The Warrior And The Mage

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He sighed, and felt his fur frost over. "What the...?" He said, starting to get cold. "Listen...I would never harm anyone without a just cause to do so, and I have no quarrel with you or your kind..." he said through chattering teeth.
  Senshi / DoomGuy123 / 1y 126d 13h 13m 27s
"Prove to me that [b you're] not one of those 'people' who destroyed this town, and I might just believe you." Hitori said rather coldly, as if it was more than just her personality showing. It seemed that the air around her was chilling, and strange.
  Hitori Usasha / AskTheStaff / 1y 126d 14h 1m 14s
He crouched next to her. "You are quite cautious, but I do not blame you...however, the people could return at any moment..." he warned, and he shrugged. "As for who I am, you may call me Senshi...I am a warrior with nothing to fight for..." Senshi told the bird, and he slowly stood up, readying his bow for any trouble he might run into.
  Senshi / DoomGuy123 / 1y 127d 25m 15s
The bird didn't want to admit it, but her new acquaintance was correct. She could never have known the future, which had unfortunately become the present. She felt rather strange upon hearing the male speak of letting her stay with him. "I d-don't even know you..." The female stated quietly.
  Hitori Usasha / AskTheStaff / 1y 127d 34m 28s
The fox sighed and crouched near her. "You couldn't have foreseen this coming, no one could have known about the attack..." he said to her, and stood up after slinging his bow around his shoulder. "If you wish, you may reside with me at my abode..." he said, standing back up, and offering his hand to help her up.
  Senshi / DoomGuy123 / 1y 127d 38m 4s
Hitori continued to weep, before she heard a sudden voice ask her a question. Startled, she turned around and moved back a bit. "I...w-wasn't here to protect my p-people when they needed me..." The bird sighed and looked down, feeling ashamed of herself. "If I hadn't left for an hour...I w-wouldn't have failed everyone..." She stated gently, letting more tears fall.
  Hitori Usasha / AskTheStaff / 1y 127d 40m 48s
The young fox was scrounging around for food in the forest, when he smelt smoke and could see it as well, knowing it couldn't mean anything good. "That is a very unwelcome scent..." he said to himself quietly, grabbing his quiver and bow. As e climbed down the tree, he could tell that the area was at least abandoned, or so he thought, but when he reached the area, he saw the ruins of a village, all dead except for a bird who was weeping. When he approached her, he heard her say she was the reason why the village was destroyed. "How could this have been your fault?" He asked, startling the bird from her state of sorrow
  Senshi / DoomGuy123 / 1y 127d 44m 0s
Demolished buildings, blood, corpses...agony. The female could clearly see it all with her own eyes as she slowly walked through a small town. "W-why..." She stuttered, not wanting to admit that what she was seeing was true. "I h-had left for only an hour...a single hour..." The bird told herself as she glanced to her right side, and saw a small body limp on the ground. "Even the c-children..." She stated, getting on her hands and knees as tears formed in her eyes. "I shouldn't have l-left...I should h-have been here...this is my fault...all of it..." The female told herself gently, as a few tears fell to the ground.
  Hitori Usasha / AskTheStaff / 1y 127d 53m 20s

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