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evelyn shed her coat and took her boots off. she smiled as all three of the cats meowed at everyone and smirked as sweet pea jumped up into draco's arms nuzzling him excitedly. "she missed you, babe."
  Evelyn McGinnis / wingedwolfy120 / 8d 19h 51m 38s
[Gamja+Flower [size15 Had she not been warned, the woman could have and would have turned her nose up at the hut. But even she could see it was cute enough and work had been put into it. And again she was trying as she had said because of Draco.]]
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 8d 19h 53m 44s
she smiled a little and looked away slightly. sooner than she thought they were already at the small hut and peeked at the woman for her reaction. she went to unlock the door and led them inside.
  Evelyn McGinnis / wingedwolfy120 / 8d 20h 1m 48s
[Gamja+Flower [size15 The woman looked to Niahm who happened to be looking up at her now. This was not fair and she had the feeling this was exactly what her son had been playing at. "I...Draco seems to be very fond of you.. and for his sake I can try and get to know you." It was the closest to a yes she would give for the moment.]]
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 8d 20h 4m 37s
she looked at her slightly and nodded. "i really want to be part of your family if you're okay with it..." she said quietly and gave her a sheepish smile.
  Evelyn McGinnis / wingedwolfy120 / 8d 20h 44m 37s
[Gamja+Flower [size15 "If you want to try and go that way.. You will have to wait until we can get him out of Azkaban.." Narcissa, a slight bite to her words. It was not directed at the girl but the fact that her sister had left her husband to be arrested.]]
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 8d 20h 56m 8s
"actually i sort of assume your husband would scare them out of thinking they can try pushing you around." she said and smiled sheepishly. "not that i'm trying to be mean, but it would be nice if someone could help me put my parents in their place."
  Evelyn McGinnis / wingedwolfy120 / 8d 21h 5m 39s
[Gamja+Flower [size15 The woman sighed and shook her head. "So it would be an issue of making you feel like you are using the man you love. I have no idea how to help in this sense..But I will not say anything."]]
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 8d 21h 41m 41s
"thank you." She said and paused at her question. "Well, my family has never been the richest of the pure blood families... If they find out, they'll pressure Draco and I into getting married and will try to get as much money out of your family as they can... They disowned me and my daughter because her father, my ex walked out on us... Had he stayed and I married him, they would have done the same thing to him and his family."
[Gamja+Flower [size15 "No.. That I will leave to you to be doing. Though I must ask what will happen when they find out."]]
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 8d 22h 4m 33s
"I kinda figured that out after awhile of us dating." She said and smiled gently. "Erm... Mrs Malfoy? You won't tell my parents that he and I are dating, will you?"
  Evelyn McGinnis / wingedwolfy120 / 8d 22h 26m 0s
[Gamja+Flower [size15 Narcissa gave a faint smile. "Drafo isn't like the rest of us. Despite trying to act cool and collective..he has a gentler heart.. So he will offer like that."]]
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 8d 22h 30m 20s
Evelyn smiled softly and nodded. "Arguing about him giving me money again." She said jokingly and smiled. "He knows I don't like asking for help, especially money help."
  Evelyn McGinnis / wingedwolfy120 / 8d 22h 54m 34s
[Gamja+Flower [size15 Niahm had convinced Narcissa to carry her. And when the two joined them she gave a faint smile. "She's been wondering where you two were."]]
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 8d 23h 11m 52s
She smiled gently hearing him say it he loved her and said. "I love you for your stubbornness..." She kissed his cheek again and held his hand gently walking back to the small hut.
  Evelyn McGinnis / wingedwolfy120 / 8d 23h 17m 39s

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