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[b Name:]
[b Age:]
[b Sex:]
[b Race:]
[b Height:]
[b Reason for being in the hospital:]
[b Family:]

[left [pic]]

[center [b Name:] [i Moon]]
[center [b Age:] [i 183]]
[center [b Sex:] [i Female]]
[center [b Race:] [i Gem Moonstone]]
[center [b Height:] [i 4'9]]
[center [b Reason for being in the hospital:][i Gem is cracked]]
[center [b Family:] [i Blue Diamond is her creator. All gems created by Blue Diamond are "relatives" of her.]]

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Ronan nodded. [b [#483d8b "I suppose he really does mean well, but intentions only carry so far. He is relatively new, and I don't think he had quite enough experience before coming here,"]] Ronan reasoned. He gazed at her sidelong, his mind still racing as he considered the possibilities that she could offer. It occurred to him that he would never be able to live down how selfish he was being in this moment. He supposed she would benefit from his actions, too, but he knew that fixing her pain was secondary at best. He had never considered himself a very self-serving person, but he supposed he had never gone out of his way for anyone, either. He didn't know how to feel about his thoughts.

He raised a brow when she declared her intent to ask a personal question. No one ever asked him personal questions. He wasn't approachable enough for people to think that they could, and he never spent enough time with anyone at the hospital for them to gain the courage. He nodded once to show her that he did not mind.

[i How long?]

Ronan considered carefully for a moment, looking away from her as he tried to piece together how long he had been without. He held up a finger to indicate that he intended to answer, he was just considering. [b [#483d8b "I remember the moment as though it were yesterday, but I suppose it has been nearly a century since that day,"]] he finally said. He crossed his arms. [b [#483d8b "It is easy to lose track of time here, and Earth has such a different timeline than the Universal Date System. Humans track things by such nonsensical means. It's hard to place my life in the grand scheme of things,"]] he said, considering. He glanced over at her. [b [#483d8b "And you? When were you wounded?"]]
  Ronan Murdoch / SilverSilence / 1y 3d 13h 35m 54s
[i Smiles]

Ronan's smile was so... awkward. She could tell that it was a rarity. If it was so rare, why was he giving her one right now? The color yellow was still painted on the inside of her eyelids everytime she blinked. She was not sure what was said that gave him this new hope. It honestly seemed like he wasn't even paying much attention. Maybe his mind was drifting to something else.

[b "That was an interesting session.."]

He started off as they both headed towards the door. It was really nice to be able to chat with someone while she walked towards the worst part of her day.

[i "I agree. I am going to be honest, I really do not like that man. He asks a lot of stupid questions."]

She said, jerking her head back towards the room that they just left. Dr. Connor was one of the most frustrating creatures she has met in a long time. The thought of him disappearing was very appealing to her. Before asking her next question, she figeted a little bit.

[i "I am going to ask a personal question that you cna pass on answering, "]

She warned before opening her mouth again.

[i "How long have you been without your selkie skin?"]

She then inquired. She was not really sure why she wanted to know. It wasn't going to change anything. Her people are always after knowledge, that must be why. There were a million other questions that she wanted to ask him. He was such a rare creature, but she did not want to overwhelm him.
  m o o n s t o n e / moonxxbeam / 1y 3d 14h 13m 59s
Ronan's gaze strayed to Moonstone for the rest of the session as his brain worked to think of a way to cure her. He wasn't a doctor--he didn't know anything of medicinal herbs, magic, or practices. He couldn't heal her on his own. He didn't even know anything of her species, for God's sake. How could he be so arrogant to think he could find a cure for her when her own people couldn't? But he had to. He just needed to fix one. . . small. . . crack. And then he would be whole again. He watched her third eye blink sporadically, darting around the room whenever it had a chance, and wondered again what it was doing. It had to be linked to her powers, somehow.

Their eyes met suddenly, and her third eye landed on him again. He smiled at her, a small turn of the lips, before looking away. It would do him no good if she thought he was trying to exploit her before he could explain he wanted to help her. . . . in order to exploit her. His brow furrowed. Could he morally ask her to do this? Perhaps she would want to once he healed her. He couldn't place all of his hopes in her compassion, though--that was asking for failure.

[b ". . . Maybe we could walk together?"] He looked up at her, realizing that he hadn't been listening to anything around him again. He gave another small, slightly uncertain smile this time.

[b [#483d8b "Sure, we can walk together. I have PT in the same building,"]] he said, hoping that his answer made sense with the first half of her question. He stood, heading toward the door. [b [#483d8b "That was. . . an interesting session,"]] he said awkwardly.
  Ronan Murdoch / SilverSilence / 1y 10d 11h 45m 6s
[i Yellow]

As she spoke, the color popped into her head. She was not sure where it was coming from, it was definitely not from her. Every time she blinked there was a light yellow that was painted on the back of her eye lid. It was very strange to feel that in a place like this. It was so pale, but very much there.

As fast as it came, the feeling melted away, replaced by the powder blue she felt towards Blue Diamond. An overwhelming longing for something lost. Her head tilted towards Ronan without her realizing she was doing it. Her third eye cracked open and it was there. A pale blue seeped out of the pores of his skin, threatening to take over the purple despair that surrounded him. As he spoke of being in the water, the sadness seemed to take over, there was no escaping it.

Tears welled up in her third eye, threatening to spill over, but was stopped short when her lid snapped shut once again. She felt tired. It was as if any energy she had was sucked out by the sadness that coated this room. Irritation started to take over, not being able to control her third eye was driving her insane.

As the session came to a close, everyone stood, some staying to chat and others leaving right when they got the cue that they could leave. Moon sat there for a moment, pinching the bridge of her nose, trying to get some relief from the splitting headache. But then she felt the pale yellow seep into her brain again, she looked up and then towards Ronan.

What was that?

Her eye opened once again and found it. There was a pale yellow light that was shining from underneath his horrible scars that covered his form. There was some sort of hope that he couldn't shake. It was strange that it popped up so suddenly. Just meeting him, she knew that he threw hope out the window years ago. Selkies who had their skin stolen had it bad, there was a slim chance of getting it back. But his was destroyed, there was no bringing that back.

She then thought of her healing powers again. It would have been so easy for her to help create skin for him again. There was enough of it left in him for her to regenerate. But there was just no way that she could now. When she had her leg chopped off, it took 3 weeks to reattach it. That was reattaching though, not regeneration. It was easier to fix something when you had all the pieces.

[b "Do you have pt again today? Maybe we could walk together?"]

A smile spread across her face she said this. Something that was ingrained into her from a young age was to make allies where ever you go. [i This is not the battle field.] She reminded herself. But it still felt that way. It was hard to forget the war when it was still raging inside of you.
  m o o n s t o n e / moonxxbeam / 1y 15d 15h 50m 11s
Ronan smirked slightly at Moonstone's response. He agreed. It was, of course, obvious that there was no one thing one could miss about being whole and well.

But then she kept speaking. And Ronan froze, staring at her, wide-eyed. To heal any injury? His gaze ran around the circle. A few others were staring at her in the same way. This girl could single handedly fix half the people in this circle--if only. He saw their hope die in the same moment, as they realized the same thing he did. If only.

Ronan's hope did not.

He quickly reorganized his expression back to the dim look that he usually held. He didn't want to let this girl see his expression. But surely, there had to be a way to fix a gem, didn't there? It wasn't that large of a crack. Surely there was [i something]. [i "Of course, there were other healers besides me. But after Pink Diamond . . . well, there aren't any more."] Ronan continued to gaze at her. Surely there had to be at least one more gem who could heal. One more person, one more race. Even if they couldn't heal organic creatures, perhaps they could heal her. And if they healed her, she could save him. His mind raced with the possibilities. She could save so many people.

His mind darkened for a moment. Gems had this technology, he reasoned, and all they sent to this planet was metal. Perhaps Moonstone wouldn't help him after all, even if she were healed. He glanced over at her as she highfived Selize for her oddly cheery nihilism before giving a wide smile. Then again...

He was lost in his thoughts for another moment, and awkward silence fell over the circle. He looked up, frowning, to see all gazes on him. [b [#483d8b "Ah. Sorry. Mine is obvious, perhaps. I miss the sea. I s'pose there are enough new people that might now know me. I'm a selkie. I can--could transform into a form that allowed me to swim for ages in Earth's sea. If you have never seen the deep sea, you have never seen beauty."]] Ronan looked away for a moment, letting out a breath. [b [#483d8b "I have never seen anything like it since it was taken away from me by Nola."]] He folded his hands on his lap to say that he was done.

Dr. Connor nodded, giving him a small, encouraging smile. [b "That was very good, Ronan. Now, what are some ways that we can work through that pain? Coping techniques are, of course, important..."]

Ronan tuned him out again, his longing for the sea rising in him like a crashing wave. He looked over at Moonstone, wondering if she was truly his only hope in this vast universe to be what he once was.
  Ronan Murdoch / SilverSilence / 1y 17d 21h 57m 40s
[i Before.]

A small smile shadowed Ronan's face as he took the seat next to moon. She returned the smile, happy that he made it to the group. She was hoping to be able to talk with him again. It seemed like he had been there a long time and having someone who knew this planet made her feel more at ease.

[b "What's something that you miss from your life before your illness or injury?"]

The question hit her like a ton of bricks. Her eyes flicked to the doctor and she saw that he was looking at her, waiting for her to take the first turn. A small awkward chuckle escaped from her lips and she looked around at the others that were in the circle.

[b "I am sure you are looking for me to say something specific. I think we all miss everything about our lived before our various injuries/illnesses."]

She clarified. This got a slightly annoyed look from Dr. Conner but also got some muffled giggles from the other. For some reason, this pulled a real smile from Moon. She did not like this creature, even if he was here to "help" her.

[b "Okay, well. My gem, the source of all of my power, was cracked in combat."]

She started, her hand going up to the broken moonstone that was there in place of her right eyeball.

[b "It gave me the power to heal any creature of any injury, among other gifts. But I think that is the one I miss the most. To be honest, I didn't even know I could be injured. Let me tell you, I know now! It takes a surprising amount of time to reattach a limb when you're broken."]

A sad laugh trickled after the last sentence. The color red flashed in her head multiple times, pushing on her skull from within. Memories of that day threatened to bubble to the surface. A creature running at her full speed. An axe the size of her coming down. Blood covering her hands. They came in small flashes.

[b "Of course there were other healers besides me. But after Pink Diamond.. Well, there aren't any anymore. And I am now fucked."]

Selize then put her hand in the air, leaning towards Moon.

[b "Hell yeah we are!"]

The girl yelled with a smile. Moon slapped her open palm with a high five and smiled in return.[i That girl is strange] Moon thought to herself, but was grateful for the distraction. Pink Diamond was something she did not generally like to think about to much.

[b "Selize! Please, control yourself. Thank you Moonstone."]

Conner said, thought Moon could feel the disappointment rolling off of him. What more did he want from her? It seemed like he expected her to say more, but that was it. She missed her healing ability. Wouldn't most people. She rolled her eyes a little to herself as he went on to the next person.
  moonxxbeam / 1y 24d 14h 54m 54s
Ronan hated PT. His therapist was always consistently kind and gentle, but he couldn't help but to doubt that the man knew what he was doing on occasion. His newest grand plan was to attempt to acclimate him back to water to see if he could eventually learn to swim again. They would start with him perched on the edge of the pool, his legs in the water. He would hop in to his chest, and eventually try to submerge himself in it.

He could stand in the water with no problem, but the moment it touched his face, it was as though he no longer had lungs. He couldn't formulate how to hold his breath when once, long ago, he didn't have to. Returning to water had been as easy as slipping on a pair of sandals to someone else--just a change of clothes. His therapist insisted that it would get better over time, that his instincts would eventually kick in. They had been trying this method for about a week now, and all he felt was that he was continually drowning for nothing. He sighed, took a deep breath, and slipped beneath the water.

[center ==]

The next day, Ronan awoke from the most lovely dream--well, memory. He dreamt that he was in the sea again, on Earth. Drifting past brightly colored coral, twirling in a heart-wrenchingly beautiful dance with any playful fish that he could find. He dreamt of the time he found sunken ships to explore, of the wondrous things he found of civilizations long dead. And when he awoke, it was gone again.

It felt like losing his power all over again. He sat, hunched over in bed in silence until his alarm finally beeped, telling him he had to move. He tapped the [i off] button and stood, rubbing his hand across his face. He hoped that it would be easier after all this time, but...

He applied some of the cream that the nurse had placed on his bedside table, hissing at the sting. He gingerly put on his shirt and headed into the hall. He glanced at his watch--late. He frowned, thinking of Moonstone. He [i had] promised to see her tomorrow, he remembered. He set off at a brisk pace down the hall, sliding into the group therapy room seconds after Dr. Conner. He dropped into his usual chair, which now happened to be next to Moonstone. He gave her a small smile in hello, figuring he should acknowledge her.

Dr. Conner opened the session. [b "Now, an important part of the recovery process is, of course, acknowledging your pain and working through that pain in a constructive way that allows you to move forward. Today, we're going to talk about some of the harder things. Let's talk about some of the things we have trouble with, some of the things that pain us, so that we can move through them together, yeah? What's something that you miss from your life before your illness or injury?"] he asked. He seemed quite pleased with himself for thinking of this topic, Ronan thought. A little too pleased. [b "We'll go around the circle, how about that? That way no one is pressured to pipe up to a quiet room, yeah?"] he asked. He looked to his left, allowing the girl to his side to begin.
  Ronan Murdoch / SilverSilence / 1y 24d 18h 20m 39s
[i Pain]

A bright red bolt ripped through the powder blue aura that surrounded Moon as the woman pulled on her leg. A loud pop filled the room as the doctor pulled one last time.

[b "Ah!, there it is."]

The devil woman purred as she put Moons leg back down on the table. If looks could kill, this little cat person would be dead 10x over. Moon finally opened her eye and looked at her leg, there was an ugly purple color that was starting to take form around her already bruised knee.

[b "It looks bad now, but trust me. This is going to help. If you keep walking on it while it is popped out place like that then.. Well, you will not keep it for long."]

A laugh followed the statement. Moon narrowed her eye at the woman. Was that supposed to be funny? Dr. Mew slipped the girls knee brace back on over her bruised knee and strapped it into place.

[b "It is going to be sore for a little while, but after a couple times doing this, it will stop slipping out of place. I wish that they would have sent you sooner, then we would not have to do this."]

There was an apology dripping from the womans words. She was a strange person, but very nice. Too nice. She has probably always been on a Safe Zone planet. A small smile broke through the scowl that Moon had had for their whole interaction. It was nice to see creatures unaffected by war. It was rare to see.

Well, maybe it was only rare because she was in the Combat Department. When you are surrounded by war, you don't really meet creatures who aren't like you.

The rest of the day went by in a huge blur. Much to her disappointment, her first PT went a little long and she did not get to see Ronan when she left. After flipping through her folder again back in her room, she saw that she would have group therapy again tomorrow.

[center --]

The alarm that the nurses provided started to blare, a sign that it was time to wake up and start getting ready. A sigh escaped her lips and she turned it off. It didn't take long for her to get ready. She threw her violet hair in a loose side braid and pulled on the clothes that she laid out the night before.

It did not take her long to limp down to the therapy room and take one of the open seats. There were already a couple people there and seated, but she could tell that most of them did not want to be there. Her third eye opened slightly to access the others in the room. It was very orange and red around her.

Agitation and pain.

These were feelings that she was use to feeling around her, but that did not make it any easier to feel. With a small wince her eye closed and she could feel the splitting headache spill from the back of her forehead and spread all the way to the back of her skull.

As the group filled up, Dr. Conner walked in and took his seat, pulling out a notebook. Though it was only her second time being around him, she was already sick of him.

[b "Thanks for coming everyone, lets get started."]
  m o o n s t o n e / moonxxbeam / 1y 24d 20h 57m 16s
Ronan blinked. [i 'Malfunction.'] He wondered if she meant her injury. But no, that wouldn't make sense. He didn't understand what she meant, but he thought it might be rude to ask, in essence, how she was fundamentally incorrect. He raised a brow at the idea of the short, peppy girl before him being in any sort of combat unit. She didn't seem particularly dangerous, but then again, he had learned over the years that many species were not what they appeared. After all, he had met sirens that didn't appear to be dangerous--but then, that was their job.

He blinked at her salute. [b [#483d8b "I've never seen a salute quite like that,"]] he said blankly, for lack of something better to say. [b [#483d8b "I must admit, you do not seem like you would be suited for combat. You're very... approachable,"]] he mused. He wanted to ask what type of combat she engaged in, but he figured [i that] would be going too far. He figured if she were damaged in combat, she would not want to relive that.

[b [#483d8b "No need for apologies. Habits are hard to break,"]] he said, waving a hand in what he hoped was comfortably dismissive. He smiled very slightly at her laugh, pleased. [b [#483d8b "No one knows what to expect here--that's the point. We come here to try the unexpected in the hopes that we can leave."]] Ronan looked away, hoping she wouldn't see the expression that betrayed his true feelings. He didn't want her to lose her hope--it was so rare to see; he didn't want to be the one responsible for making her lose it.

He quickly nodded at her goodbye and turned on his heel, walking off to his PT room. He stepped inside the door, breathing in the familiar scent of saltwater from the saltwater pool in front of him. Immediately, the longing for the sea arose in him with a burning hunger that he feared would never be satiated.
  Ronan Murdoch / silversilence / 1y 25d 14h 53m 20s
[i Homeworld]

[b "What was your department?"]

That was a complicated question. Her brow furrowed a little as she thought of the best way to respond to it.

[b "That is a little complicated. I was moved around a couple of times due to my malfunction."]

She said matter-o-factly, not really thinking about how this would sound to a creature from a different world. That word was taken differently in different quads.

[b "At first, I was part of the Diplomatic department. Then the Space Exploration department. And most recently, the Combat Division. But, my main position was next to Blue Diamond."]

As she said this, she pulled her feet together swiftly and brought her arms up to from a diamond shape with her both her hands. As a salute to her Diamond. Her aura shifted from the yellow it mostly stayed at to a powder blue as she thought of her Diamond.

[b "I am sorry, its habit."]

Her arms dropped to her side and she relaxed her stance, trying to seem non-threatening. Not that her damaged form could be threatening at this moment, but her formal nature was a turn off for most creatures. A laugh burst through her lips as he made an astute observation.

[b "Yes, that is very true. I guess I just didn't expect them to keep me here for this two lustrum like this. Honestly, I shouldn't say that. I don't know what to expect here at all."]

She said for a chuckle.

[b "Sure, I am sure I will see you around a lot. Thanks for showing me how to get here. I really appreciate it."]

A smile spread across her face as she said this. She gave him a small wave as she walked toward to the door that he pointed out for her. Her third eye popped open when she turned to look at him one last time before walking into the PT room. His person was still shrouded with the dark purple aura. The red bolt was still streaked across. A sadness spread through her thinking about how much pain he was in. The part of her that used to be a healer wanted to help so much that her heart literally ached.

[b " Well you must be Moonstone."]

A womans voice said from within room 7. Moon turned her head to see a tall feline woman in sweat pants sitting cross legged on a medical table. Moon sighed a little and stepped through the doorway into the room she would come to hate.
  m o o n / moonxxbeam / 1y 25d 14h 12m 21s
Ronan smiled slightly, pleased that she recognized his effort, however small it may have been. He felt an unfamiliar spark at the back of his mind, a desire to learn more about something, that he had not felt in many years. He had lost interest in most of his pursuits a while ago, after he had learned most of what he needed to traverse this particular planet. He didn't think he needed to know much else, as he was not going to travel off-planet any time soon. Perhaps he could learn the system just to learn it, to have a skill for if he ever recovered enough to leave and live in the universe again.

[b [#483d8b "What was your department?"]] he asked. He paused, wondering if it was rude to ask. He wasn't exactly a sparkling conversationalist at the best of times. Most told him that he asked too many direct questions when he bothered to talk. He liked to have information, even if there wasn't much he could do with it. He liked being able to discuss ideas when he spoke with someone, and he wanted to know enough to be able to navigate those conversations.

He blinked. [b [#483d8b "Perhaps,"]] he said noncommittally, looking around the hall. He wanted to learn, but he didn't want her to see the depth of his ignorance. He would learn some on his own before accepting her help, if she were to still offer it. [b [#483d8b "I don't suppose anyone comes here for a short stay, though,"]] he said.

He leaned in slightly, glancing at the folder she was looking at. His brow furrowed for a moment at the squiggles on her paper before recognizing that it wasn't a language he understood. [b [#483d8b "Seven..."]] he repeated, glancing around the hall. The text on the walls was in various languages, but of course they could not put all of the different languages at once--no one would be able to read anything. He spotted a seven in a language he spoke, and he tapped her shoulder before setting off in that direction. [b [#483d8b "Your room is down the hall from mine,"]] he said, leading her to the door. He paused outside of it. [b [#483d8b "I'm at the end of the hall,"]] he said, pushing his hands into his pockets. [b [#483d8b "Perhaps I'll see you later."]]
  Ronan Murdoch / silversilence / 1y 30d 17h 51m 1s
[i Knowledge]

There was a wave of thankful release that surrounded her as he spoke. Good, he knew some things about the universe around him. There was a bit of a stereotype about creatures from quad 7. It was not very nice, but in most cases she had met, almost always true. Quad 7 creatures only cared about themselves. And their quad. Well, their planet. And nothing else.

[b "Yes!"]

The simple word came out more enthusiastic than she anticipated. Sometimes she could not help how yellow her aura was.

[b "Though it was never my department, yes. We do export metals for heavy machinery."]

[i "Yeah, only to planets you do not intend to take over."]

The thought was fleeting, but still there. There were some things about the Gems and the way they saw things that didn't make her proud of where she came from. With a shake of her head, she pushed the thought to the back of her mind.

[b "Well, if you ever want to learn then please, let me be your guide. It seems that I going to be here a while according to the laid out calendar in this folder."]

Moon was actually a part of the team that helped build the ULS. She wasn't one to brag or anything, but it was an impressive system. A smile spread across her face. Oh hell, everyone who knew her knew that she was one to brag. She shuffled around papers in her folder for a moment as she walked through the open door.

[b " Room 7."]

She looked around the hallway and saw that there were some signs with different languages on it. The folder she was given was all written in Gem language. She never really thought about having to get around with the help of her third eye translating for her. After her eye swept around, trying to find a number so she knew where she was in relative to room 7, she gave up and looked at him, a pout clear on her face.
  m o o n / moonxxbeam / 1y 25d 14h 12m 7s
Ronan nodded. [b [#483d8b "I have never met a Gem before. But, then again, I don't get out much,"]] he admitted. He walked with her for a few moments, nodding at a few of the nurses whom he knew. He tried to wrack his brain for this "homeworld" that she had mentioned. It rang a very small bell. [b [#483d8b "Ah. Yes. They export the magnetic metals for some of the medical machines on this planet,"]] he said, pleased to have some knowledge to share. He was not one to like sounding ignorant. He remembered seeing the stamp, an odd diamond symbol, on a number of different machines in his primary doctor's office.

[b [#483d8b "I am from Earth,"]] he told her. He paused, scanning through the numbers associated with his home planet. [b [#483d8b "Pardon, quadrant 7, planet number... 45? 47?"]] he said uncertainly. [b [#483d8b "I'm unfamiliar with the ULS. I have not been off this planet in many years."]] The Universal Locator System was a mystery to him. It was a good idea in theory, giving a universal way to refer to planets so aliens could navigate the cosmos with ease, but it was a skill similar to map reading that he never felt the need nor desire to master. He could get around his own planet, and that was all he ever felt the need to be able to do.

Ronan paused at the PT building, pulling open the door for her. He gestured inward with a small tilt of his head. The building was a large L shaped building with multiple rooms that housed different machines and apparatuses for rehabilitation. He was heading to the far side of the L where the pool was housed for his rehabilitation. The doctors were insistent that he would need to reconnect to water to heal his wounds, but he knew the artificial salt-water pools were not what he needed. He could not stand to look upon the water, let alone be in it. A second under the water was all he could stand--he had lost his ability to live beneath it. He could no longer swim and swirl, weightless beneath the waves as he once had. He missed the sea with all his heart. This pale imitation only made it worse. He sighed, gazing to the end of the hall were his torture awaited. [b [#483d8b "Which room do you need?"]] he asked. He could walk her to her room to put it off a bit longer, he supposed.
  Ronan Murdoch / SilverSilence / 1y 36d 8h 26m 57s
[i What are you?]

This was a question that Moon had been asked many times in her long life of travel. Being a rare Gem made her a true asset to her Diamond. Moon had the power to heal, even though she is a decent of Blue Diamond, not Pink Diamond. For this reason, she was sent all over the universe to help in the War efforts after Pink Diamond was...

Well, after she was shattered. Most of Pink Diamonds descendants were shattered along with her. And without the goddess alive, no more could be made. Moon was now part of a very small team that had the healing power the Gems needed to survive. This... Malfunction. In her genetic make up is the only reason she was alive. It was the only thing that made her useful.

[b "I am not sure if you have heard of my kind, we rarely seek outside companionship."]

She started, watching him struggle to get out of the chair he was sitting in.

[b "I am a Gem. From Home World in quad 14 Planet #420."]

She finished. She could only feel what quad he was born on, but not the planet. She has met many Selkie before him, mostly females. Well, all of them females. Most of them were from a small blue planet in quad 7. But there were a decent amount spread around. She never met any from her own quad though.

He finally stood and made his way to the door. She followed after him, happy to have someone to show her around.

[i So red.]

The words popped into her head just as her third opened and hungrily took in the aura of the boy walking in front of it before snapping shut again. There was a sharp red lightening bolt spreading across the dark black/purple surrounding him. It physically gave her a headache to look at. He was in a lot of pain.

[b "I must admit that I already know what you are, but a I can't pinpoint where you are from."]

She prompted. This one was not much of a talker. It was weird. She was used to talkative creatures.

He was so fascinating.
  m o o n / moonxxbeam / 1y 25d 14h 11m 54s
[b "I think this is fucking stupid,"] Selize said confidently. She was a whiner, in Ronan's humble opinion. He sighed with the rest. She was angry about everything, ready to argue and fight and scream. Everyone here was angry, Ronan reflected. Everyone was angry at their circumstances and sad about their prospects. Selize was relatively new--she had been here for three years. She was confrontational and loud, and Ronan did not like her very much. He slid down in his chair a bit and closed his eyes, wishing his side would stop aching. He tuned out for most of the rest of the therapy session, floating in and out of awareness but never quite falling asleep. He tuned back in as people began shifting around, signaling an end to the session.

Ronan looked up as Dr. Connor approached and had a murmured conversation with Moonstone. Her face said that she did not appreciate his commentary one bit.

[i [b "Is he always so pretentious?"]]

Ronan let out a soft breath in some semblance of a laugh. [b [#483d8b "I suppose he could seem that way."]] He glanced up as her forehead opened suddenly into an eye, almost a blink it was so rapid. He wondered briefly what it saw from him.

[b [#483d8b "The PT room..."]] he repeated. He nodded. [b [#483d8b "I'm going to that building. 'Spose I could show you,"]] he said, glancing at her forehead again. He was curious what she was. He'd never met one of her kind before. He was rather sheltered. He didn't travel off-planet very often, and he was rueful to admit that he was rather ignorant about most other alien species. Before his injuries, he was localized to Earth. After his injuries, he bounced around to a few medical planets before settling here. He met a variety within the hospital, but he knew he was far from a universal man.

[b [#483d8b "May I ask what you are?"]] he asked, buying some time while he gained the strength to push off from the chair. He did so with purpose, refusing to acknowledge the searing pain that raced across his side as he did so. He gestured toward the door with a 'follow me' motion as he headed out of the room to walk her to the PT room. It was rather far. He had been contemplating skipping today, but he supposed this was the universe telling him that it was a bad idea.
  Ronan Murdoch / SilverSilence / 1y 38d 13h 54m 58s

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