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Yuu looked up at the boy that had met him on the roof. [+purple “Wait, you can see them to?”] He looked the boy up and down. This is not possible. Then he saw the boy create a force field and Yuu was even more confused. [+purple “I have never met another person that can see them.”] He paused for a moment. [+purple “What, what did I just do? What did you just do?”] Yuu had so many questions now, more than ever.

Yuu stood up keeping his eyes on the other male. [+purple “I can not go back to that class room.”] He looked down at the floor. They must think he was crazy just crying like that all of a sudden, but then again it was nothing he was not used to. Yuu just really wish this school would be different. Maybe this school was different though, he had just met someone else that can see the spirits. [+purple “I like the roof. We can go there and talk.”]

He walked in silence with the boy as they walked back up to the roof. Yuu made sure tom put a wedge in the door so they could get back in. Yuu looked back at the boy. [+purple “You can see them to? You even let one follow you around?”] He sat down with his back agents a wall. [+purple “I have never met anyone else like me. How did you make they vanish back there?”]
  Yuu / hach1k0 / 47d 14h 12m 10s
Izumi made a soft squeak sound as he pushed back floating over to Mikoto sitting on his shoulder.[b Chu?] he made a noise yet again and Mikoto pet his head watching the blonde hair male walking away and back in the building.

[b “Wait.”] the male spoke to late he planted the fake smile on his face as he touched the door entering the building trying to find the male watching the spirit getting closer and Closer to Yuu before she was sent to the neck life. Izumi left flying back to the outside to play with his spirit friends while Mikoto took care of things here.

[b “I see, not only can you see them but you can help them pass on. It will take time to get used to it but if you stick with me I can help you. Also sorry about Izumi, he is one of the two companions I have. Once you get used too them they will come out to you. They help you when you cant focus.”] he knelt down to his side putting his hand on his shoulder.

A couple more spirits came from rooms and walked towards them Mikoto sighed standing in front of Yuu putting his hands out a aura surrounding him and the two spirits both of them smiling before passing on. Mikoto came back over to Yuu hoping that he was okay a couple of students leaving the classroom glancing at the two males the girl blushing seeing Mikoto. [b “Lets either go back to class or we can go somewhere quiet so you could calm down.”]
  Mikoto Otome / KasaiShadowFox / 70d 7h 39m 34s
Yuu looked up at the boy talking, not expecting such a beautiful face. Yuu’s face grew a bit red. He cleaned the tears off his face, that’s when it caught his eye. A small animal of sort. He shuddered and pushed back away form the tall boy and the animal. [+purple “I am fine.”] There was a stutter in his voice. He stood up avoiding any more contact with the boy and the animal.

Yuu quickly walked down stairs. There was no way he could go to that class, but he also couldn’t go home and worry his grandfather. He stood there in the hall way. Not knowing what to do, when he felt it again. The pain and anger. Tears once more started down his face. [+purple “You have to be kidding me.”] Luckily the hall way had no one in it, well know one living. He turned around to see the sad ghost girl. [+red “Help me.”] There was a horribly depressing voice ringing threw his ears. So loud he dropped down to the floor.

He couldn’t move. The ghost flew closer and closer to him, getting louder and louder. Finally she was right in front of him. [+red “Help me.”] Yuu in pain reached his hand out to try and push the ghost away. When he touched her, the feelings got worst. He could see everything that happened to her. She loved someone but her did not love her back. She took her own life. She jumped out of the window right where his desk is. And then, nothing.

Yuu looked up to see a beautiful white light coming from the ghost. [+red “Thank you.”] And with that she was gone. Yuu no longer could feel her pain. It was as if he had lifted her. She was finally able to pass on to the next life. Yuu sat there looking at his hands. Confused.
  Yuu / hach1k0 / 103d 12h 58m 50s
[center [font "Letter" Mikoto has always been the center of Attention wither unwanted or not the teal haired male always had eyes on him. The only people who never truly accepted him where his mother and father. Mikoto’s mother was a well-known Actress and the daughter of Yakuza blood, her father was and still is a Yakuza boss. While his father was a CEO of a Russian company.

Mikoto lived with his mother while his father moved back to to his homeland so he could take care of his company, of course also to get away from his freak of a son. The mother was to take care of their “Weird” child alone only to pass away on his eleventh birthday. Mikoto’s father showed his face only once to go to his wifes funeral and then immediately left leaving the young grieving eleven year old to fend for himself. Of course, his father would send him enough and some to get by every month plus an allowance of five thousand. The males grandfather would stop by from time to time watching him from the outside never really going in not wanting his daughters only son to be surrounded by Yakuza.

Teal hair covered his eyes as he heard footsteps in his room his younger sister and brother giggling as they jumped on him . [#00DDDD “Big brother time to get p we have school and want a yummy lunch.”] they both said in unison as he hugged both of them.

[#008888 “right ill get your lunches ready as you two go get dressed.”] he spoke happily patting their heads after the children left the male got dressed and made there lunches before walking them both to their school and walking to his own. As the 6’1 male walked the campus he was surrounded by the girls and guys. The teal male noticed a beautiful blonde male almost in tears Mikoto walked to class unable to help him.

It wasn’t until the male left the room in tears that Mikoto had stood up. [#008888 “I am the Student body president I will go get him continue class.”] his voice sweet yet melancholy. He walked up to the only place he could think that the boy went to the roof. Upon exiting he noticed the blonde and heard a chi sound behind him his Ghostly companion petting him he walked over to the boy. [#008888 “ Excuse me are you okay? My name is Mikoto im the student body president. What is wrong are you okay?”] Mikotos companion walked over to him putting a paw on his foot knowing he could see him.]]
  Mikoto Otome / KasaiShadowFox / 104d 2h 32m 5s
Yuu was always used to being alone. Never having friends. He lived with his grandfather, who was now sick and dying. His parents wanted nothing to do with him. They believed he was mentally unbalanced, but his grandfather knew the truth. He could not only see ghost but feel their emotions. Sometimes he would get an overwhelming feeling of anger, but most the time it was sadness. So much sadness to the point he couldn’t control the tears.

New day at a new school. They had to move closer to the hospital for his Grandfathers doctor’s appointments. Yuu was not looking forward to a new school. He was used to the kids at his other school, saying mean things and doing mean things. But these kids were all new. Maybe they where meaner, but maybe they were nicer.

Putting on his new uniform he fixed his hair, that no matter what he did was always a mess. He walked to his Grandfather’s room, who was laying on his bed. Not that he could do much more. [+purple “I am heading out. I will come straight home to take you to your appointment. “] He smiled and nodded, and his Grandfather smiled back.

Yuu’s walked to school was pretty calm. That was until he got to the front gate of the school. That’s when he felt it. The tears where starting already. [i[+purple “No, not already.”]] But he couldn’t stop it. He looked around and there she was a small ghost girl. His age. He could feel all her pain and confusion. Kids stopped and looked at him as he stands there staring at what they saw was a empty street, crying. They mumbled to one another. Yuu whipped his face and started walking again.

He grabbed his papers from the office. His home room was B1. He looked down at the map in his hands. His home room was on the second floor. He walked up the stairs, some girls smiled at him. His face grew red and he put his head down. Yuu stopped dead in his tracks as he made it to the door of his homeroom. He felt it again. He looked and sitting in the only open desk was the ghost girl from before. [+blue “Come on in young man.”] The tall female teacher welcomed Yuu in, but all he could do was stand there. He could feel the tears start.
He turned around quickly and ran. He somehow made his way to the rooftop. He didn’t remember going up any stairs, but then again all he could think about was getting away from the ghost and her pain. He sat agents the wall holding his head in his knees. The tears from the ghost had finally stopped these that he now cried where his own.
  Yuu / hach1k0 / 110d 11h 57m 57s

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