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Felix yawned and stretched as he opened his eyes, looking around and falling out of his bed when the alarm clock suddenly went off, he always waking up before the clock by one minute. And always exact.

Growling, he used his foot to turn the clock off, crawling away from it and going over to his dresser for clothes. Searching the small amounts of things he has. He looked around the side of it, picking out his shirt and his favorite jacket he wears all the time. But he stopped when he forgot about one thing. His eye patch.

Of course, he doesn't have to wear it inside the house, but it's better if he did. Just to keep himself safe. He took the small piece of cloth off of the dresser, quickly putting it on to hide away his right eye.

Stretching again, he looked around, wondering why it was quiet. He tiptoed around, searching closely. Nearly dying when he remembered.

It was Saturday

Felix groaned, wondering why his alarm clock went off, slowly turning his head to the switch that normally turned the alarm off. He saw his cat Silvester.

Felix growled and walked over, picking the kitten up and staring at him closely, then hugged the cat [+red "Ugh, do you just wants loves little kitty?"] Felix laughed and the cat purred, nodding [+purple "Well obviously"] the cat spoke. Felix laughing and nuzzling him.
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