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Cory, Kisu and Jisung decided it was best that they became nomadic, to not have a pack to return to after the disaster with Jimin. Kisu of course went back to Changkhyun's pack to check on his pure blood mate Youngjae but he never stayed for long. Along this journey they will meet a pack of wolf 'shifters, make friends with a vampire named Chani and possibly find Cory's other mate in the process while dealing with Jimin's wrath. What's going to happen? We'll see as it goes~!

[center ~]

Hai~! Author-nim here with another story~! I swear ya'll are indecisive when choosing between ships xD. Unfortunately I can't have the other ship in this story because it's a completely different story line from what I have planned for these three. Anyway. Let's go to the characters~!

[center Characters:]

Cory: A pure blood werewolf who had his wolf extracted but was turned by his packmate Jeonguk. He found his pure blood mate in a pure blood named Jimin but has since left Jimin, going to travel with his best friend and practically adopted brother Kisu. His original wolf is Jisung, who had been brought back after Cory had his wolf extracted, with Cory's wolf becoming the host for Jisung.

Kisu: A pure blood werewolf who had his wolf extracted, with his wolf becoming a host for Hyungwon. He had been given a new wolf in the form of Jisung, who now lives in his head except when Kisu changes. He found his pure blood mate in Youngjae and his other mate in Jisung, and goes to visit Youngjae whenever he and Cory are in the area.

Jisung: A turned werewolf turned wolf-human who came back after being put into Cory's wolf's body. He gave himself to Kisu and became his new wolf after Kisu had his wolf extracted. In Kisu's mind he lives in an abandoned building in the middle of a giant deserted city that serves as Kisu's mind. When Kisu is in his mind it's a giant meadow, with Kisu's mind upside down becoming the sky. He was the one who gave the idea of the three of them becoming nomadic, in case Jimin was to come back with a vengeance.

Chani: A nomadic vampire who took refuge in the forests of Washington state to keep the thoughts of hunting humans away while he continued his life as a vegetarian vampire. He knows the packs, both shapeshifter and werewolf, that occupy the area and has a sort of truce with them as long as he continues his vegetarian life style.

I hope ya'll enjoy the story~!

A huge thanks to [https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1302097/limn-a-graphic-shop-busy-working-on-requests-graphics-posters-banners-graphicshop-photoshop-backgrounds these] guys for the awesome poster~!


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[center Epilogue]

Jisung, Cory and Sunggyu made it home in time for Christmas, skipping the round trip around the US this time and just going back to Changkhyun's territory. It had been Jisung's idea at first, then Sunggyu said that they should go back, more for his sake. Things were different now, since Kisu's decision.

[center ~]

Jisung found himself in the meadow again, blinking in surprise. "Hyung?" He asked, looking around. "I'm here," said Kisu as he walked over. "Are you going to wake up?" Asked Jisung as he turned to Kisu. "I can't," said Kisu. "I should've told you before this but," he said, sighing. "I knew what would happen if I told you too early," he said.

"I can't keep living like this Jisung," he said. "I can't keep living knowing you want to be free," he said. "I have no physical body anymore, I died weeks ago, after the silver was injected," he said. Jisung blinked in surprise.

"You kept me alive," said Kisu. "Don't blame yourself for this," he said. "This is my decision," he said. "B-but," said Jisung as tears started to fall. "It's alright," said Kisu as he walked up and put a hand on Jisung's cheek, wiping the tears away. "Stay strong for me okay?" He asked, leaning forward and kissing Jisung on the forehead before fading away from Jisung's mind completely.

[center ~]

"Are you okay Jisung?" Asked Cory he drove. They were going to pick up Jeongin before heading back to Changkhyun's house. "Yeah," said Jisung as he looked out the window. Sunggyu hummed as he nodded. He could tell when Jisung was lying from his heartbeat, but for now he seemed okay.

"Ah, looks like Kangmin is coming along too," said Cory as he checked his phone. "Something about the others not being home for the holidays or something," he said. "Cool," said Jisung. "Is Hyunjin going to be back for the holidays?" He asked. "Yeah," said Cory. "I think we invited a few other people too," he said. "Not sure though," he said.

When they arrived at the university Jeongin was waiting on them at the Starbucks again with Kangmin. "Hey guys," said Jeongin. "Not much bags this time?" Asked Cory as he got out and let Jisung out. "No," said Kangmin as he chuckled some. Cory and Kangmin packed Kangmin's bags into the trunk as Jeongin hugged Jisung.

"It's been too long," said Jeongin. "You'll be alright," he said. "I know," said Jisung. "Come on, I'm sure Hyunjin-hyung's been looking forward to seeing you again," said Jeongin. "Ya'll are in the back," said Cory. "It's more for Sunggyu's sake but," he said, shrugging. "Sure," said Kangmin. Jeongin nodded. "Let's go then," said Cory as he moved his seat forward to let Jisung, Jeongin and Kangmin into the back before moving his seat back and getting in. After making sure everyone was comfortable Cory started the jeep and drove off, heading home.

"Welcome back guys," called Changkhyun once they reached the house. "Hey," said Cory as he got out, letting the others out. "Hope you don't mind that Sunggyu tagged along," he said. "Nah," said Changkhyun. "You have a visitor," he said. "Eh?" Asked Cory as he closed the door once everyone was out. "They went hunting earlier, why don't you go find them Sunggyu," said Changkhyun as he nodded to Sunggyu. "If it's okay with you," said Sunggyu. "Go," said Cory as he smiled slightly. "I'll find you later," he said. Sunggyu chuckled some and nodded before using his vampire speed to run off, going to hunt.

"Hey Kangmin," said Changkhyun. "Hello," said Kangmin. "I would've been alone for Christmas so Jeongin invited me over," he said, scratching the back of his head. "No problem," said Changkhyun. Kangmin went to get his bags as Jeongin helped bring them inside. "Ah," said Changkhyun as he turned to Jisung. "Youngjae would like to talk to you," he said. Jisung tilted his head to the side. "Okay," he said. "They're at the lake," said Changkhyun. "I'll go with you," said Cory. Jisung nodded and headed out to the lake with Cory following after them.

"Youngjae, Jooheon," called Cory once they saw them. "Hey," said Youngjae as he turned to Cory. "Hello Jisung," he said. Jisung managed a smile. "I'm sure Cory's told you but," said Youngjae as he scratched the back of his head. "I don't blame you for Kisu's decision," he said. Jisung nodded. "Cory told me," he said. "And I don't either," said Jooheon. "You'll be okay," he said. "We'll make it through this, all of us," he said.

[center ~]

Christmas was a small event for everyone, and though Sunggyu only got to speak with Chani and the rest of his coven for a few hours before they left, things went pretty well. Jisung was in higher spirits when Hyunjin and Jeongin were around, being distracted from whatever dark thoughts plagued his sleep at night as he had constant nightmares. They added a grave for Kisu, for Jisung and Cory really, though Youngjae had insisted. After some thought and asking Cory and Kihyun they added a grave for Jimin too.

Just before New Years was a surprise visit from Chan, Changbin and Woojin, and Jisung, Hyunjin, and Jeongin tackled them. "Hey guys," said Chan. "Chan!" Yelled Jisung as he buried his face into Chan's shirt. "It's been a while guys," said Hyunjin as he slung an arm around Woojin's shoulder. "I guess," said Woojin. "Good to see you again," said Jeongin as he grinned. "Yeah yeah," said Changbin as he chuckled.

"How long are you here for?" Asked Jisung. "For a couple days," said Chan. "We have a mission in Denver though so," he said, shrugging. "Did you guys end up moving to Paris?" Asked Jisung. "Yes actually," said Chan. "Had a big meeting with all the neighboring territories to make sure it was fine but," he said, shrugging. "Felix and Seungmin have their own separate missions but," he said, shrugging.

Things seemed to work out for Jisung now, as he got support from everyone. He declined going back to South Korea with Cory and Sunggyu, wanting to stay around for a bit more before they came back and they continued on their journey as nomads.

[center ~]

Cory and Sunggyu visited Jeonguk and the others for a week, with the others quickly getting to know Sunggyu while they were there. "For a blood sucker you are pretty decent, I approve," said Jeonguk. "Ah, thanks?" Asked Sunggyu. Cory chuckled some. "Jeonguk leave him be," he said. "Your attempt at a threat is horrible and you know it," he said. Jeonguk sighed. "Whatever," he said.

Before they left for the states Cory brought Sunggyu to his parents graves to introduce him to them. "Hello Cory's parents," said Sunggyu as he stood beside Cory. "I am taking care of him to the best of my ability," he said. "I don't expect a blessing but," he said, shrugging. "I hope you are happy for your son, he has his happy ending, sort of," he said. He nodded to Cory before stepping away and letting Cory spend a few minutes alone with his parents.

"Hey mom, dad," said Cory as he brushed his fingers over their names. "I hope that you're happy for me," he said. "I'll see you around then," he said, moving away and standing up. "I hope that we can help Jisung out," he said. "Kisu would want us to," he said. He went over to Sunggyu, taking his hand. "Let's go then," he said. "Alright," said Sunggyu before he left with Cory.
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[center Chapter 19]

Daniel let them in, seeing that things would be okay for the time being. "Welcome back guys," he said. "Thanks," said Jisung. Cory hummed in response. "Well," said Kihyun. "I better head back then," he said. "Keep in touch," said Cory. "Will do," said Kihyun before he left. Chani hummed in response as he shook his head. "He's not doing too well," he said. "Yeah I figured," said Jisung. "I hope something good comes to Kihyun, he needs it," said Cory as he sighed.

"When are you heading out again?" Asked Daniel. "Give us some time to rest," said Jisung. "We've been through so much," he said. "No problem," said Jaehyun as he came downstairs. "I see that you've been through a lot," he said. "Stay for a couple weeks, then you can continue on your trip around the US again," he said. "Thanks," said Cory.

"Well," said Chani as he took a deep breath. "I'm going to get to packing then I'm going hunting before I head off," he said. "I have a coven to meet up with," he said. "Told them to meet in Toronto," he said, shrugging. "Ah, Toronto is a prime spot for hunting it seems," said Sunggyu. "We meet many covens there," he said.

"Not something you wanna tell a house full of vampire hunters," remarked Daniel. "Please," Sunggyu said with a snort. "Why do you think Toronto belongs to Kris and not vampires like the ones in Italy? They [i know] not to try and take over Toronto but they know that since it's such a large city they are free to hunt as they please," he said. "It's why you don't see much hunters in Toronto," he said. "Not much goes on in Toronto when it concerns vampires," said Chani. "Well, I'll be off then," he said. "Who else wants to go hunting with me?" He called upstairs, causing Taeyang, Mark and Jisoo to come downstairs. "I'll go," said Sunggyu. "Let's go hunting then," said Chani before he left with the others.

Jisung wandered around outside for the next few hours, wondering when Kisu was going to wake from his slumber. He wandered around until he was found by Mark, who had tracked him. "Jisung," said Mark as he walked over. "Hm?" Asked Jisung as he turned to Mark. "It's late," said Mark. "Come on," he said. "What time is it?" Asked Jisung. "Almost 11 pm," said Mark. Jisung looked around, blinking in surprise. "Okay," he said. Mark smiled slightly. "Come on," he said reaching out a hand. Jisung took it and Mark led him back to the house.

Cory took one look at Jisung and hugged him. "Kisu will wake up, don't worry," he said. "I hope so," said Jisung. "I know so," said Cory. Sunggyu put a hand on Jisung's shoulder. "Look kid," he said. "From what I've learned about Kisu he wouldn't die that easily," he said. "Rest assured that he will wake up soon," he said. Jisung nodded again.

"Was he like this before?" He asked Cory. "Yes," said Cory. "Well, when he was actually unconscious yes," he said. "You're in his place until he's ready to wake up," he said. "If he doesn't?" Asked Jisung. "We'll deal with it then," said Sunggyu. "We're here until the end," said Cory.

"You've become like a little brother to me kid," said Sunggyu. "Maybe because of how things are now, you'll need someone to guide you until Kisu decides it's time to wake up," he said.

"Cory," said Jisung as he moved away from Cory. "What if the only way for him to wake up is for me to completely fade away?" He asked. "What if [i I'm] the one keeping him from waking up?" He asked. "Don't think that," said Cory as he gripped onto both Jisung's shoulders. "Don't [i ever] think that," he said. "There is [i always] another way," he said. "Do you know how much Kisu would blame himself if you did this?" He asked. Jisung nodded.

"Let's get some sleep," said Sunggyu. "We'll see how things are in a week," he said. "Good idea," said Cory as he led Jisung to their room. After helping Jisung take a shower and taking separate showers themselves, Cory and Sunggyu found themselves on either side of Jisung, each lending their own sense of comfort.

"Everything will be okay," said Cory as he hugged Jisung from behind. "You'll be okay, Kisu will be okay," he said. Jisung hummed in response before hiccuping, nearly choking on his own sobs. Sunggyu wiped the tears away, gently hushing him. "Everything will be alright," he whispered, afraid to speak louder.

It nearly broke Cory to see Jisung like this. He knew that everyone had their breaking point, but to see their mate close to death like this must've been hard for Jisung to handle. He could only imagine what Youngjae's reaction would be if they told him the news. Jisung was still a kid at heart, and they knew that. He could only whisper sweet words in comfort as he held Jisung close to him as Jisung cried himself to sleep.

"I'd really hate to see what Kisu's pure blood mate's reaction would be if we told them what had happened," said Sunggyu as he sighed, listening to Jisung's breathing. Cory hummed in response. "I know," he mumbled, shaking his head slightly. "I'm afraid to tell them the news at all," he said. "We'll see what happens after Christmas then," he said, sighing a bit.

"Do you think you can watch him for a little bit?" Asked Cory as he moved slowly, trying not to wake Jisung. "Sure," said Sunggyu as he nodded. "You don't have to cuddle him, but call for me if he has nightmares or something," said Cory as he grabbed his phone after getting up and leaving the room. Sunggyu nodded and sat up on his elbows, watching Jisung.

"[i Hello]?" Came Youngjae's voice after Cory called him. "Youngjae, are you alone?" Asked Cory as he stepped outside. "[i Yes, I went for a small walk to the lake what's up]?" Asked Youngjae. "At this time of night?" Asked Cory as he blinked. "Never mind that," he said, sighing a bit. "I have something to tell you," he said before explaining what had happened.

"[i I thought I felt something wrong]," were Youngjae's first words when Cory finished. "I just want you to not blame the kid," said Cory. "[i I don't]," said Youngjae. "[i He blames himself doesn't he]?" He asked. "Yes," said Cory. "[i I won't make it worse for him then, thank you for telling me]," said Youngjae.

"You're awfully calm about this," said Cory. "[i I just had a feeling that Kisu wouldn't be Kisu anymore]," said Youngjae. "[i Maybe he'll come back, but I'm prepared for the worst]," he said. "Yeah..." Mumbled Cory. "I'll see you guys after Christmas then," he said. "[i Bye]," said Youngjae before he hung up.

"Well, that went better than expected," said Daniel as he came outside. "You did the right thing," he said, placing a hand on Cory's shoulder as Cory leaned against the porch railing. "I hope so," mumbled Cory. "I really do," he said.
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[center Chapter 18]

"[i Kisu! Kisu wake up]!" Came Jisung's voice. He sounded desperate as Kisu jolted awake, a sense of deja vu hitting him as he found himself strapped to a chair. "Ugh, where...?" Asked Kisu as he looked around. "[i I don't know! I remember seeing a blinding light and now we're here]," said Jisung. Kisu tested his straps, finding them holding fast. "Do you know where the others are?" He asked. "[i No]," said Jisung.

"We're here," came Sunggyu's voice from somewhere behind Kisu. "I don't know where we are but," he said. "We're in the same building," said Chani. "But I don't know why we're locked up in cages," he said. "Is Cory and Kihyun with you?" Asked Kisu. "Yeah, they're unconscious though," said Chani. "And in a different cage," he said.

A door opened to Kisu's right and he turned his head towards the sound. "Ah, you're awake," came Jimin's voice. A growl escaped Kisu's chest as he tested his straps. "Why are you doing this?" He spat as he tried to get free. "Because," said Jimin. "You are to blame for this," he said. "We were happy, [i happy], and you ripped that from us," he spat as he went to punch Kisu in the face. Kisu spat blood at Jimin's face, glaring at him. "What kind of delusion is in your head right now?" He spat. "It takes a special kind of [i moron] to not see how [i miserable] Cory was," he said.

"Shut up," snarled Jimin as he punched Kisu in the face. "[i I can't just sit here and let you take the blows]!" Jisung shouted suddenly. "Don't you dare," spat Kisu, responding to Jimin and Jisung. "Now isn't the time," he snarled as he moved in his chair, efficiently knocking it over as he ended up on his back. Jimin pulled him up and Kisu saw the glint of a blade. "Now the real fun begins," he said.

Chani and Sunggyu were trying to find ways to escape their cage as the torture began with Kisu screaming in pain. By now Cory and Kihyun had woken up, and after hearing Kisu's screams in pain they started trying to escape their cage.

Pain, that's all Jisung could register even in Kisu's mind. He wanted to do something to help but Kisu was pushing through it, trying not to let the rage take over. For now he paced around, waiting on the command to take the elevator.

"Jimin damn it," snarled out Cory as he finally broke the cage door, successfully opening it as he fell out onto the floor. "You leave him alone," he spat as he got up and launched himself at Jimin. Kihyun got out of the cage and went to get Chani and Sunggyu's cage open before going to help Kisu.

"Everything burns," coughed out Kisu. "Stop it from burning!" He shouted. Kihyun looked around, finding an empty syringe. "Oh no," he said, turning to Cory. "Cory! He's got silver in his blood stream!" He shouted. "Let me get it," said Sunggyu. "Are you sure?" Asked Kihyun as he turned to Sunggyu. "Take care of Jimin for me," said Sunggyu as he nodded. "I'll keep an eye on things," said Chani. "Jisung, you need to trust me on this," said Sunggyu as he saw Kisu's eyes turn gold. "Don't fight it, I don't think it was much silver but," he said, biting into Kisu's wrist.

"I am rejecting you as my mate," snarled out Cory. "I don't want you hurting anyone I care about again!" He spat. "I am too," said Kihyun. "As much as this is going to affect me I know I'll find another mate," he said. Jimin screamed, feeling the insanity fully take over as he attacked Cory and Kihyun. Cory and Kihyun seemed to be in tandem as they attacked back as a team, neither allowing Jimin to land a blow on them as they slowly beat Jimin down.

Jisung was at the surface, suddenly being thrust there out of nowhere but he knew this was defense mechanism, the wolf had to be at the surface to help speed up the rate of healing as he felt the burning sensation finally fade to numbness. "Hang in there Kisu," he could faintly hear Sunggyu say as everything started to fade in and out. "Jisung I know you're there, stay alive for me," said Chani. Jisung felt himself blackout, unable to stay awake any longer.

[center ~]

Jisung found himself standing in the park where he had first found Kisu. "Kisu?!" He shouted, hoping for some sort of response. He looked around, and instinct led him to where Kisu was. He just hoped it was still Kisu and not a spirit.

He found himself in front of the abandoned building he had come to call home, blinking. "Kisu?" He called, going inside. "I'm sorry Jisung," came Kisu's voice as Jisung whirled around, spotting Kisu. "What are you sorry for?" Asked Jisung. "I don't know if I can come back from this," said Kisu. "We've come back from this before," said Jisung. "Please don't leave me like this," he whispered. "I won't," said Kisu. "You'll just be there for whoever knows how long," he said. "You always said you wanted to be free," he said.

"Will you be in my mind or yours?" Asked Jisung. "Yours," said Kisu. "It's time to wake up Jisung," said Kisu as the world around them faded to white.

[center ~]

Jisung woke with a gasp, sitting up with a start. "Ah, Jisung!" Said Chani. "Are you alright?" He asked. "I-I'm fine," said Jisung. "What happened after I passed out?" He asked. "Jimin's dead," said Sunggyu as Cory and Kihyun walked over. "What happened to Kisu?" Asked Cory. "He's here somewhere," said Jisung as he pointed to his head. "He seems to be in a deep sleep though, needing time to heal," he said. "I see," said Cory.

"He was alive when I woke up in his mind," said Jisung. "So you can be assured that he is there," he said. "We should get going then," said Sunggyu. "Rest and recoup before we decide to head home," said Cory. "Can you let Daniel know we're coming back?" He asked, turning to Chani. Chani nodded and went to do so.

"Also," said Cory as he turned to Sunggyu. "Wouldn't our blood have some weird effect on you?" He asked. "I don't think so," said Sunggyu. "I didn't feel anything when I took the silver out of Kisu's blood," he said. "Well, Jisung now but," he added, shrugging.

"Are you okay to travel?" Asked Cory as he turned to Jisung. Jisung nodded. "I'll be fine for now," he said. "Alright, let's go then," said Cory before he left with the others.
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[center Chapter 17]

Kihyun came around a few days later, after Cory contacted him. "Ah, you're with Cory I assume?" Asked Jaehyun as he answered the door. "Yeah," said Kihyun. "Come on in then," said Jaehyun as he moved to let Kihyun in. "Cory! Kisu! You have a visitor," he called upstairs. Kisu and Cory came downstairs with Sunggyu in tow. "Hey Kihyun," said Cory. Kihyun smiled slightly.

"Well, let's get this over with then," said Kisu as he sighed. "Yeah," said Kihyun. "You sure you want to do this as just the 5, well 6 of you?" Asked Daniel as he came downstairs with Chani behind him. "I don't want to involve anyone else outside of this," said Cory. "Ya'll have done enough by letting us stay here," he said.

"Well, let's go," said Kisu. "[i I have to sit and wait]," said Jisung as he sighed. "I call first dibs on him," spat Sunggyu. "Fine with me," said Kisu. "Let's hope that he didn't go all out and get werewolf hunters or something," he said. "Ah, you got a point," said Cory.

"Good luck then," said Daniel. "Come back alive you hear?" He asked Chani. "Sure sure," said Chani. "He'd have to," said Sunggyu. "I'm leaving him in charge of my coven," he said. "Something ya'll discussed while hunting then?" Asked Kisu. Sunggyu nodded. "In case things go the way I think they will and I end up going with Cory," he said. "I'm sure things will work out," said Daniel. "Good luck then," said Jaehyun. Kisu nodded and they left, going to where Jimin was currently.

"So how are we doing this?" Asked Sunggyu as he sat in the passenger seat of the jeep while Cory drove. Everyone else was piled into the back looking out their respective windows. "We do this like planned," said Cory as he looked in the rear view mirror at Kihyun who nodded. "I think it's best that we do," said Kihyun. "We get the rejecting over with and then see how it goes from there," he said. "And if something goes wrong?" Asked Chani. "We'll deal with it then," said Kisu. "He wouldn't listen to reason before, what's going to get him to listen to reason now?" He asked. "Kisu's got a point," said Cory.

"[i He wouldn't listen to reason when we tried to get Cory home, why wouldn't he listen to reason when we tried to talk to him]?" Asked Jisung with Kisu repeating what he said. "Jisung has a point," said Chani. "From what I saw of him when you went to see him, he was already at the point where he wouldn't listen to reason," he said.

"Where are we going anyway?" Asked Kihyun. "Apparently he's in Albany," said Cory. "From Jaehyun asking him where he was anyway," he said. "We needed to keep him from finding out that we were going after him," he said.

"Also no offense to you bloodsuckers but," said Kihyun as he shifted in his seat some. "I'm going to need some fresh air before we get there," he said. "Is that why you had to stop those few times?" Asked Kisu as he turned to Chani. "Sort of," said Chani. "The stench of wet dog kinda doesn't go away," he said. "It permeates this jeep," he said. "Well, it may smell like that to me," he added. "I don't know what you smell like to Sunggyu," he said. "I still smell wet dog, but it's not as strong with Cory," said Sunggyu.

After an hour Cory stopped in a rest stop to let Sunggyu and Chani get away from the scent of werewolves for a few minutes. Kihyun, Kisu and Cory went to the bathroom before going to sit on a bench and wait for Sunggyu and Chani.

"So," said Kisu as he turned to Kihyun. "Are you ready to do this?" He asked. "I guess so?" Asked Kihyun as he shrugged. "I've been ready to do this since Jimin decided it was okay to not let you go home," he said to Cory. Cory sighed. "I will [i never] understand what his problem was with that one," he said. "He things everything has to be about him," said Kisu.

"He didn't used to be like this though," said Kihyun. "I think he wants that sense of control to prevent something like this from happening again," he said. "It'll happen again," said Cory. "Not to us maybe but it'll happen to other people," he said. "It happened to me," said Kisu as he sighed. "It happened to Yoongi," said Kihyun.

"It happened to Jisoo, though she did it for Daniel but," said Chani as he walked over with Sunggyu. "He wants to save the world but we all know something like that can be prevented but once it starts it doesn't stop," he said. "Enjoy the hunt?" Asked Cory as he turned to Sunggyu, who shrugs. "Wasn't thirsty," said Sunggyu. "Please," said Chani as he chuckled. "We all hunted before we decided to do this crazy mission," he said.

"What's Jisung's say on this?" Asked Kihyun as he turned to Kisu. "[i I dunno, I haven't known Jimin for long prior to this]," said Jisung as Kisu repeated what he said. "I think they were sent on missions after they became official hunters," said Kisu. "They didn't spend much time at home according to Youngjae," he said. "[i Yeah, we didn't]," said Jisung. "[i He seemed normal when we were there though, but I think Hobi was keeping the truth from us or something]," he said, with Kisu repeating what he said.

"It would make sense," said Cory. "You guys don't need to be caught up in this stuff," he said. "When Jeongin went to college stuff quieted down a good bit," said Kihyun. "We'd only see Hyunjin and Hobi every couple months but," he said, shrugging. "At least Jimin didn't feel the need to go after Jungkook after everything," he said.

"He blamed it on me," said Kisu as he sighed. "Those 4 times we went to see him he always blamed it on me," he said. "Can you blame me for wanting to bring Cory back to see his parents?" He asked. "No," said Sunggyu. "I would've wanted to try everything I could to get one of my coven members to see their parents too," he said. "You did the right thing," said Cory. "We wouldn't've met," he said, turning to Sunggyu.

"Well," said Sunggyu. "We would've met eventually but you would've been miserable," he said. Cory nodded. "Well, enough of this talk," said Kisu as he stood, stretching. "Ya'll ready to go?" He asked. "Sure," said Cory as he stood. Kihyun nodded as he stood and they headed back to the jeep and continued on their journey to Albany.
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[center Chapter 16]

Cory took a walk with Sunggyu, just wanting some time to themselves. Jisung was with Daniel and Jisoo, only because Daniel was okay with him being there. Jisoo wasn't too keen on it but she got used to Jisung's personality after an hour.

"Can I see your wolf form?" Sunggyu said suddenly as they stopped by a river. "Ah, sure?" Asked Cory. "Well I mean," he said. "You've seen my original wolf form in Jisung/Kisu but sure," he said. "When I was turned I ended up with a different colored wolf," he said. "Interesting," said Sunggyu.

"I'll go behind a tree and strip and change," said Cory before he went to do so. Sunggyu waited as he skipped a rock across the water. Cory came back in wolf form, going to stand beside Sunggyu. Sunggyu turned to face Cory, smiling some at him. "Are you a big bad wolf?" He asked, smirking. Cory bared his teeth in a smirk. "Catch me if you can!" Said Sunggyu before he used his vampire speed to run off. Cory barked in protest before running after Sunggyu.

Sunggyu could be heard laughing as Cory managed to stay a few feet behind him. Sunggyu made sure to let Mark and the others know not to be alarmed if they saw him being chased. He came to a stop in front of a river, turning to Cory who leaped on him, knocking him to the floor. "Alright alright you got me," Sunggyu said, laughing as he was assaulted by licks. Cory moved off Sunggyu, baring his teeth in a grin.

Sunggyu sat up and pet him, smiling softly. He looked down at his phone when he got a text. "I've been invited out to a hunt, do you mind?" He asked. Cory shook his head, nudging him to stand up. "I'll become a vegetarian for you," said Sunggyu. "I never thought I'd hear those words come out of my mouth," he said, chuckling some. "Chani has become a good influence," he said before answering the text. "I'll see you back at home then," he said, standing. Cory nodded and ran off, going back to get his clothes. Sunggyu watched him go before running off to find something.

Kisu hummed to himself as he took a walk around the meadow, spotting the elevator at one end. "[i You said that you saw an elevator in my mind right]?" He asked. Jisung nodded as he sat on a bench on the porch. "Yeah," he said. "Do you know what it's for?" He asked. "[i I think so]," said Kisu. "[i There is a barrier between your mind and mine, I think it's the surface]," he said. "The surface?" Asked Jisung.

"[i Don't get on the elevator until I tell you to but]," said Kisu as he walked over to the elevator. "[i I think if you take the elevator you're basically brought to the surface, rage and whatnot taking over, I've seen it in other werewolves where their wolves come to the surface if they're pissed enough]," he said. "Mm," said Jisung.

He turned when Wonpil came outside to sit beside him. "Hey Wonpil," he said. "Hi," said Wonpil. "Any luck on remembering?" Asked Jisung. Wonpil shook his head. "It's like my mind is just blank of that time," he said. "Hm," said Jisung.

Cory came back in human form, going to sit on the other side of Jisung. "Clingy again? You've only been gone for like 5 hours," said Jisung. "Sunggyu went hunting," Cory said, sighing a bit. "You're very clingy," said Jisung as he snickered. "I'm not [i that] clingy," said Cory as he crossed his arms.

Sunggyu and the others came back after a couple hours while Daniel was making dinner. Kisu was let out after Cory got over being clingy to Jisung and went to cling to Sunggyu. "The hell happened today for you two to be clingier than usual?" Asked Kisu. "Kisu, you were like this with Youngjae you know," said Cory. "Yes but I wasn't [i this] clingy," said Kisu. "Can we take a walk after dinner?" Asked Cory. "Sure," said Kisu. "What's this about?" He asked. "I'll tell you later," said Cory.

After dinner the rest of Sunggyu's coven left, promising to keep in touch. They didn't want to stick around for too long, but they also promised to stay on the list of vampires to not hunt. Sunggyu said goodbye to them, as did Chani.

Cory and Kisu took Seokwoo out for a walk after asking Daniel if they could. "We never got any time with the pup, let us take him for a walk," said Kisu. "Don't stay out too late then," said Daniel. With that they took the pup out after attaching the leash to his collar.

"So," said Kisu as he let Seokwoo lead them. "What happened today?" He asked. "Ah," said Cory. "I changed in front of Sunggyu," he said. "He accepted it then?" Asked Kisu as he stopped when Seokwoo sniffed a tree. "Yeah," said Cory. "Had me chase him like an idiot but," he said, chuckling some. "He also said he'd become a vegetarian for me," he said. Kisu chuckled. "That's good then," he said. "Congrats then," he said. "Thanks," said Cory.

They headed back after Seokwoo started leading them back home and Daniel took the leash from Kisu. "When are you guys leaving?" He asked. "Jaehyun want us gone already?" Asked Kisu. "No no," said Daniel. "Was wondering because of ya'll being nomadic and all," he said. "Well, when did Jimin say he'd be back?" Asked Kisu. "We were going to confront him and then leave," he said. "In a few days," said Daniel. "We'll leave afterwards," said Cory. "Alright," said Daniel as he led Seokwoo up to his room.

"[i I think they want us gone]," said Jisung as Cory and Kisu headed to their shared room. "Nah," said Kisu once he repeated what Jisung said. "If that was actually the case we wouldn't've been allowed to stay when we got here," he said. "Kisu's got a point," said Sunggyu as he entered the room from the attached bathroom, towel drying his hair. "I guess so," said Cory.

"We know Daniel anyway," said Kisu as he laid on his spot on the floor. "Gotta remember that 'shifter packs are run slightly differently," said Cory as he laid in bed, sighing a bit. "Jaehyun would've had the final say regardless," he said. "You have a point there," said Sunggyu as he went to lay down. "Well, goodnight then," he said. "Goodnight," said Cory, Kisu and Jisung.
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[center Chapter 15]

"Explain," said Jaehyun. "Well, to keep a long story short," said Sunggyu as he scratched the back of his head. "Wonpil was with vampires before you guys right? Those scars are definitely made by vampires," he said. Jaehyun nodded. "Well, the vampires who did it are ex-coven members of mine," said Sunggyu. "It would explain why they ran then," said Chani.

"They did [i what] now?" Snarled out Jaehyun as he went up to Sunggyu. "Hey now," said Sunggyu as he took a generous step back. "I didn't do this," he said. "You could've stopped this from happening," said Jaehyun as he glared at Sunggyu. "Jaehyun," said Daniel. "I'm sure they didn't even know it was happening until after the fact," he said. "He's right," said Sunggyu.

"Where are your ex-coven members?" Asked Jaehyun as he took a step back. "I'm not sure," said Sunggyu. "They ran after finding out they were on this list, but I'm pretty sure you can take them off it now since they're no longer a part of my coven," he said. "Gladly," said Jaehyun as he nodded. "Sorry for the little info we have on them but," Sunggyu said, scratching the back of his head. "I'm sure they'll come up eventually," said Jisung.

"Right, now to address the real issue here," said Daniel as he turned to Cory. "Jimin came by the other day looking for you," he said. Cory narrowed his eyes. "I think he knew we were coming here but didn't expect us to stop in Chicago," he said. "He didn't," said Jaehyun. "He expected you to be here when he got here but he said he'd be back," he said. "I don't know what is going through his head right now but he really needs to stop," said Cory.

"This is getting a bit out of hand," said Jaehyun. "Is he trying to start a war between your old pack and mine? If he is it's not working," he said. "We know Hobi, Doyoung and their teams, and they know us," he said. "It's a truce really, since the only city between here and your old territory is Chicago," he said. "Chicago is neutral ground," said Cory. "Everyone goes to it, same with Boston and NYC," he said.

"Our town is purely a 'shifter town," said Jaehyun. "We're not the dogs in Washington because we're not bound here but we did claim Ithaca as our own territory," he said. "I respect that," said Cory. "Same," said Jisung as Kisu hummed in agreement.

"[i As much as we've intruded on their territory, we're not trying to start a war]," said Kisu with Jisung repeating what he said. "I had asked for a ride here," said Chani as he shrugged. "I think I remember telling you about it," he said. "We didn't know who you were with," said Jaehyun. "I just told them you got a ride here," said Mark. "You never specified who you were with," he said. "Well that's where the miscommunication is," said Cory as he scratched the back of his head. "We don't even have a territory, we're nomadic," he said.

"I'm sorry for the miscommunication," said Chani as he sighed. "It's alright," said Jaehyun. "If Chani hadn't asked for a ride here we would've went straight to Boston," said Cory. "If Chani didn't ask for a ride here Jimin would've brought this up to Joshua and his pack," said Jisung. "You know how they are, especially now," he said.

"It's a thin line between us and Joshua it seems," said Cory as he sighed. "He's happy that Hyungwon is back don't get me wrong but," he said, scratching the back of his head. "He feels like it was unfair that something like this happened to Kisu and I," said Jisung.

"[i For the record, I said I was willing to wait, but since you're not aging anytime soon this is an okay compromise]," said Kisu. Jisung hummed in response as he repeated what Kisu said. "I'm technically still a minor, stuck at age 17," he said. "And he's what, 26? Yeah, nothing was going to happen there," he said.

"Right, from what I know werewolves can't be away from each other for too long until they mate right?" Asked Daniel. Jisung nodded. "We did make this work so," he said, shrugging. "As long as he still goes to see Youngjae this works fine," he said. "His pure blood mate I assume?" Asked Jaehyun. Jisung nodded. "It's why we've been able to be away for a good bit," he said. "We did a lot of compromising to keep Jimin from going after Changkhyun's pack," said Cory. "We weren't with his pack originally so," he said, shrugging.

"So what will happen with Jimin anyway?" Asked Daniel. "We aren't sure," said Cory. "But I plan on rejecting him," he said. "He refuses to listen to reason, and I gave him 4 chances," he said. "Good, I can kill him finally," said Jisung. "I want first dibs," said Sunggyu. "The idiot doesn't deserve to live after what he's done to you," he said.

"Well," said Jaehyun as he let out a sigh. "We have 2 rooms open, Chani you can get your clothes before you decide to make the trip to Canada," he said. "I wanted to stay for Cory," said Chani. "I'll head to Canada afterwards," he said. Jaehyun nodded. "Alright," he said.

Jisung, Cory and Sunggyu were in the same room that night, much to Kisu's amusement. "[i Cory needs you, and now he needs Sunggyu, ironic isn't it]?" Remarked Kisu as he looked up at the buildings that were part of his mind. Jisung snorts, shaking his head. "Yeah yeah," he grumbled. "What'd Kisu say?" Asked Cory. "It's ironic that you need me and now you need Sunggyu," said Jisung. "I'm sorry I am so clingy all the time," Cory said, sighing a bit. "No worries," said Jisung.

"I hope you don't mind having Kisu and Jisung around most of the time," Cory said to Sunggyu. "No issues there," said Sunggyu as he played a game on his phone. "I understand, to some extant," he said. "You're coven leader, and I used to be a pack leader," said Cory. "You led your own pack?" Asked Sunggyu. Cory nodded. "The position of alpha is usually given to the oldest," he said. "I was the oldest so," he said, shrugging. "Mm," said Sunggyu.

"How is a coven leader chosen?" Asked Cory. "It's given to the oldest usually," said Sunggyu. "But sometimes it's passed to the person who performs well as a leader," he said. "Sounds like how wolf packs are run," said Jisung. "It's usually given to the person who can perform as the leader," he said.
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[center Chapter 14]

"Sunggyu," said Cory from his seat on the floor. "Can we stop for food?" He asked. "Oh right, I forgot you need to eat," Sunggyu said, looking at the gas meter. "And we'll stop for gas too," he said, pulling into the next exit to stop for gas.

Cory and Kisu went to get food while Sunggyu and Chani stayed with the jeep to refuel it. "What do you know about Cory?" Asked Sunggyu. "Not very much," said Chani. "But his original wolf is Kisu's current wolf," he said. "From what I understand anyway," he said. Sunggyu hummed in response. "It's a weird story that you'd have to ask them about," said Chani. "Also they have a third person, his name is Jisung," he said. "He's in Kisu's head," he said. "He can be let out when Kisu changes so," he said, shrugging. "Cool," said Sunggyu.

Cory and Kisu waited on their food since the gas station was attached to a McDonalds. "Those two don't seem to be brothers," said Kisu. "We won't know until they talk about their past," said Cory. "[i Something about Sunggyu seems like his position as coven leader was well earned]," said Jisung, with Kisu repeating what he said. "Yeah, I'd say so," said Kisu. "I was pack leader for a while, something like this has to be well earned," said Cory. When their order was called Cory went to get their food while Kisu refilled their drinks and headed out to the jeep with Cory.

"Done?" Asked Cory. "Yeah," said Sunggyu. "Want to switch spots?" Asked Chani. "Sure," said Kisu. "I'll drive the rest of the way then," said Cory. "Let's go then," said Sunggyu as he handed Cory the keys. Cory let Sunggyu and Chani into the back before moving the seat back and getting into the driver's seat. Kisu got into the passenger seat and Cory started the jeep before driving off, continuing towards Ithaca.

Kisu pulled up to Jaehyun's pack house, honking the horn. Jaehyun came outside after a few minutes with Daniel and Taeil. "Who are you?" Called Jaehyun. "Chani's with us," called Cory. "We're also your western neighbors," he said. "Well, we were with that pack," he said. "Come out, one at a time," said Jaehyun. Cory and Kisu got out first, with Cory and Kisu moving the seats forward to let Chani and Sunggyu out.

"Come on guys, really?" Asked Chani as he shook his head. "We usually don't get unannounced visitors," said Jaehyun. "Come on in then," he said. "Mark and Taeyang have been wanting to see you again," he said. "I believe the rest of your coven's here too," he said, nodding to Sunggyu. "Mark, Taeyang and Jisoo took them hunting if you want to find them," he said. "Go, we'll come back with them," said Chani as he turned to Cory. Cory nodded to them and Chani ran off with Sunggyu following after him. Kisu headed inside with Cory following after him after Jaehyun, Daniel and Taeil headed inside.

"We don't see many werewolves come through here before either hitting NYC or Boston," said Daniel as he went back into the kitchen. "Sorry, Chani asked for a ride here otherwise we would've went straight to Boston," said Kisu. "Winwin! Take Seokwoo outside!" Taeil called upstairs. Winwin ran downstairs with Seokwoo and let him outside.

"Dinner is ready," called Daniel, making everyone go into the kitchen to grab a plate of food. He filled Seokwoo's food bowl before going to get his own plate of food and going to sit down in the livngroom to eat. "Kisu, how's Jisung?" He asked as he ate. "Fine," said Kisu as he ate his food. "He was mad when Chan landed in Boston after we left," he said, chuckling some. Daniel chuckled.

After dinner Sunggyu and the others returned, in higher spirits after the hunt. "What brings you guys here?" Asked Jaehyun. "Ah, found my mate in Cory," said Sunggyu. "I found my other mate in Sunggyu," said Cory as he shrugged. "Aren't you the one with the crazy pure blood mate?" Asked Taeil. "Unfortunately," said Cory as he sighed.

"Ah, do you mind if I let Jisung out?" Asked Kisu. "He hasn't been out since we left Chicago," he said. "Sure," said Daniel. Kisu finished eating before standing and changing, Jisung soon in his place. "Hello," said Jisung when Sunggyu and the others jumped back in surprise, crouching.

"I didn't think this was actually a thing," said Sunggyu before he straightened up. Jisung scratched the back of his head in apology. "Should've said something about this beforehand," he said. "So... How is this a thing?" Asked Sungjong. "Ah," said Jisung as he turned to Cory. Cory tried to explain what had happened up to Kisu and Jisung becoming one person and then Jisung filled in what had happened that day.

"Wait wait," said Sungyeol. "First of all, that sounds painful as hell, pardon my language, and why the [i hell] did people like that have to be douche bags? Bringing you back wasn't enough for these idiots?" He asked. Jisung scratched the back of his head. "It happened to me too," said Jisoo. "Even then," said Myungsoo as he sighed. "It's still stupid," he said. "[i No one] should be put through that sort of pain," he said.

"I'm sorry but Jeonguk's parents are total douche bags, Hui is even worse, and Jaejoong is just," Sungjong said, waving his hands around. "I don't even have the words for this person," he said. "They probably had their reasons to bring us specifically back but," Jisung said, sighing a bit. "It happened to Yoongi," said Daniel. "Who ever did that is also a douche bag," said Sungjong. "Hunter or not, having something ripped out of your body like that really sounds like it hurts," he said.

"Also," said Sunggyu. "Your wolf friend," he said, turning to Wonpil. "What is your name?" He asked. "Wonpil," said Wonpil. "Damn it," said Sungjong as he threw up his hands. "Dongwoo is an idiot," said Sungyeol as he sighed. "What?" Asked Daniel. "I thought I recognized him from somewhere," said Myungsoo as he sighed. "They are both idiots," said Sunggyu.
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[center Chapter 13]

The next morning they headed out to Lake Michigan, a comfortable silence between everyone. Chani had hunted the night before so he could be comfortable around everyone. Hyungwon brought drinks out in the jeep while Kisu got sandwiches and chips for everyone.

Chani was back wearing his orange turtleneck sweater and over sized hoodie as he sat in the back seat, leaning against the window. "I don't see how that's comfortable," said Cory as he drove. Chani shrugs. "It's cold, at least when I checked the temperature so," he said. "He has a point," said Kisu.

"[i Chani is very relaxed today]," remarked Jisung, causing Kisu to hum in response. "You're very relaxed today," said Kisu. "I am? Huh," said Chani as he shrugged. "What'd you find yesterday?" Asked Cory. "An entire herd of deer," said Chani as he shrugged. "I guess I needed it," he said. "How's your sanity?" Asked Kisu. "I'm [i really] calm," said Chani. "Maybe I will be able to beat this," he said.

They reached the docks and Cory parked the jeep beside Hyungwon's jeep and got out, letting Chani get out before closing the door. Kisu got out and went to grab the sandwiches before following Cory and Chani out to the dock where Hyungwon and the others were already waiting.

"Hey hyungs," said Minghao as Kisu handed everyone a sandwich. "Yo," said Cory. Chani nodded in greeting as Hyungwon gave everyone a drink. Cory and Kisu sat at the end of the dock while Chani leaned on the railing, looking out at the water. Hyungwon, Minghao and DK joined Cory and Kisu at the edge of the dock, sitting down on either side of them and enjoying their lunch.

"Ah, hey Chani," came a voice and Chani turned towards it. "Oh, hey Sunggyu," said Chani. "Friend of yours?" Asked Kisu who had turned to look at Chani. "My older brother actually," said Chani who shrugged. "I hope I'm not intruding, I wanted to catch him before ya'll left Chicago," said Sunggyu as he put his hands in his pockets. "No worries," said Hyungwon.

"We might take up your offer of joining you up in Canada, I did have a small talk with the rest of my coven," said Sunggyu as he leaned on the railing beside Chani. "Fun," said Chani as he nodded. "It'd be great to not be alone for once," he said. "But I made a promise to stay around for Cory," he said, nodding his head in Cory's direction. "His pure blood mate's crazy so," he said, shrugging. "I see," said Sunggyu as he nodded.

"You don't have to stay around you know," said Cory as he got up and went to join them. "Family's important too," he said. "Yes but," said Chani as he sighed a bit. "I already swore to help," he said. "It's your choice then," said Sunggyu. "I'm not stopping you," he said. "Well, if you insist then," said Cory as he nodded. Chani nodded.

"You've been with these guys since you left Washington?" Asked Sunggyu as he looked Cory over. "Yeah," said Chani. Cory tilted his head to the side. "You gotta be kidding me," said Sunggyu as he tilted his head to the side. Cory blinked. "Oh," he said after a minute. "Well, my other mate is a blood sucker, fun," he said with a shake of his head.

"Please tell me you're better than an insane werewolf," he said. "Best conversation starter ever," said Sunggyu as he sighed. "Well, I'm no vegetarian but," he said, shrugging. "My coven and I aren't on the list of vampires to hunt down," he said. "At least I don't have to worry about you dying anytime soon," said Cory.

"Will you be fine in the Jeep with us when we head to Ithaca?" He asked. "Ah, I don't know," said Sunggyu. "From what I know we can't be away from each other for too long right?" He asked. Cory nodded. "I'd have to tell my coven to meet us in Ithaca," Sunggyu said, sighing a bit.

"They won't like this one bit will they?" Asked Chani as he turned to face Sunggyu. "Not exactly no, they'll respect being temporary vegetarians for the time being though," said Sunggyu as he went to make a phone call.

"Well, this got interesting," said Hyungwon. Kisu hummed in response. "Was this a Chanwoo/Moonbin experience all over again?" He asked as he turned to Cory. "I think so," said Cory. "What does that mean?" Asked Chani. "Well, this is what happens when 2 people of different species finds their mates in each other," said Hyungwon. "It doesn't happen often, but it has happened," he said. "Interesting," said Chani.

Sunggyu came back after a few minutes, nodding. "I only have the clothes on me so," he said, shrugging. "I'm ready to go when you are," he said. "Let us toast to Jin's birthday first," said Hyungwon as he turned back to the water. Cory, Kisu, Minghao and DK held up their drinks. "Happy birthday Jin," they said. "Happy birthday Jin," said Hyungwon before they bumped bottles and drank the rest of their drinks.

"Well, good luck with Jimin then," said Hyungwon as everyone headed to their respective jeeps. "Yeah, thanks," said Cory. "Come for a visit again hyungs," said Minghao. "With Jisung's whining, I think we might, just to see Minho again," Kisu said with a snicker. "[i I'm not] that [i bad]," whined Jisung, causing Kisu to laugh. "Sure sure," said Kisu as he repeated what Jisung said. Cory chuckled.

"Well, who's driving first?" Asked Sunggyu. "You have your driver's license?" Asked Kisu as he turned to Sunggyu. Sunggyu nodded. "I don't know where we are going but I can get pointed in the right direction," he said. "It'd be nice to not drive for once," said Cory. "I trust you to not run the jeep into the lake once you get the keys?" He asked. Sunggyu nodded. "I'm not that cruel," he said. "I can vouch for him," said Chani. "And I think I still have Daniel's address," he said, checking his phone. "I do," he said. "That settles it then," said Cory.

Sunggyu was handed the keys as Chani put the address into the GPS on his phone. Cory and Kisu would alternate being on the floor and on the seat in the back seat as Chani and Sunggyu would sit in the front. After making sure everyone was comfortable Sunggyu started the Jeep and drove off, heading towards Ithaca.
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[center Chapter 12]

The next few days were a bit awkward for everyone as Chani avoided the werewolves in the house as much as possible. The need to be near Hyungwon waned after the first day so Kisu and Hyungwon had some breathing room.

Cory and Kisu were out at a coffee shop enjoying some time to just themselves since Chani was out exploring. "Are you sure we should've left him by himself?" Asked Cory. "I think if he was going to do anything I'm sure he would let us know," he said. "He did let us know that he was exploring though," he said.

"[i He really must want to go home]," said Jisung as he sat on the bench by the river. "Either that or he wants to get away from the city as soon as he can," said Kisu once he repeated what Jisung said. "Or both," said Cory.

"This is where you guys went?" Asked Hyungwon as he walked over. "The kids on their mission?" Asked Cory as he turned to Hyungwon. Hyungwon nodded. "I told them you were probably out for coffee so I went to find you," he said. "Chani was at the park last I saw him," he said. "I went to see where he went so," he said, shrugging. Kisu hummed in response.

"He's been avoiding everyone," said Cory as he drank some coffee. "I think it's because of the hunters," said Hyungwon. "I want to assure him that those two mean no harm but," he said, sighing a bit. "[i He's more relaxed now but when it gets to the point where he's thirsty he's tense, like very tense]," said Jisung with Kisu repeating what he said. "Yeah I'd say that," said Cory.

[center ~]

Chani sat on a bench, sipping some coffee as he people watched, he had to keep up appearances after all. "It's been a long time Chani," came a voice behind Chani as he heard someone lean against the back of the bench he was sitting on. "Hello Sunggyu," said Chani.

"I see you own Chicago now," he said, looking at his coffee cup. "My coven and I aren't even on the list of vampires to hunt down," said Sunggyu. "Fun," said Chani. "Are you [i trying] to be like Italy?" He asked. "No," said Sunggyu. "It's just Sungjong, Sungyeol, Myungsoo and I," he said.

"Dongwoo and Woohyun ran like cowards then," said Chani as he scoffs. "Not my fault," said Sunggyu. "After Hoya's passing they became scared," he said. "I let them go," he said.

"Are you still a vegetarian?" He asked. "Of course," said Chani as he shrugs. "You're welcome to join me in my hunts when I eventually get to Canada," he said. "A change of scenery would be nice," said Sunggyu.

"Still got the same phone number?" Asked Chani. "Yeah," said Sunggyu. "We're just here in Chicago temporarily until Sungjong gets bored," he said. "Of course," Chani said with a snort. "Well, it can't be too bad," he said. "At least you get entertainment," he said. "I'm stuck in a jeep with 2 werewolves for most of the hours I've been on the road since leaving Washington," he said. Sunggyu chuckled.

"How do you manage the thirst?" Chani asked suddenly before drinking some more coffee. "I don't think about it," said Sunggyu as he shrugged. "It's also much easier if you've hunted a human," he said. "I [i refuse] to do so," grumbled Chani. "You [i know] my reasoning behind this Sunggyu," he said. "Unfortunately," Sunggyu said, sighing.

Chani finished his coffee before getting up. "I'm going to go," he said, turning to Sunggyu, who hummed in response as he turned his head to look at Chani. "I'll see you around then, brother," said Sunggyu. Chani nodded and grinned, before walking away, heading back to the house.

[center ~]

"Ah, he went home," said Kisu as he got a text. "Well, we should go then," said Cory as he got up. Hyungwon hummed as he checked his phone for what happened with DK and Minghao. "Ah, they're done too," he said. "We'll go and get dinner then," said Kisu as he got up. Hyungwon got up and they went to get dinner for everyone.

They saw Chani sitting on the front steps. "The others aren't back yet?" Asked Kisu. "They are, but I gave them some privacy," said Chani. "Tomorrow we're heading out to the lake," said Kisu. "After that we're heading to Ithaca," he said. Chani nodded.

"What'd you do all day?" Asked Kisu as they entered the house yelling that they were home. Minghao and DK came downstairs and went to get dinner from Cory after saying thanks. "Sat on a bench and people watched," said Chani as he shrugged. "I think I told you that though," he said. "You did," said Kisu as he went to get dinner and sit down on the floor in front of the couch to eat. The others found their places to sit and eat as Kisu put on a movie.

Jisung was let out that night, since Cory felt the need to be clingy again. "We're literally right next to each other 24/7," he said, sighing as Cory stuck nearby, clinging to the back of his hoodie. "I'm sorry," said Cory as he scratched the back of his head. "I will never understand why this is even a thing," said Chani as he sighed a bit. "Goodnight then," said Hyungwon before he headed to bed. "Goodnight," said Jisung and Cory before they headed into their room. Chani went to his room, relieved to have a room to himself.

"[i As I stated the other day]," said Kisu as he laid down in the meadow, humming to himself. Jisung snorts as he shook his head, going into the bathroom to shower and change into new clothes. Once done he put up an illusion where he was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts before going into the bedroom to let Cory take a shower.

"If I didn't know any better," said Jisung once Cory came out of the bathroom dressed in a t-shirt and basketball shorts. "I'd think that we were mates," he said. Cory chuckled some. "I know," he said. "Sorry for being clingy," he said. "It's alright," said Jisung.
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[center Chapter 11]

Chani hummed to himself as he went hunting at a rest stop somewhere in Illinois, giving the reasoning to top of on his thirst so that he could handle being in Chicago.

"He's had to hunt a lot more since we left Washington," said Kisu as he sat on a bench with Cory. "Yeah," said Cory. "I'd imagine that once we're in familiar territory to him it'd die down some," he said. "[i He seems more tense than usual]," said Jisung. Kisu hummed in response as he repeated what Jisung said. "He must've be getting thirsty then," said Cory.

Chani came back after a few minutes, wiping bits of blood away from his mouth. "Enjoy the hunt?" Asked Kisu as he turned to Chani. Chani shrugged. "I guess," he said. "Deer like usual then?" Asked Cory. Chani nodded.

"Well, ready to go?" Asked Kisu as he stood. "I want to stop for gas before we reach Chicago," he said. "Sure," said Chani as he shrugs. "Yeah," said Cory as he got up. Kisu went to get a drink from the vending machines before going to the jeep and letting Chani into the back before getting into the driver's seat. Cory got into the passenger seat and Kisu started the jeep and backed out of the parking spot before driving off, continuing towards Chicago.

Once they reached Chicago Kisu parked in front of another jeep and looked towards the building. Hyungwon came outside, nodding to them. Kisu got out of the jeep and let Chani out before closing his door and Cory got out after him, going towards Hyungwon.

"Hey Hyungwon," said Kisu. "Hey there," said Hyungwon. "Ya'll must be tired, come on in," he said before going inside. Kisu, Cory and Chani followed after him. "You're with Daniel I assume?" Asked Hyungwon as he turned to Chani. Chani nodded. "I hunted earlier, I'm fine," he said. "Just making sure," said Hyungwon as Kisu clung to him. "Sorry," mumbled Kisu as he hung onto Hyungwon's shirt. "It's alright, it's been a few weeks," said Hyungwon as he sighed a bit.

"Who else is here?" Asked Cory. "Minghao and DK, they got a hunting mission," said Hyungwon. "Well, let's get situated in the livingroom then," he said, and Kisu moved away, scratching the back of his head. "I hate being so clingy sometimes," said Kisu as he shook his head. Hyungwon chuckled some. "No worries, really, the others understand," he said as he went into the livingroom where DK and Minghao were sitting on the couch, watching a movie. Chani found a spot on the floor as Cory sat on the loveseat. Hyungwon sat in front of the couch on the floor with Kisu beside him.

"[i God, now I understand how you feel when I'm out and Cory's clinging to me]," Jisung said suddenly as he laid on the bed, staring up at the skylight. Kisu hummed slightly in response as he nodded some. "What'd Jisung say?" Asked Cory. "He understands now how it is when he is out and you're suddenly being all clingy," said Kisu. Cory snorts. "I'm not [i that] clingy," he said. Hyungwon chuckled some.

"I dunno," said Minghao as he chuckled some. "When you guys were in Boston you were clingy," he said. "You're not helping my case," Cory said with a sigh, causing everyone to laugh. "So where's the building owner?" Asked Kisu. "Vacation," said Hyungwon. "He knows we're here though," he said.

"Well," said DK. "Are you going to the lake Monday?" He asked. "It's Saturday isn't it?" Asked Kisu. "Yeah," said Hyungwon. "I guess," said Cory. "It's Jin's birthday, we didn't know him but we might as well," said Kisu as he turned slightly to look at Chani. "He's one of the people at that lake right?" Asked Chani. Kisu nodded. "Okay," said Chani.

"You're more understanding than I thought," said Minghao as he turned to Chani. "I've been alive for 200 years," said Chani. "I've seen more than my fair share of deaths by now," he said. "None of them were caused by you then," said DK. "No," said Chani. "I've been a vegetarian the whole time," he said.

"But since learning of the list I was put on I'm starting to rethink my diet just a little," he said. "I won't hunt humans though," he added quickly. "Even if I'm fighting a slowly losing battle, I'd sooner die than give into it," he said. "No worries," said Minghao. "We know what to do if something goes wrong," he said. "I don't doubt that," said Chani.

After the movie Minghao and DK went to their room to get ready for bed. "Ya'll can be across the hall from us," said Hyungwon. "The entire second floor is for guests so," he said, shrugging. "Sure," said Cory. "I get a room to myself? Wow," said Chani as he chuckled some. Hyungwon laughs. "It's up to you," he said. "I'll get my own room," said Chani. "Though I won't need the bed I need to recharge all my chargers again," he said.

Kisu was in the same bed as Hyungwon that night, needing to be close. "It feels longer than a few weeks," said Kisu as he sighed some. Hyungwon hummed in response. "Well, Joshua is willing to let you move into the pack house when you eventually stop being nomadic," he said. "I guess," said Kisu. "But it's not a mating bond," he said. "I know," said Hyungwon. "You completed your circle, and so have I," he said. "It's just your wolf," he said. "I guess," said Kisu.

Cory and Chani ended up in the same room that night, only because Chani didn't sleep so he didn't need his own room. "You sure you're okay with me in here?" Asked Chani. "Yeah," said Cory. "You're good, you don't really need to sleep," he said. "Yeah well," said Chani as he sighed some. "I'm not going to attack you," said Cory. "If I was you wouldn't've made it out of Washington state," he said. "True," said Chani as he leaned against the wall. "I'm going to sleep then," said Cory as he put his phone on the nightstand. "Goodnight," said Chani. "Goodnight," said Cory.
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[center Chapter 10]

The next day Cory, Kisu and Chani left, saying goodbye and promising to come back when all this was over. They headed to Denver, hoping to catch Jeongin before or after his classes. Chani was in the passenger seat while Kisu drove and Cory was in the backseat wanting to catch some sleep.

"Hyunjin managed to message him before we left," said Kisu. "So we'll be able to catch him by his dorm room today," he said. "A wolf, like you?" Asked Chani. "Ah, more like Jisung," said Kisu. "He's the wolf in this instance," he said. "Jeongin wasn't made this way, he was born this way," he said. "There's people like that?" Asked Chani. "You never noticed?" Asked Kisu. Chani shook his head. "I guess you don't notice things like that when you're out in the forest trying to hunt animals," he said.

"I guess you wouldn't notice the small things like that in the city either," said Cory as he sat up. "I would guess so," said Kisu. "I think at that point you would have to look out for these things," he said. "It would explain why vampires avoid small towns then," said Chani. "They'd be protected by these... Animal-humans," he said.

"I wonder what others became like them," said Cory. "I'm sure we'll find out soon enough," said Kisu as they reached Denver. "Can you see if Jeongin is anywhere off campus?" He asked. Cory went to text Jeongin. "He can meet us at a Starbucks near campus," he said after a few minutes. He gave the address to Kisu and Kisu drove towards it.

Kisu pulled up to the Starbucks after a few minutes, spotting Jeongin standing outside. He parked the jeep before getting out and letting Cory get out of the jeep before closing the door. Chani got out a few seconds later, closing his door. "Hey Jeongin," said Cory as they walked over. "Hey there," said Jeongin as he grinned. "I'll be right back," said Kisu before he went into the Starbucks to go to the bathroom.

Jisung came back and tackled Jeongin, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. "The pup's growing up," he said, grinning. "Yah," said Jeongin as he moved out from Jisung's arm. "Who's this?" He asked as he spotted Chani who was watching with a small tilt of his head. "Ah," said Chani. "I'm Chani," he said, holding out a hand. "Jeongin," said Jeongin as he shook hands with Chani.

"He's with us until we visit Daniel again," said Jisung. "I see," said Jeongin as he nodded. "So did anyone else end up here?" Asked Jisung. "Our neighbor's youngest," said Jeongin. "The others wanted to try the hunting business and Kangmin wanted to continue school," he said. "We share a dorm room," he said. "They take whatever jobs to help Kangmin pay for school," he said. "I got a scholarship here so," he said, shrugging.

"What's your major?" Asked Jisung. "Medical school," said Jeongin as he shrugged. "I'm going to be a nurse," he said. "Nice," said Cory. "Good luck to you then," he said. "Come on, ya'll are headed to New York right? get some coffee to go," said Jeongin. "Sure," said Cory. They headed into Starbucks to get coffee, though Chani declined getting coffee.

"I think we'll stop in Chicago," Cory said suddenly as they waited on their coffee. "Eh?" Asked Jisung as he turned to Cory. "Safe house there," said Jeongin. "Stayed there a few times," he said. "Also didn't some people get a mission there?" He asked. "Exactly why we're going," said Cory. "It's been a while since Kisu's seen Hyungwon," he said. "[i Ah right, last time we saw him was a few weeks ago]," said Kisu. Jisung hummed in response as he nodded.

"He's like you then?" Asked Chani as he tilted his head to the side. "In a way yeah," said Jisung as he shrugged. "His wolf is Kisu's wolf," he said. "Interesting," said Chani.

"So," said Jeongin as he leaned towards Chani. "What are you exactly?" He asked. "They wouldn't pick up a random stranger without a reason," he said. Chani hummed as he flashed his fangs. "Well," he said, leaning back in his chair. "I'm harmless, so," he said, shrugging. Jeongin hummed as he nodded. "Alright then," he said, shrugging.

"Also," he said, turning to Jisung. "Finally changed out of that flannel jacket eh?" He asked, chuckling some. "Oh hush," said Jisung as he shook his head. Their order was called and Cory got up to go get it while Jisung went to the bathroom to change and let Kisu come back. Cory and Kisu came back at the same time, Cory handing Kisu his drink.

"Well, good luck to you," said Cory as he smiled some. "Thanks," said Jeongin as he grinned. "Have a safe drive, and good luck with Jimin," he said. "Yeah," said Cory as they headed out to the jeep.

"So he's your youngest?" Asked Chani once Kisu unlocked the jeep and let Cory into the back before climbing into the driver's seat. "Yeah," said Kisu as Chani got into the passenger seat. He waved to Jeongin before starting the jeep and driving off, heading towards Chicago. "Seems like a good kid," said Chani. "He is," said Cory. "Though I doubt he's going to be a hunter, he tried it but," he said, shrugging. Chani hummed in response.

Jisung sang to himself again to pass the time as Kisu drove, with Kisu humming along to the song as he focused on the road. "Jisung singing again?" Came Cory's voice as he played a game on his phone. "Yeah," said Kisu as he chuckled some. "What song is he singing anyway?" Asked Chani. "He calls it Hellevator," said Kisu as he shrugs. "Sounds catchy," said Chani. "It is," said Kisu as he chuckled some. "[i I know I come up with great songs, no need to brag about it]," said Jisung, causing Kisu to laugh and repeat what he said. Cory chuckled some as he shook his head.

"How much longer 'til we get to Chicago?" Asked Chani. "A few hours," said Kisu as he put his phone on the dashboard dock. "We'll be there when we get there," he said. "Let us know if we need to stop somewhere so you can hunt," he said. "I will," said Chani as he got comfortable in his seat.
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[center Chapter 9]

The next couple days Chani spent as much time away from the house as possible, as to not set off the werewolves in the house. He knew they were okay with him being there, but he also knew that they secretly hated him. Cory went to see where Chani was throughout the days they were there just to be sure he didn't get into any trouble though as Hoseok, Doyoung and Hyunjin returned from their missions.

"Ah!" Said Hyunjin. "Hey guys," said Hoseok and Doyoung. "Hey," said Cory. Kisu smiled slightly. "Well, Jisung wants out," he said, chuckling some before changing. "Hyunjin!" Said Jisung as he tackled Hyunjin. "Well hello," said Hyunjin as he chuckled some.

"So," said Hoseok as he turned to Cory. "What's this I heard about a vampire staying in our room?" He asked. "His name is Chani," said Jisung. "He's a vegetarian, hunts animals only," he said. "Ah, I've heard of him," said Doyoung. "He's one of those vampires who refuse to hunt humans because they don't want to be put on the list," he said. "In fact there's a separate list for these vampires, they've proven on more than one occasion that they mean no harm so we don't hunt them," he said.

"Ah right," said Hoseok. "I ran into Mark and Jisoo while we were in New York City," he said. "Those two are on the list, I think," he said. "More because of 'shifter law but," he said, shrugging. "Chani's home free for a good bit, even if he was to hunt [i one] human," he said.

"Should tell him that when he comes in later tonight then," said Jisung as he moved away from Hyunjin. "According to Cory he spends all day just staring at the lake without moving," he said. "Not really, sometimes I see him at the gravestones paying his respects but," Cory said, shrugging. "We'll be moving on tomorrow, was just waiting til you three got back," he said. "We're going to see Jeongin tomorrow before we head on to Ithaca," he said.

"Take me to him then," said Hoseok as he turned to Cory. "You sure it's a good idea?" Asked Doyoung. "Ah, let me text him first," said Cory as he went to do so.

"How's life in Kisu's head?" Asked Hyunjin. "Great," said Jisung. "[i I swear to god if that was sarcasm]," grumbled Kisu, causing Jisung to chuckle. "Not being sarcastic, it's actually pretty comfortable," said Jisung. "There's always something to do," he said, shrugging. Hyunjin nodded.

"It's still a bit odd that you two are like one person now," said Doyoung. "Well," said Jisung as he shrugged. "At least this way, Kisu has his other mate with him," he said. "Not that I was going to reject him or anything," he said quickly. "But you know," he said, shrugging. "Apparently we couldn't be away from each other for long and I wasn't going to age anyway so..." He said. "Ah, he was gonna wait til you were at least his technical age then," said Hoseok. Jisung nodded.

Cory came back after a few minutes. "If you want to," he said. "He went hunting a bit ago but we can wait for him at the lake," he said. "Sure," said Hoseok. "Can I tag along?" Asked Jisung. "Yeah," said Cory. He headed out to the lake with Hoseok and Jisung following after him.

They found Chani by the gravestones as he paid his respects. "Chani," said Cory, catching Chani's attention. "A few minutes," said Chani as he turned back to the gravestones. Jisung went to the water and started skipping rocks with Hoseok and Cory soon joining him.

"Sorry 'bout that," said Chani as he walked over after a few minutes. "No worries," said Hoseok as he turned to Chani. "So what'd you want to talk about?" Asked Chani. "You don't have to worry about having people coming after you," said Hoseok. "Eh?" Asked Chani. "There's a separate list for vampires who have proven to do no harm," said Cory. "They're on the "do not hunt" list," he said. "I'm on that list?" Asked Chani. Hoseok nodded.

"Well, that's different," said Chani. "With some of the 'shifters finding their mates in vampires we had to make some changes," said Hoseok. "I don't know about Italy but," he said, shrugging. "Well, I feel a bit more reassured now," said Chani.

"When are we leaving?" He asked Cory. "Tomorrow," said Cory. "Off to Denver right?" Asked Chani. "Yep," said Cory. "Don't worry we won't be staying too long," he said. "Just to say hi to Jeongin," he said. "I wish we could stay longer," Jisung said with a pout. "I wanted to go see Chan too," he said. "We'll see them next time," said Cory.

"What happened?" Asked Hoseok. "Chan and the others arrived in New York City for a mission an hour after we left," said Cory. "Ah," said Hoseok.

"Well, you can come back with us now if you want," said Hoseok as he turned to Chani. "Nah, I'm fine," said Chani. "I want to stay out here a bit more, I'll return before dark," he said. "Alright," said Hoseok. "Be careful," he said. Chani nodded. "Always," he said. Cory left with Hoseok and Jisung, heading back to the house.

Doyoung was making dinner when they got back, Hyunjin in the livingroom with Changkhyun, Jungkook, Kihyun, Youngjae and Jooheon watching a movie. Jisung changed and let Kisu back so he could spend time with Youngjae and Jooheon. Kisu went to sit beside Youngjae and Youngjae wrapped an arm around him before turning back to watching the movie. Cory sat on the floor next to Kihyun. Hoseok went to see what he could do to help.

Chani returned after dinner, asking if he could borrow a change of clothes so he could get his through the washer. Cory went to see what he had and threw Chani a black hoodie and pants. After making sure it was okay to shower Chani went to take a shower before going to throw his clothes into the washer.

Chani was allowed to be in the livingroom for the night after everyone went to bed, with Cory in Youngjae and Jooheon's room with Kisu. Doyoung, Hoseok and Hyunjin were back in their shared room with Kihyun.

"Well, it feels slightly weird to be back here again," Cory mumbled from his spot. "Yeah," said Kisu as he heard Jisung hum in agreement. "I know you guys are supposed to be nomadic but we miss having you around," said Youngjae. "I know," said Kisu.

"How much longer are you gonna be this way?" Asked Jooheon. "I don't know," said Cory. "Probably gonna continue being this way until I find my other mate," he said. "We'll see what happens with Jimin too," he said.

"You two are crazy," said Youngjae. "But you get to go to some cool places," he said. Kisu chuckled some. "Could say that," he said. "Doesn't mean we don't miss home though," he said. "I think next time we stop by we'll head to South Korea afterwards," he said. "I do wanna see Jeonguk and the rest of them again," said Cory.
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[center Chapter 8]

"Well, we're here," said Cory as he pulled up to the driveway. "Who's home do you know?" Asked Kisu. "Everyone but our resident vampire hunters I think," said Cory as he got out of the jeep and let Chani out. Kisu got out after Cory and they closed their doors. "Do like last time?" Asked Chani. "Exactly," said Kisu as he went and rang the doorbell.

After a few minutes the door opened, with Youngjae standing at the door and Jooheon behind him. Kisu tackled Youngjae, hugging him. "Hey," he said. "Well hello there," said Youngjae as he chuckled. "Hello Cory," said Kihyun as he came over. "Hey Kihyun," said Cory. "Ah, look who's here!" Said Changkhyun as he walked over with Jungkook. "Welcome back you three," he said. "Hey Changkhyun, Jungkook," said Cory. Kisu moved away from Youngjae and nodded to Changkhyun. "Hello Changkhyun, Jungkook," he said.

"This must be the guest you two were talking about," said Changkhyun as he noticed Chani. "Chani," said Chani as he smiled, not showing his fangs. "Changkhyun," said Changkhyun as he smiled some. Jungkook studied Chani for a minute before nodding.

"So," said Jungkook once everyone was in the livingroom. "Why did you bring a vampire along?" He asked. "Ah," said Chani as he scratched the back of his head. "He needed a ride to Ithaca," said Cory. "He's good friends with Daniel and Jaehyun, if you remember them," he said. "I'm a vegetarian, I do no harm really," said Chani as he shrugs.

"How long have you hunted animals then?" Asked Changkhyun. "Since I was turned, so about 200 years," said Chani. "That's a long time to go without hunting humans at least once," said Jungkook. "I'm used to it," said Chani. "My control is slowly slipping but I am forcing myself to the forests in Canada to change scenery for a few months," he said.

"You've been vegetarian for 200 years," said Changkhyun. "Surely one human wouldn't hurt," he said. "Coming from a werewolf who has members of his pack hunting my kind," said Chani as he tilted his head to the side. "It's just odd to see a non human drinking vampire in our home," said Changkhyun. Chani chuckled some.

"How'd meeting with Jimin go?" Asked Jooheon. "Eh," said Cory. "Same as last time," he said. "That was his last chance," he said. "He really doesn't understand, nor does he want to," he said. "I had Jisung snarling in my mind to let him kill Jimin," said Kisu. "I almost blew my cover from how angry I felt," said Chani.

"Do you need to hunt?" Asked Kisu. "I could see how angry you were back then, it must've not been good on your thirst," he said. Chani shrugged. "I might have to," he said. "Granted I can," he said, looking at Changkhyun. "Sure, just be careful," said Changkhyun. Chani nodded and got up, going out the back door to hunt.

"He seems rather tense," remarked Youngjae as he tilted his head to the side. "Well, he's in a house full of werewolves of course he'd be tense," said Kisu. "Ya'll took the news of him being a vegetarian well I'd say," said Cory. "Just something about him is different from other vampires," said Jungkook. "I don't know what it is but," he said, shrugging.

"His demeanor is different," said Kisu. "He's more friendly than other vampires," he said. "At least, when Daniel told us about him," he said. "It's what made him a coven leader," said Cory. "At least, I think anyway," he said.

"How long are you three gonna stay this time around?" Asked Youngjae. "We need to get Chani to Ithaca so only a couple days," said Kisu. "I'm surprised you managed to stay with the jeep the entire time," said Kihyun. Kisu laughs. "Well, it's okay when it's just two of us at one time," he said. "Chani being around is only temporary until he gets back to Ithaca then it's us three again," he said.

"Where's our resident vampire hunters anyway?" Asked Cory. "Missions, and Jeongin moved to the dorms at the university he's attending," said Jungkook. "Which one did he go to?" Asked Kisu as Jisung asked the question. "University of Colorado in Denver," said Changkhyun. "Cool," said Kisu. "Yes we'll go see him," Cory said with a dramatic sigh. Kisu chuckled. "Good, you have Jisung cheering now," he said. Cory shook his head.

Chani came back just before dinner, taking off his hoodie and throwing it into the jeep before heading inside. "Gotta keep up appearances eh?" Asked Kisu when he noticed Chani. Chani snorts. "I like the hoodie but I should've gotten something slightly smaller," he said.

"What'd you find?" Asked Kisu. "Deer," said Chani. "I also found the lake with the graveyard, paid my respects," he said. "Cool cool," said Kisu. Cory came into the livingroom, spotting Chani. "Ah, dinner's almost ready," he called before going back into the kitchen.

"You seem more relaxed now," remarked Kisu as Chani went to sit down on the floor in front of Kisu who was on the couch. "I guess I did need to hunt," said Chani as he shrugs. "I hope you don't mind us making one more stop before we head to Ithaca," said Kisu. "We're going to Denver to see Jeongin," he said. "Sure," said Chani. "You guys are driving so," he said, shrugging. "We'll get you to New York one way or another," said Kisu.

After dinner Chani ended up in the same room as Cory and Kisu, who was given Hoseok and Doyoung's room for the time being. "We'd let you have your bed tonight but," said Changkhyun as he scratched the back of his head. "I won't do anything," said Chani as he sighed. "But I understand the hesitance," he said. "Hobi and Doyoung are gonna freak," said Jungkook as he shook his head. "Oh well then," said Kisu. "We'll be out in a few days," he said.
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[center Chapter 7]

They reached Jimin's parents house in the evening, Cory parking behind a truck. "Ah, there's a small warning for you," he said, turning to Chani who had switched with Kisu and was now in the passenger seat while Kisu was in the back seat. "I don't know how they feel about vampires, vegetarian or not, so just stay behind us," he said. Chani nodded. "Sure," he said. "Just be careful with them," said Kisu. "Don't speak unless spoken to," he said. Chani nodded. "Got it," he said.

Cory got out of the jeep and let Kisu out before closing the door with Chani getting out and following them to the front door, staying a few feet behind. "Here goes," said Cory as he rang the doorbell. Jimin's dad came to the door, nodding at Cory and Kisu before noticing Chani. "You brought a friend this time?" He asked. "Ah, he's only with us til he gets to Ithaca," said Cory. "Well come on in then," said Jimin's dad. He moved to let the three of them in. Kisu, Cory and Chani walk inside.

"I'm Sungmin," said Sungmin as he introduced himself to Chani. "Chani," said Chani as he smiled, trying not to show his fangs. "Jimin! Cory is here!" Sungmin called upstairs. Jimin ran downstairs, spotting Cory. "Oh, you brought him along," he said, spitefully. "Leave Kisu be," Cory said with a small growl.

"I'll leave you 4 be then," said Sungmin. "I'm assuming this is the last time you'll be here," he said. "Unfortunately," said Cory. "I see nothing has changed since the last time I was here," he said. "Unfortunately," said Sungmin. "I understand your decision though," he said. "I need to pick up my mate from work," he said before leaving.

"Well, let's get this over with," said Cory as they went to sit in the livingroom. "This is your last chance Jimin," he said as he stared Jimin down. "Why the hell did you refuse to let me go see my parents back then?" He asked. "That's all I wanted to do was go say goodbye," he said. "It took iKon coming after you for me to finally go see them," he said.

"Do you [i really] want to know?" Asked Jimin. "If I didn't, then I wouldn't have bothered coming to see you 4 different times to try and get the answer out of you," said Cory. "Don't say you are jealous or anything, I know this has to do with what happened with Kihyun, who is [i completely] fine by the way," he said.

"He's afraid," Chani said suddenly. "Of what I don't know," he said, crossing his arms. "Maybe because you don't have your other mate yet," said Kisu. "Is that it then?" Asked Cory. "You're afraid of me leaving you if I found my other mate?" He asked, leaning forward. "It would've never been the case," he said. "At least, until now," he said, standing.

"Why is it always about you?" Blurted out Jimin. "Who cares if your parents are gone? Move on and get over it," he said. A snarl ripped through Kisu's chest as he stood. "I knew I should've killed you that day," he spat as he went over to Jimin and pulled him up. "You are so damn [i lucky] to still have parents," he spat. "Even your [i parents] understood what sort of situation Cory was in when we came to see you the first time," he snarled out before shoving Jimin back onto the couch.

"[i Let me at this idiot]," snarled out Jisung as he heard what was going on. "[i Let me rip him a new one]!" He said. "[i I should've killed him back then]," he snarled out. "Even Jisung wants to kill you," Kisu spat before walking away, back to standing beside Cory.

"Such a selfish werewolf," said Chani as he kept his now pitch black eyes hidden by his bangs as he bowed his head slightly. "Even I wouldn't do that to my mate," he said. "Losing contact with family is one thing, but to find out [i years] later that they were dead is another," he said. "Excuse me," he said, standing and walking out the door, zooming away after he was out the door to go hunt and calm down.

"That's that then," said Kisu as he turned to walk away. "Even someone like Chani, who we barely know by the way, is sympathetic with Cory," he said before leaving to calm down.

"You're still a child," Cory said, putting his hands in his pockets. "As such you aren't as exposed to what the rest of us had been through," he said. "No one would really understand what Jeonguk and I have been through, what Kisu, Yoongi, Kihyun, and many others have gone through, but we have people who at least understand and support us," he said. "Don't use this time away from Kihyun and I to delve into your anger, learn from your mistakes for once and grow up," he said. "I'm not rejecting you yet, don't worry about that," he said before leaving the house.

"I'm sorry," said Kisu as he saw Cory come outside. "No worries," said Cory. "Even Chani had fair points there," he said. "Where'd he go?" He asked. "Hunting to calm down," said Kisu as he shrugged. "We should probably let Changkhyun and Jungkook know we're bringing an extra person along for a little bit," he said. "We should shouldn't we," said Cory as he went to grab his phone and check it for any new messages.

"[i You should've let me kill him back then]," grumbled Jisung as he went for a walk to calm down. "Yeah well," mumbled Kisu as he sighed. "We should probably leave now," he said, turning to Cory. "We'll go into town and tell Chani to meet us at a coffee shop or something," he said.

"No need," said Chani as he came back. "I just needed to calm down," he said. "Well, let's go then," said Cory as he got into the jeep. He made sure to text Changkhyun that they were bringing along an extra person as Kisu got into the passenger seat after letting Chani climb into the back. After a bit Cory started the jeep and backed out of the driveway before driving off, continuing towards Changkhyun's pack house.

"They don't know about me do they?" Chani asked suddenly as he played a game on his phone. "We let them know what your name was but we didn't tell them you were a vampire," said Cory. "Who knows what the consequences of that would be," he said.

"Besides, we're there for a couple days only, you sure you can handle that?" Asked Kisu. "The hunting range isn't too big considering Changkhyun's territory is right next to Chanyeol's," he said. "I'll be extra careful," said Chani. "I'm still rather full from Washington so," he said, shrugging. "Alright," said Cory.
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[center Chapter 6]

"Ah," said Cory as he checked the jeep to see if they needed to change the oil. "Time to change the oil before we go," he said, going to the trunk to grab what he needed. Chani had excused himself to the forest around the house to hunt while Kisu went to pack up their things and bring it to the jeep.

"[i Man, I was beginning to like being here]," said Jisung, causing Kisu to laugh. "Well," mumbled Kisu as he shook his head. "[i Are you going to be okay with Chani in the same car as us]?" Asked Jisung. "I'll manage," mumbled Kisu as he stacked their duffle bags in the trunk.

Chani came back, wiping bits of blood away from his mouth as he walked over to the jeep to see what Cory was up to. "Need help?" He asked. "No, I'm just checking what else we need to change," said Cory. "See if Kisu's done with packing yet," he said. Chani nodded and went to the back of the jeep.

"Need any help?" He asked. "No, I'm done here," said Kisu as he closed the trunk. "You full?" He asked as he turned to Chani. "Yeah," said Chani. "At least, for the time being," he said. "If we need to stop somewhere for you let us know," said Kisu. "I'll keep that in mind," said Chani.

"Do you know we're going first?" He asked. "We're going to visit Jimin and his parents," said Kisu. "They're a little bit south of Changkhyun's territory and Cory wanted to see if he can reconcile a bit more with Jimin," he said. "This is his last chance," said Cory as he walked over with the tools he was using and opening the trunk before putting tools in the toolbox and closing the trunk.

"All done?" Asked Kisu. "Yep," said Cory. "I'm ready to go," he said. "I'm ready," said Chani as he nodded. "Let's say goodbye to Minhyun and them then," said Kisu before he went to do so.

"Ah, you're leaving?" Asked Minhyun as he saw them. "Yeah, we're going to see Jimin's parents before heading up to visit Changkhyun," said Kisu. "Say hello to Hobi and them for us if you see them," said Aron. "Sure," said Kisu. "Alright," said Cory.

"Careful with the other dogs," said Chani. "We don't know what they're up to," he said. "According to Zuho whatever falling out Jaehwan had with his old pack isn't finished," he said. "They were really close to bloodshed when Jaehwan went to see them," he said. "Alright," said Aron. "We'll keep that in mind," he said. Chani nodded and left with Kisu and Cory.

Cory drove while Kisu was in the passenger seat and Chani was in the backseat pretending to take a nap. Jisung was on the couch staring up at the skylight as it started raining. "[i Huh, rain]," said Jisung. "[i Are you sad]?" He asked. Kisu shook his head no as he looked out the window. "As it rains," he said. "Ah man," said Cory as he sighed.

"What's wrong?" He asked, turning to Kisu. "Jisung commented on how it was raining in the city," said Kisu. "Must've been my subconscious mind reacting to the weather," he said.

"This thing is a hardtop," came Chani's voice from the backseat. "Which I'm okay with, too much rain could flood the cabin," he said. "It could," said Cory. "But it doesn't," he said.

"[i I thought the skylight didn't have windows]," Jisung said suddenly as he noticed that it didn't rain on him. Kisu snorts. "I know the city is abandoned but it's not decrepit," he muttered. "Having fun?" Asked Cory. "Just Jisung commenting on things," said Kisu as he chuckled some.

"He seems very chatterbox-y today," said Chani. "He is," said Kisu. "But we usually have random conversations like this," he said. "It passes the time," said Cory as he shrugs. "We'll be there in a few hours, if you need to stop for anything just let us know," he said. "Sure," said Chani.

"What are we going to do when we go see Jimin?" Asked Kisu. "Let him know that this is his last chance," said Cory. "This is the last chance he gets to reconcile before I reject him and deal with my insanity by myself," he said. "You won't deal with it by yourself," said Kisu. "You have Jisung and I," he said. "I'm willing to help," said Chani. "Seeing what happened with Daniel I want to in anyway," he said.

After a couple hours Cory stopped at a rest stop when Chani wanted to get some hunting in. "Sorry for wanting to stop but," said Chani as he scratched the back of his head. "No worries," said Cory as he parked the jeep and got out, moving the front seat forward to let Chani out. Kisu got out, stretching. "Go hunt, we'll be here," he said. Chani nodded and went up the hiking trails, going to hunt.

Cory and Kisu went to sit down at a picnic table, sitting under a gazebo to wait on Chani. "You know," said Kisu as he looked around the rest stop. "I think he's slowly losing control of himself," he said. "I can see that," said Cory. "He's hunted animals for so long," he said. "I don't know what happens with vampires if they don't kill humans at least [i once] in their lives but," he said, shrugging.

"I'm sure even the redhead that was Chani's friend had given in at least once," said Kisu. "It's happened I'm sure," said Cory. "[i I dunno, this seems weird]," said Jisung. "[i Chani seems stressed more than usual]," he said. Kisu hummed in response before repeating what Jisung said. "Yeah he does," said Cory. "I guess we'll see what happens," he said.

Chani came back after a few minutes, wiping a little bit of blood away from the corner of his mouth. "What'd you find?" Asked Cory. "A deer," said Chani as he shrugs. "Ready?" Asked Cory. "Sure," said Chani. Cory and Kisu got up and headed back to the jeep. After everyone was comfortable Cory started the jeep and drove off, continuing towards their destination.
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