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A faint red rose in his cheeks as she kissed his cheek. "Good luck.."
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 22d 15h 36m 31s
She smiled and kissed his cheek. "Then... I suppose I'll try..."
  Evelyn / wingedwolfy120 / 22d 18h 5m 47s
The boy was completely out of it and would not likely remember this conversation later. But even in being out of it as he was, Draco was giving honest answers. "Even then...never know. Might just need someone to show him better.."
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 22d 16h 56m 56s
She bit her lip slightly and looked back at him. "So you're saying I should try dating again?" She asked and looked at him curiously. "What if I am starting to like someone that has always been a giant prat to me?"
  Evelyn / wingedwolfy120 / 22d 20h 5m 20s
"You never know what the right person can or will do..if you never give it the chance."
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 22d 20h 12m 45s
She listened to his answer and bit her lip nervously. "What if that person had their heart broken before?"
  wingedwolfy120 / 22d 21h 34m 26s
"That maybe it could be worth it. Evetyone has someone out there." Not the answer someone would expect from him. But he was tired and speaking what he really thought without the expected "cruelness".
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 22d 21h 55m 37s
Evelyn smiled softly and bit her lip. "Draco?" She asked quietly and stroked his arm with her fingertips gently. "Be honest, what would you tell someone who kind of sworn off falling in love?"
  Yazi, Kara's dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 22d 23h 34m 43s
About an hour later, the Malfoy lay with the girl and had his face buried in her long hair. He knew it would be better to get back to his bed but he didn't want to. Hers was so warm and comfy
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 23d 1h 28m 50s
she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and laid back happily.
  Yazi, Kara's dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 23d 15h 35m 4s
His fingers became tangled in her hair as he returned her deep kiss, slowly lowering her towards the bed.
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 23d 21h 40m 21s
She took the night shirt off and went back to kissing him deeply.
  Yazi, Kara's dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 24d 2h 49m 15s
The boy had returned the kiss and nodded. "Yeah, probably better to not have a cat on the bed."
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 23d 13h 6m 20s
She blushed slightly and kissed him softly. "Let me move the cat." She said and sat up putting Smokey on the dresser where a cat bed was sitting.
  Yazi, Kara's dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 24d 3h 25m 7s
The boy opened his eyes and looked at her. His head tilted and he gave a faint smirk. "So you think we would distracted if we tried both? Want to put it to the test?" He was clearly teasing her.
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 24d 3h 48m 12s

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