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Stars heart shaped cheek marks, seemed to darken into a pink blush as Tom’s hands dropped slightly lower than her hips. In the past she would have corrected him, but now, she enjoyed it. Tom’s fiery passionate nature seemed to really shine through dancing. Every move was well timed and effortless. As a demon he had super strength compared to a human, but he was genital with her. As children and teenagers he sometimes didn’t know his own strength, but the man that stood in front of her now knew his body well, the more they danced it seemed he knew hers well too. Everything was perfect until that moment she saw Marcos.

She thought she’d done a good job ignoring it, ignoring him. But Tom picked up on the most subtle things she did and she picked up on his. They were both so hypersensitive and hyperaware, maybe that’s why it never worked out before, they were dangerous together. They were both electric she was the positive and he the negative and when they were close connections jumped like bridges of sparks from one to the other. Then they touched it was worse, or better depending on your view on it, it was just stronger. She wished it wasn’t like this, it was nice sometimes sure. But at moments like this, when she was trying to enjoy him and ignore the ache in herself which Tom was doing such a good job of soothing. Moments like this, ruined because she couldn’t hide the hurt from him.

She watched his face twist in shock, the hurt in all of his eyes as he apologized.

[#f958f5 “’s not your fault”] she told him, her head laying on him, it seemed to calm him. The way he swayed her told her they both needed this. For a moment it felt like they were healing each other. That is until the source of her pain made its self-known to Tom. She figured Tom knew he wasn’t what caused her to tear up as soon as he saw Marcos face.

The way Tom immediately let her go, his eyes glowed in rage as she stepped back. Now she remembered why that rage wasn’t always exciting. Nether of the men were scared of each other, Tom was tall and slender, but he was a demon for god sakes, Marcos on the other hand was almost as tall and very buff. He’d made it one of his personal missions in life to be as buff as he was on Hekapoo’s dimension, a mission which he had accomplished. The two began to get more and more in each other’s faces. Right in the middle of the dance floor. Star sighed and grabbed their hands pulling them to the edge of the party, then a bit farther where everyone had room. Star hadn’t noticed until they stopped but Jackie followed behind them. She heard they’d gotten back together, but now it was confirmed.

“WE CAME TO SEE STAR NOT YOU” Marcos yelled aback at Tom
[#f958f5 “Guys stop!”] star yelled as she stood right in front of Tom facing Marcos, it looked like she was guarding him. But really she was making a small attempt to contain him, with age he’d only gotten stronger. If he wanted to he could really hurt Marcos.

[#f958f5 “So…how are you and Jackie?”] Star asked, she didn’t really want to hear about it, it was like asking someone to stab you, but she was trying to make small talk, and maybe even catch up, in part she was also trying to defuse the situation. Behind her she could hear Tom’s breaths finally show down a little, maybe he was calming down too.
“We’re good, we got back together after we started at the same college. It’s pretty rad, didn’t think I’d end up back in school but I like it. We decided to come to the party tonight we haven’t seen you since just after high school, thought this was long overdue. Besides the invitation you sent to Marcos looked pretty fancy. So how are you two? A lot has changed since middle school huh? ” Jackie answered, as she stood closer to Marcos and kissed his cheek when she finished talking.

Star couldn’t help but think about blasting her with a Narwhal, the thought made her smile. But her mind was struggling to come up with positive things. Her mom was about to croak and was always talking about it, her queen training made her life boring as hell..wait, even more boring than that She’d been to hell with Tom and it was actually kind of a blast. Not to mention she hadn’t gotten over Marcos who at the moment looked pretty pleased with himself. Unable to think of anything positive in her life she did what any sensible girl would do she lied and blurted out the first things to pop into her head.

[#f958f5 “Oh we’re great!”] She said taking 1 or two steps back and awkwardly bumping into Tom, it was her intention to back up onto him like a girlfriend would lean on her boyfriend but since she didn’t know how close she was it looked like an accident.
[#f958f5 “Yeah, we’re back together too.. You know prince and princess.. heh. Time to unite the kingdoms”] she chuckled nervously, hoping Tom would go along with her lies. Then she turned around and looked him in the eyes, facing away from Marcos and Jackie, then she silently mouthed “Sorry!” to Tom to apologize for what she’d just done in a panic. She wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t go with it. She shouldn’t have lied she knew it.
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It seemed all eyes were on them, but his were glued onto her. If he was aware of it or not. He couldn't take his eyes off her. She was still that Star he knew and loved, even with her growing up. The girl he use to know had blossomed into radiant woman. Which he was suddenly realizing, with the waltz their chests and torsos were pressed up tight to each other. His hand resting on a much more defined curved waist. This little "oh fuck" filled the demon's head. He was dancing with out a doubt, the most beautiful woman he has laid his eyes on. Though he didn't choke up, like most men would. Tom just remained confident with their steps and snapped back to reality. Which was her. Dancing with him. Like usual, the two always stole the show. Not that he really noticed the others.

As he tried to get her talking, jokes and puns usually a good ice breaker for her. She replied with an airy and the cutest giggle, claiming she stepped on his toes on. Tom smiled with half lidded eyes, in awe the way her nose wrinkles up and her lips curl when she smiles. It should be sin to be this beautiful he thought. Things he wish he could tell her, but knows he shouldn't. She too is healing, it wouldn't be fair to her and he has times when he's selfish. But he's gotten better with that. Heartbreak sadly matures one.

[b "Oh you were? This whole time I just thought you were bad at dancing."] He played along with her. Loving the lack of awkward between them.

To add to the joy he was feeling for the first time in years, he thought they would stop dancing once the song ended. But the Princess had suddenly lightly draped her arm around his neck. He could feel her pressing closer and his heart fluttered quickly. Was he allowed? The next song was still on the slow part but there were flares of heat. Should they be dancing like that? Well, he was finally going to be selfish and didn't care. She hadn't stopped and he was going to follow her lead. So swiftly his hands slid down her young figure, daring to rest a little lower on her waist. Since they were dancing "for old time's sake", her words. Tom listened to the song to catch onto the melody and beat. So when the next sudden chorus came, he timed it perfectly to take her hand and spin her out and to spin her right back into him. To give her a quick little dip and let their eyes meet once more. It was made he was dance to hold her and she was made to be held by him. They fit so perfectly.

When he started to bring her up from the dip, his eyes caught hers suddenly get sad. Was it the dancing? Was it too much? He felt like a complete ass. He always did what he wanted too much. Would he ever learn? [b "I'm sorry-"] All there eyes widened and his lips parted a bit shocked when she had suddenly rested her cheek on his chest. The Prince almost froze as he gulped hard on the spit in his mouth. What if she felt his heart racing? He begs to the elder souls that she doesn't. Though he couldn't help but slow the dance down to hold her close still and he was about to rest his own cheek on her soft hair. When he felt a finger tap his shoulder. It felt like the person who poked him, was nervous and they should be. Tom ignored it actually. That wasn't Princely of him but he'd be damn to let someone interrupt this dance. Till the poking wouldn't stop.

[b "Someone has a death wish?"] He growled as he turned his head to glance at who was dumb enough to ask to take Star from him. She wasn't his, Tom knows, but he wasn't handing her off.

Then all three eyes saw who the pour soul was, and Tom finally froze. All three eyes filled with such a rage so fast and he let go of Star. Tom was actually so outraged he couldn't talk. He just glared the most dangerous death glares at the human boy. Slowly he made the gap between him and Marco smaller. Seeing Marco growing a bit regretful for literally poking the demon.

[b "You have the NERVE. To show your face around here."] He hissed the words out and stared down into the human's soul. This was him still in control of his anger. But he fears hearing anything fall out of Marco's lying mouth would send him off.
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Star was glad that after all this time Tom wasn't mad at her, that he still got her jokes and laughed at them. They kinda shared the same sense of humor and style despite her being muman and him being a demon. The conversation seemed to be going very well until she nearly said Marcos' name she was glad she hadn't. Tom was just as bad at hiding things from her as she was hiding things from him. The way his face twisted told her she was right, that name hurt them both. What she couldn't tell was what made him more angry, her choosing Marcos or Marcos dumping her after she chose him. She hoped it wasn't the first one, because no matter how she looked at it, she hurt Tod. Now with her already breaking heart, and seeing Tom, the thought was reoccurring like a broken record. Maybe she just needed to ask for his forgiveness, maybe that would be the only way she could forgive herself.

She loved the way she'd always been able to cool Tom down. The way he grabbed her hand and instantly was at ease. She loved that he was edgy to her, even though she was able to smooth those edges. It felt like it had been ages since the two of them danced a silver bell ball together, and that was the last time they had danced together. Tom had not lost his touch though, he'd always been a gentle men. From the way he grabbed her hand to the way he put out his arm. Which she held onto walking next to him, prince and princess side by side. He led her to the very center of the ball room and perfect timing as the perfect song had just began to play. It was so perfect..she had to wonder if it was planned. Impossible, she had asked him.

Once the song began his hands slid into perfect place and he wasn't shy about it, he'd never been and she loved that. Maybe it had just been a long time, maybe their bodies had matured but they seemed to fit perfectly together now, like a puzzle. They'ed always been the best dancers at the silver bell ball and as it turned out neither of them had lost it, seconds after the song had began all eyes were on them, and the only noise in the party was the music. Every step was perfect and he even decided to add a joke to which she replied [#febdef "I was stepping on your feet on purpose Tom"] she laughed.

Then suddenly the song ended but neither of them had let go. Another slow song immediately followed the last, this time she didn't want to ball room dance. Tom already had her pulled close, so she let go of his hand and put both of them around his neck, she felt his free hand slide to her waist, he'd always been good at taking a hint, for that she was glad. Looking into his eyes she began to get lost in the moment until a figure behind him caught her eye, Marcos had shown. She didn't dare say anything, her eyes began to water lightly. But she laid her head on Tom letting him gently sway her to the song. They would talk to him together...but she wasn't going to ruin this moment.
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Though he had been worried, it almost didn't matter. Hearing her voice and just talking to her was enough to make the last few hard years, almost not matter. Her sarcastic tone about their duties to their kingdoms. The two use to always crack about how being traditional Princess and Prince bored them to death. He couldn't help but flash an actual full sharp tooth grin as he finally let out a chuckle. It felt good to laugh with her. [b "Oh it's great. I don't know how generations before us just sat there and took all the rules."] He laughed a little more with her before the two calmed down and he noticed the both of them were now facing each other. She had gotten taller, though so has he. Her hair has gotten a little longer. But seemed wild and carefree, even with her mother obviously trying to tame it.

But when Star corrects him about someone had checked on her, he grew confused quickly and tried to figure out who? [b "Huh? I swear I thought no one noticed-"] But she jumps in loudly with that wild "hell fire spirit" he always called it. Claiming that it was him and now he knows just how foolish he has been. How much he's been lying to himself. All this time he thought he had fallen out of love with her. Obviously they had drifted. But was that the same? He knows she had, for she was smitten for that human boy. He swears if she was crying over that boy, he is going to handle things himself. If she was crying over maybe something like a family death or something like that. That's fine. Marco could very much just be busy at the moment.

To hear from her that he was in fact the only one to notice her pain, made him sigh and just to hug her. That would be very inappropriate, since their history and such. [b "They say.. Time heals all."] He spoke hushed like and glanced to the tree. [b "If you believe that."] The male had hope five years would be enough time. Why was she so hard to get over?

But he heard her about to say Marco's name and he turns his attention back to her. Dreading the name to leave her lips. He almost sighed of relief hearing her not say his name out loud. Though now he was wishing he was wrong. That he didn't guess it right. That boy had gone and broke her heart. Tom was furious! To have Star's love and to toss it! His jaw clamped down tight as he had to bite back the urge to simply explode. But it was getting hard knowing that Marco was back in the human world, thinking he can get away with hurting her.

The demon was about to open his mouth and he felt the fires within him start to spark out of his finger tips. Though she held her hand out to him and suggested they talk later and asked him to a dance. She was her own person. Most princesses waited for a prince to ask them, and he didn't even care that she asked him. He loved how unique she was. That boiling rage instantly cooled down as he took her soft hand in his warm to the touch. With of course kneeling to her and to kiss her hand ever so sweetly. Fighting the memories of past kisses they had shared in their young teen years.

["Princess Star, it would be a pleasure to dance with you."] He stood up from the kiss with a smirk on his lips and he held his arm out for her take so he may walk with her to the ball room. The song changing from fun ball music to more slower and elegant with the right amount of sadness to it.

Once on the dance floor Tom had forgotten about anyone and everyone really. The two of them were always great dance partners. He held her left hand gently in his right with his left hand properly and elegantly rested on her waist. The waltz was of course second nature for them, but the two always seemed to add their own flare to the dance. How he would delicately lead the dance but let her lead two. Twirls and holding her close to him. The memories flooded back and they were the best moments of his life really. [b "Hmm, I remember my toes getting stepped on more back then. You have gotten better. I on the other hand, have always been a great dancer."] Tom had no problem joking with his old friend. They were known for their jokes really.

Now he found himself not wanting this song to end.
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As soon as Tom's lips parted again Star began to look at him, she wanted to make sure he knew that he had her attention 100%. Then she spoke in a sarcastic tone after him [#febdef "Oh, is being a prince as fun as being a princess?"]
She brightened up a little after her joke, and at the realization that tom was wrong. [#febdef "Tom, you're wrong someone did check on me..."] she could tell he was annoyed he cared so much for her and the thought that no one would notice the things he did about her, bugged him. His face looked confused, like he wasn't sure how someone could have made sure she was ok, like he'd been watching her carefully, it nearly made her heart shaped mimples light up. That same fiery attitude that used to be too much for her..excited her now. Queens never got to have fun, but Tom was unpredictable, just being near him made her feel young again.
So many feelings rushed through Star so fast she nearly forgot to finish her answer. [#febdef "ITS YOU TOM!"] she laughed
[#febdef "you're the one who checked on me..and you're also the only one who knew I was crying earlier. Not even my own mother noticed"] she sighed
[#febdef "To be honest..I'm ok, I just need time"] she wanted to tell him everything, that Marcos broke up with her, how her life had become constant pressure to get ready to be the next queen. The ugly, boring, and sad cocktail that had become her life. The man she thought she loved was gone, and she was constantly reminded of this pain everyday when her mother went on about how she needed to find a prince. How her mother could die anyday. How queens did not act this way and that. A pain was throbbing deep inside her heart and her mother was poking it after having sucked the adventure out of Star's life.
[#febdef "Me and Ma..."] She couldn't finish. She couldn't say his name, it would be painful for the both of them if she did.
[#febdef "Look we've been split for a year...and my mother knows her and my father are retiring soon. So..I get to be a queen. YAY"] she said sarcastically, throwing up her hands and smiling. But Tom could see the pain on her face, and her heart shaped mimples seemed to disappear for just a moment. She was losing touch with herself, he could see it.

[#febdef "ANYWAY"] she tried to recover.
[#febdef "I'll be fine Tom, thanks for helps. How about you? You didn't sound to convincing when you said that you were honest" ] Star said taking a step closer to him in comfort.
Feeling a little better and a little confident an idea came into her head..
[#febdef "how about we talk a little more, I'm enjoying this. But after" ] she said putting her hand out for him to grab.
[#febdef "may I have this dance? for old times sake?" ]
  Star Butterfly / WiccansWrath / 1y 165d 23h 48m 23s
The male had been watching her for some time now at this party. Where others were dancing. Married, dating, or just for fun. People were eating or talking among their friends and family. As for Tom he wanted nothing to do with that. Sure he did some small talk with old friends and just to be friendly in general. He was the Prince of the Under world after all. Though as he did his rounds he always kept and eye on Star.

She could fool all these people but she wasn't fooling him. Her answers were basic and not really sounding like her. Plus her eyes weren't those usual bright and jolly blue. Her mind is somewhere else while she's here among the party. He can understand that.

When she was finally done forcing her self to mingle and her mother wasn't breathing down her back. The Princess was taking a breather near the ice sculptor of the tree. He wasn't aware of her trying to run away from the party. Tom was too busy trying to not get distracted by her scent. Though he finally mustered up the strength to get a "Hey Star" out.

Now the demon's heart was racing and his stomach was in knots. What was she going to say? Would she even talk back? For all he knows she could ignore him. Oh hopes she doesn't do that. He just wants to checkup on her and then he'll go away if that's what she pleases. To his surprise, there was only maybe a minute of a pause between them, for she spoke. His name and in a complete sentence too. But he didn't dare glance to her, though he wants too. But she asked how he was and he didn't know how to answer that.

[b "I'm...good. Just keeping up with my Prince duties... I guess. How...umm..are you?"] He spoke in a low tone but it was still his Tom voice, though it was deeper and smoother to aging. But this small talk wasn't what he wanted to do with her, he use to tell her all about his thoughts and problems. So he let out a deep sigh and finally turns to face her. All three eyes worried and this hint of concern. His hand came out of his pockets and they moved with his words. [b "Star, look. I don't want to beat around the bush. Are you okay? I kept waiting for someone to check on you. AND NO ONE DID."] A slight grumble to his voice as he quickly shot death glares at the crowded ball room. [b "You were crying before you came down those stairs. I know I shouldn't ask. I apologize for upsetting you like this. I just...I need to know you're okay."] He slowly stopped feeling gazes on them both.

Another deep sigh left his lips as his arms fell at his sides and glances down to the side. Different from how he usually carries himself. Tall and prideful. Confident and cocky. This Tom was rather unsure of himself and nervous actually. The few nosy glances from the other's not helping. He's use to how people see and think of him. What he didn't appreciate the most though, was the royal guards seem to be more on edge and ready to pounce. The second Tom had walked over to her. It's true he stopped coming outside of the Under World the last nearly five year. Yes, he's aware of his anger issues. But he has been working on them. He's been working, on him. He just hopes that she will say something to him soon.
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Star snuck onto the DJ table with princess pony and changed the music to some dance music. The two danced together as she made her rounds around the ball room that was to big for words to describe. Flying Princess Pony head relatively knew what Star was going through, though they didn't hang out much anymore, they still called each other through the mirror. Knowing the situation, she helped keep a lot of the princes away apart from a fake overly sweet "Hello ____" she filled in the black for each family, giving each a light bow.
Everything was going fine until Pony Head left her to go hang out with her boyfriend.. In a matter of seconds it was like she was being swarmed by princes and it quickly made her uncomfortable. She looked around for a good excuse to blow them all off , struggling to find one she simply yells [#febdef "BYE!!"] with a happy smile, reaching into her star bag and pulling out scissors, quickly slicing the air, jumping through a portal and falling into a corner of the room behind the large life size ice sculpture of a tree. She began to look it up and down admiring it for a moment.

Then she heard a familiar voice call out "Hey Star"..she wanted to freeze up, but she kept looking at the tree trying to keep her movements natural. She could feel her cheeks heat up, not from embarrassment, but shame. She felt bad for hurting Tom all those years. It wasn't that she didn't like him, it was that he'd always been more mature then her, she didn't need a boyfriend, she needed a friend. She fell in love with the person who gave her what she needed, not the one who truly loved her more then a friend. Now here she was..facing someone who might have truly been able to understand her, scared to tell him the truth in fear of his reaction. What would he say? I told you so.. Would he call her stupid? because that's how she felt.. truth be told it was Tom she should have been dragging along all of those stupid adventures that she still longed to have. The ones she'd been deprived of. So in shame she didn't look at him, she continued to share at the tree, which lad lost her interest the moment the Tom walked up. She continued to act casual, disinterested, she'd hurt him to much in the past, he didn't deserve a girl so hot and cold.

[#febdef "Hey Tom are you?"] she said back, trying to keep her voice steady.
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Tom didn't waste a second to get his hands on a glass of the most reddest of wine. He's going to need this to make it through the night. For sure. He was debating if he had to stay the whole night? Just show up and leave would be okay? He didn't want to be a bother. But it seems his father wasn't letting his son out of his site tonight. For the King of the Underworld quickly came over to warn Tom that two glasses will be his limit tonight. With a quick, "you're a chatty drunk Tom". Getting the Prince to wave his hand a little "pfft" to follow.

The hall was filling up with more and more quests. He swears there are more and more Kingdoms every year. Though it was nice to see other royal families. Though the other Princess clearly wanting to flirt with him but he just, didn't want too. Sure he would be polite. It was the Princely thing to do. SOme of the newer royal families were, surprised by his and his mother's demon appearance. Causing Tom to have a laugh when he flashes his white eyes and mouth of fangs and sharp teeth. Seeing their faces go white made him hold his stomach as he laughed. But a sting from his mother flicking the back of his head and the glare of his father. [b "What? I'm just having a little fun."]

He grumbled to himself and made his way over to properly apologize. Shaking the few kings hand's with a polite bow and a kiss on the Queens and Princesses hand's, and he went to apologize to the few Princes but they just seemed to be offended by his presence. [b "Like I care what you think."] He huffed his way back over to his parents, grabbing that second glass of wine already. It wasn't going to be his last. He just wants to leave before he saw, her. He doesn't know if he could take seeing her happy with Marco. It still hurt.

[b "Mom, Dad, Do I have to stay-"]

The room went quiet as the announcer and the band address to the Queen and King and, Star's arrival. Tom stood there in the crowd. Most wearing bright royal colors, thinking he wouldn't stick out in his white.

All three ruby eyes stared away from the stairs. Not daring to look. He thought he could handle this. He thought it wouldn't be this hard. Surely he still wasn't missing her? Then he heard no Marco being called out. For he assumed Marco would be walking down with them. For the two were practically married. She was happy. That's all Tom had to tell himself. She wasn't happy with him, but with Marco she was. But not hearing Marco's name, made his eyes widen a bit confused and he gave in. His eyes saw her, for the first time in a year. Though the last time he saw her was only a few minutes and they didn't even speak.

There she was, standing along side with her mother. Who was clearing bickering with her daughter under her breath. And Star was being, herself. Not like most Princess. She had heart and soul. A smile couldn't help but spread on his lips seeing her. Though a closer look and he saw her eyes. They were puffy. [b "She's...been crying."]

[+red "What son?"] Tom's father asked as the crowd clapped at the arrival of their hosts.

[b "N-nothing. I, just had a cough."] He came up with a quick lie. Unable to take his eyes off her. Which he knows he should. It wasn't often one saw Star cry. The girl didn't believe in feeling sad unless it really mattered. Tom's teeth grit tightly and he felt himself about to shatter the glass in his hand, but he stopped. [b "He hurt her. I told not hurt her. I told him I would leave them alone and he wouldn't hurt her. STUPID HUMAN!"] He bit his lip hard enough to cause blood to draw. Muttering under his breath and needing to take deep breaths right away. This wasn't the time for a scene. It wasn't. But it was happening. He felt his eyes flash but he dug his claws into his arm to force himself out with the pain. With a few blinks, he was fine. A few glances to make sure no one saw that, and no one did.

But the real question was. Could he ask Star how she felt? Would it be weird? Probably. She hasn't texted him or called him if they did break up. So she probably didn't want his help. But how could he not check on her? [b "A quick check. Then I'll give her space. A quick check Tom. Don't linger. Don't, smother her. Just, make sure she's okay. Don't upset her. Don't."]

The party picked up again shortly and he walked away from his parents to a quiet corner and started to pace around. Needing to make damn sure he knew what to say to her. Of course he had to wait till she was alone but she was the hostess so she had to mingle.

It took, nearly an hour later when he noticed her with her drink just staring at the ice sculptor of a giant tree for spring. A few more deep breaths and he slowly made his way over to her. Standing behind her for a minute. For she still had the same perfume that she was using all those years ago. It took him for a second. She was really there and she was as lovely as ever. But this wasn't about that. Not sure how to start a conversation with her, so he just wings it.

[b "Hey, Star."] He walked up next to her and he too kept his eyes on the trees. His voice really soft and hands tucked into his pant's pockets. Not sure if this could go bad or, hopefully okay.
  Thomas (Tom) Lucitor / Papa_Death / 1y 167d 20h 17m 59s
In the dimension of Mewni, in the up most kingdom, in the tallest tower Star sat in front of her mirror and combed her hair. She was totally ready, she still didn't wear make up, and see was wearing her favorite scent of all realms. She loved the way it sweetly tickled her nose, no matter how hard it was to acquire, in fact that was the funnest part.

Tears rolled down her cheeks and the room was silent apart from her light sniffles. Her dairy lay in front of her, open to the pages she had written when she was 14, when she refused to grow up. When her crushes were still a secret. She really thought that things would have worked out with Marcos..She began wiping her eyes. He showed up less and less ever since she moved back, leading up to their break up. She'd have thrown away her throne for him, how could he not understand that. She'd move heaven and earth for him, and she of all people could really pull off such a thing, or at least for him she would try. But it was all in vein.

The invites to this ball were sent out months ago, she made sure he would receive one. Even went to earth, to hand deliver it, only to see his new girl friend, she'd left before he saw her though. He finally ended up with Jackie. She wondered if he would show tonight, if he did would he bring her?. If he could really be blamed for his actions, he was just being a human, doing what all the cookie cutter humans did. How could he not visit after everything they'd been through, I mean she'd given him some dimensional scissors for god sakes. Its not like she wanted much..and he left her here nearly alone for the last year facing her worst fear, becoming more and more like a Queen.

[#febdef "WHATEVER!"] she slammed her arms on the table of her vanity mirror.
[#febdef "I don't need that earth turd"] she said, standing up and cracking her neck and walking over to her full wall mirror earth had thought her many things, the best being that magic didn't need to be used for everything. She still loved using it, but as she spun in the mirror her face lit up, she'd never been so proud to wear a poofy dress. She did this white dress with a star trim on the bottom and a pink bow in the back justice. She began putting up her hair into a neat bun, with her bangs out and some longer hairs on each side of them. She smiled, not even magic could have done better. Then she tore out the bun, letting her hair down like old had been so long. She wore her monster boots underneath her dress.. She was trying to mature, she really was, but was this so bad? no one would see, only she would know, and truth be told she was still that wild girl who'd gotten sent to earth all those years ago.

She swallowed hard before opening her bedroom door. This was just an event created to celebrate the coming of spring, but her parents took it upon themselves to invite every prince from every kingdom in every relm, easily making this the biggest ball of the year. Perhaps they wouldn't have done this to her if she wasn't refusing to visit any suitable princes. It honestly took everything in her to not use her scissors to open a gate way and say fuck it all.

Then a familiar face came down the hall, a head more like it.
[#febdef "Flying Princess Pony Head!!"] Star yelled walking fast toward her friend
"Hey guuurrrlllll, you're running late to a party you're hosting, thats not very Queen of you." she laughed, clearing meaning it to be a joke. "they are about to announce your family.." she continued
Star hugged onto her tightly for a moment before walking with her.
[#2eb1ea "sorry..we can go now"] She said walking next to Pony Head.

Star wasn't to big on the fact that even her once very very reckless friend was maturing. She itched for something more edgy, something that made her feel young again. Something fun! She'd finally started becoming mature enough for this kingdom and she felt like it was suffocating her. Both her earth friend and her Pony Head were busy with their own things.. It was just her and responsibility, she felt it would be the death of her.

Pony head parted ways with her after taking her to her mother.
[#2eb1ea "do you want to tell me what took so long?!"] her mother asked, [#2eb1ea "and why isn't your hair up! You'll never rule this kingdom if you look like that"]
[#febdef "I just felt like something different mother.."] she signed

[b "NOW THE QUEEN AND PRINCESS BUTTERFLY"] they were announced, walking down the stairs elegantly together. Star's father was already in his thrown, slow classical music was playing, it made Star want to roll her eyes. After they got to the bottom of the stairs the announcer whispered to the queen and the princess the few royal familys which had already arrived, among them only two which she was very familiar with, the Flying Ponies, and the Lucitor family.

[#febdef "Thank you"] she whispered to the announcer before wondering into the crowd with Pony Head who had been waiting for her at the bottom of the steps.
  Star Butterfly / WiccansWrath / 1y 167d 20h 33m 46s
Down in the Underworld Palace, there was one room that had some loud base music playing, chill lyrics, with a chill mood to go right along. In that room was a young demon. Sitting in front of his fire place leaned back with three blood ruby eyes laxed and watching the fire dance. His arms resting up on the back of his chair, a leg tossed up on one of the arms of the chair. Soft scarlet hair still wild and untamed. With two maturing horns displayed on his head. The room dimed with only the light of the fireplace lighting up the place. A elegantly creepy room of deep reds, golds, and black. There the demon had a crisp white tux suit on, lazily tossed on his limbs. Tie untucked, shirt as well half tucked in. His expression slowly changing from not caring to a slight, dread. Three brows furrowing with a slight annoyed. Slowly his lightly purplish white skinned lips exhaled and steam flowed out of his mouth of sharp teeth. He couldn't be getting annoyed. It was a big day for all royal families. Almost as big as the silver bell ball.

With a groan, he rolled his head back onto the back of his chair with a flick of his finger his stereo turned up the music. A song he loves started playing. A catchy song that gets him thinking of his past. It was pointless to ever thing he will be getting that back, but still. Those were some of his happiest memories. [b "Girl you know that your a freak. yeah yeah yeah. Shawty you belong with me. Yeah yeah yeah."]He mumbles the words softly, till he heard loud banging on his door. That kills the chill mood.

[+red "Tom! Are you ready yet? Turn that Earth music off!"] A male's voice was heard. David, Tom's Muman father. Shortly after, the older male came barging in glaring two blue eyes at his son and arms folding sternly on his chest. [+red "Really Thomas. Act your age, why are acting like this?"]

[b "I'm ready, I'm ready."] The young demon stands up and glanced to the door way to see his giant demon mother glaring in. Her glare causes the young male to roll his eyes. [b "Give me five."] He sighed and his parents trusted him enough to leave and let him finish.

Once the room was empty he turns the music down, not off and walks in front of his mirror. Little fiery pixie demons fly out to help him with his tie and getting him nice and primed for the party. His hair fluffed and slicked back. Horns polished and fresh and shiny piercings. His shoes polished again quickly and he gives himself one check over in the mirror. His hands tug on his suit jacket and he flashes a toothy smirk. [b "I kill it even when I don't try. But when I do, damn."] With the smirk on his lips still, he poofs himself outside near the carriages where his parents were just about to get in.

[+red "About time, son. Please. Just, be on your best behavior. I know you're still rather annoyed with all the brides we have been showing you."]

[b "How about, not mentioning that. And I may just keep my cool."] He sat in the carriage in front of his parents and leaned back hating how they have been really pushing that on him lately. Tom's words made his parents both sigh but nod.

[+red "Deal. Be nice, to Star as well-"]

[b "Of course. Why wouldn't I? We are allies with her Kingdom after all. Please, please, pleeeeeaaase. Don't make this about Star. She has nothing to do with tonight. Tonight is just to celebrate the coming of spring. Nothing more."] The male demon felt a slight annoyance nagging in his ear. Star broke up with him, again, years ago and since then the two just grew apart. Last he heard she was happy with that Earth boy. Tom even lost Marco as a friend. Everyone just left him behind. It's whatever. They are happy. Who cares about how he feels. He's just a demon.

Finally, the carriage was arriving to the Butterfly palace. It's always lovely when he visits. First his parents got out and then he stepped out. The cold air up here filled his fiery lungs and he let it relax him. Though hearing other Princess arriving and giggling behind their fans as they watched him. He winks and flashes his devilish smile at them before following his family to be announced to the royal hosts tonight. The Butterflys.
  Thomas (Tom) Lucitor / Papa_Death / 1y 167d 22h 19m 34s

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