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[center Hello, thank you for stumbling upon my search thread!!]

[center [b [#421256 A Little About Me<3]]]
[center I am a literate role player and I expect you to be as well. I can post between 1000-7000 characters and then some, depends on how much I get into the role play. I will not accept anything less than 1000. That also includes punctuation, grammar and complete sentences. I do understand some mistakes but not more than a few.]

[center I only do 1x1's, it is very rare if I actually do a group role play.]

[center I can play both genders and normally play multiple characters at a time. I love playing a strong female lead but I may also consider doubling up as well. This is something that I am open to discussing.]

[center I am not on everyday, this role play may be slow from time to time. I am currently on summer vacation from school so that opens up some free time for me but I do work three jobs and they can be demanding from time to time. I will keep you up-to-date if I am not able to post right away.]

[center I ask that you also help contribute with the role play and come with some twists for the role play.]

[center I am currently would like to do a mafia based role play but I also have a few role plays that can be planned out a little more.]

[center [b [#421256 Things I Won't Do:]]]
[center Yaoi , Yuri, Futuristic, Incest, and Most series .]

[center Alright, if you have made it this far, shoot me a PM with your favorite color as the subject :3]

[center I am looking for at least 1-2 role plays.]

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