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[Nova+Flat Leah smiled and shook her hands in dismissal to apology for being late [#D0422C "It's totally fine."] Nodding her head she cracked her knuckles and did a little stretch. [#D0422C "You're totally right."] she smiled but then when she caught the wink Diera had thrown her, making her face flush lightly.

Stepping up into the truck, she started started grabbing what she could carry by herself. Leah knew Diera wasn't kidding, the truck was barely half full. While, Leah herself had a ton of stuff, she imagined what would have happened had she had to move. She would've had to sell half her furniture or put it in storage. Her parents wouldn't let her move a whole house back into their home. She was relieved she was moving the little amount of Dieras stuff into the apartment, rather than moving all her own stuff out.

It didn't take long for them to finish, Leah wiped the sweat from her forehead and let out a [#D0422C "Phew."] she chuckled just a little bit. Nodding in agreement she smiled about the dresser [#D0422C "I-it was probably most of your muscle...I have like none."] she held up her thin arm, like she would be flexing but no muscle was there to flex.
Leah leaned over and made sure to fist bump Diera, but she felt awkward about it. She laughed nervously.

Leah found herself red in the face, once again. Her brunette roommate had just slipped her shirt off in front of her. She turned away slightly so she couldn't see, she felt it'd be disrespectful to stare. Even if they were both girls, she still felt old about it.
That's when it was mentioned they should go do something. Leah blinked, she'd never actually done much around this part of town or anywhere.

She peaked to see if Diera was dressed again, and she was so Leah turned to face her again. The girl suggested food and drinking, but Leah had never had a sip of alcohol in her life, she spent her 21st birthday drawing art commissions. Her face flushed a little as she ran her fingers through her hair nervously. [#D0422C "W-well uh...I've never had drink in my life...and If I am honest, I have no clue what's around town... I uh don't go out much."] admitting a bit nervously, she knew she sounded super lame.
[#D0422C "I am a great cook! I could make us some great food...or we could t-try to google map the area to find somewhere to check out together."]
She didn't want to disappoint, and it was expressed her roomie would rather go out.

Leah pulled out her phone, and opened up the app. Searching for bars near by. There was quiet a number of them about ten minutes away, it seemed like a whole party street was right around the corner. Leah had no clue this entire time. The bars were all next to each other, up and down the street.
Biting her lip, she already felt so anxious about being around people. [#D0422C "There is a whole street loaded with bars and stuff about ten minutes from here...I've never been to any of them. They're all next to each other...."] she paused for a moment and thought to herself what a social person might do. Remembering her brother likes to bar hop, and how she's had to pick him up a couple times. [#D0422C "W-we could uh...I think it's called bar hoping?"] she looked over to Diera to see what her thoughts on the idea would be.

[#D0422C "I need to get changed I guess..."] looking over herself, in her Pjs still. What did people wear to bars? Did she even have going out clothes? Leah headed to her own room, and closed the door behind her. Looking through her clothes. The most "bar fly" outfit she maybe had was something her brother's fiance had gifted her. It was a black romper, that had floral pattern all over it. Trying it one, she felt weird, would this be too fancy? She certainly didn't feel comfortable.

Changing again, she put on high waisted ripped shorts, and a halter crop top that had a little alien on it. That was more comfortable for her, but she still felt kind of lame. Letting her hair down, she brushed it out and looked at the small amount of make up she had. Leah wasn't good at it, so she'd skip it. Rather wear none, than try to wear some and look ridiculous. She slipped on some black Toms, and left her room. Grabbing her card and ID and keys she stepped into the living room.
[#D0422C "Do we drive? Or do we walk?"] she called out walking back towards Diera's open door.]
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[center [size11 The scent of freshly brewed Colombian coffee slithered and slipped it's way upstairs, under the small crack between the door and the floor and into Diera's cute button nose. Slowly cracking one forest green eye open, she immediately went to shield her eyes from the afternoon light creeping through the blinds. She gently rubbed the sleep away, sat up and stretched her aching back. The night before, Diera packed all of her belongings in a small moving truck, so she had to sleep on the hardwood floor of her mother's house. Luckily, there were plenty of comforters to soften the floor, but her back was still sore from tossing and turning all night.]]

[center [size11 Picking herself off of the floor, she slipped on a pair of black sweatpants, a white v-neck and her worn out, Vans slip-ons. She brushed her hair out quickly with her fingers before leaving the small room and heading downstairs to be greeted with a hot cup of coffee and a gentle smile from her mother. [i "Good morning, sweetheart."] Her mother had a cheerful tone in her voice as she handed Diera a steeping cup of black coffee. The petite brunette took a small sip before giving her mom a thankful smile. She had lived with her mom for a couple of months in between her finding a new apartment to live. Her previous roommate had kicked her out for ridiculous reasons and sadly, she couldn't do anything about it because she wasn't on the lease. So, her mom was nice enough to let her stay in the spare bedroom for a little while until she found another place to live.]]

[center [size11 [i "You know if this doesn't work out, you'll always have a place to come home to, right?"] Her mom assured her. Diera felt her heart melt and she embraced her mom in a tight hug, being careful to not spill any coffee. [#c390f9 "Thank you so much, mom. These past couple of months, you have been amazing. I'm sure this new roommate won't completely fuck me this time though. She seemed sweet and pretty shy. I don't think she has a mean bone in her body. Anyway, I'm going to start heading over there. I'm actually running behind. As usual."] Diera let out a small laugh before kissing her mom's cheek, downing the rest of the coffee and grabbing her side-bag. [i "I love you, honey. You be safe."] Her mother called after her as Diera dashed out the door, ready to get on the road.]]

[center [size11 After about 45 minutes, Diera pulled up in front of the apartment complex and hopped out of the truck. She saw her new roommate open the door and step out. [#c390f9 "Oh hey! Sorry I'm a tad late. Let's get this started!"] The brunette pinned back her hair with some bobby pins and followed Leah around to the back of the truck. After opening the back, Diera started to grab at her mattress and turned to smile at Leah. [#c390f9 "I guess we can get started on the bigger stuff to get it out of the way. Luckily, I don't have a lot of personal things, so that makes this a lot easier."] She giggled and winked at the girl before tugging the mattress closer to her.]]

[center [size11 Diera leaned over, hands on her knees and let out a small sigh of relief. Everything was safely moved into her new room and it only took about 30 minutes to do it. The heaviest part of it was her dresser and that's only because it's solid wood. [#c390f9 "I don't know how we carried that damn thing in here.."] She pointed over to it and shook her head. [#c390f9 "Thank you so much for helping me move in. I definitively couldn't have done that myself."] Diera held out her fist for a fist bump.]]

[center [size11 Grabbing at her shirt, the brunette slipped it off over her head and started digging in a near by bin for a clean shirt. [#c390f9 "So, new roommate, we should do something together. We still have a lot to learn about each other."] Diera stopped for a second to glance at Leah, hoping to see a positive reaction to the offer. She figured they could make some lunch or go out in the town for a bit. She was new to this particular area, so it would be nice to meet some people and get a run over on the party scene. Just thinking about a nice, cold beer made Diera lick her dusty pink, pale lips. Usually on the weekends, she liked to go to pub crawls or to other events going on in the area. Basically, anything to get out of the house and meeting new people. She was exceptionally desperate for some fun because she recently broke up with her girlfriend. She found out that Allie was sleeping with a couple of different people. It's always 'fantastic' hearing about your spouse's infidelity from people you don't even know.]]

[center [size11 Searching through her clothes, Diera found an old band tee and she quickly put it on. [#c390f9 "I was thinking we could possibly make some grub here or if you want, we can go out, get some drinks and food. I'd prefer the latter, but whatever you're most comfortable with doing."] She leaned back on some bins and brushed some strands of hair out of her face. She wasn't sure what Leah thought of her yet, but she just hoped they could get along well enough to live together and maybe be semi-friends.]]
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[Nova+Flat It was noon, and her new room mates moving truck was pulling into the drive way. Putting down the comic she had her nose in, she threw on some shoes quickly.
Leah was nervous, but she knew things would be fine. A little over a month ago, her old room mate had moved out. So now she had an empty room, and needed to cough up more money for rent. More than she could afford alone. Only one person had answered her ad, and while she seemed the opposite of Leah the interview went well.

Leah was a nerd, and kept a small circle of friends, being a homebody. She'd never been to a party, got a tattoo or a piercing. Never did anything people considered cool, and on occasion could be social. Instead she binged shows, read comics and books, drew her own comics, and played video games.
When she wasn't doing these things, she was eating, sleeping or working. Though working at a huge comic and video game store, she spent most her down time there even reading comics. Sometimes she wished she was a little more outgoing, but she found people too obnoxious to leave the house for.

That was a week ago when, they had been messaging back and forth and then met in person for coffee. Leah couldn't wait for another person to answer the ad, or else she might have been kicked out herself. So the move in was rushed and quick.
The other girl seemed pleasant enough, and proved she had reliable income, so Leah was just hoping for the best. From their meeting, she could tell they didn't share many of the same interests. Besides Leah having a room, and well this girl needing one.

The whole apartment was already decorated with Leah's own furniture, so only her furniture for her room was all she needed to bring. Leah stayed home from work today, so she could help the new girl move in. Even if they didn't need help, she felt it'd be rude if she wasn't there for the move in.
Plus, she was a tad worried about her own things getting damaged in the process, if she was here that would be prevented.
Getting up she tied her hair up in a messy bun and opened the front door. [#D0422C "Hey, you're here...Well let's get to it then right?"] she said called with a shy smile.

She was nervous, this person was new and strange. Also, she seemed so much cooler than Leah herself. It was kind of intimidating, but she had to keep assuring herself she'd get over it, and that things would be fine. Approaching the moving truck, she helped get the back open. turning her head, she looked to her new room mate and asked[#D0422C "What are we moving first?"]]
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