Legend Of Zelda: The Order Of Hylia

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The royal family has been struck down, and Zelda kidnapped, only one of the guards survived, his name was Hiro, a wandering warrior who was raised by the Gerudo and fought for what was right, but Ganondorf had struck him down, but Hiro managed to live, and vowed to rescue Zelda, after Link had disappeared. But he cannot rescue her alone, he will need the help of someone else along his way, for his isn't as strong as he was before, will Hiro be able to keep his vow, or will he die trying?

This takes place in the world of Breath Of The Wild


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The young warrior had reached the desert after half the day, his energy spent. After he had reached Gerudo town, he passed out, causing the entire village to find out what had happened, as Hiro was a well liked man in the town. "What is going on here?!" Lady Descia asked, and then she saw Hiro lying in the sand. "Get him to my home, he needs to recover from his wounds!" Descia told them, and two of the Gerudo carried the unconscious boy to the home of Descia, in the heart of Gerudo Town.
  Hiro / DoomGuy123 / 1d 12h 11m 33s
The area wouldn't be safe, he needed to go as far away from this place as possible, that was his first plan. Firstly to the desert, get supplies and try to go to another continent. He got out of the tree as soon as the guardian was out of the way. He ran across the field to the west, looking around, being aware of his sourroundings. This was going to be a long day.
  Aiko (diclonius) / kirito / 1d 16h 28m 34s
Hiro was one of the only survivors, but his fight with Ganondorf had left him wounded, his eye missing, and most of the Royal family perished after castle had collapsed. That was when Ganondorf had rode out of the castle before the guardian could attack, leaving the guardian to stand inactive until something showed up. The former royal guard made his way out into Hyrule field, and headed southwest towards the Gerudo Desert, where the young Hylian had been raised by Lady Descia of the Gerudo. "I...I've failed..." he muttered to himself, clutching his father's sword in his hand. The boy was headed to the only place he could truly be safe from the evil he had encountered, and hat was where he was raised, in Gerudo Town, where his adopted mother, Lady Descia dwelled, in the very heart of the desert itself.
  Hiro / DoomGuy123 / 10d 23h 4m 6s
He walked along Hyrule field, south of the castle. Apparently his target was supposed to be around here. He had been tracking this bandit down for some time, it seemed he was spotted as soon as he got close and only found an empty recently used camp. He heard voices and decided to get a good view of the camp before doing anything, as soon as he was on top of one of the last trees in the forest he smiled. There he was, the distinctive golden plated chest plate shined thanks to the sun which made him wonder how the hell wasn't he burning hot inside there. He looked left and right and counted 3 tents and 7 bandits, this was going to be boring.

The ground trembled, followed by a loud bang to the north. He looked and saw the castle in flames, how the hell were they invaded? His been in this area for some time and didn't see any sign of an army. What happened next he couldn't have expected.

One of those metalic machines that the royal family had been putting up as a defence system appeared out of nowhere and started shooting its laser at the bandits with deadly precision, using its metalic claws but that couldn't be possible. The official memo stated that the machines didn't attack innocent bystanders, only the monsters that roamed the land. The mission was a failure and he had to quickly get put of the area. Unfortunatley, the guardian took care of the bandits too quietly and noticed him immediatley. Aiko ran as fast as he could between the trees, hoping to elude the Guardian. After about half an hour he finally was able to escape by hiding underneath a rock, and waiting for the guardian to get back to its post.

"What the hell is going on?"
  kirito / 11d 1h 30m 43s

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