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Rocksanne slowly turned to face the mare. "Are..are you sure? I can be a...bit of a hoofful..." She placed a hoof on her saddlebag, feeling her guitar through the material. She smiled a little. Well, she was being offered a place to rest, at least for the night. Surely she couldn't mess up too bad in one night. Picking her head back up, she smiled at the pony. "Sure, sounds good to me. And what was that about a queen?"
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She sighed. She knew she messed up, having made the new mare upset and then she looked at her crystal shield. "Hold on a moment!" She shouted, and came up to the mare. Maybe you can share my home until I can find one for you..." she suggested, feeling bad for what Rocksanne had gone through. "I know what that is like, I was forced to leave my home because the queen went insane, but I found this town, which is a good place to get a fresh start on life..." she explained, and smiled.
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Rocksannes's emotion changed from one of happy curiosity to a sad, crestfallen one. "I'm...not from around here, yea...i'm...from a small village...far from here..." She looked down, a hoof slowly digging in the dirt. "I was banished from my home...never to return...So i wandered Equestria...trying to find a new place to call home..." With that, she turned away from the other pony and started to make her way back into the little store. "You're welcome for the was no big deal..."
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The mare shrugged,used to wearing armor. "I've gotten so used to it that I sometimes forget I'm wearing it." She said, and placed the crystal shield on the center of the front of her armor, and she looked at the mare who returned said item to her. "I also thank you for returning my crystal shield. As for my name, you may call me Iron Hooves." She said, and then she asked where she was from, not recognizing her in any way. "You can't be from Equestria, because I have not seen you anywhere..." she told Rocksanne
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"I'm Rocksanne," she said to the pony. She looked Iron Hooves over, unsire of what to make of what she was seeing. Curious, Rocksanne tapped a hoof on the other's armor with a metallic clank. "So," Rocksanne stated, "whats with the metal?" She tapped another part of Iron Hooves' armor. "It can't be fun to carry that around all the time." Looking up at the pony, she waited for a response to her question.
  rene / rocksanne / 3d 4h 48m 39s
Iron Hooves nodded, and took the crystal shield emblem. "My thanks to you..." she said, and lifted up her visor to reveal her face. "My name is Iron Hooves...what is your name?" She asked after glancing at the glowing guitar. The glow made her think about a legend of two elements lost to the world, but she shook her head and looked at Rocksanne again
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Rocksanne's gaze fell on the armor clad pony that had been in front of her when she was in line. She watched as the pony got up, put her helmet back on, and went out the door, leaving a cup behind on the table. Only, the cup wasn't the only thing he had left behind. There was a crystal like object next to the glass, apparently also left behind. Downing the rest of her drink, Rocksanne walked over to the table, reached out with a hoof, and picked up the strange rock. It was heavy for its size, and shaped like a shield. There was a strange tingling sensation in her hoof and it traveled up her front leg. Pocketing the crystal, Rocksanne chased the pony out the door. Spotting the pony, she galloped to catch up to her. "HEY!" she called out to get her attention. As she came up to the pony, she came to a halt, panting slightly. "Hey," she said again. Digging in her bag, she pulled out the crystal and handed it to the armor clad pony. Something caught her eye in her bag. It was her guitar. It looked normal, only, it was glowing. "What the..?" As quick as the glow appeared, it vanished. Closing her bag back up, she faced the pony. "You forgot that at your table. I just wanted to return it."
  rocksanne / 5d 2h 55m 40s
The armor clad mare finished her drink and went back outside, after placing her helmet back on her head. "I hope that no changeling ambushes happen today, in getting awfully tired of it..." the mate told herself, looking around Ponyville for any hostile changelings, but she didn't realize that her necklace had been left in the building she just left
  Iron Hooves / DoomGuy123 / 5d 4h 14m 19s
Rocksanne waited patently for her turn. She was right behind a pony wearing armor. After the pony was served, it was her turn. She ordered a glass of water and paid for it. Glass in hoof, she went to sit at one of the tables in the small shop. Finding that a table in the corner was empty, Rocksanne chose to sit there. It was refreshing to be out of the head. Gratefully, she sipped her cold drink, feeling more like herself again. However, there was a strange feeling, like she was being watched. Looking around, she found no one looking in her direction, but she couldn't shake the feeling. Taking another sip of water, Rocksanne tried to shake the feeling away, but it would not go.
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The armored mare saw the pony rocking the bandanna, and she went to the shop that she also had went to, but she took of her helmet, allowing for the ponies to see her face, which was scarred from her many fights with changelings in the past. "Lemonade please..." the armored mare said, and gave the order taker ten bits for the service
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A red pony was walking the countryside. Across her shoulder was a guitar. A bandana held her mane up. The sun was beating down on the earth pony, and her dark coat only made her feel hotter. On the horizon was a small town. She walked to it, wanting just a simple drink and a chance to cool down. The air was still and offered no help. Soon, Rocksanne was at the towns edge. Ponies of all kinds were moving through the town, doing whatever it was they were doing. A pink pony was holding balloons, and talking to a group of five other ponies. Looking around for a store or shop, Rocksanne found one and started to walk to it.
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Iron Hooves was on patrol duty in Ponyville, since there had been a number of small scale changeling attacks recently. "There better not be any more attacks...I'm sick and tired of it already..." the mare told herself
  Iron Hooves / DoomGuy123 / 12d 22h 1m 42s

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