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When you fall in love you don't always know if that person is [i the one], but we hope he/she is. In this RP two people have known since day one they're each other's half. Except things always got in the way and messed things up. To make it worse Gabriela ended up moving before they got to high-school. They kept in touch. Whenever they would visit the other while visiting family they would [i mess around] and act as if they're dating. Only if they were single of course, and it wasn't all the time. One of them would try to move one, but it would never work. Now __ moved and they're once again close to __. Would they give each other another shot? Would they stay friends with benefits? Would whoever is dating someone dump that person for the love of their life?

[center [i I'm in the mood for some romance! Real Pics. Char limit will be 600 since I'm usually busy. Need a [u male]. PM the skelly]]


Name: Gabriela Hewitt
Age: 22
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Regrets: leaving, aborted their baby and never telling him about the pregnancy or abortion, moving out of her parents house.
Likes: make-up, traveling, reading, stars,
Dislikes: clowns, bullies, her body
Other: Gab loves how she clickd with __ instantly. She isn't ashamed that he was her first everything and the one that keeps slipping away. She dated a few guys to see if maybe it was a phase. Her second longest relation was a year and a half. Officially __ and her has been together four four years, but on and off for six. This past year they seemed to have been drifting. Maybe its for the best?

Username: TheGayBoy
Name: Treyton Helssler
Occupation: Professional photographer/ Poem Writer
Regrets: Letting her slip through his fingers, Never telling her he loved her.
Likes: Her giggle, or the way her eyes light up when she sees him after awhile. Gummies, Video games, and singing.
Dislikes: Clowns, Sidewalk cracks, and Bacon.
Other: He used to tell himself the whole 'Love' Thing was just something people tried as a last resort because they didn't want to be alone the rest of their trashy lives. That is up until he met her, he felt himself catch those stupid feelings he swore he wouldn't catch so he jumped to the next girl and the to the next, only coming back to her when his chest hurt. The on again and off again mentally killed him, but he wouldn't dare tell her that stuff. She didn't really like him that, right? It's been almost a year since the death of his older brother due to suicide, it has taken it's toll on him, but he feels himself and his relationship slipping apart.

[b - - - - - - - - - - - -[u Add on cherries]- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ]
[ Jinx, her dog]
[ Lara, her roommate/friend]
[ Brandon, her boyfriend of almost 1yr]


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[i [#af18ae In Villa Borghese. There’s a cafe a few steps away from Hotel In Rome that’s pet friendly. They love my dog Jinx and I haven’t been home as much these past few days so I want to take him out for a little. I hope that’s okay. He’ll be my plus one.]] Gabriela is surprised that he agreed to meet up with her. He was the one who stopped talking to her. Try never stop speaking even when they’re dating someone. Dam, how is Brandon going to handle the news? He’s the only guy who knows about Treyton. [i [#af18ae Lets day 9:30 or 10?]] she sends a few minuets after the first text.

Gabriela was sent home. The chief saw how exhausted she is and how much she worked that week alone. She was given the rest of the week off. Gabriela was excited and bumped at the same time. When she got home she took Jinx out for a long walk before getting ready for bed. Brandon showed up that night to spend the night with her. He wasn’t sure how to feel about Treyton being there and the fact she’s going to meetup with him but he trust her and loves her. Yup. He finally told her he loves her. Gabriela couldn’t say it back. She cares about him but she doesn’t know if she loves him, loves him.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 2d 7h 35m 34s
He smirked feeling like she had asked him if he was single, he eyed his phone wondering if he should tell her he was free or come up with some stupid excuse to not be able to go. He ran a hand through his hair as he started texting her. [b Sure I'm free, where do you have in mind?] It felt good to be talking to her again, it was like everything in the world stood still and he could finally breathe again. He looked over at his dog and smiled. 'She's talking to me again Boy' He sounded pleased as hell patted the couch, watching his boy jump up he smiled again petting him. Standing ul he walked to the kitchen grabbing a doggy bone and telling king to sit. Sitting the dog happily smiled before barking at Trey. 'Good boy.' He smiled tossing the bone to him.
  Treyton / TheGayBoy / 2d 8h 7m 37s
The girl knows better then to believe he’s fine. I one is every fine after losing a love one. Part of her wanted to reply okay. However she’s one who hates getting a text saying [i ‘K’] or [i ‘okay’]. So why would she do it to someone else? Instead she wasn’t going to reply. When she got the other text she was using the bathroom. He’s a famous photographer now? That’s amazing. She’s proud of him. [#af18ae [i ‘That’s amazing! I’ll search up your work when i get the chance. And that’s fine. For the record you still owe me a picture of otters.’]] a few minutes she sent him another text. [i [#af18a ‘Are you free tomorrow morning?’]] Maybe they can catch up over breakfast since she’s off tomorrow. That’s if he wants If course.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 5d 6m 23s
He thought better off to not text her, maybe she had a boyfriend or whatever but the thought of not texting her made his chest hurt a bit. [b I'm fine.] He knew she was going to see right through his bullshit text. Sighing he pushed a tired hand through his mussed hair, [b I live in Bryon too, my pictures are just about everywhere. I've became quite famous from taking pictures of a little of everything, I took your advice and took pictures... I don't wanna talk about my brother ok?] He sighed feeling weird.
  Treyton / TheGayBoy / 5d 9h 38m 34s
Luckily for him she was on her phone. She was also texting her boyfriend. Her smile faded for a few seconds when she read he’s here on Ozzie. Well Aussie aka Australia. Doesn’t he know she’s here? A million of things washed up in her head. Mostly when the first everything; saw each other, date, kiss, sex, argued, met each other’s families, etc. Not to mention that one summer she went to go visit family and found out he was dating stupid Brittany. Her worse enemy. One would thing that would be a tie breaker but she knew Brittany wanted him. Ugh. [i [#af18ae ‘What part? I lived in Alice Springs until about two years ago. Give or take. Now I’m down in Bryon Bay.’]] after quickly replying she went back to texting her man before going back to work. Should they meet up? Catch up? Then she received another text. She was hoping it was from Brandon or Lara but it was treyson. Her heart broke reading what she did. His brother died. That explains a few things. [i [#af18ae ‘I’m sooo sorry. How are you holding up? I know how much he meant to you...”]] this made a Her day Crap out a little. She was close to his brother. He was almost like a best friend. He couldn’t been but it would’ve been weird to be best friends with your ex’s brother.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 6d 18h 37m 10s
His phone chimed causing him to jump, he reached it seeing her response. It chimed again, his eyes watered a bit as he looked at the message. He took his time before sighing deeply. He wasn't really ready to speak about his brother yet. [b I'm..alright, I moved to Aussie.] He grimenced trying to play her face into his mind.

He was pulled into a flashback of the night when they first kissed, the way her lips felt like soft pillows and the way she fit perfectly into his arms. They had been dating a few months and this was only their fifth date. He smirked seeing her joyful eyes shine over him as he pulled her into a long meaningful kiss. His fingers running through her tangled mess of a hair.

He shook his head head texting her again. [b Gab... He passed away almost a year or so ago.] He felt the hot tears pull at his face.
  Treyton / TheGayBoy / 6d 18h 53m 55s
It didn't take long to get a reply from him, Treyton. He didn't answer her question. [i [#af18ae "I'll answer when you answer my question. [pic]] Gab spoke aloud as she replied to his message. Gabriella quickly stuffed her phone in her pocket. Today she's working a double. Someone called out and well her boyfriend is away with his family so she has no reason to say no. Her roommate is going to walk her beloved fur-baby.

Gabriela had time to make a boomerang on Instagram with a co-worker. She's counting down the minutes left for her shift. Gab isn't ready to work another eight hours. She wants her bed and some cuddles from her fur-baby. Maybe even have a conversation with someone. Anyone. [i [#af18ae 'Hey hows your brother. I sent him a crassula corymbulosa. It's an inside joke, but I never heard from him. He told me he was having a rough time. I hope he's okay ❤️]] Gab doesn't know he's deceased. Of she did she would've reached out to Treyton and his family. She stills cares about them. Him.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 6d 20h 50m 22s
He had been staying up late for the past three months because sleep didn’t seem to need him, he kept over playing his brother’s death inside the depth of his own mind. He often thought maybe if he had been there he would’ve been able to do something to prevent it, but his god mum told him otherwise. Depression, that’s what they labeled his brother. That stupid word everyone is so scared of, my brother had it for a while and the way people talked about him made him sick so he knew it was time for a change. He thought it was silly to be moving clear across the world but he kept telling himself new start.

His photography was his life, most people had their dog or children Trey had his pictures. His brother used to tell him to go big or go home, and if you were going home then you must call yourself a pussy. He featured himself in so many galleries in Aussie, from the middle side to just about all of Australia.
His mind slipped him as It was late and he knew it, he felt his phone buzz in his pocket instantly knowing who it was. Thump, thump, his heart hit his ribcage as he eyed her message. [b What have you been up to?] He typed keeping it short and casual. He sat his
  Treyton / TheGayBoy / 6d 21h 21m 26s
Gabriela wasn't always a morning bird. She would love to sleep in. However lately she's been active. She goes for a run or to the gym for about an hour before work. Of course, she showers before going to work. The one day she ran late and was forced to go to work smelly no one cared. Except the annoying patients who actually left her alone. It was one of the greatest moments ever. The girl works at a hospital. Somehow she actually managed to work in the maternal department. It's an amazing job in her eyes.

Her responsibilities is to either speak with the previous night nurse or review outpatient records to get an idea of which and how many patients they’ll be dealing with. Once this has been completed, other preparations are made which include looking over patient tests that will be administered throughout that day, coordinating schedules with doctors, and checking email. It's always long day. It's always worth it hearing a jingle every time a baby is born. She can also hold a baby and watch the mother bond with their new born.

Gabriela was sitting down at the nurses station when she felt her phone vibrate. She pulls it out and leans back seeing the number. Since it's been about a year the girl deleted his contact information. It felt like she's about to have a heart attack. Her heart didn't know if it wants to stop or race. Before she could reply the mother in room 360A pressed the help button. Around two in the evening she was able to reply. The girl did forget to reply. [i [#af18ae 'Hey. It's been a while. How are you?']] She replies with before going to prep a room for an emergency c-setion.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 6d 23h 34m 46s
He was always in with everyone, no one seemed to interest him the way she did. Her looks were fine, but it was her personality that really drew him in. He had to get to know her, you know that feeling you get from that one someone? The feeling of where nothing can hurt you or stop this very moment? She was it, their four years together was one to remember. Then she left causing him to feel alone, and he closed up to everyone and shut the world out.

A couple years later Treyton was a photographer and a small poet on the side, had four books published and his pictures were just about in every art gallery in Australia, he was pleased. He had moved to the soft weather because he wanted a new start, he left his memories back in the sunsets of middle California. It had been a little over a year since his brother Austin took his own life. He decided to live in the now and try to forget that bad shit that he was faced with. He had his own house, a three bedroom light bluish house that when the sun hit it, it lit up each angle of the house perfectly. He had broken up with his girlfriend because she was wreck, a huge mistake. His dog King; the blue nosed pit whom made him happy to come home every night.

He smiled bringing his phone to his face surfing through the many selections on Netflix when he came across Gabriela’s Story. His mind went blank once her name flooded his mind causing him to have flashbacks, the one he remembered was the first time he laid eyes on her. He was sitting at the lunch table with his snobby friends, she looked scared and unsure of what she was doing, her cheeks were flushed and her eyes sucked him in. He flashed a smile towards her and watched her smile flash on her cheeks.

Shaking his head he pulled himself back into his living room, he picked up his phone off of the glass table and found her name inside his phone. He wanted to hear her voice again but thought better of it so he just texted her anyways. [b Hey…uh it’s Trey.] He hit sent and felt his arms tingle right after.
  Treyton / TheGayBoy / 8d 4h 50m 54s
They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and that's exactly the case here. His eyes were just a sample of his incredible qualities, both inside and out. His eyes captivated Her in the high school hallway, and Gabriela wanted to know him from that moment. They Gave it a shot and was together for four magical years. Before they could enjoy senior year in high school her and her family moved in the middle of the year. It broke her heart saying bye to the person she loves more than pizza.

Now Gabriela is a registered nurse, lives with a friend since rent it high, and owns a [ cannan dog name Jinx and he's the love of her life. This past year has been weird for her. She hasn't heard from Treyton in about a year. Maybe a little longer by a few days. It was maybe for the best. She is about to hit a year mark dating her current boyfriend Joey. Life seems to be okay for once.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 10d 19h 11m 11s

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