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Breezie is a name well known throughout the world, she is the queen of global entertainment, but it has been a while since she had retired, leaving it to a friend, who has been doing a good job of keeping people around the world entertained, but recently, Breezie had made a job as a anchorwoman and a weather woman for Studiopolis. It had also been several years ago since Sonic dumped her for Sally, creating a very unfortunate depression for the once famous queen of entertainment. Now she searches for a male to fill the empty hole in her life.

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"Five minutes until we air, Miss Breezie!" Shouted the director. "I'll be ready in a moment!" Breezie yelled back, putting on her fake smile, trying to hide there fact she was depressed. "I have to keep myself together, or I won't be able to keep my job..." she told herself, and she headed out into the room where she would be telling the weather for the day. "And we're live!" The director told her. "Good morning to everyone of Station Square, I'm Breezie here with today's weather! Today will be sunny with a high of 86 degrees, so grab your sunscreen and hit he beach!" She said, and after twelve minutes, the weather report stopped, and she sighed in relief. After she got to her home, she sighed, grabbing the locket she was given by Sonic when she was first built, then opened it up. Inside was a picture of her and Sonic together, and she began to cry, the depression getting the best of her. "Why does he not want me...?" She sobbed to herself, the tears slipping from the metal on her face to the floor.
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