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I mean, how many of these do you see nowadays???

Anyways, Howdy! My name is Phen and I just wanted to make a bit of an introduction post of sorts as well as a search for roleplay partners!!

I've been on this website for about 3 years, on another account, and have just now started back up again. I want to get back into roleplaying, as writing is something I not only enjoy-- but love.

With that being said, allow me to go over some important things!!

[b What do you roleplay?]
I roleplay so many things!! Ships, fandoms, original stories, horror, slice of life-- my spectrum is endless! Just ask.

[b What are you okay with roleplaying?]
1. Romance. If you like romance, then you're great in my book! I love a good romance story-- which is funny, considering how I myself am aromantic. GO FIGURE! I also am a fan of OC x Canon if that butters your biscuit. I do straight, gay, lesbian, ect ect when it comes to romance.

2. Horror. I love a good spooky story, so serial killers, spiritual haunting, kidnappings-- things of that sort are always interesting.

3. Fandoms! If I'm in the fandom, then most likely I would be willing to create a roleplay of it! My fandoms range from anime to cartoons, so just ask and I might know it!

4. Cliche stories. Look, I know that everyone is tired of the typical monster high school stories, or perhaps the ice queen falling for a fire king, but let me tall you what-- those stories can be so fun if you put the effort into it! So if you think your idea is cliche, then dont worry! You're fine in my book.

5. Anime, this kind of falls under fandoms, but ya know.

[b What AREN'T you okay with roleplaying?]

1. Fetishes. I know ES doesn't allow Rated R roleplays anyways, but if we went offline towards emails, then don't ask me for da nasty stuffs!!

2. Real life roleplays-- I'm not too sure if that's the name for it but in short I won't roleplay anything that involves celebrities with fans, celebrites dating celebrites, or just use characters made from real people.

3. No romance roleplays-- I don't mind if our characters become friends but I usually enjoy a bit of a romance to the plot so if you are looking for just friend roleplays, count me out.

Uh... I can't think of anymore. I'm sure it'll arise if you just ask!!

Finally, I'll add some rules... boo.

1. I'm a big believer of quality over quantity so don't feel like you have to be pressured to write 7000 characters or more-- Even if you push out two paragraphs, if that paragraph is detailed and nice I'll be happy! I have my off days as well, so please bear that in mind.

2. I work, I have school, I'm a busy human. I understand life gets in the way, so I wont pressure you to reply! So please, don't pressure ME to reply! I understand if it's longer than 2 weeks-- but if that happens I'll let you know if I want to drop it.

3. Be kind and I'll be kind back, do not be rude or pushy. No one wants to roleplay with a grump.

4. I only do 1x1 roleplays, not a fan of group roleplays.

5. Anime/Cartoon pictures, please! I don't feel comfortable with using real people pictures. Please make sure you are not claiming the art as your own either! All of my characters might be drawn from my deviantart and I'll state that as well but I might grab a picture from here or there.

So, If you haven't been bored with my words and want to give me a shot, message me! We can brain storm together <3


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I'm not against a R&M RP tbh! If you wanted to do that I'd be more than happy to plot with you, just pm me xD
  Karako Mizuchi / MimiMatsu / 341d 10h 41m 23s

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