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Hi there. Im Rocksanne. I want to start getting back to rping again. Lately Ive been craving a yugioh or mlp rp. Do i have a plot idea for either of them? No. But i am flexable and will work with any idea you may have. Do i have a character to use in the rp? Yes. Are they ocs? Yes. For yugioh i have a calm, level headed Majespecter user, but when his emotions run high, he can be unpredictable. For mlp i have Rocksanne She is an earth pony who loves rock and roll. She was banished from her home town and is now looking for a new place to call home.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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"The final match of the Duelist world championship is under way, and previous champion Declan Akaba is falling prey to a destructive strategy concocted by none other than our upcoming celebrity duelist: Zeiko Strian"

As Zeiko stood on the blue balcony of the duelist arena, those were the words he heard from the judge. I've got this in the bag, he thought. Still left with 6200LP and armed with a great final move up his sleeve.
"Now that I control a "Dark Magician" and a "Dark Magician Girl", I activate Dark Burning Magic!" As Zeiko yelled those words, a wave of black fire swept over the field, not only destroying Declan's three copies of "D/D/D/ Doom King Armageddon", but also his 1 to 10 pendulum scale. Of course, they went to his extra deck, but that hardly mattered. His opponent was at 2000 LP.
"You'll regret this, Strian," Declan said. He had a look of fear in his eyes.
Zeiko smiled. "Black Luster Soldier- Super Soldier, make the final move!"
A huge armored knight swung a massive sword and Declan's LP dropped to zero. The duel was over.

Later, in a huge tower known as Genesis Tech, a party was under way. Zeiko stood to the side, leaning against a wall. Even though this was for him, this just wasn't his thing.
As he stood there keeping to his self, he saw something that made his heart beat double its normal speed.A girl was walking toward him. She had long, black hair and piercing blue eyes. Her pale skin really brought them out. She wore blue jeans and a black shirt. Her name was Snow.
"Why don't you dance?" She asked.
"C'mon, I know we just got together, but that doesn't mean we can't dance." She looked sad.
"Sure." He replied flatly.

Later, Zeiko was on his way home, when hegot a text. He pulled his black phone out of his pocket and looked. It was from a good friend. Jake. The message said:

We found a new Member for the organization.

Zeiko typed a new message:


An instant reply

Don't know, but he's a Majespecter user.

So it began.
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