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After the fall of the Roman Empire, the gods of Ancient Egypt have been long forgotten by many, but there are few who know that they are real, but have no idea that said gods and goddesses walk amongst them to this day. Wadjet, the serpent goddess is among the few that walk with the humans, attempting to rekindle the lost faith. The Gods have occasionally walk among the humans to attempt to restart their faith that the gods were there and were watching, some have had success, while others had miserably failed. Wadjet and Anubis were the first two gods to see if they could reinstate the belief that there were gods in the world, and have had a limited amount of success in the meantime...

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Anubis had taken the old crusader's road from their meeting in Cyro all the way to the asia Minor in Baghdad. He had a hard time at first finding anything in his human form, especially having the look of a blind story teller, but that is what had gotten him so many places. He had started at first nothing more then in the streets of Baghdad telling stories of ancient wars between the Egyptians Gods and the constant fighting between the chaos Apophis and the God Ra and those who would join him in his Duat.

Eventually he had gained access to the Palace after many people had started talking about him. He had entertained the Sultan for quite some time and was paid in giant sums, however instead of money Anubis wished only for three things. The first was a place to teach. He would indeed teach students who wishes to learn, however he needed a place these students could gather and hear him without wondering where he would be. The second was that he was the final say within this place and the Sultan would give him total control of it. The third and final gift he asked was that the Temple be left alone in wars, and would forever be protected.

After spending a few years in the Temple and spreading his teachings among the people of Baghdad he spread his teachings among those of the Persian Empire and into the new world. Leaving the city of Baghdad Anubis had traveled down the silken road city to city town to town. His teachings spreading with him, but instead of places for his knowledge to be passed he was given temples that were conquered among the Persian empire. Eventually reaching Xi'an China he built up another grand Temple in its place. He had done what the three of them could not do. He had done the impossible; He had built up the old world of Egypt. While the dead gods would not be coming back, it meant that they would not disappear any time soon.

He had set themselves up that they would last for centuries, even if it meant that they would only sustain themselves as it stood now. Upon the return journey Anubis had gathered up money upon his return to Cyro. Coming face to face with Bast, and Wadgjet sat in a triangle around a table and a bar. He had placed his elbo's on the table and crossed his hands in front of his mouth as he spoke. [#e38d16 "The Pyramids have stood a long time, and I have secured us a position like them, we will last a long while."] Anubis had pulled from his side a single bag of coins. [#e38d16 "While the Roman Empire is falling, their coin are yet still good."]

As he slipped his hand over the bag as guards walked by, Followed slowly behind the guards was the Emperor of the region. While he last saw was a bold man, this man seemed different he seamed....Defeated like he had lost himself or something very important to him. [b "Stand down. These three are the three I seek."] Sitting down in the free chair he clasped like he would into a soft bed for rest.

Anubis raised an eyebrow to the man. [#e38d16 "And what is it Emperor that you wish to speak to us about? We do not yet have enough coin to build ourselves yet another Pyramid in the sands, nor do we have the manpower to do so, but time. We have the time."] The emperor just nodded he spoke out [b "The people of the land have turned on Rome, Rebellion has popped up everywhere, and so I head you this warning only. I am loosing power, and you will wish to get rid of your coin quickly. Perhaps start your build plans now. and as you procure coin put it towards your building. The Pyramids of Giza are famous as tombs of the old kings. Seeing another Grand Pyramid appear here in Cyro would bring back the old faith, but its location must be key."]

Anubis had nodded to the king's words. He was right if those here in Cyro saw a Pyramid again they would bring back the old tales, and potentially their power and even more so their lost ones. Location would indeed be key; perhaps the middle of the city, no that would have it easily be a target for future wars. Perhaps the entrance to town, no as it would act as a first line of defense and would in turn be destroyed. Perhaps a small island off the shore would do best, but it would yet still be a place many would wish to occupy and use as a fort. [#e38d16 "Where do you suggest that we build then?"] The emperor pointed right to the water. [b "The edge of the Mediterranean sea. Use the city as the edge; and use it as the marker."]

Anubis nodded and looked to the other two gods with him.
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She could not believe it when Horus disappeared. She had been in self-denial that the humans were slowly forgetting them, the Egyptian gods and goddesses. But with Horus came the undeniable proof that humans were forgetting about the Egyptian gods and goddesses. It had been a shock for all to witness as Horus, the brightest and loudest, at least in her opinion, god had slowly faded away.

And now all of them were being replaced by a single god named Christ. As their following had slowly decreased, Christ's following had slowly increased. This disturbing pattern was why Ra had gathered all of the gods and goddesses together to discuss.

Going to the mortal world. For many years, the humans had prayed to each and every one of them, asking for favours. Now it was their turn to go back down, and ask the humans for a big favour; to believe in the glory of he Egyptian gods and goddesses.

Bast felt conflicted. If she left Ra, then she would not be by his side protecting him. For many a year she had riden besides him as he journeyed and protected him from the many evils, and for many more years she had fought Apophis in a never ending struggle to the death within the Duat to also protect Ra. But at the same time, if she stayed here, from what could she protect Ra? It was not in her powers to protect him from the slow lost of faith.

But if she went down there. If she went down there, and managed to convince humans to believe in them. Would she not still be doing her duty to protect Ra? If the humans slowly began to believe that the Egyptian gods and goddesses still existed, then she could save Ra as well as the rest from disintegrating for ever.

That was how she found herself with Anubis and Wadjet, sitting across from the Emperor of Rome. Anubis, Bast found it completely unnecessary, had killed all of the guards. In her hand she clutched an ankh, a sort of gift from Ra himself. He believed that the three of them could help restore the faith, and that meant so would Bast. She would not give up, knowing that Ra still had faith in all of them.

During the conversation, Anubis had raised his voice and even slammed his cup against the table. In fear of him unsheathing his sword, Bast reached out with her right hand and placed it on his left arm. They could not kill this man. Sure he was a mere mortal, but he could become a useful resource in getting the mortals faith about the Egyptian gods and goddesses restored.

So the task ended up falling on their shoulders. Building the temples, recruiting followers, teaching the followers, having the followers convert others. One, big, complicated process. Bast knew she had done many a hard thing, but all this faith stuff felt so unusual. For many centuries had mortals done all that. But now, now it was the her, Anubis', and Wadjet's turn to do all this faith stuff.

Walking out of the tavern, they began to discuss their plans. [+purple "From my standpoint, I would not really want to split off. Even though we are powerful beings, our powers are not as strong as they once were. It is better to stick together, for we will attract more attention that way... I think..."]
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Wadjet slightly adjusted her jaw, her eyes still that of a serpent. "And we could still be able to find our disciples..." the female said in a hissing tone, her forked tongue occasionally darting between her lips before returning to her mouth, which still had the teeth like a cobra. "What do you suggest we do, Anubis?" The Serpent goddess asked, wondering how to gain the disciples needed to be remembered. That was when she heard the male speak of gaining money for the temples, and then suggested that they separate to gain money individually to increase their budget for the materials to build the temples once more
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[I We have been forgotten, We had been lost to time itself. The old gods have all but disappeared into dust and ash. There are so little of us left, and we fear that any of us could go at any time. It was the agreement we had all made to come to the mortal realm. That was our biggest mistake, we have lost even more of us to the mortal life and realm then just disappearing in our own realm, but we did it so we had a fighting chance. The Age of the old gods had ended, The single god of Christ has made his way to cover most of the known world today. His people have all but destroyed us.]
[right [I Anubis]]

The old gods had but a few fleeting moments left with Ra, it seemed his creation had turned on him. Like any other set of Gods they needed the prayers of the humans to live, and without them their powers would dwindle and wan into nothing eventually they themselves would do the same. Horus was the first God to disappear into sand, no one believed that the humans would forget us, but the loss of the brightest god had set in the reality, they were fading.

[b "Go to the mortal world. Help them in believing in us again. If you can't get them to believe in us again, live a mortal life."] he had exhausted his powers and his life to forge human bodies to a limited number of Gods. Many thought it was a cruel punishment to be forced onto the mortal world, but many saw it as an opportunity to gain favor, power, or whatever else they had in mind.

At first it felt like a dreamstate, A human body containing so much power of a God, even what few they had left. The first to go to the mortal realm was Bast, followed by but a few hours was Wadjet, then Anubis. It was in hopes the three could work together in returning the mortals back to the old gods.

Anubis had a single drink in his hand. to his left sat Bast in her human body, something in her hand as well. To his right was Wadjet her hands in her lap. Across from them sat a single and simple man. He however was the most powerful man within the city, even as it fell into ruin around his own people. He was the Roman emperor of the land and would learn to fear the three figures that sat across from him. Of course he boosted he was scared of no one as his guards would not allow anyone close to him, but it was proven wrong when Anubis the Prince of Death waved but a single hand and his guards were nothing more then flesh racked to tightly over bones and rotting away.

[b "How can this be. The gods haven't been worshiped in centuries."]
Anubis nodded and took a sip of his drink. [#e38d16 "We know this. And it needs to be changed, but we are yet to weak to do it."] the man nodded [b "Why me?"] Anubis just stared at the man his red eyes fixed on him [#e38d16 "Because, you can rebuild our temples, and return the people to us."] [b "Why would I do that? You have no power, and I don't need to do anything, you will wither away in time."] Anubis slammed his cup onto the table and looked over to Bast as her hand was placed upon his arm before he could reach for the blade at his side.

[#e38d16 "Yes, Emperor this is true, however it will not be for some time, and your death will be but long passed before we fade."] [b "In order to build the temples again we need builders, we need money, we need time."] Nodding and speaking in ancient Egyptian to the two goddess that sat to either side of him. [#e38d16 "What this man speaks is truth, and we have none of them. On top of what he says we need disciplines here in the mortal world to pass on our teachings."] Nodding again Anubis spoke in a very old hollowed earthy tone like his voice came from a horror movie. [#e38d16 "You will have your money, and your men. We however do not have time."] Standing the Prince walked out of the tavern followed closely by his fellow goddess.

They had spoke for a little bit, The first discussion was about how to regain the human's prayers, however instead they knew that even with Disciples they would have no where to spread the old god's teachings if they did not have places to do so, and so the first thing they needed was money to rebuild their temples. It was then they scattered to find money that would bore fruit for the rebuilding of their Temples. Anubis had gone North, to Arabia and to the silk road. Bast last he had seen had ridden West towards the land of the Moors and that of old Carthage. Wadjet had set off to the north with Anubis, however she traveled west as well towards the lands of the Germanic tribes.
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