The Warrior And The Mage

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Hitori snoozed soundly for quite a while, letting her dreams take her away from her mortal fears and pain. Soon enough, her eyes flickered open and she glanced behind her, seeing the male right there. "W-wha?" She asked herself, luckily not waking Senshi up. "N-no, we didn't do t-that..." The bird told herself, sighing in relief. "He m-must have been tired as well, and I had kind of s-stolen his he had to lay here with me." She told herself, actually being correct.
  Hitori Usasha / AskTheStaff / 245d 20h 42m 32s
Senshi was still conflicted about whether he should sleep in the bed with her of just sleep on the floor so that she didn't freak out when she woke up with him next to her in the morning. "To hell with it..." he told himself, and laid down on his bed, falling asleep as well.
  Senshi / DoomGuy123 / 246d 19h 8m 50s
Luckily for Hitori, she was dreaming pleasantly despite everything she had recently been through. Her chest continued to rise and fall gently with each breath, and she slept upon Senshi's rather comfortable bed. The bird looked at peace with herself, and content for the moment.
  Hitori Usasha / AskTheStaff / 246d 19h 17m 50s
Senshi tied the piece of yew wood to a vine, and then scaled another, then he carefully started hoisting the chunk of wood up to the bridges in between two of the houses. "There we are..." he told himself, untying the vine and carrying the piece of wood towards his home, only to find his guest asleep on his bed. Wen he saw her at peace with herself, he looked a bit surprised and a bit nervous, because he never had been around a female for very long. "Maybe I should let her rest..." he told himself, and carefully and quietly set the chunk of wood onto the floor near the doorway of his home.
  Senshi / DoomGuy123 / 246d 19h 21m 10s
Although Senshi had been relatively quick, it had still been long enough for Hitori to become bored. She walked over to something that seemed to be a couch or bed, and laid down on it. Before the bird even knew it, she was fast asleep as her chest rose and fell slowly.
  Hitori Usasha / AskTheStaff / 246d 19h 29m 10s
He told her that he knew a specific wood from another, then he climbed down the tree as quickly as possible. After he had hiked his way to the village ruins, he made sure that he was alone, and he soon found a tree that had pieces removed from the side of it, and he also checked the leaves. Finding the wood he needed, he took a piece from the tree, and made sure it was big enough for a bow, then he quickly and carefully made his way back to the village he resided in.
  Senshi / DoomGuy123 / 246d 19h 31m 0s
The female simply rolled her eyes, being treated as if she wasn't even an ice mage who could handle herself. "Fine...but if you bring back the wrong kind of wood, I'm not helping you go back and find the right kind." She stated sternly, hinting that it must be difficult to tell Yew wood apart from other kinds of wood.
  Hitori Usasha / AskTheStaff / 246d 19h 34m 14s
He nodded, and told her he could find the wood and return, stating that she would be in less danger if she remained in the treetop village. "I do not want to be rude, but it would be more wise if you do remain here, since they may still be looking for you." He told her, and promised he would return
  Senshi / DoomGuy123 / 246d 19h 37m 24s
"We'd have to go back to my village to find Yew trees." Hitori said as she stood up and stretched, placing her bow on her back where it was concealed again. "I'm sure that in the ruins of the town, there would be some...undamaged Yew wood lying around." The bird stated, looking towards her acquaintance.
  Hitori Usasha / AskTheStaff / 246d 19h 39m 34s
He nodded, appreciating the offer. "That would be a good decision to agree with." He said, telling her that the only type of wood was that of the trees that grew in the jungle. "If there were Yew trees, then I would have had my bow made of it." Senshi said.
  Senshi / DoomGuy123 / 246d 19h 58m 21s
Hitori sighed gently, looking over her own bow as she listened to the male speak of his archery skills. "Well, to be basic, I'm someone who uses three arrows and my sense of precision, unlike your one arrow and sense of precision." She said awkwardly, but in a way that made sense as she glanced towards his bow. "Hmm...that looks rather flimsy. I could construct you a bow with more precision and durability, if you'd wish." The bird offered.
  Hitori Usasha / AskTheStaff / 246d 20h 2m 16s
He nodded in understanding, and told her he had tried to use a bow to do that, but could never do it correctly. "I prefer to use only one arrow and my sense of precision to guide my arrow to the target I am aiming for." HE said, showing her the longbow he had with him.
  Senshi / DoomGuy123 / 246d 20h 3m 38s
"And now I am the last of my species..." The bird said as she looked down solemnly, her aura growing colder. Not enough to make her new acquaintance's fur go white, but still noticeably more chilling. "Our bows were designed so that they could fire multiple arrows at once...spreading out. So we had to calculate three different trajectories before making each shot...which actually isn't hard at all, once we got used to it..." Hitori explained, reaching behind herself and grabbing a fancy-looking bow from behind her back, that had been concealed by her hair and feathers.
  Hitori Usasha / AskTheStaff / 246d 20h 16m 19s
He nodded in understanding. "It is what made your kind unique, as many dislike being archers." He stated, then continued "Being an archer is quite challenging at many points, especially when fighting the enemy..." he told her, then he said that he was both a warrior and an archer, but only if close quarters combat wasn't an option.
  Senshi / DoomGuy123 / 246d 20h 29m 43s
"T-thanks..." Hitori said gently as she found a decent spot to sit down inside of the male's house. She remained rather silent, having no idea of what to do or say. After a few seconds, the bird was finally able to speak up. " people are........[b were]...known for our archery skills..." She said rather solemnly.
  Hitori Usasha / AskTheStaff / 246d 21h 50m 29s

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