it, messing it up again. His eyes thinned slightly, not directed towards her, heavens no! He couldn’t ever really be upset with the little girl.

[#6a006a “Hovw hawve things been? Okay?”] He would ask, his eyes taking her in closely. It was more so of an inspection of her form. Were there any bruises this time around? What about her face? Is she wearing slightly more makeup than before? He’d suck some air in, his sharp teeth biting down on the thin white stick of his lolipop. She’s still as beautiful as he remembered.

[center ——]

A tired gaze flitted across the girl’s face as she took in the scenery before her. Many faces she probably wouldn’t remember passing by her while the soles of her shoes carried her into the school grounds. Unlike most, Moniku Isnahs lived rather close to Alternia high, resulting in her being able to walk there and back each and every time. Good thing, too. She loved to take walks, despite the fact she holes herself inside all day.

Rubbing her eyes one final time, the girl moved herself to the side of the school building, one of her hands creeping up to push her large glasses out of her eyes just for her to rub at the large almond shaped optics.

Perhaps she should have gotten her contacts prescription too, she mused to herself as she drummed her fingers against the small bag. She is to see one of her closest friends first, she made that an objective. ESPECIALLY since he has this knack of forgetting to eat. Little bugger always working away on those mechanics of his. As a matter of fact, she wouldn’t have been surprised if he was late, keeping her waiting. It’s not like she mentioned she would be outside waiting for him.

.... But that would have broke habit, wouldn’t it? If Moniku wasn’t found beside Dirk. In all honesty, it would have looked... weird to see her by herself at school. She would quite honestly follow him around like a lost puppy. And when she wasn’t by him, she would pace herself with her text messages, just to look like she wouldn’t jump on the gun for most of them.

Any sort of asking of hanging out outside of school is usually tarnished and dismissed by her own thoughts. Would he even want to hang out with her outside of school? It’s like seeing him five days in a row isn’t enough, is it? Not for her. But what if she came off as weird... odd? And for that reason, the girl usually shot herself down before she could ever ask.

The female’s usually stoic face broke just the slightest bit as a tinge of pink began to form on her face.

[i [#ff6892 D-does he even like me anymore? Shit, shit.... SHIT. Am I overthinking this? Probably, shut up.]] Her small twitches towards herself, her eyes flickering everywhere could have been seen as the mental debate she was having with herself.

And it’s only when she saw the porcupine -- I mean .... yeah, porcupine anime weeabo, make his way off that yellow bus, did her thoughts stop.

Too bad the slight blush she had on her face didn’t disappear, the girl was prone to blushing and everyone knew it too. It didn’t help the fact her face lit up when seeing the male make his way towards the building. Moniku didn’t even realize she began to bounce just the slightest where she stood. A swish from a fluffy, indigo colored tail with a neon orange bow placed on it.

It would have seemed she was trying too hard if she dyed it orange, hence the reason she kept it as is.

[#ff6892 “Seeempai~”] She’d chime out, a warm, greeting smile forming on her face. [#ff6892 “I ... how have things been?”] Pussy, couldn’t even tell him you missed him.
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Such is the life of a student, to be woken up at ungodly hours of the day and forced to sit through 7, or even 8 hours of torturous classes almost every day of the year. Many of the students that have been put through the school system had become accustomed to such acts, and Dirk was no exception to the rule. Even as he stood in front of the bathroom mirror in his small ass bedroom, glancing down towards the pointed shades in which he had wore for years on end, he didn't have a single care in the world if it was the first day of school or not. All he knew is that he had about another year of this to go, and he was free to do what his heart pleased.

The male reached a hand out to grab the shades as he slid them onto his face, his brightly colored orange eyes looking back at the reflection when he had finished getting dressed. He didn't think it was vital to be dressed up super nice for the first day, considering the fact that these people have seen you every year and you aren't trying to make a first impression. Whatever the reason, Dirk just didn't feel like dressing up when it was the first day. The blonde finished observing his looks in the mirror, patting his white t-shirt down before he turned on his heel and headed out the door.

Another day another dollar, he thought to himself as he made his way down the stairs and glanced around at the empty living room as if in search for someone. Gone again, it seems. His brothers were really never home, the youngest of the Striders had probably already made his way down to the school before he even got a chance to greet him, and really it wasn't a thought that bothered him too much. With a passive shrug to himself, Dirk had took a few steps into the messy kitchen, grabbing a semi-perished banana from the basket on the counter, and headed out the door to start the day.

On the other side of town, Gonzal had already arrived at the entrance of the building she dreaded so much. The female, dressed as if she was going to some kind of school board meeting herself, sighed as she saw a few new faces pass her and make their way into the school. She rose an eyebrow noticing all the different trolls and humans entering, wondering where any of the people she had become acquainted with were today. As she stood there and wondered more, a familiar and almost unwelcome face flashed across her mind. She scrunched up her nose in disgust, brushing away the certain seadwellers taunting smile and speed-walked into the school.
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Unlike most seniors who were unhappy to be there, Cronus Ampora would be considered weird. He was actually rather eccentric to get to school, as he finished setting a final hair into its perfect slicked back look, he gave a glance over. Pearly white sharp teeth, defined hollow cheekbones, a sharp square jaw, he couldn’t help but smile at his own appearance. That little grin he had soon itching even further as his reflection copied him. Today was going to be a good day, he decided.

He knew he was absolute perfection, he knew his body has been molded and crafted by his own accord. Being a seadweller had its perks, as his toned body was practically a given and he knew that. It didn’t stop him from taking it just the smallest step further to lift weights, and honestly it has paid off. He knew he was eye candy, and boy oh boy did he love it when men and women alike would ogle at him.

Maybe he could get someone this year? He wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. He can sing, he can dance, he can do anything a woman or man would ask of him... if he found them worth his time. Alas, that’s a flaw which he has never acknowledged. Being a violet blood, he has this air of entitlement about him, damn near condescending in fact. Perhaps that’s why he always gets into scuffles?

Indeed, humans and trolls alike aren’t as devout in the blood caste system. He was born into royalty, and he would be damned if he let someone belittle him. In fact, the only one who could get away with it was....

He would be seeing [i her] again. The smirk he gave as he went out of his home, that walk and sway with every step he took, he looked similar to a devil walking on earth. And to top it all off, a small bounce came apparent in his steps. He’d see his (arguably) favorite victim, Gonzal. Sure, she may be a couple years older than him, but that never...

The male chuckled, seating himself beside his brother as his father began his drive to the building, Alternia high.
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Ah, high school... the best four years of your life! They scream this at the top of their lungs, your parents, your teachers, every single person that has gone to school for some reason had always pounded this very thought into your head as soon as you entered school in the first place. This was going to get easier, they said. This was going to be a breeze, you'll make so many new friends! You'll look back at these years and reminisce... yeah, sure.

What exactly brought these people to make such a deranged statement? From her past experiences, Gonzal knew this to be a load of bull crap. She thought it was the biggest pile of crap in fact-- the very reason why she was being forced to pry herself from her slumber and the very plush and large bed in which she laid in. The first day of school had reared it's ugly head once more, the fishy woman scrunching her nose up as the sound of a very irritating and obnoxious alarm filled her room and tore her away from a very pleasant dream involving sailor men whisking her away into the horizon.

A hand had reached across the bed slowly, slamming it down on the clock which hopped and vibrated before it was violently turned off with the quick motion. Had she slammed it down harder, it would have broken the poor little dollar store alarm clock which always woke her in the mornings. After a few moments of contemplating and wondering if an education was really worth it, Gonzal opened her eyes to greet the new day with a warm, bitter smile. Wait. Smile? Pft.

If there was any music to accompany her daily routine, now would be a good time for a montage to start playing as she throw off the blankets from her form with an annoyed grunt. If you ever wanted to see a displeased seadweller-- this is where it was at.

"Mother.. fucking..." Gonzal mumbled under her breath, the female making her way towards her bathroom in order to freshen up as the clock ticked away at the new day and the sun shone through the windows to illuminate the clean and elegant room.

Alternia high, here she came.
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