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[I [#de172c [center [size20 Careful where you tread... ]]]]

[I [center [size15 Beware of the dead…]]]

[I [center [size10 Take care when the moon is high]]]

[I [center [size10 The home in the trees]]]

[I [center [size15 Will sound off their glees...]]]

[I [center [size20 The Addams are home tonight]]]

[size10 ... Imagine... Being an outcast as you may have been in school. Feeling as though no one could break that spell... Except... You find yourself... Gawking at a weird girl, the popular girls surrounding her in their usual target practice. Turns out, she was a new addition to The Addams Family... How do I know? Because she was weirder than me. She never smiled... She had locs that were two colors, and her stare could freeze your heart... Or so I've heard. She did have this purse... It had Wendsday Addams inside... So, I followed her one day after school... And it turns out, she was living in the Old Addams Mansion!]

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