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Anubis has been amongst the humans, mostly to keep the belief that the ancient Egyptian gods were watching and were listening to their prayers, but he also has decided to mingle with the humans, and has taken the guise of a human to do so, and he hopes to find a female companion to bond with.

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He spoke again, only it was calm. "Rise...for you are not only my priestess, but also my fiancée..." he told her, returning to his human form on once more then he took her hands and gave her a special gift, a ring
  Anubis (human form) / DoomGuy123 / 95d 14h 33m 3s
Lunaria gasped and fell to the floor in shock, holding on tightly to the collar he had gifted her. "'re...the great god Anubis..." She was next to speechless, her heart beating so fast it felt like it would leave her chest.
  Lunaria / RamaAmor / 95d 19h 8m 20s
He smiled and complimented her in ancient Egyptian then he offered his Egyptian collar to her, as a gift to her for becoming a priestess. "My friend, I will reveal to you a secret that none know..." he stated and his body began to change into that of the god Anubis
  Anubis (true form) / DoomGuy123 / 96d 16h 52m 2s
"You really think so? Hmm...very well. I shall become a priestess. And I have the perfect dress, too!" She left, soon returning in a flowing gown of white and gold, which went surprisingly well with her chocolate skin. "What do you think?"
  Lunaria / RamaAmor / 96d 20h 50m 8s
The god in disguise was waiting at the altar, as if expecting her. "You know, with the way you worship the gods, you should consider being his priestess..." he said, being truthful with her about it. "The gods grant their followers special gifts in return for their service..."
  Anubis (human form) / DoomGuy123 / 96d 22h 13m 45s
She nodded and looked outside at the night sky. "I shall see you tomorrow, Anubis."

She left, leaving the rest of the treat with the jackal. She returned the next morning, leaving a small obsidian charm on the altar for the god Anubis.
  Lunaria / RamaAmor / 96d 22h 23m 52s
It cautiously took the piece of the treat and ate it, then tilted its head at her, being more comfortable with her around. "It seems you've made a new friend." He said, smiling at her, then petting the jackal on the head. "You should go rest now, and I will see you tomorrow..." he said, smiling a bit to himself as he said it
  Anubis (human form) / DoomGuy123 / 101d 15h 2m 43s
Lunaria nodded. "Makes sense. It wouldn't be doubtful that he has been very busy." She smiled and put the jackal who had laid down near them. "They're so adorable!" She took out a small snack she had brought for emergencies, giving a small bit to the Jackal.
  Lunaria / RamaAmor / 101d 21h 7m 15s
He smiled. "You could say I am, and I always have talked to him, being a priest and all, but it is time for me to let him sleep, for he must be tired after the heat has passed..." he told her,and the collared jackal laid down by Anubis' feet
  Anubis (human form) / DoomGuy123 / 102d 15h 13m 42s
"Thank you...Actually, you sound the way I always imagined him sounding. What a coincidence!" She looked around, then looked back at him. " Are you one of the priests of Anubis? Does he ever talk to you?"
  Lunaria / RamaAmor / 102d 20h 49m 7s
He nodded, but he told her that her dream was a one that was worthwhile. "Never let your dreams fade, or you will have wasted your time..." he said smiling at her in a warm way that made her feel comfortable around him
  Anubis (human form) / DoomGuy123 / 103d 13h 44m 9s
"Really? Can't you find a job somewhere. I'm sure you could make money by teaching people Egyptian. Those treasures are probably worth a lot of money, y'know..." She looked around the temple. "Do you have a favorite god? I mostly worship Anubis...I've always wanted to meet him. Call it a silly childhood dream."
  Lunaria / RamaAmor / 103d 16h 49m 57s
Anubis told her that he had been giving the jackals food when they could find none themselves, and that he had learned ancient Egyptian by manuscripts he had found a few years ago. "As for the treasure, I have no other way to pay for my drinks, I have no money..." he told her
  Anubis (human form) / DoomGuy123 / 103d 18h 17m 33s
She sat down with him. "You're definitely more than you seem. You just spoke ancient Egyptian, a language few know. That, and those jackals follow you faithfully. You are definitely a unique person." She smiled, her wolf ears going up.
  Lunaria / RamaAmor / 103d 18h 37m 28s
The male had approached the temple, but when she saw him, he had more than one jackal following him. Before he reached the temple,he spoke something in ancient Egyptian to the jackals, and they scattered around the city of Cairo, and he approached her. "Sorry I am late, but I had to talk to someone about the offerings for the gods..." he said, and he sat down. "What is it you wish to know about me?" He asked politely, his eyes staring into hers
  Anubis (human form) / DoomGuy123 / 103d 18h 40m 39s

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