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[center [i Daddy, you and mummy can't go! Don't leave me...!"] The two year old girl whimpered as she watched both her mother and father look to the group that had come to them. It seemed that after all this time of peace, fear and darkness was once more coming back, or rather rearing its ugly head in both the Wizarding and Muggle world.

[b "We've got to, sweetheart. We are doing this to protect you and the others.."]

 Her mother whispered softly as she knelt and took her locket off, gently draping it around the child's neck. 

[b "I know right now it is hard to understand...but one day you will.. Both your father and I love you very much."]

The young woman had whispered to her daughter and with that, both mother and father were gone to the little girl forever.

It had been thirteen years since her parents had left her to try and fight. To try and help save friends and other family members. But there wasn't a day that _ wished her parents would have just listened to her. That they would have stayed with her.

Though she knew that her parents had died as heroes,_ never got over the fact that they had died. Had never gotten over the fact that they had left her alone. Well they hadn't really. The young woman had all sorts of family who cared about her and loved her, but it wasn't the same as having a mother and father.

This year at Hogwarts, was going to be different. They were deciding to open up a foreign exchange program and they would be accepting someone from America. He or she would be attending Hogwarts as one of the students and would be allowed to stay after the year if they truly liked it at the school. And _ was meant to be the one to try and help them around the school.

An American boy or girl had the chance to go to Hogwarts and see what another magical school would be like. _after being chosen was excited to go and wondered what sort of people they would meet.

___was also a trouble maker. It wasn't like they meant to hurt anyone, but anytime they tried to do something, some sort of 'evil' streak would kick in and they ended up being horribly mean or cruel. All _'s life, the child had not understood it. It was like there was some sort of darkness in his/her soul that was not easily controlled.

What happens when the two teens meet? Will they hit it off, or end up hating the other?What will the American witch/wizard do when they discover that they are the grandchild of Voldemort, the darkest and most evil wizard? And what will _think when she finds out it had been _'s parents fault that she had lost her own parents?]

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