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"Chrysalis has a large bounty on your head," the changeling continued. It pounced, heading straight for iron. "Back off of my friend!" Rocksanne yelled, tackling the changeling before it could get to Iron. "No pony hurts my friends!" The red mare charged the changeling, ready to defend her friend. However, the effort was in vein as the changeling took to the air. You earth ponies are pathetic." And the changeling dived again. Rocksanne tackled her friend, pushing her out of the way. In her bag, her guitar started to glow. "What is your problem?" she said to the changeling.
  rocksanne / 291d 16h 43m 43s
As Iron was gathering what she needed, Rocksanne stood in front of her, stopping her progress. "How about," she said with a smile, "we go somewhere to eat. On me." Iron looked at her. "Well, if that's what you want." Soon the pair were out the door, on their way to town. They were on a wooded path, the trees blooming in wonderful flowers and bright colors. Rocksanne was enjoying the sights and the smells. "You know, we didn't have anything like this back home. Its so pretty and colorful!" Rocksanne looked over at Iron, who seemed to be on edge, her body tense as her gaze shifted left and right, never staying on any one thing for more then a moment. Rocksanne tapped her, trying to get her attention. Iron jumped, startled. "Iron, your acting odd. Are you ok?" The mare still looked nervous. "Me? Yea, i'm fine, why wouldn't i be?" She let out a nervous laugh. Rocksanne wasn't convinced, but let the subject go. The pair continued to walk, when there was a strange voice. "Well, if it isn't the little traitor." A little in front of the ponies, a bush turned into a changeling, its black shell shining in the early morning light.
  rocksanne / 291d 16h 44m 9s
Iron blushed a bit when she mentioned he fun they had last night, then she sighed and sat down in the kitchen with Rocksanne when she had explained everything to her. “I’m sorry to hear that...but you can always count on me to be there for you when you need me the most...” she said, giving Rocksanne a kiss and a hug before she began to cook breakfast. She sighed in relief as well when she found out that her roommate didn’t hear her talk about Chrysalis.
  Iron Hooves / DoomGuy123 / 295d 15h 59m 16s
Rocksanne looked over the bed at her crush. "All i remember," she said with a blush, "was what we did before we fell asleep. And even that's a blur." Walking from the bed, she got her saddlebag from the corner where she had put it and through it over her back, where it belonged. Checking to make sure her guitar was secure, she went over to Iron and stood next to her, even nudging her childishly before giving her a kiss on her lips. Her tongue went over her lover's lips as their mouthes parted. That blush only grew deeper. "Sorry...just can't get enough of you. By the way." A thought had just crossed her mind. "You said something about doing a patrol or something yesterday, but we were in the house all day." Rocksanne walked over to the door and opened it, watching as Iron walked past her. Casting the bed one last glance over her shoulder, Rocksanne sighed happily. Being here felt good, felt like...home. Iron had already gotten a few paces from Rocksanne, so she quickly walked up to the mare. The red mare smirked at Iron. "You know, you look great from behind. I can't help but look at how good you look." She laughed nervously. "Is that weird?" There was a moment of silence as the two walked. "And, hey, about yesterday...i owe you an explanation. I acted a little childish, and i'm sorry..." And so she started the story of her home town, A tiny town where everypony knew everypony else. How her father had given Rockanne her guitar, how she would practice endlessly, to the point of bothering her neighbors and all around her, and how she was banned from her home, forced to walk Equestria, looking for a new home. When she was done, there were tears going down her cheeks, a hoof stroking her guitar.
  rocksanne / 295d 16h 21m 0s
“Honestly, I was so out of it, that I didn’t hear anything...” she said, but she looked a bit nervous. “You didn’t hear me talking about anything in my sleep, did you...?” She asked, hoping that she did not hear her talking about Chrysalis in her sleep, as she did not want to reveal that she herself was a changeling as well. The thought of what Rocksanne would say drifted in her mind, making her scared.
  Iron Hooves / DoomGuy123 / 297d 16h 8m 8s
Rocksanne grumbled sleepily. Something about wanting to stay in bed. Her hooves were still wrapped around Iron. hugging the pony close. She Iron back softly. "Rocksy, its time to get up," Iron tried to encourage her friend to get up, even poking the mare a few times. All Rocksanne did was pout and refuse to move. The bed was so warm, so comfortable. Why would she ever want to leave it? She felt her friend poking at her, so she opened her eyes. Through her blurry vision, Rocksanne could see that Iron was right next to her. "Morning..." she said, her voice groggy. Releasing Iron, she stretched out her legs and arched her back, stretching her body to try to wake up. Rubbing her eyes, Rocksanne could see her friend clearly again. "Good morning, Iron," she said. Pushing the blankets aside, the red mare jumped from the bed and stood next to it, again stretching to awaken her still sleepy body. "Hey, odd question. Do you remember me saying anything to you? After we went to sleep I mean." She watched as Iron got out of bed as well, and couldn't help but check her out. At this point it was a habit. Iron was almost like a drug to Rocksanne. She could only want more.
  rocksanne / 297d 16h 13m 37s
Iron woke up the next morning, her face having a smile as she kissed Rocksanne good morning, because she knew they were meant to be together, but she also had to keep her real form a secret, since most ponies didn’t like what she actually was. “Morning Sleepyhead...” She said, looking at Rocksanne with her bright smile and her happy-go-Lucky attitude that she started off the day with, but her mind was still tormented with the vision of Chrysalis standing above her, taunting her in her dreams.
  Iron Hooves / DoomGuy123 / 298d 16h 9m 9s
As Iron tossed and turned in her sleep, her movements woke up the rock and roll pony. Still half asleep, images of what happened drifted across her mind, making her smile. There was something soft and warm next to her, so she hugged it close to her body. Soon, her mind grasped that the furry thing was actually Iron, and she cuddled the mare. Rocksanne rubbed the mare's belly slowly, sleepily. It was something Iron had taught her how to do, something that felt good to Iron, being touched so lovingly. The red mare could not resist. Echos of their love making were still in Rocksannes mind, making her feel warm next to Iron. Gradually, her stroking moved down Iron's body. Soon, ROcksanne was at Iron's tender spot, and she slowly and gently stroked her friend. A smile soon formed on Iron's lips and he pulled her friend closer to herself, still asleep. After kissing Iron on the lips, Rocksanne gently whispers to the mare, "I love you, Iron Hooves." Content, Rocksanne settled down to go back to sleep, the two ponies in a tighter embrace. The nest day, as the sun rose, sunshine flowed into the room.
  rocksanne / 298d 16h 15m 0s
The night ended well, everything was filled with love and pleasure, but she felt like she still touched too tender a topic earlier, so she was extra gentle with everything she did, just to make up for it. And when they were tired, Iron was tightly hugging her with her front legs, snoozing gently as she was lying with her roommate. She also was mumbling in her sleep, and the name Chrysalis escaped her lips as she slightly tossed and turned while she slept.
  Iron Hooves / DoomGuy123 / 303d 17h 11m 26s
Time passed, slowly. For Rocksanne, music was a way for her to work though negative emotions. Well, it was a way to do basically anything. As her tears dried up, she packed her guitar away and strung the bag over her shoulders, as always. She unlocked her door, and began wondering the house, looking for iron. Not finding the mare, Rocksanne goes to Iron's room. Knocking on the door gently, Rocksanne enters. Iron is laying on her bed, looking miserable. "Hey," Rocksanne said gently, placing her bag with her guitar in the corner of the room. "I'm sorry about before...there are some...wounds that haven't healed yet." Rocksanne got on the bed, laying on her stomach next to Iron. "It's not your fault." Rocksanne gave Iron a kiss to try to cheer the mare up, even nudging her body closer to Iron. "Let me make it up to you." Rocksanne nuzzled her head against Iron. "Let me make it up to you," Rocksanne continued, nudging Iron gently to get her to roll onto her back. Getting up, Rocksanne place herself on top of Iron, giving her a kiss.
  rocksanne / 303d 17h 14m 54s
She sighed, knowing she made a mistake, but Rocksanne wouldn’t listen, which made her feel bad, and she ended up going to her room, her element glowing slightly, as it did with Rocksanne’s guitar, where her element was hidden. “I messed up...” she told herself, lying on her bed, unable to stop thinking about what she did, and unable to move. All she wanted was to be with Rocksanne, because she felt more comfortable with her there than when she was alone
  Iron Hooves / DoomGuy123 / 304d 16h 40m 57s
A crestfallen look came over Rocksanne's face upon being asked about her past. She pushed her half finished breakfast away from herself. A sad sigh could be heard. Mindlessly, Rocksanne stroked her guitar through her bag. "I was banned from my home...been wondering the countryside ever since...i'd...i'd rather not talk about it" Rocksanne got up. "Thanks for the food, it was good." Turning, Rocksanne walked back to her room. "Rocksanne, wait!" Iron called after her friend, following her out of the room. As the red mare got to her room, she shut and locked the door. Iron knocked on the door, trying have Rocksanne let her in. Music could be heard. It was low, slow, sad. It was like someone took the feeling of heartbreak and made it into noise. "Rocksanne, please, let me in," Iron pleaded with the pony. All that changed was that the music got a little louder. In the room, Rocksanne was sitting on the bed, her guitar in her hooves. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she sobbed slightly.
  rocksanne / 305d 22h 42m 33s
She smiled a bit and look at her, then she began to eat her breakfast, which had turned out perfectly well, and soon they were talking again about their adventures while leaving their original homes. “I’m from a really unforgiving place...” she said, and she began to have flashbacks to when she had to fight Chrysalis to leave her hive so she could escape to Ponyville and have peace. “I want to know what you went through on the way here...”
  Iron Hooves / DoomGuy123 / 310d 18h 23m 35s
All Rocksanne had heard was which string Iron said was flat. All else was tuned out. Adjusting the string and strumming her guitar, it sounded much better. Testing each string individually one last time, Rocksanne was finally satisfied. She also did not notice that the mare had almost fallen out of her chair. Suddenly, Rocksanne started to practice her rifts, trying to make them sound as epic as she could. She was quite talented, but her guitar was also quite...loud. "Rocksanne!" Iron tried to get her attention, but Rocksanne wasn't paying attention. "Rocksanne!" Iron tried again, and again she didn't hear Iron. "ROCKSANNE!" Iron practically yelled. "Huh..wha...?" Rocksanne looked around, confused. "Your breakfast is getting cold." All Rocksanne did was tilt her head in confusion. Iron pointed in front of the red mare, and Rocksanne looked down. "oh, wow, this looks good." Placing her guitar back in its back. Rocksanne started to eat.
  rocksanne / 310d 18h 35m 9s
Iron looked confused, and tried to find which one was flat. “I believe it is the third thickest string that sounds flat...” she said, and after a few, she served the breakfast, which was French toast. “Bin apetit.” She said, smiling a bit, and when she sat down, he chair slipped out from under her, and she fell to the floor with a thud. “Whoa!” She shouted, and then she got up and dragged the chair back to its spot.
  Iron Hooves / DoomGuy123 / 317d 15h 33m 57s

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