The Fairy Hunted In The Land Of Romance

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He soon passed out, not knowing what would happen later that night, and he began to dream of her and himself together, as a family, but after three hours, he was awoken by the sound of creaking floorboards, something that would only occur if someone were in the house, moving about. He then heard someone slowly opening the doors and closing them, then when one of them opened the door to his room, he pretended to be asleep, and when hey closed the door, he quickly grabbed the nearest item he could, which was his cane, and quietly sneaked out of his room, and followed the intruder. Then other Fairy Hunter had been opening and closing doors for a few minutes, and he finally found her room, and he sneaked over to the bed.
  Jonah Kingsley / DoomGuy123 / 345d 9h 45m 15s
Melody blushed a bit as well when her date returned the kiss with his own upon her cheek, and she made sure to tell him good night as well. Upon closing the door to her room, the fairy hung up her dress and put on some pants to sleep in. She didn't put on a shirt, only having her bra on her upper body. "That was really nice..." The female said to herself, as her wings folded out and stretched around, flapping slowly. Soon enough, she laid down upon her bed...and was starting to doze off.
  Melody Frost / AskTheStaff / 345d 9h 58m 2s
He blushed a bit, and before she could react, he had done the same, and then he went to bed after telling her good night. "I cannot believe she kissed me..." he told himself, still blushing madly. He soon had stripped down to his undergarments and put on his black pants he usually wore, leaving his chest bare and his necklace on his neck.
  Jonah Kingsley / DoomGuy123 / 345d 10h 1m 30s
"That sounds fair enough. I will be doing the same." Melody said in response to her date's words. "Thank you so much for this date." She had stated as they walked into the house, and she kissed his cheek gently almost out of instinct, oddly enough.
  Melody Frost / AskTheStaff / 345d 10h 4m 10s
He smiled and the boat alone as headed for home, and he was rather tired, and he bet that she was as well. "I am quite exhausted, so I shall be heading to bed early tonight..." he told her, and when they returned, hehelped her out of the boat and led her inside, and he even held the door open for her on the way inside the house.
  Jonah Kingsley / DoomGuy123 / 345d 10h 6m 1s
Melody slowly got back into the boat, happy that her date was helping her. She had to admit that he was an extremely nice gentleman, who really knew how to treat a lady. In a way...that made her have more than just respect for him. "Sure." The fairy said gently.
  Melody Frost / AskTheStaff / 345d 10h 20m 45s
After a while, they had finished their dinner, and he helped her back into the boat, which was still docked in the canals. "Shall we return home?" He asked, starting the pat engine after he untied the leash for it.
  Jonah Kingsley / DoomGuy123 / 345d 10h 23m 18s
"Thank you, Jonah." Melody said as she took the glass, and drank from it slowly. The wine tasted quite good, as she had expected it to. She shuffled in her seat a bit, to get more comfortable, before taking another drink from her glass of red wine. "Yes, this is definitely a very nice vintage." The fairy agreed.
  Melody Frost / AskTheStaff / 345d 10h 25m 53s
He nodded and poured her a glass of the red wine, and handed it to her, his gloves contrasting with his suit. "This is a very nice vintage..." he said, and he slowly drank the wine, favoring the flavor quite well, for he enjoyed a nice wine when he could.
  Jonah Kingsley / DoomGuy123 / 345d 10h 27m 48s
"Wine? Sure. After all, my kind has a natural tolerance to such having a glass or two shouldn't hurt." Melody said with a smile, as she closed her eyes for a few seconds and opened them again.
  Melody Frost / AskTheStaff / 345d 10h 31m 4s
He nodded, and the two were also brought a bottle of their finest wine. "Thank you sir..." Jonah said to the waiter, and handed him a few pieces of currency for the wine. "My pleasure sir." The waiter replied. "So, would you care for a glass of wine, my dear?" He asked kindly, uncorking the bottle of wine.
  Jonah Kingsley / DoomGuy123 / 345d 10h 34m 46s
Melody smiled as she watched the unique pasta dish be placed before herself and Jonah. "This looks quite tasty." She said with a smile, as she nodded towards her date's words. After taking a bite of the meal, the disguised fairy's grin widened in happiness.
  Melody Frost / AskTheStaff / 345d 10h 38m 7s
He smiled when he noticed her smiling and then their food came, it was a special linguini with gnocchi, potato pasta. "This is something I have not seen yet..." he said to her, and he thanked the waiter for bringing the food. "I do hope that the food is amazing, as it usually is." He continued, and took a bite of his food, and he immediately was pleased with the order choice.
  Jonah Kingsley / DoomGuy123 / 346d 10h 8m 19s
The fairy sighed pleasantly, looking back into the sky for a few seconds before Jonah started conversing with her again. She blushed when she heard him make the unintentionally flirtatious comment and take off his overcoat. "Well then..." She said gently, with a chuckle.
  Melody Frost / AskTheStaff / 346d 10h 11m 24s
The waiter bowed and agreed, and Jonah paid the waiter his tip then for the food, which was about average priced for a high end restaurant. "This is one of the best restaurants in Venice to me..." he said, and he began to talk to her, not knowing he had started to flirt with the fairy. "Is it hot out here, or is it only me?" He asked, feeling a bit warm in the suit, and he took off his overcoat. And when he removed his overcoat, it revealed a silver vest and a white shirt
  Jonah Kingsley / DoomGuy123 / 346d 10h 15m 25s

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