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Sena High School, is not a School for the ordinary. Every student that attends SHS has a gift. For some that’s a intense skill or sport that they excell at , for others it’s an above average intelligence, or others it’s intense strength ...and even some have great skill in magic. At this school, students are encouraged to harness and shape their special abilities so they can Master it some day while also learning to make friends all good at different things.

[center ------------------------------------]

[center [size26 [B Positions needed]]]

[center ____________________]

[center [size14 [b Staff]]]

[Center Principal- closed]
[center Teacher (Female)- [+red OPEN]]
[center Teacher (Male)- [+red OPEN]]

[center ____________________]

[center [size14 [B Students]]]

[Center Student 1 -Rin Takoshi ]
[Center Student 2 - Kiko Tanaka]
[Center Student 3 - ]
[Center Student 4 - ]
[Center Student 5- ]
[Center Student 6 - ]
[center Student 7- ]
[center Student 8- ]
[center Student 9- ]
[center Student 10- ]

[center -----------------------------------------]

[center [size32 [b ~Sena High School~]]]

[center [pic]]

[center --------------------------------]

[center [size24 [b Roof Top]]]

[center [pic]]

[center [size24 [b Third Floor]]]

[center [pic]]

[center [i Club rooms]]
[center [i Student Council Room]]
[center [i Teachers Offices]]

[center [size24 [b Second Floor]]]

[center [pic]]

[center [i Classrooms]]
[center [i Restrooms]]
[center [i Hidden unused classroom]]

[center [size24 [b First Floor]]]

[center [pic]]

[center [i Shoe Lockers]]
[center [i Gym/Stage]]
[center [i Library]]
[center [i Cafeteria]]

[center [size24 [b Other Amenities]]]

[center [pic]]

[center [i Pool]]
[center [i Green House]]
[center [i Track]]
[center [i Field]]

[center ------------------------------------]

[center [size28 [+red [I Classrooms:]]]]

[center [B Room A: ]
[B Room B: ]]

[center [size28 [+red [I Clubs:]]]]

[center [size18 [b [u 1. Student Council]]]]

[center - Aside from paper work, the student council plans school events such as Festivals, Class Trips, Sports Day and More. They are in charge of enforcing school rules and dress codes on the students with behavioral issues. They might even pay a home visit to track a student down. From time to time a member may stop by a different clubs and hang out for a day, to make sure everything is running smoothly. They tend to be well respected, popular and hard workers.]
[center [b ***Meetings held in largest room on 3rd Floor***]]

[center ______________________]

[center [size18 [i Positions]]]
[center President- Rin Takoshi]
[center Vice President- [+red OPEN]]
[center Secretary- [+red OPEN]]

[center ______________________]

[center [size18 [b [u 2. Sports Club]]]]

[center -Since this school is pretty small, the people that tend to play on one team, over lap with the other. In sports club, you are allowed to play 5 different sports. But since you only get two hours after school to play, the president must select 2 or 3 to focus on that day. And focus on the others the following meeting. Because the kids at this school are generally very skilled, the lack of practice time in one sport does not seem to effect their games. The 5 Sports are Archery, Kendo , basketball, baseball, and track. The president is president of all 5 but they may not be the most skilled member in every sport. Nevertheless, they are most responsible, and not afriend to lead everyone, select when to play which sport without hesitation and is always there to cheer people on.]

[center [b ***Meeting held in Gym and outside track and field***]]

[center ______________________]

[center [size18 [i Positions]]]
[center President- Kiko Tanaka]
[center Member- [+red OPEN]]

[center ______________________]

[center [size18 [b [u 3. Book Club]]]]

[center -Where the quieter or shy book worms tend to head. Book club is a great place to get some peace and quiet away from the rest of the people at this crazy school or it just might be one of the best places to gossip about them. Depending on the president, you might have a very peaceful and productive reading day, or an ear full of tea. Presidents job is to offer book recommendations, and ultimately decide which book to read after discussing with other Members. Members may also offer a suggestion. Discussion topics during meetings could be on what kind of stories you like, , telling each other stories/sharing stories you wrote, what your favorite books and authors are. President should pick a topic for that day to talk about.]

[center [b ***Meetings held in the 1st Floor library***]]

[center ______________________]

[center [size18 [i Positions]]]
[center President-[+Red OPEN]]
[center Member- [+red OPEN]]

[center ______________________]

[center [size18 [b [u 4. Cooking club]]]]

[center -Everyone wants in on this club. The students here get to cook delicious meals and sweets and even get to eat them when they finish. Sometimes the club is nice enough to share their cooking but it's usually with the student council to get more funding. Currently they are running low and dont have enough to keep up with all the food and supplies they need everyday. The President of this club should ultimately decide what meal is cooked that day and assist members with cooking it. They care about the club so much they always think about ways to earn more money, even if sometimes it means going out of pocket for the club. President decides where to eat the meal that’s cooked but can take suggestions,]

[center [b ***Meetings held in 1st Floor cafeteria kitchen/eating takes place in cafeteria, outside, or on roof***]]

[center ______________________]
[center [size18 [i Positions]]]
[center President-[+Red OPEN]]
[center Member- [+red OPEN]]

[center ______________________]

[center [size18 [b [u 5. Video Game Club]]]]

[center -The club room is packed with TVs, systems, computers, and more. So surely this is a place where the otaku tend to flock. In this club, there’s no requirement of which kind of game you have to play, it could be any as long as your ready to take on someone who wants to challenge you. The president should at time suggest games, lead discussions about video games, what are the members favorite kind of games and why, or find out why they got into playing games in the first place. Despite being a gamer, the president should not only play games but also find away to interact and talk to their fellow gamer members to break them out of their otaku shells a bit.]
[center [b ***Meetings held in 3rd Floor club room***]]
[center ______________________]
[center [size18 [i Positions]]]
[center President-[+Red OPEN]]
[center Member- [+red OPEN]]

[center [pic]]

[b Rules]

1. Students MUST all join a club. Each staff member must run at least one club. Students MUST go to club everyday after school. And may NOT go straight home.
1a. If you’re the first one to join that club, you will AUTOMATICALLY be the [B [u president]] of that club. Don’t worry it’s not hard
2. Romance is okay.
3. You Must have at least [u ONE friend] who is NOT in your club, to have a backstory with. [+red This can be decided later on when more people join]
4. Fighting must be broken up and serious fighting can lead to expulsion. Play fighting is generally okay.
5. [b ****Interact with at least [u one rper] in every post you make. No individuals just sitting off by themselves ignoring each other.]
6. Wait for at [u least 2] other people to post after you, before you can post again.
7. [b CONVERSATIONS] If you talk to someone, talk to them for at least TWO posts before walking away.
8. No one liners, you have be able to write about 800 characters.
9. [b TIME SKIP] When it makes sense, [u I will] let you know when to time skip to lunch, or the end of the day/club time. It’s just easier then everyone doing it all at random times.
10. There will NOT be a Posting order. There is no limit to the number of people that can join this rp.
11. [u [B 72 HOUR DROP OUT RULE .]] If you do not post within 72 hours without a valid excuse, you will be booted out and the Rp will be thrown up into advertisements allowing room for more students, 3 days is a long time, don’t worry
12. [u [B FRIENDLY REMINDERS.]] I reserve the right to remind you when it’s a been a while, or everyone else has clearly posted and you haven’t, once every few hours. This is to avoid a disruption in the flow of things.
13. [u [B RESPOND TO OTHERS IN YOUR POSTS]] If someone addresses your character, be polite and acknowledge it. () Do NOT ignore it without mentioning something. If you want to ignore what that other character said then you literally have to write that. [+red Ex. She said Hi, but my character ignored her.] That is OKAY. Is that tedious? Yes. But you alienate people and it's less fun for everyone if you don't even acknowledge the other persons existence.
14. [u [B MAKE THE EDIT.]] If I see that you ignored another character that talked to you, and didn't even write that...or you failed to talk to someone in your post, I will ask you to go back and edit your post to include it. If you do NOT edit your post, and I have too remind you 3 times to do it, you will get kicked out of the rp and your position will be opened up to someone else.
15. [u [b CHAT BOX RESTRICTIONS.]] [+red [b The Chat Box and ALL additional chats are banned to prevent further distractions. NO EXCEPTIONS. Do not bother me about this. If this is an issue for you, Do NOT join. Just pm me with any questions or concerns you might have throughout the rp.]]
16. [u [b POST WITH CORRECT PICTURE]] I know it's easy to post and forget to click on your correct character nor forget to post with a picture at all, but please try and avoid this as it gets confusing to your fellow rpers. If I see you fail to use a picture/ the proper picture, that will be a mark against you and you can potentially be booted from the rp. So pay attention!
17.[u [b NO STARTING SEPARATE RPS RELATED TO THIS ONE]] Say you meet someone you really like and want to rp with them faster. Unless you talk to me first, DONT DO IT. It’s just two posts that you have to wait. You joined a GROUP rp, with likely the intention to partake in a group, that includes the other person you like. Don’t ruine it for others who may have wanted to see that storyline play out between you two or even par-take in it. So if even a TINY sign of this crap popping up, I’ll boot you immediately And put you on my “Do NOT rp with list” and warn other rpers about your actions so they can be spared from the damage you might cause them.

[b [size14 Skelly:]]

[b Username:]
[b Name:]
[b Age:]
[b Sexual orientation:]
[b Personality:]
[b Still/Ability:]
[b Club:]
[b Background:] (Who is your character? Where are they from? Why are they now at this school? Why do they have this ability? Have they always had it? Did they have to train for it? Do they have family? Where are they? Is your character rich? Poor? Do you have any enemies? An ex someone after you trying to hurt you because of your awesome skills? Why? Do they want to use you for something? Did you ever use your abilities to break laws?
Give family history and background And one issue you are currently still dealing with outside of the school. Whether that’s your parents are gamblers, your a member of a gang, running from someone they betrayed, or your Trying to find an old friend that moved away when you were young, anything. What is your characters life like out side this school!)
[b Friend:]
[b Crush:]
[b Picture URL:]

[center ------------------------------------]

[center [pic]]

[center [size32 [b Staff]]]

[+red Principal]

[+red Female Teacher]

[+red Male Teacher]

[center -------------------------------------]

[center [size32 [b Students]]]

[+red Student 1:]

[b Username:] Pinkra01
[b Name:] Rin Takoshi
[b Age:] 16
[b Sexual orientation:] pansexual
[b Personality:] Bratty, rude and guarded on the outside, but sweet and shy under it all. She’s hardworking, smart, and takes herself and work very seriously but she never relies on others...even when sometimes she really should.
[b Still/Ability:] Psychic magic ability. She’s also insanely smart and good at sports.
[b Club:] Student Council President
[b Background:] Rin is the daughter of Sena High School’s President. She comes from a rich a prominent family that expects her to be the best of the best even if that means sacrificing her own happiness. For this reason, Rin doesn’t have many friends except for ____ and the members of Student Council. Though those people are more like work associates. Rin doesn’t let anyone close to her, and thinks doing “fun things” is a waste of time that gets in the way of achieving greatness, as her father says. For this reason, she is rather rude to people hoping they won’t get close enough to her to distract her from her work...even though that’s exactly what she needs to be happy. She is a bit impatient and because she’s class president she is harsh on most everyone. Despite having a bit of an attitude, she is quite popular, among males. They tend to see her as more cute then threatening but maybe that was because of her height.

Rin’s mother left the family when she was a little girl, and Rin never forgave her. This is another reason why she thinks getting close to people is pointless because they will probably just leave in the end. The only way you can prove to have value is by working hard in life. Rin thinks that if she works very hard, her father will never leave. Like her mother did.

The class president was born with psychic abilities and was able to move things with her mind almost right away. Instead of seeing her as a freak her grandfather created an entire school to help her, and students like her, to mold their special skills and talents. Her father soon became president of the school and put the pressure on the young girl to be the very best and study and practice as hard as she could so all the students could look up to her.
[b Friend:] TBD
[b Crush:] Rin doesn’t have time for silly relationships but if she had to HAD t pick some one, it would probably be _____.
[b Picture URL:] [pic]

[+red Student 2:]

Username: HirokoKyo
Name: Kiko Tanaka
Age: 17
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Personality: Smart,caring,sweet,friendly,fun-loving,hardworking,semi-patient,and outgoing.She can be very aggressive and forceful when it comes to athletics and training.
Still/Ability: Elemental Magic
Club: Sports Club President
Background: Kiko comes from a highly prestigious mob family.She is the oldest daughter and for this fact her father sent get to the school to fully harness her abilities to one day marry and take over the head position in the clan. Knowing where she comes from most everyone has always been afraid of her except ______, her lifelong friend.Kiko is supposed to be tough,aggressive, and mean but that isn't who she really is well most of the time.Her abilities are inherited through many generations of family.Usually it is just one element that is inherited but occasionally someone like Kiko is born and she has had to train very hard to be able to control all four. She is the oldest of five siblings, her mother and father have always been around helping,teaching,supporting. There will always be rival gangs threatening her family and that has only fueled the fire inside Kiko to be the best she can be and to carry on her family's legacy.
Friend: TBD
Crush: Kiko doesn't know who she likes but if she could pick it would probably be ________.
Picture URL: [pic]
[+Red Student 3:]

[+Red Student 4:]

[+Red Student 5:]

[+Red Student 6:]

[+red Student 7]

[+red Student 8]

[+red Student 9]

[+red Student 10]


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