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Draco had not been paying attention until the soft clearing of a throat had been heard. And only then along with Evelyn's words did he realize that they had been being watched by his mother. "Well...she'll get used to you." He said quietly to where only she could hear him
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 23d 17h 41m 29s
She smiled at his soft touch and kissed his palm gently. "I love you..." She said and blushed realizing his mother was watching them. "Erm.... I suppose I should have paid more attention when my grandma was trying to teach me how to beat proper lady..."
  wingedwolfy120 / 23d 21h 3m 38s
"And you do. But that's not a bad thing. It makes it all the more interesting." Draco said with a small smile and brushed her hair back from her face.
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 23d 21h 12m 25s
She smiled and blushed slightly at the last part. "I suppose I do get a bit passionate about it...." She mumbled and peeked up at him a little sheepishly.
  wingedwolfy120 / 23d 21h 31m 48s
Draco leaned against her hand that was on his cheek. "I don't see why he wouldn't be interested.. Sometimes learning something new can be interesting. Especially when the person teaching enjoys it."
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 23d 23h 34m 5s
She smiled and said. "You know, you're more interested in what I have to say than Mikhail was... A lot of times he'd tune me out..." She touched his cheek gently.
  Evelyn McGinnis / wingedwolfy120 / 23d 23h 37m 23s
It was nice to see she has an interest in what she was explaining. And he had to admit that she explained really well. He was happy because he was learning and it wasn't as if he were an idiot
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 23d 23h 46m 25s
She answered them to the best of her abilities and smiled happily loving that she had someone to have intelligent discussions about ballet and other things.
  Evelyn McGinnis / wingedwolfy120 / 23d 23h 53m 5s
"A lot actually. So I'm not sure where to start." He said as his eyes had moved down to look down into hers. But he did begin to ask her the questions that he had
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 24d 2m 10s
She smiled and kissed his cheek gently once intermission came. "So... Any questions?" She asked turning to him and smiled up at him happily. She played with his fingers gently.
  Evelyn McGinnis / wingedwolfy120 / 24d 8h 15m 25s
Yeah the story or ae much as he could get was interesting. Not really his tastes but she seemed happy which was what mattered most. And he could even appreciate the costuming. Still a lot would be asked about it all later
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 24d 13h 26m 12s
She smiled and kept watching the ballet happily. It was a beautiful story and the set costume design were absolutely breathtaking. She loved watching the nutcracker and loved the story of it.
  Evelyn McGinnis / wingedwolfy120 / 24d 15h 22m 49s
Draco was not good with public displays of affection and so it was rare for him to show it. In private he was more open and able to show his affection. And gently he nuzzled her head, his head resting on hers
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 24d 21h 51m 13s
She smiled softly at the small bit of affection from him. She knew he didn't really like showing it very often in public but it was still nice when he gave it to her.
  Evelyn McGinnis / wingedwolfy120 / 24d 22h 15m 21s
Draco had almost said 'Maybe one day we can have a child together' but had had to stop himself. And soon he was watching the ballet with his head rested on hers. He could most certainly have questions for the girl later
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 24d 23h 52m 44s

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