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In the country of Japan, a girl named Shikori was given the opportunity to replace her lost leg by using advanced cybernetics, but she didn't know what she had gotten into, instead of her leg just being replaced, all her limbs with the exception of her head, torso, waist, and forearms were replaced with cybernetic enhancements, and had become a walking oddity. Now she is a highly dangerous, yet timid experiment trying to fit in with society, but will she be able to do so?


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She thought about the offer. "Alright...I'm game..." she said, and after she purchased a few parts, she told Lucinda to follow her to the scrapyard, where she had the tools to install the upgrade she was attempting. "I am warning you about the dogs...they aren't used to guests..." Shikori explained, pointing to a couple of Rottweilers.
  DoomGuy123 / 349d 12h 6m 1s
"I'm inventive enough to install technology to prevent you from ever having to deal with EMP damage again. Does that count as inventive to you?" Lucinda asked with a smile, as she stretched a bit. "Also, my mechanical components act as both replacements for my limbs and life support..." The cyborg said gently, tilting her head ever so slightly.
  Lucinda Rose / AskTheStaff / 349d 12h 10m 1s
Shikori explained that her cybernetics were for military applications, mostly to just replace lost limbs, and she looked at her. "I am curious, how inventive are you?" She asked, hoping to have a fellow inventor to help her with a project she was working on.
  Shikori Atsube / DoomGuy123 / 349d 22h 22m 58s
Seeing the other cybernetic girl smile, Lucinda chuckled a bit. She nodded in understanding towards Shikori's words, before hearing about how the female's cybernetics were outdated. "My name is Lucinda Rose, nice to meet you." The cyborg stated with a smile, as she lifted up the other girl's bionic arm. "Outdated? No, these were actually created around the same time that my parts were, from the looks of it. Your cybernetics aren't outdated at all, they were just made for a different purpose than mine. Or at least that's what I think." Lucinda said, inspecting Shikori's arm for a few more seconds before letting go.
  Lucinda Rose / AskTheStaff / 349d 23h 32m 32s
The pink haired cyborg's eyes went from yellow to bright blue, and she smiled. "Really?" She asked, and she said that she could join her for the trip to the shops so that they could talk. "When you work in a scrapyard, you have times where you have a lot of spare time, which is why I upgrade my cybernetics, which are quite outdated compared to yours..." she said, smiling a bit more. "My name is Shikori Atsube...what's yours?"
  Shikori Atsube / DoomGuy123 / 350d 14h 2m 47s
Lucinda looked down, remembering her past for a few seconds. She hadn't meant to go so in-depth with her memories, but now that she did, they were stuck on her mind. The cyborg girl looked back up, hearing Shikori speak some more. "That's unfortunate..." Lucinda stated, before having an idea. "Hey...I think I know something that I can help install onto your bionic parts that will prevent any EMP effects. And...keep your limbs from shutting down." She smiles gently.
  Lucinda Rose / AskTheStaff / 350d 14h 7m 16s
"J-Jesus..." she said, feeling a bit sorry for her, and she unwrapped her arms, which had various parts she had added and tinkered with over the years. "The downside to my cybernetics is if an EMP happens, I'm basically shuts down my limbs and eyes, making me too vulnerable..." she explained, and she told herself that she was heading to the store to get food and parts for another upgrade she was about to install for her legs.
  Shikori Atsube / DoomGuy123 / 350d 14h 13m 45s
The bio-mechanical female nodded in understanding towards Shikori's explanation of everything, and tilted her head a bit after the female had finished. Lucinda gently placed her right bionic hand upon the girl's shoulder to help calm her. "I've had more done to me than just bionic the same laboratory that constructed your parts..." The blue-haired girl stated, before explaining of her past of encountering a bomber terrorist. Lucinda described how she had confronted the man, before he had activated the bombs and the explosion hit her with an insane amount of force. Having barely hung onto life, she had been taken by the scientists and they patched her up. Her left arm had been blown off entirely, while her right wrist had to be amputated. Both of her lower legs were damaged too much to function, too. In addition to that, Lucinda's inner infrastructure had to be reorganized and combined with mechanical components to stay alive. Afterwards, the scientists had created artificial appendages for all of the other parts of her body that had been blown off or overly damaged, which acted as her life support. "And...that's about it." She finished, sighing.
  Lucinda Rose / AskTheStaff / 350d 14h 17m 44s
She looked a bit nervous when confronted with the fact, and she tried to keep her cool, but she wasn't able to, since she was only 17. "Y-yeah...but I became this as some kind of cybernetics experiment...a lab near the ocean made me into this, after I let them, but I'm still not sure about what it can do to help.." She explained, and soon told her that Kusakabe Labs had installed the cybernetics on her, having to do it while she was unconscious. "I don't like the military...they make me nervous." she continued, getting more and more twitchy.
  Shikori Atsube / DoomGuy123 / 350d 14h 27m 44s
Lucinda arched an eyebrow as she continued to go over the other female's features, noticing a few awkward flaws. She noticed how the girl seemed to be surprised, but that was normal to least for the bio-mechanical woman, it was. "Excuse me, aren't exactly as human as you appear, are you?" She asked with a gentle, yet serious tone as she looked into Shikori's eyes, noticing how they looked artificial.
  Lucinda Rose / AskTheStaff / 350d 16h 16m 37s
The girl who had ran into Lucinda immediately noticed her shiny and more sleek cybernetic limbs, and looked shocked to see another cyborg, even if they were more advanced. There was one thing that Lucinda could tell is that the pink haired girl wasn't all human, because Shikori's metal fingers were still exposed, and were quite outdated in terms of looks. "Sorry about that, I'm just trying to avoid being around any soldiers...I'm not fond of them..." she said, looking around like she was paranoid.
  Shikori Atsube / DoomGuy123 / 350d 16h 20m 10s
The bio-mechanical female had suddenly felt herself collide with another person, and she stumbled back a bit. "Well, excuse me..." She said with a slight bit of sarcasm, as she swept her blue hair back. "Sorry about my sassiness, I'm sure you didn't mean to bump into me, Miss." Noticing how strange the other female looked, Lucinda analyzed these peculiar features a bit.
  Lucinda Rose / AskTheStaff / 350d 16h 29m 20s
The pink haired girl was wearing a black sleeveless hoodie, and on her right shoulder were the numbers 02, which no one knew what they meant or where she got it. [I I need to be careful not to run into any soldiers...] she thought, hurrying along the sidewalk, and accidentally bumped into a girl who had just exited a building
  Shikori Atsube / DoomGuy123 / 350d 16h 33m 54s
Lucinda leaned over towards a silverish laptop placed upon the desk before her, typing away it at for a few minutes. "There we go." She said with a gentle voice, as she shut the laptop and placed it into a leather pack. Slinging the pack over her shoulder, the female turned off the lights of the old room and exited the building she was in entirely, going into the streets. She wasn't ashamed to hide the fact that she was bio-mechanical, as her extra appendages stood out like a sore thumb. The reason she had these bionic components was due to a heroic action, unlike what some people thought about her. Lucinda glanced around, sighing as she started to walk along the sidewalk and her mechanical pieces shone slightly in the light.
  Lucinda Rose / AskTheStaff / 350d 16h 37m 22s
The pink haired girl wrapped her mechanical arms with gauze to hide the cybernetics, and put on a disguise so any military wouldn't recognize her at first sight. "I need to get food, a few new tools, and some coffee..." she reminded herself, and a list appeared in her vision, since she had artificial eyes.
  Shikori Atsube / DoomGuy123 / 350d 16h 43m 16s

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