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The food was as amazing as she could remember it being. The meat of the fish melted against her tongue and the lemon gave the soft sourish taste she so loved. It really did bring back memories. Vic took a few bites and a couple of sips from her coke before she set it down. Her mind was still racing and she had been trying to buy herself a little time to get her mind back on track. And what better an excuse was there than to use the delicious lunch that Mrs.Drow had made for them?

Brown eyes slowly came up from her plate as she heard Steve's words. It took just a second for her to register his words. [b "At the moment I've not got any plans. Perhaps having to get ready for a staff meeting at the end of next week.. But I did want to maybe check again on that door..."] She said slowly and quietly. At his words on Jacob, Vic nodded slowly and sighed. [b "It would seem perhaps...I mean I have seen him with his older sister..but I will admit I had only thought it a sibling thing..."] And then she looked down. [b "Just dealing with some of the students who decided that fights were a good idea to be had...there were at least three..."]

For a few moments she let the silence settle between them before she reached forward to get another spoon of the green beans. And slowly she began to eat again, watching when his plate moved forward upon the table. A soft laugh slipped from her as she looked to the man across from her. [b "It is always easy to eat too much when she makes such amazing food...though I've learned."] Vic said, pushing her own plate away with about half the fish left. [b "Since you are free for the most part..did you have an idea of what you were wanting to do with the rest of the afternoon?"] She asked, standing and moving towards the window to look out, sighing as the skies were still as dark as they had been during that morning.
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Steve filled his plate as the girl looked ready to eat, the man took his fork and knife as he cut the fish. He then dipped it in some tartar sauce and moved the fork to his mouth, the smell of it was nice and fresh as it passed his nose and into his mouth. The crisp flacks of the fish was crunchy and the meat on the inside just melted as he was chewing it, "This is amazing." he said as he scooped up some of the green beans. The smell of lemon and butter went nicely with the fish and hush puppies.

"So what do you have plan for after lunch? I am free for now, I scheduled everything with the three already and it seems only one of them is kinda distance. Jacob seems to want to keep to himself and doesn't want to open up, but I get the feeling its something at home...." the man said as he looked down once more at took a bite of his beans. "Anything exciting happen to you today?" he questioned as he took a sip of his tea.

As the man finished his plate he placed one more fish strip on it and smiled, "This is too good to stop." he said and laughed a bit as he cut the fish into pieces. When he finished his last piece he slid his plate forward and finished off his tea as he looked around the room a bit to pass the time, "I think I hit my limit now." he said and waited for the girl to finish.
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Vic laughed softly as Steve seemee to stumble a little after her spoken words on the teen girls. And she nodded to the man. [b "Yeah. Sarah, Rachel, and I thought Mr.Parker was cute and so would whisper and giggle about him all the time."] She admitted as he gave the group of girls a piece sign and they giggled more before they walked off.

For a second, Vic did watch after them and imagine doing the same thing when she had been their age. It was funny how hauntingly familiar it had seemed. But it was Steve's words to call her from her memory and brown eyes came to land on the man. After the morning they had had and their conversation, Vic didn't find herself quite hungry. But the idea of lunch did sound more appealing than did roaming the halls more and she knew she would regret not eating later. Especially if she ran into Mrs.Drow outside the lunchroom. [b "Sounds like a plan. And believe me, that woman always had and always does."] Her words had an affectionate undertone to them as she relented and followed Steve the back way into the "secret little lunchroom". It was better and meant no one would be seeing them.

As they entered the room, Victoria froze to look at the food. It all looked so good but also there was so much. God having the woman as the lunch lady was both a blessing and a curse. [b "She always did know how to spoil us..and seemed to know what we were in the mood for that day."] She said as she did slowly take the plate that had been placed in front of her. Slowly did she take a piece of the fried fish, some hush puppies and some of the lemon buttered green beans. But she did not eat any of it until he too had his plate filled too.
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Steve nods and smiles as she agrees with him, and blushed a little as she said she wanted the best for him as well. "A crush? Wait I remember you and your girlfriends doing that same thing walking off when we were younger. Is that what it was? Man I am soo, teens are so confusing..." he said as he smiled and gave the girls a little piece sign that were giggling towards him.

"Come lets get some lunch, I am sure Mrs. Drow has something for us now." he said as he started to walk towards the lunch room, as they went to there little hidden lunch area and went through the back way where no one would see them like the day before there was lunch sat out for them. "She really knows how to spoil us doesn't she." he said as he took a seat at the table. There was Fried fish, coleslaw, hush puppies, some lemon buttered green beans and a small apple pie to the side.

"Does Mrs. Drow have super powers or something, she always knows what I want for lunch some how." he said as he laughed and placed a plate in front of the girl and himself. "So shall we?" he questioned wanting her to go first.
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She had been slightly anxious the whole time she had explained her thoughts. And ahe was even more so when she had turned the question back at Steve. Honestly she had no idea what he was going to say or how well he would accept her words. Always had the man been understanding and able to get what she meant, but this was not a talk that they had ever had before. Even when younger, Vic had done her best to push most personal emotions away as not to make anything awkward. It had always been easier that way.

When his words caught her attention, brown eyes peeked to the side. They had been probably the last thing she had been expecting. Maybe she had expected for him to play it off? Or maybe she would have expected that he not really feel anything towards her in that sense? Actually she didn't know what she had been expecting because both her mind and heart seemed to be racing. [b "That...It seems fair. Why should we let what others think dictate us? And you know I want nothing but the best for you too.."] She whispered JUST before the bell had rung.

As soon as it did, her arms were crossed over her chest as she listened to his words. She caught instantly that he was trying to cover up their unprofessional conversation about wants and needs. [b "So you did manage to get them to talk to you. Told you that you would be able to do it."] The woman said with a faint smile and a nod. [b "And I am more than sure once you get to know them better anything you have in mind will be fine. I trust your judgement."]

Her eyes then went to the teen girl as she spoke to Steve and then went off to her friends. The fact that they all looked back at the man and began to giggle before walking away made her shake her head. [b "I think someone might be developing a 'school girl's crush'. Either that or they all think you cute."] Vic teased softly, remembering the days she, Rachel, and Sarah had done the same of their old vice principal.
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The man nods at her comment agreeing with the girl, then she pointed the question at him as he thought about it for a few. "To be honest I don't care what other people think, why do people give us titles like we are suppose to live our lives one way? All I care is how I feel and what we do today, yes I could see us dating and having a great relationship together but its only been two days that we have been back together." The man took her hand to stop them from walking and he looked into her eyes. "I tell you what, lets give this at least a week of thought and see where it goes. Just be yourself don't change and if we both think we should move forward with our "status" then we can move forward. Don't take this the wrong way or anything, you are always my best friend and I want you to be happy." he explained.

Soon after he was done talking to her about there personal wants/needs the bell rang, the man dropped her hand and was trying to think of something else to make he at easy and take her mind off things. "About the files you gave me this morning, I met with each one and set a date to get back with them when they had more time to talk. I have a few ideas that I want to try out, but I am holding them back till they talk to me more. I just want them to make take a little action before I make my move." he explained to her as the students started to fill the halls.

He was trying to hide the fact that they were talking about personal matters, he hated not being professional around the teens and wanted them to see how in the work environment its not about status but its work and being serious. Sabrina walked by the two but then stopped and tapped Steve's shoulder, [+blue "Sir Franklin, thank you again with the talk. I have taken in your words of consideration, I can't wait to talk to you Monday."] she said as the man turned towards her. He smiled and nods at the girl, "That's too funny we were just talking about you too, go get some lunch okay and remember my door is always open come by any time." he said as she smiled back and went towards the lunch room with her little group of friends, after a bit of distance was between them he could see her look back at him and her friends start to giggle slightly. "Wonder what that was about?" he thought questioning himself.
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The halls were quiet as the day before had been. Students and the rest of the teachers were still in their classes as there was still about half an hour give or take before the lunch break. Only the sounds of their steps could be heard along with the soft ticking of the clocks upon the walls. It was peaceful in its own way but also had the young woman a little stiff too.

Her hands were folded behind her back as the pair walked, brown eyed gazing ahead of them. She was slightly lost in her thoughts and own head, going over ALL assumptions in just the last couple of days of them dating. Was that really how the world saw them? She had been used to it when they had been children because both she and Steve were literally always together, but for it to happen and so quickly after they reunited? All of it was a but weird, but also made her wonder.

It was the gentle nudge to her arm that caught her attention and brought her out of her head and the young woman peeked over at the man. And even his words caught her offguard. But they really shouldn't have as he always has known when something was off or she was lost in some sense. But was she ready to face this? Was she ready to tell him the truth?

A hand came up and brushed through her hair. [b "I guess it just makes me feel like we're teens again. But back then it had been a way of teasing us for how close we were and the people who did it had known us... Now...I don't know. I just wonder what they see is all. But if we were a thing like they all seem to think...I honestly wouldn't mind. I mean you're actually the only guy that I have ever truly trusted and never been afraid of. I've always known that you actually care and I'm not some 'piece of meat'.."] Victoria said quietly as she looked away. It was MOSTLY true, but she had not meant all of her words to be said as they had been. And mentally she was kicking herself.

[b "How does it make you feel? Everyone thinking that we are together?"] She asked, quickly turning the question to him. Honestly she was highly embarrassed by the answer she had given the man. She felt like perhaps almost a 'love sick puppy' or something. God this had just become something out of her nightmares as she didn't like to admit to anything too personal.
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The man laughed as she was explaining herself to him and he stood up from his chair, "I know I just enjoy giving you a hard time, lets take a little walk i need to stretch my legs." he said as he moved his arms above his head as he stretched them out. The man then heard a little bit of chatter outside his door as he watched her lean on the wall, he stepped out and looked at the lady that was talking to him.

"Are we a thing? You ask? I don't really understand your question, we have been friends since we were kids at this school. But if you are asking about personal matters I will ask you to be professional when you are at work and ask these things when you see us outside the school." the man kindly told Jessie as he walked out the office and opened the door, he looked back towards Vic and smiled at her as he held the door for her.

As he was in the hallway he looked around as it was empty, the teens were all in class and it was getting closer to being time for everyone to take there lunch break for the day. As they walked beside each other the man nudged her arm with his elbow slightly, "Are you okay? What is on your mind? You are usually able to stand up for yourself, but recently when we are pictured as a couple you become blank. Is there something you want to tell me?" he asked her a little worried about what her answer might be. "You know I will always be here for you, and you can talk to me about anything." he added then waited for her to answer.
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The woman had given the boy a small smile. It actually had her cheeks flush a soft pink when Steve had said that she wasn't bad once they got to know her. But she didn't say anything and kept silent while Steve said his final words to the teenaged boy. It almost did make her think of the days she and her friend had been in and out the office all the time in their teen years. But she had to quickly call herself out of her thoughts.

Vic still had her glasses in her hand and must have wiped them off three or four times before Steve's words caught her attention. Slowly she put them back on as she moved into the office. [b "I think you know me well enough by now to ask if there is anything.."] Vic said with an almost embarrassed laugh as her eyes came up and fell on him.

[b "I never did understand how you were content to stay in one place.. I'm lucky if I can stay in my office or watch a movie. about we wander a bit and you tell me what you were able to find out?"] She asked with an inclination of her head as she moved back towards the door again and leaned on the wall just outside the office.

[i "You know we're all wondering how how you and Mr. Franklin know the other so well. Could it be that our darlin' Vic actually has a boyfriend?"] Jessie asked with a wink just as Steve had come out of his office to join Vic. [i 'So we were just asking Vic how the two of you knew the other so well. Are you like a thing?"]

Victoria's cheeks turned a dark red and she was opening and closing her mouth multiple times. But she could not find her voice to save her life. Brown eyes went up to the man as she gave an apologetic look.
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As the school was filling Steve still sat at his desk thinking on what to do about these Teens, Victoria was right about them they were not bad they just needed a little push or someone who had time for them. As the morning went by he had each one of the teens come to his office so he could have a one on one chat with them and let them choose a day they would be more open to talk, he listened to them closely as they explained a little about themselves and as the last one stood up to leave he could hear the door creak open and a red headed figure stood at his door.

The student looked back at the man as he smiled at his friend at the door, "Don't worry she is an amazing person once you get to know her, I will see you again Aaron on Friday. If you need to talk to me before that come by any time my door is always open." he explained as the student looked back towards the Principle [+blue "Thank you sir."] he said politely and slipped through the door pass Vic.

"Come on in Victoria, I do have a few ideas with them so far. Was there something you needed?" he questioned noticing her tone and figured she just needed a little distraction, she was always antsy to keep herself moving unlike Steve who didn't mind at all staying in one spot but that is why they were always friends.
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She didn't know why she had almost thought he might have found it weird. But she should have known better. Steve had always been the more easygoing and more open of the pair. Sometimes she could swear that their personalities helped to balance the other and that was why they were such good friends. But she did not say it outloud as she "fished" the folders out of the desk drawer and brought them to the man. When he read the names, Vic nodded slowly. [b "I've seen them outside of the office...they aren't bad kids really..but just need a little extra help and guidance. If anyone can do this, I know it's you."] She said with a small smile.

[b "Yes..we had been..but now we have the choice. And we can do things for ourselves and for them."] Her words were quiet, thoughtful even as she spoke them. Slowly she nodded to his next words. [b "If you want or need any can come back here..or I may just bug you later to see what you figure out about them."] The woman teased as he left her and she closed the door.

When he was gone, the young woman went to her desk and took her seat, face hiding in her arms. She was acting like a school girl with a crush. What was wrong with her? He was her best friend. She had known him forever. This was NOT supposed to be difficult or happening. A sigh slipped her lips when the door creaked open and one of the teachers brought two boys in who had apparently gotten into a fight in the yard. The woman was able to immediately push her personal thoughts aside and get back into "professional" mode as she had the boys sit and listened to them both. And as much as she hated it, Vic had to suspend them both due to the rules of the school.

For the rest of the morning she had "fun" with more files and fights. When it was around eleven, the woman slipped out of her office and peeked into Steve's, leaning in the doorway. [b "Had any luck or ideas with them?"] She asked as she took off her glasses and cleaned them, seeing what he would say. It was clear she was looking for a distraction and maybe some good news.
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The man nods, "It was not weird at all, it was nice to be with a friend again." he explained as he watched her go through the files that was was talking about. She then walked up to him and handed him some files, "So Aaron, Jacob, and Sabrina." he said as he looked through the files. "I see, so okay I will find a way to get them more active. I will read up on them some more and try to think of something, I will probably get some one on one with them before lunch as well just to understand there personalities." he explained.

"I know exactly what you mean to on handling things on your own, we were always wanting to do things on our own but not being adults like we are now we were limited but now its different." he told her and smiled up at the girl, "Well if you need anything I will be reading up on these teens, don't hesitate to come by." he told the girl as he opened one of the files and started to read. He looked up just to open his door as he walked into the room and the door closed behind him, as he was reading he noticed Aaron was a very top athlete. "I hope he isn't one of them jocks, but if he is someone I am looking into he may just be one." the man said to himself and sighed.

The man placed the files on his desk and then took a seat at his chair, "Sabrina, she seems to be a shy type. Hmmm two totally opposite from each other. My work is defiantly going to be interesting working on these three." he explained then smiled to himself. "But this is why I took the job, these teens need someone who really cares and wants to see them succeed." he said to himself excited about actually being able to do something to help this school.
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Just like it used to be. There had been many days he had had to reassure her that it would be okay and that the weather would not last. The man had always been there and she gave a small smile at the memory. [b "I just feel silly for being so scared of this...even now. You would think being a grown woman I would be over it...It makes me feel like a teen again."] She admitted to the man with a weak smile as soon she began to follow him down the hallway and towards their offices.

For a moment, Miss Sommers was silent as she was thinking about his question. The long halls before them were empty and there was only the sound of their steps and the clicking from the clocks upon the walls. Kind of eerie when she let herself think about it. [b "There are a few girls and boys..they are seniors and no matter what I have tried with them they don't like to respond. Somehow they have it in their heads that I am still evil and don't want them graduating... I was hoping maybe you could talk to them..see what it would take to get them on track as their grades from last semester hadn't exactly been good."] Victoria explained as the pair continued down the hall.

It was his question of the night before that had taken her offguard and had her stiffen a little. If she were honest, she had hoped that would not come up. She wasn't even sure if she knew what it was herself. [b "It was actually the most fun I have had in awhile. It just made me realize how much I missed the old days...Was it weird to you?"] She turned it back at the man as her cheeks had turned a bright pink and she looked away.

When they got to the office and her door was opened, brown eyes slowly came up to look at the man. [b "I have the files... and I can bring them to you in a few minutes. Call me silly...but things like this I rather handle myself."] She said as she went over to her desk and unlocked a drawer, searching for the names of the students that she had mentioned to the man.
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Steve walked behind the girl and seen that she had hurried into the door, he walked in and shook his head. "Why are you sorry for?" he questioned [+blue "booom"] another thunder sounded loudly, the man walked up to her and put his arm around her trying to comfort her. "Dont worry I am here." he said as he rubbed her arm slightly, he let go of her and started to walk down the hall towards there office.

"So what kind of teens am I going to be looking into today?" he questioned remembering she said something about some kids the other day, he looked at the hallways as they were empty and only they were walking around at the moment. "So did you have fun last night? Or was is uncomfortable to be around me when we are adults?" he question knowing something was off but not sure what it was.

As they walked into the room where there offices were Steve looked back at the girl and opened her door for her, "Did you have some files for me? Or are they in my office already?" he asked not knowing if she would bring them to him or she had someone do it already when they were roaming the day before.
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She wasn't honestly rushing the man though it sounded like she was. Vic was only teasing him and wondering in some aspect if he would recognize it from when they had been teens. Almost was she a little disappointed when he had actually hurried and not seemed to remember. But what could she honestly have expected? It was their past and she herself had barely just "seen the ghost" of that past when she decidee to act to her old antics. [b "You know I was only teasing you about the hurrying up, right?"] The woman asked as she had taken up her mini backpack-like purse and followed him out to the garage. Her eyes almost lit up at seeing his car as it was such a beauty.

Slowly did she follow him to the passenger side and look to him when he opened the door with the smile. Her cheeks did turn a faint pink, which she could not help internally cursing herself for. But outwardly, Victoria gave Steve a smile. [b "How very kind of you, my good sir."] She said as she did get in and quickly buckle her seat belt, eyes going to him when he too had gotten in.

As Steve drove, the rain was really coming down. She would have thought it would at least let up a bit, but no it had to get worse. And when the car was parked in the lot, brown eyes went around and she could see she had been right about the no one being there. She had known she would be. Slowly, Vic looked to the man and took the second umbrella and nodded. [b "This isn't the first it has been this yeah I think so. Are you?"] She asked as she walked with him through the pouring down rain and towards the building.

It was when the lightning flashed and the thunder clapped did Vic squeal and run off ahead. She knew she was a grown woman, but she had never liked thunder and lightning and it still frightened her. She was quick to unlock the door and slip into the hall. When Steve walked in, the young woman gave an embarrassed smile. [b "I...sorry..."] She stammered out, shaking still.
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