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"Draco, why did you stop us? Usually you love to make her life hell." Pansy said when the bell tolled and strode over to the blonde boy's seat as he had yet to stand.

Sharp grey gaze fell upon the girl and he shrugged. "Call it I'm being gracious today. Now leave it be." He growled as he grabbed his books and put them in his bag. He was happy that it would be dinner next and then only one class that night. He didn't know if he would be able to get his head focused much more than that. And with those thoughts, Draco finally stood and led the group that was usually with him towards the Great Hall.
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 27d 17h 50m 9s
evelyn gathered her things and stood. her nose had stopped bleeding and now the black eye was a little more prominent. she left the classroom and went to her secret hut to visit her little girl.
  Evelyn / wingedwolfy120 / 27d 17h 55m 48s
The blonde male had not lifted his eyes from the book that he had been looking through. By now, the students had been set free to answer questions at the end of the chapter in their lesson. He hadn't even known why he had stopped them. Usually he started it and finished it. What the hell was wrong with him? It wasn't like he had any feelings for the girl or anything. Besides his parents would never allow it. He was already intended to marry someone in a few years.
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 27d 18h 3m 1s
She wondered why he had helped her and peeked at him over her textbook slightly. Normally he'd let the others tease her but he had decided to help for some reason. She also wondered why her chest sort of fluttered when he had and shook her head slightly. She had promised to never fall in love again after her break-up and only wanted to provide some sort of life for her daughter.
  Evelyn / wingedwolfy120 / 28d 11h 30m 24s
Draco only ignored the stares that had been given from his words. He didn't even know why he had stepped in but had. Usually he was the "ring leader" and yet he stopped it. What was going on with him?
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 28d 12h 32m 29s
Evelyn rolled her eyes and ignored her comments. She looked at Draco when he told them pug faced bitch to shut up and then focused on her textbook, catching up on the lesson.
  Evelyn / wingedwolfy120 / 28d 16h 53m 30s
"You think you can really do it? Would love to see you try." The girl shot back at the other.

Draco cursed silently. "Pansy, enough." He muttered with a sneer, causing gasps from the others.
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 28d 17h 15m 26s
"if you don't shut up, pansy, it'll be yours next." Evelyn growled and sat down sighing.
  Evelyn / wingedwolfy120 / 28d 17h 24m 40s
Draco would not even look at the girl as she came into the classroom. He was still distracted from earlier. Only did he look over when Pansy made the comment that the blood made her look better and got the otbers snickering behind the professor's back.
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 28d 17h 58m 9s
She came into the next class halfway through and bloody rag to her nose. She had gotten into a fight at work and was sent home extra early due to getting hurt.
  Evelyn / wingedwolfy120 / 29d 18h 9m 45s
Draco went to his next class and was sitting there, doodling. The boy's heas was still reeling as he was thrown off by what she told him the night before and by her cat. But when he was called upon, the boy snapped back to attention and by the mercy of whoever or whatever was out there got the correct answer.
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 29d 18h 40m 7s
Evelyn watched him leave and gathered her things before heading to work.
  Evelyn / wingedwolfy120 / 30d 23m 1s
Draco only shrugged that off. What did the cat know anyway? He was just acting as it was. And finally when the class bell tolled, the Malfoy was one of the first to leave
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 30d 2h 21m 30s
"not really..." she said and hummed a soft lullaby that she normally would sing to niamh.
  Evelyn / wingedwolfy120 / 30d 14h 20m 35s
"Has she ever been wrong about a person?" Draco asked. Because he was not what the cat thought of him. Or at least not to his knowledge.
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 30d 14h 31m 32s

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