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"Well when we get home I can teach you what I know. Which is a lot, considering my dad's an executive chef. He taught me a lot over the years," Kiera smiled. She wasn't thinking beaches on the way to Florida it was everything in between that she was thinking of. "That sounds like a lot of fun...I wonder how many weird attractions is on the way."

Hearing the offer for drinks she thought on that. "I'm okay, some water should be fine, I should call my dads. I've been slacking in calling them." There was still seeing her brother off to plan.
  Pieces / Faust / 19h 52m 6s
Kane nodded, "Yes it is... I can't really cook but like three things so pizza and chinese food or tacos is what I survive on." He muttered and ordered pizza. "After it gets here we will hot tub... and then tomorrow we're headed towards Florida and finding all of the weird things along the way." He said getting towels for the hot tub and sitting them on the side of it. "So we need drinks... theres a vending machine down the hall, do you want to go with me?"
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 21h 44m 8s
"Didn't we just eat like two or three hours ago?" Kiera asked before shaking her head at the pizza. He was fairly predicatable. She kissed back before finding another dress and slipped it on. She really needed to be more careful. "It really is? This is for me, too."

Those words from him didn't scare her off, she smiled and moved over to him and kissed him softly. "I know," she said softly. It meant a lot. "So, pizza is your main fuel source? Pizza sounds good."

When she had the chance shed start cooking again and see what it took in order to go back to school.
  Pieces / Faust / 21h 55m 5s
Kane nodded, "Lets order some dinner first and wait on it before we get in... that way the delivery person doesn't get an eye full... I mean I don't want to share you with anyone." He said kissing her and his hand easily finding her ass. "This... this is different than anything I've ever had before... I know I've said it before but I love you." He said and kissed her again. "Now what do we want for dinner, pizza?" He asked seriously, "I could eat some."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 23h 49m 49s
Somehow something that started out as being a necessary means was turning out so very different. Truthfully, she was not sure if anything like that had ever been said before. "I don't think anyone has said anything you have about me before," Kiera smiled softly stroking his cheek gently with real affection.

"That does sound really good," she gave a laugh before moving back to her seat. The first storm and time with him, it was perfect. At the hotel room she got out of the wet dress immediately. "So, hot tub then?"
  Pieces / Faust / 1d 16m 50s
"Me either darlin'.." He said looking to her, "This was a first but I wouldn't change it for the world because at the same time, it was perfect, crazy, and beautiful all at the same time...just like you." He muttered pushing her red hair out of her face. "I could stay like this with you forever but its getting cold and we should get back to the hotel... break in the hot tub maybe?" He asked with a smirk. Kane picked up her hand and kissed the back of it.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 2h 48s
The storm didn't seem to last as long but it certainly had been an interesting back drop. Keeping things as they had been would certainly was impossible, they had been intimate together. She rested into him comfortably.

"You really think so?" She asked curiously. It was something else, and it really was a first for her. "I can't say that I've ever had sex in any type of automotive. This was a first for me."

In this moment she just relaxed against him taking in his scent.
  Pieces / Faust / 1d 17h 48m 37s
An hour later the truck was still parked in the same spot. Kane didn't want to let her go and there was no going back now. They had done it... slept together... had sex.... Whatever you wanted to call it... they were more than friends it was obvious. Kane kissed her gently, "You are amazing baby." He muttered in her ear as he held her. It was even more special to him because it happened in his home town... in a spot that was important to him in his life.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 18h 12m 26s
"That sounds like a good idea," Kiera gave a small chuckle to him. In just a moment there had been that powerful draw in that moment. She didn't mind being pulled back into him kissing him. The sudden change in them was sudden but powerful.

About a minute in she there was a loud clap of thunder caused her to jump. Giving a small laugh at her jumpx wrapping her arms around his neck. "Sorry, not quite used to these types of storms. Wow, it really is something..."

She looked back to him before leaning in again.e
  Pieces / Faust / 1d 18h 21m 32s
Kane held her there, his hands on her waist as he kissed her. "Lets... get in the truck.. before we get soaked." He whispered, not wanting to take his hands off of her waist just yet. He wanted her.... he needed her. Kane lifted her off of him and kissed her again as he sat her on the ground and without a word led her to the front of the truck and helped her inside before going to the driver's side and getting in. It was a moment before he pulled her to him again.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 19h 27m 25s
It was reminiscent of their first kiss only it was real rain, and a real kiss. Kissing back with as much passion moving closer to him. She noted the words but didn't respond in words. There was something there and she had missed that feeling so much.

Moving into his lap she kissed him again, only the second kiss she had initiated but it felt so amazing. The rain was starting to become stronger but she didn't mind. This felt right and good.

Feelings, actual feelings...damn..
  Pieces / Faust / 1d 23h 15m 34s
Kane held her hand as the rain began to trickle down. They were parked under a tree on the corner so they weren’t really getting wet. Without saying a word Kane kissed her and this wasn’t your normal run of the mill kiss. This was the best kiss Kane had ever had, this was intense, full of passion and love. He couldn’t deny it anymore, he loved her so much. “I love you.” He whispered breathlessly as he pulled away from the kiss. Somehow he had ended up with his hands on her waist.
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 2d 55m 40s
This was something different, she hadn't done this before. "This is a nice spot...that river is amazing, too...I like it here..." Kiera said contently before she rested her head against his shoulder contently. Even without any big moves or steps she was finding him and this a lot more comfortable.

Slowly the storm did come in, she watched quietly, resting against him. It was a simple and quiet moment and she loved it. It was going to be be hard to go back to L.A. if she did decide to.
  Pieces / Faust / 2d 17h 20m 11s
"I think we have just enough time to drive to the spot where my grandpa and I used to sit and wait on it... after we eat." he said smiling, "I have a tail gate and its my turn to teach someone about it."

Once they were done eating he led her to the truck and helped her in gently and quickly drove to an old dirt road. The sun was still shining but at the same time it was gloomy. Kane pulled down the tail gate and lifted her onto it.... "Now we just sit here and wait for the storm."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 18h 7m 40s
They were about to eat but she only wanted to watch the storm fascinated by that. There was not that bad of weather in LA except for smog. It made it great to run but this was exciting. "Wow, those memories sound great. Hey...when do you think the storm will roll in? I really want to watch."

It was simple joys like this or piecing stuff together that made her happy. She gave a small chuckle. "And this is why my dad always called me Sunshine, or exes parents thought that a piece was not quite there."
  Pieces / Faust / 2d 18h 10m 2s

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