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Steve nodded his head and smiled, "What time should I expect you?" he questioned the girl. "Ooo and the address is." as he explained her where he lived it was a newly built house that was a few blocks away from the school, it was actually about the same block as the store and bus stop was they had went to the time before.

As the girl gave him the time she was going to be there she told him she had to gather her things and get ready, as the school was getting more empty the maintenance people were switching shifts so the night crew could clean the rooms and get ready for the next day, the man and woman leave in different directions for the time being.

Steve stops at a store on his way home to pick up some things for dinner that night, and since it was a special occasion he picked up some expensive wine for the two. As he finished his shopping he went home, the house itself was pretty big for only one person living in it. There was a black fence going around it and the yard the fence only came to the mans stomach as he walked up to it and opened it and it closed on its own behind him.


As he walked closer to the house it was two stories it had lots of windows and was white color on the outside, the roof had blackroofing material as it came off the edges slightly.
  Steve / Aaron / 3h 41m 32s
[b "You're right.. Goong right back to the tme jumping would be a bad idea. For all we know this could have been a one time thing.. Or like you said we could get trapped in another time without the door. So far we only know the door as our way home."] She said slowly and quietly. She was still in a sense kicking herself for having in a sense asked the man out. They were old friends. BEST FRIENDS for that matter. Perhaps it hadn't been a blunder as friends went out all the time. So what was she worried about?

But she was snapped from her thoughts at the man's bext words when his stomach growled loud enough for her to hear too. And she nodded. Maybe it was weird that he had asked her to stay over that night. Again though, this was Steve and had been her best friend. In high school they had done it all the time. But she did have to think on it for at least a little bit.

Besides, even if she wanted to answer, Vic couldn't. Because just as she was about to open her mouth, the bell rang and students began to flood the hall. They were garhering with friends and as she and Steve walked among them, the young woman could hear how they hated this class or that. She had to stop herself laughing about it because those memories were so fresh. And the longer she was among the teens, the more fresh they were.

[b "To answer you...dinner and a sleepover thing seems like just what we need. Especially after today. But we're getting actual work done tomorrow, Mister Franklin."] The woman said, playfully as she gave the man a wink.
  .Across. / SheDevil / 5h 2m 59s
As they stood in the empty hallway Victoria was questioning what she wanted to do for the rest of the day, "We could do whatever we want really, but I think we should limit the time jump thing to once a day. We still have no idea how it works and what happens if we go to a time where the door is not around." he questioned then his stomach started to rumble slightly. "Food does sound really good right now, where would you like to go?" he questioned the girl as they started to walk.

There was really no time to go to the office the bell would be ringing at any second now, "I hate to ask this but do you think we could do a little sleep over thing like we use to? I am not sure if I can sleep properly alone right now after everything. And I can cook for us if you want." he said his face turned slightly red and he smiled at the girl. It was weird to ask this as an adult now he was thinking she may get the wrong idea, but they were adults now and you don't just ask someone to stay the night and expect nothing to happen or do you? The man was a little conflicted on this thinking, knowing they are best friends they never tried anything weird they were always there for each other but what if there was something more?

Steve waited for her answer and soon after the bell rang letting the students to leave and go home, "You can think on it." he told her as he kept up with the girl as they were headed in no particular direction just walking to show the students they were roaming and watching them.
  Steve / Aaron / 9h 51m 18s
Okay, maybe it was a bit harsh what she had done. She could have easily told the man not to go easy, but letting him find out the hard way had been more fun. Just for those brief minutes, the woman felt like a teen herself again. It felt like some of the times she had had to show the boys up back on school just to have them leave her or Steve alone. Though she would never admit it and if any of the teens ever asked she would say it was lucky. Did she feel bad for the man in losing to her and having the teens laughing at him? A bit, but he seriously had asked for it. And now she was free of him asking her out for at least a month, which seriously was a relief as she was starting to feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast with Gaston.

A faint smile came to the woman's lips. [b "Good game to you, Coach Carter."] She said, her words quiet as the man turned back to the students and went to them. Vic had to admit he didn't look too happy at having been beaten by a girl. But she shook it off and looked up at Steve. [b "Thanks...and sorry for having done it. But you know I've always hated guys with swelled heads.. Aaand maybe next time you should. He might appreciate it."] She was trying not to laugh as her arms crossed over her chest as the two of them left the gym and were soon back in the empty hallway.

Her eyes went to the clock and she sighed. It really was not that long before classes for the day would be over. And honestly she was tired from the day that the two of them had had. [b "Part of me wants to go back to the basement and see what that had been.. The other part wants to call it a day since it has been long...Maybe we could go have dinner like we used to? Ummm I mean what do you want to do?"] She hoped the man missed the dinner question. Had she seriously asked him out? What was wrong with her?
  .Across. / SheDevil / 1d 15m 43s
[+blue "Oooo Coach, you just got beat by a girl."] the teens laughing at the man as he sits up and looks there way. Steve walks up to the man on the ground and put his hand out, "Coach, she beats me all the time. Just take the lost, it will be better in the long run. And if you still want to be her friend at least, you should apologize." Steve explained to him. The coach knew he was beat he took the mans hand and stood to his feet, [+red "Good game Principle Victoria."] he said and walked back to the teens seeming a little upset.

Steve walked up to Vic and patted her back, "You did amazing, and I think that was his way of apologizing. Maybe I should play him next time to get his confidence back." he told her with a smile. He felt kinda bad for the guy but he did get what he deserved, maybe next time he would know his place. "See ya around Coach Carter." the man said waving back at the coach and kids as the two were leaving the gym.

"So what should we do now? Its getting close to the end of the school now." Steve asked as he looked at his watch, he then looked up at the time on the wall and was glad to be back home once again.
  Steve / Aaron / 1d 1h 27m 39s
The coach didn't realize going easy on her was a mistake at the beginning. But she had also been "testing the water" until she could get back into it. When she had, the woman was just as good, if not slightly better. Carter was losing pretty badly for a bit and seemed to be getting anxious and it was showing. The man even fumbled the ball a couple of times. To her it seemed that if he wanted to beat her, then he would have do something unfair. He would have to cheat.

Vic was watching him the whole time and calculating his moves. Did she feel bad when his face had collided with her knee? No, the man had been trying to elbow her and trying to cheat. When she landed back on her feet and the ball into the basket, the woman flipped her hair over her shoulder with a faint smirk. [b "They saw both moves made. This was more your fault than it was mine."] The woman said as her hands went to her hips.

[b "Does everyone call this a foul and think a rematch would be needed? Or did Coach bite off more than he could chew?"] The principal asked as she turned towards the stands. She would not agree with the man on the ground and his call. But she would adhere to what Steve and the students watching said.
  .Across. / SheDevil / 1d 1h 54m 52s
Steve watched the game carefully as they started, the coach was going a little easy on her but once she was getting into it again he noticed it was a big mistake on his part. After a bit he was going a little harder on her trying not to make himself look bad, but at that point it was too late if he wanted to win he would have to do something other than play fair.

Steve kept an eye on him and so did the kids as he was trying to keep the ball away from the woman, if the coach was to slip up everyone in the room would notice and he would not be in a good position. The game was almost done, Victoria just needed to score one more point and she would have won the match. The coach's face was sweaty now and he was getting anxious to do something to beat her, as she was jumping up for a small layup the coach went up as well and he came up with his elbow as it was headed for her stomach.

The man stood from the bleachers and was watching very carefully to what was about to happen, as he came closer to her you could tell she was ready for him and she smiled slightly. Then her knee came up as his face went right into it and he went down to the ground hard, [+red "That was a foul, everyone seen it foul I call foul."] as his face was hit the ball went into the air and right into the basket as her feet went back to the floor.
  Steve / Aaron / 1d 2h 20m 8s
Brown eyes moved back to Steve and she gave a faint smile. [b [i "If I remember..I was the one more into the sport stuff even though I hated it.. Besides 'meat head' needs a lesson."]] She whispered where only he heard her, returning his high-five with a laugh. Ot had been awhile, but occassionally she didn't mind "being one of the guys". Especially if they got under her skin so much or messed with someone she cared about.

For a moment, Vic watched as Steve had gone up to the bleachers. Almost did she wonder what he was up to. Or she did until the coach decided to snap his fingers at her to get her attention. Oh how she wished she could smack the man. But she refrained and kept the ball in her hands as she listened to the man and the rules his was setting. And they were kind of funny as it looked like he was making it modified as to "go easy" as he had said. Well the man had another thing coming.

[#e84a70 "Any questions, Miss Sommers? Because if you like I can go over the rules and boundries again."] The man said with a cocky grin on his lips and motioned she throw the ball to him.

The young woman shook her head. [b "I think I've got it. So lets go."] And with thatx the game began.
  .Across. / SheDevil / 1d 3h 9m 19s
Steve noticed as the girl came in and got in between them, her words worried him a little but he let her have her way. [b "Have fun and go easy on him."] he told the girl as he gave her a high five and went to the stands taking a seat. He watched as the two were getting ready and laying out the rules of what this little game would be and how to win.

The man took this time to see what has changed, the floors were waxed and had fresh paint it looked perfect that they had been before when they were teens. There were added stands and the goals were brand new, the vice principle thought it was a good time to talk to the students about this new coach he stood up knowing the girl was going to be fine he would keep an eye on them just in case tho.

As he walked up to the students, [b "Good day, I am Mr. Franklin and your new Vice Principle. How are all of you today?"] the students looked up at the man but wasn't interested in talking all that much right now he wanted to see the little game between the two. [+blue "We are okay."] a few of the students had said but there eyes went back to watching, knowing he wouldn't get anything from the kids he took his seat back and watched them.
  Steve / Aaron / 2d 6h 50m 23s
A weak smile traced the young woman's lips as she looked up at Steve. She knew very well that he wouldn't want to go to the gym. Had known the horror of his past with it. And so with those thoughts coming to mind, Vic was almoat sorry she had asked what she had of the man. But at the moment, it had been the only thing she had been able to think of that would give them a clear-cut answer of if they were truly home or not.

Unconsciously her hand had moved back to take his and give it a quick squeeze as she led him through the halls and towards the gym door. [b "I know...but unfortunately this was all I could think of."] Came her whispered words as her eyes scanned the halls around them. It didn't seem like anything else had been changed but still they needed to know for SURE.

At the door, Vic stood back and let Steve open it the bit he did. From behind him, the woman could see students practicing and she could see the coach walking the court. A smile came to her lips and she gave a clap of her hands. [b "Thank god!"] Her own words were more excited than they should have been. But the excitement died almost instantly when Carter had come to the door and spoken his words. She could tell the man was upset that she and Steve were still roaming together. He didn't need to be such a spoiled child about it though.

[b "Actually, Aexander I have no intentions on watching. Maybe you wouldn't mind showing me what you've got? We can even make a wager of sorts if you like. I win you stop asking me out for a month. And if you do, then I have to go out with you this weekened."] Vic said as she moved between the men and took the ball from the coach's hands. Maybe this was not her best idea but it wasn't fair letting the "meat head" pick on the new vice principal.

The man looked almost shocked. It was Steve he wanted to humiliate. But quickly he composed himself and a smirk was on his lips. [#e84a70 "If we do this. He can't help. So we've got ourselves a bet."] Coach Carter said and gave a smirk to Steve. [#e84a70 "Go sit down and watch."] He said, seeming excited for this little game. [#e84a70 "Don't worry, beautiful I'll go easy on you."]
  .Across. / SheDevil / 2d 18h 47m 9s
Steve shook his head as he sighed and placed his hand on his forehead, [b "That would be the easiest way to find out, I guess."] the man said not really wanting to go in the gym. There were so many bad memories in there, he shook the feeling off and agreed with the girl. [b "Alright lead the way."] he added as he followed behind the girl.

As they walked for a bit Steve still looked around making sure nothing had changed, as they came up to the gym the man sighed. [b "I really don't like this idea."] he said but took the handle of the door anyways, he opened it and peeked inside the gym. Carter was walking the court as the teens were practicing doing some lay ups on the court, he looked back at the girl [b "Its the coach, everything is back to normal."] he said a little excited.

Soon after a whistle was blown, [+red "So Vice Principle Steve has shown up to the court, you came to get a little exercise?"] the man said as he ran up to the door they were at and opened it. [+red "Principle Victoria, You came to see us in action?"] he question getting a little upset they were still together and roaming the halls, the coach placed his hand on Steve's shoulder almost dragging him onto the court. Cater whistled and waved the teens for a ball, a ball was thrown his way as he started to bounce it around. He then tosses it to Steve as he catches it holding it in both his hands, [b "I only came to watch."] he said as he passed the ball back to the coach and the ball passed him up.

Steve was not very big in sports, he only read about them but never played himself he was a big book worm and was always learning about things. He knew the rules of the game and knew how to play the game, but knowing and actually playing were two different sides of the coin.
  Steve / Aaron / 3d 9h 59m 13s
A smile came to her lips when he said he remembered all that she did. So that meant that she was not crazy and had no imagined it all. Or if she had, at least he seemed to have imagined the same thing that she had. Aaaand, Victoria had to stop herself there. Both of them were not crazy and it really had happened. When that realization hit, her cheeks heated up as did the back of her neck as her cheeks flushed a dark red. meant that they had kissed! [b "Umm..yeah we really should be getting back and figure out if things are normal...and I guess I'm ready to check it out if you are."] She said, her hand held out for the key as he handed them back. As soon as they were in her hand, the woman slipped them back into her back pocket and slowly stepped onto the bottom step behind him.

Her hand traced the railing for a second before she slowly followed the man up the steps, stopping a couple below him. Her ears had caught the sound of the bell and the sounds of the students making their way into the hall. [b [i "If they see us now...God only knows what will happen.. or what kind of stories they will be telling.."]] The woman whispered back with a shake of her head. She loved the students, but they could tell some pretty crazy stories. Just last year, one had their single father believing she was looking for a serious relationship. Quickly Vic had to shake that thought out of her head and kept her brown-eyes gaze upon Steve, waiting for him to declare the "coast clear".

Vic's hands had come up to playing with the ends of her hair as they waited the few extra seconds for the final bell. When it rang and Steve said they were clear, the woman quickly followed him the rest of the way into the deserted hallway and locked the door leading down to the basement. Once she had, the woman looked around and everything looked exactly the way it had before their crazy little adventure.

Slowly a hand ran through her hair and she let out a sigh. Sure it looked like they were back and their watches worked again.. But were they really back? [b "I have a way to test if we are back..But you have to promise not to do anything.."] Victoria said slowly. The woman then preceded to tell him that she intended for them to go into the gym and check if Coach Carter was there. THAT would prove that they were back.
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Steve looked over at Vic and smiled as things have seemed to have gone back to normal, [b "Well I seem to remember everything that you do. I guess now we should go and see if everything else is back to normal."] the man said as he handed her the keys. [b "You ready?"] he asked as he started up the stairs and to the doors, a few seconds went by and the bell rings for the students to go back to there next class.

Noises of the students walking by, the man looks back at Vic placing his finger over his mouth. He didn't was the teens to see them come out of the basement together, what would the rumors be then? [i "Just a few more seconds."] the man whispered to her, after a minute another bell rings reminding the teens that they have only a minute till they are late to class.

Finally the last bell rings and then the halls were quiet once more, he slowly pushed the door open and peeked his head out into the hallway. [i "Its clear."] he told her softly and stepped into the hall, the man looked around and everything seemed to be back to normal. The lights were not blinking and the lockers were all fixed up once again, for now everything seemed to be back in place as they left it.
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A slight smirk came to her lips and she nodded slowly when he asked he mentioned the lock picking. [b "A friend in college taught me..It came in handy during the times I forgot my keys and needed to get back in late nights after work."] She explained with a small shrug. Her hand had his in hers not long after she had done and she looked down at their interlocked fingers. It just at that moment dawned on her that nearly the whole time that they had been wandering that they had been holding hands. That they had been near dragging the other around. And it had felt...natural...

[b "It's one of those we'll never know if we never try things."] Vic said with a small smile and nod. And then once more, the two were stepping through the doorway. All else melted away and once more they were floating in that nothingness like darkness. She didn't know when she had, but sometime she had turned to where she was facing the man and he had pulled her closer to him, his hand going to her cheek. [b "We..."] But before she could speak, his lips were slowly and gently pressed to hers in a kiss. One that she returned, feeling her heart all but fluttering and the heat rising in her cheeks.

The kiss ended pretty quick and before she knew it, her feet were back on the ground and they were stood outside the door. A few times, Vic had to blink to maoe sure she was not seeing things. And when she too looked to the door, there were the keys dangling from the door. Steve had gotten to them first and locked the door, taking them from the lock. She then looked to her own watch which like magic had begun to move again. And it was just the end of lunchtime.

Her eyes narrowed as she looked at the time. According to her watch, the two had only been down here for about five minutes. And her hand reached into her back pocket, slowly pulling out the receit and her eyes came to look at Steve when he cleared his throat. Did she want to tell him that they had kissed? Did he remember it? But before she thought about it, her head was nodding. [b "All of it...from entering the door the nothing like darkness just moments ago... you remember anything?"]
  .Across. / SheDevil / 3d 20h 57m 17s
They reached the door and as she started to get to work on the door it was not long and he heard a clicking noise, [b "Wait, you can pick locks?"] he asked and tilted his head at her question. [b "We have to try."] he said as she took his hand in his, he didn't even think about it but this whole time as they were walking around off and on they have been holding hands dragging each other around. The man looked down at his hand and then back up to the girl, the he seen her push the doors open.

As they were floating like before in the darkness of nothingness he pulled the girl closer to him as he placed his hand on her cheek, [b "In case we don't make it"] he quickly said as he moved his face closer to hers. His lips touched hers and he kissed the girl softly, his hand moving up to her neck and under her hair.

Steve then blinked a few times and there the stood before the door, this time the keys were in the door. He walked and took the keys and turned them locking it and taking the keys out the door, he looked at his watch and it was moving again like it was before the little trip they had. He looked over at the girl and cleared his throat, [b "Ummm, I think we are back. Do you remember anything?"] he asked wondering if she and him really kissed at all or was it just a dream?
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