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This trip to the cave couldn't have been more eventful. Adventure, time with her, and finding his soul gem in record time! Oh that reminded him! [b "Oh! Hang on one real quick!"] The demon quickly took out the black book and started scribbling everything down. From the floors giving out, the time with Star and the creatures they fought. THen he looked at the watch on his wrist and he grins up her with this big dorky confident grin. The smirk from ear to ear and showing all his teeth. [b "We were only in here for three hours Star. This is incredible . I, I think it's cause you were here with me. I think it's all because of how...much happier I have been since we started hanging out again."] He shut the book shut with one hand and snapped his fingers and it poofed away. [b "Thank you again Star. I cant thank you enough. I just, I.."] He took both her hands quickly and held them ever so gently in his, before he leans in to kiss her forehead this time. Her third eye and held the kiss. Being so careful and tender with this kiss. It being a meaningful gesture among his culture. It was kind of a big deal to kiss one's third eye.

When he leans back from the kiss he just grinned at her. Fully aware that that was a bold and big move. He couldn't help it. With them rolling down that hill earlier. Having her blushing under him like that. Oh he saw. With her hair making a halo around her on the ground. She was beyond gorgeous. It took all his will to not kiss her. For he still feels like he probably shouldn't. Not to confuse her. She was still dealing with Marco right? Plus him, well, being him. He was just a big ticking time bomb. She shouldn't have to put up with him.

[b "Star, you're amazing. I think I don't tell you that enough. I'm sorry. But please believe me. You are. So amazing. Like, like my bright shiny Star that comes in and lights my life up."] Tom's voice was smooth and just as gentle as his touch. Not sure why he wanted to tell her that and he didn't care. He wanted to so he did. Not wanting to hold that in from her.

With that taken care of, they poofed back to her castle to invite her parents. He couldn't take his eyes off her suddenly. The way she was smiling and bouncing around with all this joy, he could watch her for ever when she's like this. Nothing else matters when she's happy. Cause when she's happy, he's happy. Genuinely happy.

But she barges on in and her parents were at their thrones talking to their steward. Their faces when they see her covered in dirt, Tom snickers to himself. Both of them covered in it and he was now just noticing. All that fighting and rolling around. Their torn clothes didn't help either. [b "Relax, she handled herself. You should have saw her. Star is a great fighter. You should be proud of her. That she's strong and kind hearted. Making her literally perfect."] He spoke with his hands in his pockets and just looking calm. Though soon clearing his throat with a little blush. [b "I mean..she did wonderful. Yes."] Tom grew a little embarrassed that he jut went off ranting like that about Star. He cant help it, he was her biggest fan.

When her mother asked them what that meant, the both of them glanced at each other confused and they shrugged at the same time. Before looking back to her mother and shaking their heads no. [b "No, not even I know? I figured my mother would. SO I was going to ask her later. It wasn't in our book, till now. I wrote it down this time. Just in case if it happens to future generations."] He mentioned and then listened to Star and her mother spoke.

While they were talking he felt his phone going off. He walked away from them to give them their privacy. When he saw his mother and father there. His father a sobbing mess and his mother too. Tom just rolls his eyes smiling. [b "Mom.. DAAAAAD. Shhh. Stop. I'm at Star's-"]

[+red "OH! Are you?"]

[b "OH NOT You TWO! NOT LIKE THAT! Her father was like that too. Geese. We just came to tell her parents and invite them. She has a gem too. Actually, her gem and mine use to be one, but they split and still fit together. So her and I are pretty excited....what?"] He saw their faces and they were shocked but proud and smiling? It was confusing. They knew something and weren't telling him. [b "What? What does that mean?"]

[+red "You'll know in time son. Just know...that. We are getting everything ready for the festival. You have about two hours to be here! So.. go have you're own little celebration with Star. Make sure to use prote-"]

[b "DAD!!! PLEASE STOP! Geese, okay. I'll see you in a couple of hours."] He hung up quickly, embarrassed out of his mind by his parents. Here he was, 20, and they still thought he was that little boy crushing on Star. All three of his eyes glance over to her, and he instantly swoons. Eyes relaxed and cheesy smile. Unaware that he was in fact, that little boy still crushing on her.

Once he cleared them up, he strolls back over to the three of them. [b "Sorry, was the old man and my mom. Well, Star. Looks like we got a few hours to kill before the party. Mr and Mrs. Butterfly."] He bows to them both and takes her mother's hand to kiss it softly. [b "Always a pleasure to see you two. Take your time. Arrive fashionably late if you like. The festival will last all night and well into the morning."] He chuckled and looked back to Star. [b "Come on, there's something else I want you join me with. Oh you want to change?"] The demon asked her and her father was quick to watch him. [b "Relax kind sir. I would stay here with you two."] He gave another respectful bow, so good with his princely manners. Tom has grown into a wonderful young man, if he believed it or no. If others saw it or not.

After letting her change up, he told her something casual for they weren't going to the festival just yet. He held his arm out for her to take. [b "My Princess."] Acting extra charming and respectful before her parents. With her giggle and arm around his, once more he poofed them out of there. Now they stood before some tattoo shop, back on Earth. [b "Welcome to New York. One of my favorite places on Earth. The sounds, the lights, the people. THey use to seeing crazy shit, I can literally walk around like this and they don't give a damn."] He laughed and pushed the door open for her. [b "I ned new celebratory piercing or ink. I know my mom is against them, but I want to do something before I'm king. Something they will hate and still be able to yell at me for."] He chuckled walking in with her.

Shortly after, some heavily tatted man with wholes in his ears comes out and he lights up seeing Tom. [+red "My man! The Devil himself. Duuuude. Here for more metal? Or finally gonna break that virgin devil skin? Come on man. I'm dying to work on ya...oh? Who might this be? What a cutie. She your gal? Nice."] Tom just laughs walking up to the guy and the two give a big rough hug, smacking each other's backs and laughing harder.

[b "I'm torn actually. I don't know...maybe both. My time as being free and training. Is practically over."]

[+red "I can dig it man, want that last rebellious touch to fool other that your done being you. But you and I both know, probably your girly here knows it too, you aint ever gonna change."] The two laugh with big grins. After their little bromance, Tom steps back to stand next to Star.

[b "I think I only have three hours though, I can be an hour late to my own party. I'm thinking of stretching my lobs a little and stuff on the tops of meh ears. Staaaar what you think? Oh? You wanna get something?"] He looks at her with big sparkles in his eyes then rubs his chin. [b "I think you would look great with them. But at the same time, I really adore you just the way you are."] Now the demon was thinking about her instead of him. [b "I need to start a back piece. My family's crest would be amazing. With some script."]

[+red "Awesome. I'll go get you set up. I'll let you know when I'm ready."] The man heads back and leaves the two up front.

There he stood, smirking at her with a raised cocky brow. [b "Bet you didn't see this coming. Huh?"] Tom wiggled his brows at her playfully.
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It wasn’t long after they had both agreed to set down the dangerous and fun path that something pulled Star up by her ankle. She screamed before she began laughing upside down in the air. She could hear Tom worried about her as he yelled her name and it made her smile, this was the kind of fun she’d been craving since she started training under her mother to become queen and this was the kind of man she’d been wanting. The kind of man that she thought Marcos was, one that could invite her on a dangerous mission, trust her to take care of herself, and still worry for her safety.
“Crystal, Dagger, HEART ATTACK!” she yelled, shooting sharp crystal hearts at the long vine holding her up and severing it from her, then falling on the floor with a little thud just in time to look up and see with Tom that the monster was a ball of green vines, roots, and a large mouth filled with sharp teeth. Looking right at it two more vines shoot out and catch them both by the throat, slowly pulling them in as it choked them. Both kicking their feet, Star couldn’t breathe but she could hear Tom and when she looked over his hand lit on fire, burning the vines clean off him. She followed his lead and choked out “Rainbow..Fire…Blast..” with a cough, and her wand blasted a colorful fiery beam at it which made a clean cut let set her free again. She was grateful that Tom was keeping more from coming at her and when she looked at him now she watched a he built a huge fire ball from his hands, it was truly impressive, it was rare for any being to be able to do magic, and even so, it was harder to do without a wand and something like that would take a massive amount of energy which told her he’d defiantly been practicing . When he finally let it go it quickly turned the large vine monster into a big pile of ash.
“I’m fine!” she yelled as she ran and hugged Tom, “That was Amazing! You’ve grown so strong!” She complemented.
“Of course I don’t want to go home, I’m glad you invited me” she answered, not even sure why he would ask such a thing like she wasn’t the same Star that he’d grown up with.

After walking a bit more Tom suddenly stopped in front of Star and told her to wait, that he wanted to try something. She watched as he closed his eyes and began levitating, obviously meditating. She sat next to him on the floor and did the same out of boredom and waiting for him to finish. When what ever he was trying to do failed she backed him up. “OF COURSE you have good soul energy, and I agree, just from what I’ve seen it’s the most passionate and fiery stuff around” she couldn’t help but smile. But it didn’t seem to convince Tom, he seemed upset that something amazing didn’t happen when he meditated. So she followed him farther down the path they had picked together, and when they seemed pretty deep into it something shut off the light magic in her want and the demonic fire magic on Tom’s hand. She repeated her spell but it did not work.

Then suddenly the floor gave out from under them, and just as she was about to let out a scream she felt Tom snatch her out of the air in front of him and pull her close. She’d hugged him before, but she’d never realized how strong he was, and how muscular. But now she felt it, his strong arms around her making sure that she was safe, pressing her onto his strong muscle filled torso, it felt so warm on her cheek and she could hear his heartbeat fluttering, to the same beat as her own. It was almost romantic and thinking about it was sending shivers down her spine, that was until they landed, her on top of Tom as he let out a grunt when they hit rocks.

“OH MY GOD! Tom! Are you ok?!” she nearly screamed, but he didn’t answer, she tried to get up to check on him but he refused to let her up, his arms coiled stronger around her one petting her back and one the back of her head. In only a small moment she gave up the fight and rested herself on him like this, perhaps he helped make him feel better too. After a few moments she felt his chest flowing up and down, it seemed the young prince had caught his breath again and it made her smile, she was more than glad he was ok.

Then suddenly she heard a beautiful noise in the distance, she seemed to turn her head on Toms chest same time as him to look at it. When her eyes laid on it she knew instantly it was one of the most beautiful things she had ever seen, it seemed to glow and pulse at the same speed as their heart beats. Just as it seemed Tom was letting her go so that the both of them could get up he’d pulled her tightly close again and instinctively her own arms clung to him again. It seemed the cave was shifting again and in a short moment they seemed to be troubling down a hill together. Neither of them could keep from laughing, Star could feel the gravity spinning them, causing her stomach to tighten from the quick spinning of the two of them. She didn’t know what was going on, but she felt safe, maybe she had Tom to thank for that, when they finally stopped he was on top of her, laying between her legs. She felt bad for feeling this way on a mission but the situation and feeling of his muscular body on her had her completely turned on. Suddenly her wand lit back up, and Star had to rearrange her face, hoping he hadn’t seen her face lusting for him. She began blushing and slowly letting go of him, her hands rubbing on his chest as she brought them to her own chest, looking away from him in shyness. She had to admit to herself, that she was dying for him to kiss her, and right at this particular moment, so much more. For what seemed like the first time since they were little kids, she could picture him as her lover, her king as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Then she could hear the noise again, and so could he, he quickly got off her and to her surprise it kind of made her sad, she instantly missed the feeling.

She took Tom’s hand and let him help her up, and then she bent over and picked up her glowing wand. She didn’t know that it was abnormal for Mewmen to be able to hear and see the soul gem, which was something that Tom seemed to be well aware of. Star grabbed his Tom’s hand without even thinking about it as they walked together towards the beautiful red soul stone, which seemed to dance like a wild fire, but pulse like a beating heart, like it was, alive. Still taking notice of Star’s gaze on it, Tom asked her if she could really see it.
“I-I can..I can see it, hear it, and feel it, like it is in my chest. Is that wrong? I-I mean, I’m not going to mess it up right?” she said in a worried tone. She then watched as he placed his hand one it, but nothing crazy happened which made her wonder what was supposed to happen. Like if she read her mind he explained that when the rightful owner of the gem touched it it would come loose allowing them to take it. After watching her for a moment he’d seemed to have an idea, then he grabbed her wrist guiding her to touch it but letting go before she did. After she touched it she flintched back when it began to act what she could only describe as wild. The flames of the once side began to dance wildly and pulse of the other side seemed to speed up to match and began turning pink, together they watched the large gem break out of the wall and float above them. Then suddenly the pink half broke off into a pink heart shape while the other formed into the shape of flames. They seemed to still be able to fit together like puzzle pieces, but the pulsing heart floated into Star’s hands and the one which seemed to have raging flames in it floated into Tom’s hands.

“Oh my god! I’m sorry! I-I think I broke it!” Star yelled in a sad voice turning to look at Tom with a large gem in her hands. Tom’s face confused her, he looked, happy. He didn’t seem upset with her, but instead seemed very interested of why something like that might have happened, and told her that the half that choose her was hers to keep, although he tried to offer it back to him, he refused. He even began to laugh a happy laugh, and she began laughing with him, she was glad it was a good thing, glad that he wasn’t mad at her. In the moment he wrapped his arm around her waist and spun her around smiling, and laughing happily like he’d just won the lotto and she couldn’t help but be happy too. In his happiness he placed a kiss on her cheek and apologized before setting her back down.

“please don’t apologize Tom, its more then ok, I’m glad that you invited me” she said happily.

“and of course I’ll tell my parents too, the festival sounds amazing!” She said feeling his fingers slip in between hers and the way that he was staring at her made her feel incredibly special. She then placed her wand and her heart shaped gem into her bag and pressed herself on Tom, nodding for him to take them back.

When they reached the kingdom of Mewnei she rushed to the door in happiness to show her parents what her and Tom had adventured for.
“MOM, DAD, come check out our cool new soul gems!!” she yelled running down the hall to her parent’s throne room.
“Oh honey, that’s nice” the queen giggled, “Do you know what it means?” she said with a big smile on her face, of course no one had ever seen such big soul gems, not to mention two that fit perfectly together. But the queen was smart, and the meaning seemed clear to her, the both of them were meant to be the rulers of the underworld, and the fact that they had connecting soul gems must have meant that they were soul mates. Which also meant they would be ruling two kingdoms, she wondered how they would work that out.. Regardless of all the signs and what she could easily guess, she kept the information to herself, but she couldn’t help but wonder how much Star and Tom knew.

“Have you already showed Tom’s parents yet? Or are you waiting for the soul gem festival to surprise her?” Star’s mother happily giggled again.
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Star was interrupted when she was explaining about how her spell book was sort of ruined. He nearly had forgotten about that. Was she still blaming herself for that? It was in the past and it wasn't really fault, mistakes happen. Of course Tom was going to tell her something sweet to try and lift her spirits. That was till they were interrupted by the protector of the cave. Who was trying desperately to get Tom out of here an to not travel much more deeper. Naturally, Tom wasn't having it. With out thinking he just put himself before Star, of course not cause he didn't think she couldn't handle herself. It was just, he wants to protect her. He wasn't the best at it when he was younger and he wont fail her anymore.

Though all it took was asserting his authority before the snake demon and it let it's Prince travel on through. The demon Prince grinned a cocky sharp tooth grin as he took her hand and lead her on in deeper.

They were silent for a little while as they were watching their footing mostly. It was uneven and rather rugged so one slip and down they went. It wasn't till they came to a split in the cave and the two stopped to look down the dark paths. This is when he noticed his hand still locked and laced with hers. His three eyes soften as he smiled looking down at her holding his hand. Had he really forgotten to let go of her hand? When she noticed he blushed brightly and cleared his throat looking the other way, removing his hand from hers to point to the one direction to try and play it off. The last few weeks with her were definitely reminding him how crazy he was for her. But he was pretty sure it was just one sided.

Now they stood there thinking about which way to go. One side looked more clear and was rather silent. The other was not so peaceful. Growls were heard and it had more boulders in the path to make things harder. And it was like she read his mind for right when he was about to point to the more dangerous side, she points to it with him and exclaims that she wants to go down that one too. Her reaction got him to laugh out and he nods his head. [b "Then it's settled. That way!"] He added and wrote down in his book. [b "Star....and...I....took the first right on our quest to the Soul Gem. It seems dangerous, but it called to us the loudest!"] He wrote and slammed it shut with fire in his eyes, ready to take whatever the path has to throw at them. [b "Alright, lets go!"]

The two marched on and at first it seemed they may have picked the obviously wrong path for fun. He was actually getting a little bored. Till some root of some kind of cave plant moved and grabbed Star's ankle! Yanking her up in the air. [b "STAR!"] He growled and balled his fists up quickly to try and see what the root was attached to. She managed to blast herself free, and he smiled proudly at her. Though their little victory was cut short when he heard more roots moving and he holds up a hand glowing with fire with her wand held up too and nearly only 10 feet from them, was just a giant ball of vines, roots, and large wet sharp teeth. [b "Oh....shit..."] He had never seen something like that before. It's roots then shot right at them. Wrapping around their throats and yanking them closer to it as it chomped it's mouth hungrily at them. [b "No, no no. Not like this!"]

The demon's eyes glowed bright as he put both his hands on the vine that was choking him. Letting his hands burst to flames to burn the plant. Yanking that root out from the beast and tossed it to the ground. He glances to Star quickly. [b "Its weak to fire! You got this? We have to take out the source, or it will keep coming!"] He huffed watching her worriedly, keeping others from getting to her. And creates a rather large ball of fire between his hands. She didn't think he was just moping around in his room these last five years, did she? He had been training and honing in on that fire ability of his. Mastering it almost. Seeing her once again handling herself, he grins and shot the large fireball at the beast. It cries out as it sizzles and burns down to ashes quickly. This left Tom letting out a deep breath then turns to Star to face her. [b "Oh my gosh! Are you okay?! Its not too late, you can go home if you want? You don't have to do this if you don't want too?"] His voice was worried but of course he was so freaking proud of her! She was amazing! She can throw a punch and cast such amazing spells. Even if she thinks they are silly, he loves them. THey are part of her! Her spells are her own and he loves how they come from her heart and mind. Finding out she was okay, he sighs of relief and nods his head. [b "Alright, lets be a bit more careful of the freaking plants around here."] The male chuckled and the two use their own source of light to guide them down in the cave more.

So far Tom thought this cave was rather easily. He was a little, disappointed cause he had been told by his mother and in this book. That these caves were suppose to test you. Growing a little tired of walking, Tom stops and rubs his chin for a bit. [b "I...want to try of my great grandfather's tried. He was really...spiritual. I guess...I'm a sucker for that stuff too. Give me a second."] He said and then crossed his legs and with his demonic talents, he closed his eyes and floated above the ground. He was silent for a while. A long while. Ten minutes. Then, he sighed heavily and leaned his chin in his hand as he floated there. [b "Nothing. I guess I just follow my head and heart too much. Not my soul. Which, might be why the soul gem isn't really calling me. Double crap."] He scratched the top of his head, and fiddled with some of his piercing in his ears. [b "Well damn it. No, I don't believe that. I think I have great soul energy. It's...passionate and fiery. Obviously. Right?"] He looks to her with advice and then steps down onto the ground again.

That very well might be the problem, something has to activate his soul around here. What gets him going. [b "Soul, emotions. Same thing by the way. Just depends on the culture."] His little snarky laugh comes out as he rests a hand on his waist and the other holding his chin as he thinks harder. Not sure how to get him going so suddenly. Sure Star was here but nothing was really happening between them. They were just friends, obviously. [b "Come on, I think it wont hurt us to follow down this path a little more."] With that he gave the okay and started to lead the way again.

He was walking and suddenly, something in the cave blew out the lights in her wand and fire in his hand. [b "Huh?"] Was all he was able to say for as the light went out, the cave changed on them. Not that they could see or tell! Their eyes not adjusted to the sudden darkness. So with the darkness playing against the two, Tom felt his foot falling down. As if the ground pulled out from under them. All three eyes widened as he swore out suddenly. All he could think about, was Star. Was it so wrong that all he does, she comes first? Her safety! Was most important! He wasn't so worried about him! [b "Hang on!"] He reached for her and held her to his chest. And just as he held her to him he felt his back slam against the rocks. Getting him to groan and his one hand on the back of her head as he held her so close and made sure she didn't get hurt. He knows, he's very aware that she doesn't mind getting hurt. But he would never forgive himself if he just let her blindly fall in the dark!

Once he catches his breath he lets out a deep breath. His chest rising and falling with her laying on him. Not, thinking too much of it. But he felt her. Laying there on him, in his arms. She was so warm and soft. His heart fluttered a bit and then he heard something in the distance. Something shimmering and a little light tried to flicker. That had to be it! His face lit up and he was about to help her up when the cave changed again! Turning into soft mossy floors and now they rolled down a hill. With it all being spongey and mossy, he couldn't help but laugh as the two rolled together still holding on each other. Her own laugh was contagious! [b "The heck is going on here!?"] TOm tried to talk between the laughs till suddenly, they came to stop. This time, she laid in soft moss, he leaned over her and their face inches from each other. The light in her wand suddenly came back on allowing them to see each other like this. His stomach on hers and his elbows on the ground holding himself up and he laid between her legs.

The way she looked at him and realizing how they landed. The young male was frozen. She was gorgeous with her hair all flared around her on the grass and her own cheeks rosy to match his own. Her lips so close yet so far. Geese he just wanted to kiss her but he knows he shouldn't. But he didn't want this to end. Both were silent and locked on each other and in the process, he heard the soft humming sound and bright red light glowing in the distance. Snapping him right back from reality and he quickly jumps up to his feet. Dusting himself and clearing his throat, then holds a hand out to help her up on her feet. [b "Th-that.."] What the hell does he say after that? "I WANTED TO KISS YOU"? No he couldn't say that! But he was confused for it seemed like she could hear and see the gem too. Which was weird, only demons can. Well, not that many mewmans came down here.

The two being a little awkward now, but who honestly wouldn't? Especially when a girl such as Star under him. How could he not be a little awkward. If things were different, then maybe he could have kissed her. Held her close and not lot her go. But, he was just her friend surely.

Finally, they came to this raw gem in the wall. It was rather large and red like a dancing wild fire. Fitting. [b "You really can see the glow? That's so cool. I knew bringing you along would be fun."] He chuckled as he placed his hand on it, but it didn't come loose. The Prince cocked a brow and tilted his head. [b "Weird...Mom said all I should have to do is put my hand on it. Then, it lets you take it."] He spoke to himself and then he glances to Star who was staring at it in awe. Something suddenly gave him a funny idea. Next, he took her wrist gently in his hand and made her rest her hand on it too. Then what happened next totally blew his mind. The gem splits into two even pieces with it's own puzzle shapes that showed they came from the same gem. There, each in their hands. They had their own piece.

Tom's face lit up as he was completely speechless and he just walked around in a circle back and forth and smacking his forehead in disbelief. [b "Amazing! This is pure amazement! There has never! Ever! Been any talk about a gem stone splitting! I wonder what the means!? Star! You have your own piece! It's yours! This is amazing! A good sign for your Kingdom too! STAR! This is Amazing!"] He laughs with a big smile as his free arm wraps around her waste and he lifts her up off the floor spinning her as he laughs along with her. The joy radiating between the two. [b "I cant wait to tell mom and dad! You're amazing Star!"] He laughed so hard and then with all this joy in his heart, he just places a sweet kiss on her cheek. [b "Sorry, I just. You're amazing."] He set her back down on her feet slowly and let their eyes lock on each other again. [b "You better brag to your parents too. You're the first Mewman Queen to be with her own Soul Gem. They are good luck and extra protection. They help you and guide you. They are important. This is amazing. I cant stop smiling. It's never been done before."]

With that, he slid his hand back to hers and grinned down to her. [b "Come on, the cave will let us leave now. I have to go home, a huge festival will fill the underworld. You and your family are of course invited. This was my final step Star. I can officially be King when my parents retire. Though my old man and mom aren't quitters."] He chuckles holding her hand and waiting for her to give the okay to portal them on out of here.
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At the cave Star watched as Tom took out a little black book that held the history of the caves and the stories of those who had tried to find their soul gems before Tom. He compared it to the butterfly book of spells.

[#f958f5 “We..don’t have that anymore.”] She sighed, [#f958f5 “Kinda my fault, remember?? I mean..we started a new one, but it’s only got my “aunts”, my mothers and a chapter which I’ve began. But if you ask me, my spells sound a bit silly compared to theirs..”] she laughed nervously thinking about it. Then she continued to walk next to Tom through the cave, he continued to explain the tradition and how he’d never thought about his turn, and getting permission to go in, then he was interrupted by a voice that sounded serpent like. Star had only met a few serpent type monsters, and none of them lived in the underworld, the underworld consisted mostly of demons of various types, few other species could survive here, luckily Mewmans made the list. When the ugly gunky shadow creature formed she knew it wasn’t a being but a spirit of sorts, an “immortal”, maybe timeless keeper and protector of the cave which didn’t seem to favor Mewmans. The way Tom stood in front of her and put his arms slightly behind himself in a protective stance, made her heart flutter. It wasn’t that she thought that she needed protecting it was the fact that it was Tom’s first instinct to protect her, it made her feel important, like she really meant something to him. She knew over the last two weeks that her feelings had grown for him more than they had ever been. Seeing him like this made her feel like maybe he felt the same. Star’s first instinct was to start blasting at it, but Tom seemed out raged enough, and rather than being trigger happy like he was he yelled at the creature and it backed down without hesitation. It became all too clear to her that it was a test, and possibly the first of many.

Star’s stomach did back flip and filled with butterflies when Tom grabbed her hand confidently and eager to continue on this adventure. She smiled to herself and followed hoping she’d get to fight something on this trip. After about 20 minutes of walking the two came to a fork in the cave, one both paths seemed identical to her and she wondered if Tom had a preference on which they should take.

[#f958f5 “I think we should go right!”] she smiled, something about it felt dangerous to her, it felt right.
Meanwhile outside the kingdom of Mewni , Toffee’s son, Tream, hid in the shadows, he’d come with an amount of solders equal to that of the Mewni guards. Waiting for his chance to storm the Castle and inflict his revenge. If that brat Star Butterfly thought that she could kill his father and get away with it, she was wrong, he was about the same age as Star and had followed in his father’s footsteps, it didn’t take long for his father’s story to become famous back at Septarsis. The entire species hated Mewmans and he’d come closer than any other to destroying them. He now sat in his camp with his small army in the woods of Mewni studying his map of the castle, they would attack soon, very soon. The plan? Kill the Butterfly family, then take the throne and control all of Mewni.
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Tom could honestly be thankful for the night in the park with Star, three weeks ago or so. If it wasn't for them talking heart to heart back then, who knows if these last weeks would have been as amazing. For it seemed both of them needed that little talk, for both to heal. Five years to catch up on. Five years of put off healing. When she had asked about his scars and if it was her fault, it was hard to talk to her about. But the demon did it. He told her that of course it wasn't her fault. It was his own guilt he was dealing with It had nothing to do with her and he was honest with her. The two just stood there as the blood rain fell around them and they held hands gently. He stood there with his hair soaked and down instead of up, as she stood there with a wiped clean face. No way he was going to let her stand there in a mess.

It was so hard to not pull her into a hug, to just hold her. Tom has loved her, always. But he knew better than to just dump all those feelings on her at once. Their moment in the gazeebo was ruined by a mother and father demon giggling with their two children. The four of them looking at their Prince. Thomas just cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his head. The little demons, a boy and girl. The boy wrinkling his nose at the romantic moment and the little girl swooning over her Prince. It was still a pretty good moment with Star that he will never forget. Never.

But that was weeks ago! And the last few weeks have been the best weeks in years for him! Both of them had been talking none stop, sneaking out to go do who knows what. To grab a bite, to go cause trouble sneaking into forbidden places and being chased out. Those were the loudest and hardest he has laughed since the two split. Talking late on the phone and mirror at night. It was like their Prince was back. Tom's parents have even noticed a different skip in his step lately. Little things that use to set him off, weren't effecting him as much. Then there was of course the little act him and Star were putting on for their parents that the two of them were dating. Though some nights his father would remind him to be a gentlemen out late with the princess and to not harm her honor. Tom would just blush wildly and grow embarrassed in front of his parents. Clearing explaining that nothing like THAT was going on. He was just simply courting her. They are rekindling, is what he told them. They bought it. And Tom wished half of it was true. But no, they weren't really dating. They were merely being best friends. Like they have always been. Not that he didn't mind holding her hand or kissing her hands and cheeks in front of his and her parent now and then.

Then today, today was a big deal for future rulers of the underworld. He was getting his soul gem! Hopefully at a reasonable time. Not the wasn't complaining that it was just going to be him and her, alone, in a cave for a day or two at the most. Tom was more than excited to see her again.

Sure enough, as he was in the middle of talking to the Queen and King. The King giving him that classic, "don't try anything funny with my daughter" speak and look. Again, Tom would never do anything she didn't want him to do. [b "Oh of course not your Majesty. No funny business. She's strictly there to help me get my Soul Gem."] He stood up extra straight and the King just stroked his beard. Nodding and trusting him, both her parents have been working on trusting him again. He knows that wont be an easy task.

Just before they were about to congratulate him on this milestone, all three heard Star's bright voice filling the room. The Prince glanced up the stairs to see her rushing down with the biggest smile on her lips. His own heart racing from seeing her in clothes she use to love when they were younger. [b "Star! You look adorable-"] All three eyes widened and his face turned to a deep purple as he felt her lips on his. He hasn't felt her lips in years! They were so plump and so warm! Now his heart was racing a mile a minute. Sure it was a quick peck, but with her lips on him and her hands on his chest. Tom felt all flushed and stood there doing his best to fight that goofy look on his face. Or to stop a smirk growing on his lips, but it was hard. All three eyes half lidded as he just stood there all loosy goosey now.

Thank goodness she kissed him and then stepped back to go start the portal. Her parents just looking at him with a raised brow. [b "I swear, I wont do anything she doesn't want me to do."] He winked at them and before they could glare and snap at him he laughed chasing after Star into the portal. Of course he wouldn't, of course that kiss was probably just for the show. But he loved it. It took him back to when they use to kiss all the time. It took him back to before the pain.

[b "Alright, here we are. This is the cave that all royals before me have gone. We will find a Gem! My Soul Gem! Then I'm like, basically more than half way the next King."] He grinned a dashing cocky grin and went to lead her cave. The darkness down here not bothering him too much, his eyes just glowed a soft red the whole time. But hearing her using a spell made her wand glow so bright and he laughed a little in pain covering his eyes as both complained about the brightness. A sigh of relief when she dims it down to just right. This was the moment.

He started to walk in the cave deeper, nothing too fancy right now. It looked like a regular cave. Not like his mother gave him too much insight on how to do this. She just sent him a little black book that looked worn. All the past royals before him had written their experiences in the book. [b "This, is kinda like that Butterfly spell book you Queenies all have. But this, is for this moment right here. I have to write anything. Look, my mom write about how she got lost down here and felt like she was just going in a circle! This place is so cool!"] He grew excited and little flames shot from under his feet and the tips of his horns as he grew excited. [b "Ah, sorry. It's just...I never thought I would get the permission to go here-"]

[+blue "And you ssstill don't!"] An old voice of some, oozey shadow muck snack comes slithering out of the walls and lifts his head. Standing a good eight feet over them and looking down. Tom quickly put himself before Star and held an arm back to keep her there.

[b "I....forgot about you.."] Tom sighed and rolled his eyes as the snake thing hissed and leaned in rather close to the Prince. Eight glowing red eyes glance back to Sar.

[+blue "Rather ssssstupid to bring a Mewman with you. No Mewmansssss allowed. Henccce, why you're not welcomed."] The snake slowly circled them before stopping in front of Tom again and the two had a stare down. [+blue "Half demon.....half Mewman. Only a demon can rule the Underworld. Your father...didn't do thissss tesssst."]

[b "And my father has been one the best rulers this world has had! If you're going to smack about my father. I will end you, I AM, your Prince. Your Queen's son. You didn't give her any mouth."] The two glared more and were getting rather fired up. The snake demon nearly forgetting about Star for a second. Soon leaning back and staring at the two. [b "I may be half, but that dose make me less powerful. I am just as powerful as my mother was when she was my age. I will get past you. I will."] Tom glared all three eyes dangerously angrily and bared his mouth of choppers at the creature before.

Who suddenly smiles and snickers a bit. [+blue "Perfect. I wassss worried that mewman half of you made you weaker. If anything, the hell firesssss sssseeem to burn the hottest in you. The hottest I have seen in a very looong time. I have turned down pure demons down before. You, and your.....friend here...may enter. Good luck, my Princccccee."] The snake thing then liquefied into the ground and left. Tom shook his head a bit and rested his hands on his hips proudly.

[b "Pft, like I was going to let that guy tell me where I cant go. Come on. First task done!"] With that, he grabbed her hand eagerly and lead her more inside the cave. Thankful for her wand to be so bright. Once they were a little more in the cave, he started to write in the book as they walked. Seeming to not really be all that worried about this.
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Star wasn’t mad about the promise or “deal” that Tom made with Marcos anymore, and even though he said it was for him, it seemed pretty selfless.. He’d put her needs ahead of his own. But it made her sad that he sold himself short in the process, had he really not thought that she valued him in her life? He had missed him so much. Sure she fell in love with Marcos, but the nickname “Princess Marcos” was very fitting and when Tom pretended he didn’t want to be in her life anymore it became apparent that she missed having a truly masculine figure in her life. Not to mention friends had always meant more to her then boyfriends and that was one of the main reasons she fell in love with Marcos, she thought she was falling in love with her best friend, but when they became more. It was never the same. She wanted someone who could be both. It had never been more clear that, that could be Tom.

[#f958f5 “Tom sure you came on a little strong back then but you were never a pester.. I’m sorry I made you feel that way. Now that I’m older, those times you thought you were pestering me; those are some of my best memories. I feel like now..I wish I had a guy like that.”] She nearly choked on her words, she’d never even come close to telling Tom about any feelings she had for him. She liked the way he came on to her, no one could play cat and mouse like she and Tom could. But now..he’d grown on her soo much, she missed him so freaking much. Could he really forgive her for everything though? Was she still everything he wanted? She’d given him so many scars and she knew nothing she could say could take back any pain she’d caused him, she couldn’t fix any of her old mistakes, she worried not even an over cocky demon prince could forgive her. She wanted so badly to tell him sorry, but even if she meant it words could do nothing. She felt selfish for wanting him as a friend while she was with Marcos, the more she thought about it the more it made sense that he had to drop her for himself. To save himself from farther pain.

[#f958f5 “Tom..”] she coughed she couldn’t say sorry without choking on the words. If she found a way to express how bad she felt she’d break down explaining it.

[#f958f5 “I missed you too..more than you could ever know. I wish you did call..there were so many times me and Marcos fought when I needed you, and so many times I should have been there for you.”] She was glad that they were having a heart to heart. It felt so nice hearing him open up to her. As much emotion as everything gave her, she was glad that they weren’t crying at the park..maybe that could be later, it would go better with a coffee or coco and a nice cuddle. Maybe that’s how she could fix some of those old scars and not just his, but hers as well. It made her feel bad the way Tom “punished” himself it made her want to kill the being who did that too him.

[#f958f5 “WHO DID THAT!?”] she demanded, she wanted to understand, she knew he’d asked someone, but who would follow such an order, who could strike her prince…wait uh..her mind stopped. Had she really thought of him as hers? She got stuck on the thought, it was a nice one but it confused her, was that why his scars angered her? Why she wanted to beat the crap out of whoever did it? It was then she cooled down, it didn’t matter who physically beat him, it was her fault..if she hadn’t made him fell so bad. If she hadn’t been such a stupid emotional wreak last night, he’d have never done it. The thought gave her a knot in the back of her throat that made it hard to swallow.

Blood began to rain down on them, she secretly loved it. It was fucking hardcore. But she felt so bad. She tried not to show it, but it was eating her on the inside. She followed Tom to the gazebo where she tried to listen to him and wipe her face, but it was so hard to focus, she kept missing. Then he did something she didn’t expect at all. He pulled out a very clean, white handkerchief and wiped the blood drops off her face and in such a gentlemanly manner, it made her heart do a backflip. She couldn’t help but look up at him with a twinkle in her eye, even if she was sad. She then grabbed his hands, in her smaller ones and picked them up and rolled up his sleeves before holding his hands again.
[#f958f5 “It was me wasn’t it?”] she said with a broken voice and a frown, still looking in his eyes, but with pain. [#f958f5 “Its my fault you did this?”]


Now it had been just over two weeks, her feelings for Tom had come back 10x and continued to grow every day that he spend with her and every moment he called her on her Mirror. He seemed to love being with her and seemed to need to talk to her when they were apart, she even needed to get unlimited minutes because they could talk for hours, and they did. He was even slowly bringing back the girl she truly was, the Rebel. She’d started sneaking off to see him, ditching royal queen junk and destroying things. She fully credited him with shaking her out of her depression and helping her be herself again.

Star had been anxiously waiting to go into the caves of the underworld to search for Tom’s soul gem, she’d been ready all morning waiting for him to pick her up. When she heard him talking to her parents she began running down the stairs, if she got there early enough she’d stop him. It wasn’t that her parents didn’t think she could handle herself, in fact after Toffee they rarely worried about her safety, not to mention after the last 2 weeks they had really began to trust Tom again. Anyway she just didn’t think they needed to know all the details, her mother weren’t too fond of anything that see deemed dangerous.

Star reached the top of the grand staircase in a few seconds and walked down them quickly, she wore that same outfit Tom was so used to, her “devil” horns headband, dress, dino shoes, and star purse. She and top had been keeping the lie going to her parents that they were dating, it really helped keep his and her parents off of their back about seeing princes and princesses and going out to see each other. But neither of them had told the other how they really felt yet. It was a great excuse to touch each other without really saying how they felt. When she got to the end of the stair case she ran to Tom and put her palms on his chest, got on her tippy toes, and slowly pressed her lips on his.[#f958f5 “What took you so long?“] she smiled, getting off of him and leading the way out side. Then she rang her underworld bell, and though it was small it rang deep and loud. The underworld carriage came up in no time and Tom opened the door for her and she smiled and went in first. The carriage was roomy but he sat next to her, their comfort level with each other was growing, and she enjoyed having him close as much as he liked being close.

[#f958f5 “I am so EXCITED, this is going to be so fun!”] she smiled. Then the carriage stopped, Tom opened the door, grabbed her hand and led the way. This was the deepest and darkest part of the underworld Star had ever been to. Too dark, she couldn’t see anything. She then took out her wand and whispered, [#f958f5 “Lightly Tightly Shine Brightly”], her whole wand began to glow very bright, too bright, it was hurting her eyes, so she twisted one of the horns on top and it dimmed a little. It took just a moment to adjust it to where she was comfortable, then she continued her walk with Tom to the caves.
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He had a feeling she would ask about that, the deal him and Marco had made when she started dating that bastard. There was a time Tom thought of him as a good friend. But now, Tom will never forgive him. So he let out a heavy breath and looked up at the red clouds darkening and becoming more cloudy. It's Bloody Season down here, maybe he shouldn't have brought her outside.

[b "The deal, wasn't to hurt you. Or to spite you Star. No. If anything...I was for me. Shocker, right? I guess I am always selfish."] His hands fell from the chains and he leaned his elbows down on his knees and leaned forward watching his fancy dress shoes sink down into the red wet soil of the playground. He too remembers the playdates back when they were younger. [b "You were happy with him. I was...jealous. And I didn't want to do what I use to do. Pester you and bother you two. Plus I liked Marco then. I trusted him with you. So, I told him I wouldn't be a bother."] Tom's eyes were a bit saddened as he folded his hands together as he leaned forward. [b "Plus, it...hurt a lot seeing you two together. It wasn't long after we had split you were with him. The three of tried being friends, but I couldn't. So I promised to give you two your space to work on you. And in returned he promised to never hurt you and keep you happy. I was able to live with that. Knowing you were happy was enough. Even if it wasn't me."] He sort of just let that all flow out, it felt good to finally talk to her about stuff like this. Star was always the one he could talk to about his problems. He lost that once he lost her.

She asked if he missed her those years they were apart and he turned to give his gaze to her. On his face was a look of more pain and he didn't want her to think it was so easy for him. [b "I missed you like crazy. When I had my stupid shit days, it took so much to not call you up and just rant to you. It slowly just became a bit more easier. I just told myself you were happy with him. So I was able to smile at that."]

Talking about this stuff was reminding him just how much he had missed her after all. He had tried to fool himself in thinking that it didn't hurt to miss her no more. The biggest lie in his life and he didn't want to lie no more. Not to himself or to her. So he leaned his head back again and looked up at the reddening sky once more. [b "The scars, I didn't want to tell you. But I don't want to start off fixing our friendship by keeping secrets. Secrets ruin things. So...I..after the party last night. I."] How the hell does he tell her that he willingly let himself get tortured. Stuff like that doesn't make sense to most Mewmans. But she wasn't like more Mewmans, that's for sure. [b "It was my first time trying that. My temper got worse..the stupidest things annoyed me and just royally pissed me off. So...I...figured it was only right to let myself be...well, punished."] The male smiled a nervous grin and chuckled trying to make it all light and not a big deal. [b "It's hard to actually damage me, so it had to be serious damage. But of course its nothing permanent. These are just taking longer to heal cause they were...well If wasn't a demon. Life threatening. Of course I'm a special Lucitor demon too. So even extra hard to kill."] He shook his head and grew a little cocky trying to show he was A-Okay. [b "So I thought if I train myself to realize, losing my cool like that. Means punishment. Maybe I'll finally chill out."]

With that, he rolls his sleeves up and shows the awful scars on his arms going in every which direction and these weren't event he ones on his back and stomach. [b "These were already worse this morning. These should be gone in a few days. I'm okay. Okay? You don't have to worry about me. Plus, I feel...rather okay. You know?"]

Her face told him everything. She was trying to understand, where he thinks she does for the most part. But she hates how he did still. The woman before him was just adorable. She may never look at him romantically, but he's glad he's her friend still.

The Prince went to speak out again to change back to the topic of the dance last night. Oh how he was still replaying it in his head. While he was being punished it was all he thinking about. To make himself better for him and for her and just about anyone else his temper causes problems for. Though before he could get a word out he felt a raindrop on his face and he touched it with his middle and index fingers, glancing down and saw it was, well not rain. Down here they don't have rain. [b "Ah crap. Its bloody season."] He took her hand as it started to pick up and get heavier. He laughed a little night caring that it was raining blood. But he's pretty sure she has heard of the weird weather down here, but this may be her first bloodstorm.

So he lead her to a gazeebo in the park to keep her out of the blood rain laughing seeing her reaction to her. Of course he held the little gate up to the gazeebo open for the few others in the park. Nodding and smiling at them and they thanked their Prince.

When they were settled in now he walked over to her and pointed to his right cheek. [b "You got a little something on your face. No no no. Other side."] She kept missing and only kept spreading the few drops everywhere. He wasn't gonna lie. Seeing her down here in the rather darker world than hers was kind of, exotic and she looked good in it. It was a demon thing. [b "Here, you dork."] Tom just shook his head reaching into a back pocket and pulled out a handkerchief and wiped off her cheeks. [b "Sorry about your dress, yoooouu, wont be getting that out."] The demon watched her finish washing his arms and face off. He was just glad to have her back in his life. It feels like he can start living again.

It's been about two months since the two had been talking again. Since the park incident. The both of them have been best of friends again. Late night calls on the phone and mirrors. Little meet ups for snacks and shopping around in malls all over. A few times the both had snuck out when their parents wanted them to do some stupid King or Queen practice crap. The two of the hating that with passion. They would go out for corn shakes. Or a different location to just sit and talk. But today! Today was actually something cool was happening. And Tom couldn't be more excited.

He was dressed in some old boots, old jeans and some old jacket. Comfortable, not so princely clothes and a spiky something metal book bag slung over his shoulder. Now standing outside the Butterfly Castle and knocks hard on it in a little pattern that was fun and he knew made the Queen sigh. The Prince just bit his lip smiling and bounced on his toes a bit. [b "Queenie! It's me! Come on! I know Star is ready! I told her two days ago to be ready-"]

He was cut off by the door opening up and he strolls right on in. Giving Manfred a nod and fist bump followed with a little "sup". Then waits down at the end of the grand stairs waiting for Star.

Today was the start of an important mile stone for future rulers of the Underworld. They have to go to the oldest cave in the underworld and bring back a Soul Gem. Which is different for ever ruler. And it goes in the center of their crown. Sure it sounds easy. But it aint. The Soul Gem stays hidden the ruler is ready to find it. There animals in the cave that could be a little dangerous. But nothing Tom is worried about.

[b "STAR! COME ON!"] He called out and smiled back to the Queen and King. [b "Don't you two worry. She will be fine. There's just probably a few Sucklers and Shadowlings. Really, she will be okay. We are allowed to bring one partner and I work best with Star. We will hopefully be back in day. But it sometimes could be....well...months. But I doubt that. My mom was only in there for a day. Hardly a day."] He was doing his best to try ease Star's parents.
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As they stood in the Mewni court room, Stars hear broke as she saw more scars when Tom rolled up his shirt, she blamed herself. After she was done apologizing, Tom told her there was no need and began his apologies, but she knew that “it took two to tango” and she and Tom were the best dancers in any realm, both physically and metaphorically. She knew she was to blame just as much as he was. Then he gently lifted her chin, the feeling was refreshing. No man had ever touched her way Tom did. He and Marcos were so different, Tom was a man and the way he touched and handled Star made her feel special. But Marcos, well, Star was the dominant one in that relationship, and she was sure now Jackie was, when Tom did things like that it made her question why she’d ever loved “Princess Marcos”. Which is what she’d secretly began calling him when no one was around. Maybe it was for that reason that Marcos was able to relate to her more, and understand her more. But after the dance, and now this it seemed like an even tradeoff, who cared if Tom didn’t understand the way she thought or did what she wanted. For the most part, in the past everything he did for her was with the best intentions. She just wasn’t able to accept never being able to control a man, or a demon in the past, which was funny considering she was such a rebel. But now, she understood what made such a man special, she was finally old enough to understand and appreciate they way he could make her feel, the way he could touch her, treat her. It was nothing like Marcos, who had never made her feel this way, he made her feel strong and powerful. But these feelings from Tom were..they weren’t necessarily better, but they had the ability to take her breath away.

She looked into his eyes as he held her chin, and softly gave her the most sincere apologies. The moment made her heart to flips and forced her to resist the urge to kiss him. It forced her to really wonder how he felt about her..if he knew how see felt about him. Sure she had been with Marcos and she did love him, even miss him, but all the while, while she was with Princess Marcos she missed her old friend enough to keep old feelings from dieing, she wondered if he knew that. It also wasn’t her fault all those years ago, she only said good bye because Tom had told her that he no longer wanted to see her. Which no she realized was probably only because some stupid deal or promise or whatever he had to Princess Marcos. The situation was frustrating.
When he let go of her face and broke eye contact he opened a portal and offered her a hand which she gladly took. She didn’t care where it went, she trusted him not to mention that goofy sharp toothed grin was enough to finish convincing her it would be nice spending time with him. Not that she needed convincing. She flashed her pearly whites back at him and went through the portal with him. When they came out they were at a park that her mother used to bring her to, to play with Tom. She hadn’t seen it in forever and had never remembered where it was but she did remember playing with Tom here as toddlers up and for a small while after. She sat on an old swing next to him, slowly rocking back and forth as she listened to him.

[#f958f5 “Yeah I said that because It’s been for ever Tom and the reason that it’s been so long is because you had some kind of weird promise to him I didn’t know about for 5 years.. I know I didn’t fight harder for you, and now I know I should have, maybe it would have changed something. But I need to know..did you miss me all those years we were apart? I missed you.. you and Pony Head had always been there for me.. Then Marcos came a long and, while humans and their world, it was all so knew and exciting. But when I lost you I had no one to lean on. Marcos is the flower, not the gardener. make me feel like the flower, and when I was younger I was to independent to realize how amazing that could feel. You know what if I’d never broken I might not have ever opened to that feeling. I’m sorry it took this long. But when..never mind.”] He had nearly told him, when he touched her the whole world melted, when she was with him she wasn’t sad about Marcos, it wasn’t a “rebound” like they called it on earth it was more than that. An old love, an old flame coming back stronger then before.
[#f958f5 “I enjoyed that dance too. I’m glad were still the best dancers where ever we go”] She giggled [#f958f5 “I’ll never forget our last silver bell that was magical. Laterally. Don’t you wish you could just let go like that with someone you care about? It was so much easier as a kid, everything was.”]
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There Tom stood holding his breath and stood as straight and tall as he could. Easily towering over the Queen, Tom really had grown and filled out in the last five years. This was her first time seeing him this close too. Horns longer, starting to curl at the pointed tips just a bit. Teeth shaper, facial features sharping and maturing. Broad shoulders and overall, to most women his age when they see him, would swoon and agree that he's a handsome devil prince. But this was Queen Moon, so her checking him out was still intimidating. The woman was hard to please. So while she circled him he glances at Star and wrinkled his nose up and stuck his tongue out at her quickly. THough just as quick sticking back in his mouth when the Queen glances up at him. It still sucked when the Queen mentions the two use to date.

The male just smiles and shrugs his shoulders, being as casual as one could be. [b "Third time's the charm? Right? Besides. We were kids."] He just chuckled to make the subject not so serious. [b "Can you blame her for being interested in me, your majesty?"] Tom held that toothy smirk and winked one eye at her. That charm of his, he really cant help it sometimes.

Moon just stared at him and he knew she was mentally slapping her forehead. He chuckled though went wide eyed and actually froze when she just blurts out about heirs and such and saying they weren't getting younger. Tom's nose and cheeks flushed a deep redish purple as for once, it seemed he couldn't think of a remark. First off, they weren't old. They were still plenty young. And, how was Star's mother so cool with something like? Children!? That's a big deal!

When she finally said the two may be alone he finally let out a deep breath and rested his right hand on his heart taking deep breaths. [b "That could have gone worse."] He huffed a few times before watching Star now strolling up to him.

Now the two of them stood there, being rather awkward. Since last ended on a bad note for them both. The demon reached a hand behind his neck to scratch it nervously wondering what to say. As he lifted his arm up the sleeve rolled up his shirt some and exposed his neck. Revealing more healing scars. Then he figures starting with an apology would just be smartest thing to do. His lips parted and so did Star's suddenly, she had beaten him to the apology first. He was quick to shake his head no, though she didn't see as she went on explaining about why Marco was there and called him out on caring about her feelings. She had no idea.

All three ruby eyes were half lidded as he watched her closely. Her eyes struggling to find a spot to focus on for a minute, before she settled on looking him back. Five years. It's been five years since she made the choice to tell him good bye. It was clear she didn't know what love was then and she most certainly didn't have it for him. As for him, he's adored even before their first time dating. Since they were little kids. Her first silver bell dance, was his second. And he was dreading the dance. All the other Princesses and Prince's were not too impressed about the half mewman half demon boy. Tom was six and didn't want to let his family down again. But Star, was the first to ask him to dance with her. And since then the boy couldn't shake her. She never will. She saw more than a some freak of nature.

[b "Star, of course I care about your feelings."] He replied in a gentle tone, and bit his lip the second she mentions the scars. Under his breath he muttered a few swears. Hoping and wishing she hadn't seen those. His eyes saw her looking down at her feet as she told him to not answer here. Bringing up that the two never really did get to catch up like they wanted and she seemed sad suddenly. So ever so gently he tucked her chin on his finger and his thumb sweetly rests on her chin to guide her pretty face to look up at him. [b "Okay, I wont answer here. And you don't have to apologize or a single thing Star. If anyone has to apologize its me. I was a royal ass last night. I shouldn't have gotten so angry last night. Plus, I wasn't thinking well and during the process. I accidently hurt you. Making you cry was never my intension. Never. I am so sorry."] His voice was calm and smooth as he watched her listening. Does a friend talk like this to a friend? He is aware that there was probably never going to be a chance to get her back for real, not just for a lie to please her mother. Oh well, he said it.

Next, he held his right hand out and opened a portal. Then offered her his left hand. [b "Come on, a spot to relax. I think we both need a break from our parents."] A goofy grin to lighten the mood and to let her know that he was still that fun boy.

Once they crossed the portal, he had taken her to a not a beach, they were awful at this time of year. But he had taken her one of his favorite parks he went to as a kid in a demon city down here in the underworld. It wasn't so crowded now that it was turning to dusk. So he sat down on an old swing and knew she wanted answers to the scars but he wasn't sure how to answer that with out worrying her more. It was his problem. Not hers. He didn't want to burden her.

[b "Okay, you said we clearly need to talk. We can talk all we want now. I think it's overdue."] His hands held the chains of the swing as he lightly let himself sway and watched her take a swing for her own, and dodging around the question for his scars. [b "I was enjoying the dance though. If I may say that. Took me back."] He added with a relaxed expression as he replayed their dance last night. Oh how he wished it didn't end how it did.
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Moon butterfly walked around the demon prince eyeing him over, she believed he was probably telling the truth. But she hadn’t seen Star out much lately, would explain why Star was refusing to let other princes court her, and it would also would explain Tom’s rage when Marco showed up to the ball invited by Star. Satisfied she nodded at Tom then spoke.

“While I wish Star didn’t keep secrets from me, after all we are all swear that the two of you used to date before. But I’m glad she is showing interest in SOMEONE.” The queen said just a bit frustrated

“While neither of you are getting younger..go on you two, you need to produce heirs for the throne and I want to still be alive to see it” Moon laughed then turned and grabbed her king, walking away with him. It was hard for Moon to admit to herself, but when Star was little Moon didn’t like Tom, after all it was his Grandfather who fell in love with Star’s grandmother Eclipsa. For a long time she considered them all monsters because those were the stories that she grew up with. But as she watched Tom and Star grow, she could see that the Lucitor family wasn’t monsters. Tom didn’t know it but he alone was responsible for the alliance his kingdom had with the Mewman kingdom. If there was anyone she trusted with Star it was Tom Lucitor.

The two stood awkwardly together as Moon walked away, it was easy to tell that she was in a hurry to leave so that the two could have alone time.

“Look, last night.. I’m sorry” Star apologized, “I invited Marcos because..I thought I needed some kind of closer. Then I over reacted when you, when you uhh..while I just should have tried to see it your way. I think you did what you did because you’re a true friend, because you care about my feelings. I’m sorry I didn’t see that before.” She finished, smiling shyly. Sure Tom looked messy, and she’d noticed his scares, but after talking to her “aunty” Eclipsa, she’d realized she really did have feelings for Tom, and sure she was still getting over Marcos but maybe Tom could understand that. It was hard to know she had real feelings for him and see him this way.

“What-what happened Tom..after the ball I mean. I’m sorry, look don’t answer that here, can we go somewhere more private. Last night you promised we could catch up..if you’re not doing anything, maybe we could go back to your realm and I donno..go to lava lake beach or something. You know what it doesn’t matter where we go I just can’t stand to be in this Kingdom for another second right now and we clearly need to talk. Oh and I’m sorry I lied, about..while I just didn’t want to see you get in trouble” Star then sighed and looked at her feet, she hadn’t been feeling herself lately she was Star, the rebel and part of her hoped her old friend could bring that person back.
  Star Butterfly / WiccansWrath / 1y 223d 13h 31m 37s
The royal Lucitor family stood there before everyone. Tom's parents taking on much of the pressure and Tom hated that. It was his fault they were here. it was always his fault causing troubles.

[+red "My Queen-"]

[b "I take all the blame. I will accept any punishment or agreements or terms you have."] Tom spoke up and stood in his spot much more prideful now. The looks on his mother and father were concerned but proud mixing into one.

But the grand hall remained silent for a while and Tom glances to Star. She didn't seem too spiteful towards him like he thought she would. Why in fact the Princess had leaned over to her mother, with the King leaning in to hear too. This left Kind David a second to convers with his son. [+red "Tom, it would be best to be true to those words you just spoke."] His father placed both hands on his son's shoulders and the two just softly smiled at each other.

[b "I will. Whatever is her terms, I will accept. I wont fight. I wont talk back. For, our Kingdom."] He smiled a little brighter though his eyes showed the worry.

Their little moment was cut off when Queen Moon sat up more straight in her throne and all three of the Lucitors bowed in respect and waited to hear what she said. And boy were they surprised. All three looked up shocked and utterly speechless. Tom knows he shouldn't question good things, but what just happened there? Surely he was going to get yelled at something. What did Star tell her mother? He looked to the lovely Princess with a confused look, of course he trusts her. But did Star have that power to persuade her parents yet?

His family had just been excused to wait outside and Tom stood up watching them leave before giving them a nod that he would be okay. It was a bonus to hear the other Queens and Kings mutter under their breath and he wrinkled his nose with a smug grin at them. SOmehow the little devil always gets out of sticky situations. But one day he knows his luck will run out. His third eye saw the Queen coming to him and he quickly straightened up his posture and did his best to fix his hair up and his button up shirt. He did rush to get here on time, so he was rather a mess.

[b "Queen Butterfly I...thank you. But..may I ask why?"] He hushed the second she stopped in front of him and looked him in the eyes so bravely. The woman was hard to scare and didn't quiver easily. Not that Tom has a reason to scare her. He just sat there biting his bottom lip and puffed his cheeks a bit waiting for the verdict. Though nothing he had imagined she would say, came close to what she really told him. All three ruby eyes widened as he gulped and glanced back to the Princess in the distance acting coy and bashful about her quick thinking to get him out of trouble. But if Star was willing to help, he would accept it. Anyway to make it up to her he can. [b "We have. Nothing funny happening of course. Small courtship to start us off. WIth...our history you know. We just kept it secret cause, well...we weren't sure...if...I was worthy material. For Star."] He looks to her father and nods respectfully. Smooth talking, a talent of his. [b "She is your, daughter after all. So we were waiting for...a right time to bring it up? If, it was acceptable even."] He shut up before he made anything worse. He felt like he left it on a good note.

Hoping that this little quick thinking would explain his temper yesterday. Hoping it was believable. Though most Mumans were accepting of monster or demon beings with mumans. He has heard stories of that one Queen in the butterfly family.

So now he stood there with his hands held behind his back and holding his Princely stature perfectly. Giving his most respect to the Queen and family. Hoping their little problem was fixed. One of many. The other ones he doesn't think will be much easier. Gaining Star's trust and respect back.
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Star laid in the grass of the royal garden, the tears rolled down slower and shower down the sides of her face and where ever they touched the grass flowers slowly sprung. Thoughts flooded her head and at the same time she thought about nothing. Then suddenly Eclipsa stood over her.

[#f958f5 “Eclipsa..What are you doing here?”] Star wondered and half smiled, wiping her eyes.

[#8326ed “While I was at the party when Tomas Lucitor lost control of himself. But you know I don’t care for royal parties anyway. You know that boy cares a great deal for you don’t you? Now, tell Auntie Eclipsa everything”] She said as she sat with her parasol wand on a nearby bench and held out at hand to Star. Star grabbed it and got up, sitting next to Eclipsa and began explain everything her “aunt” didn’t already know.

She explained how Marcos and her had grown so close, how she fell in love with him after being best friends for a few years and how Marcos had always liked Jackie. How Tom was friends with her longer than anyone, he was only a year older and they’d played together as babies, kids, pre-teens, all the way till she got sent to earth for being bad and met Marcos. When she was younger she imagined marrying Tom, she felt stupid saying everything out load. She wasn’t mad at anyone, it was all to predictable, she couldn’t be mad at Marcos for being in love with someone else, and she couldn’t be mad at Tomas for being a demon and doing what demons do. She was hurt with both of them but she’d never been mad at either of them. She understood them both almost perfectly.

[#8326ed “So then, what do you intend on doing now? I’d have never tried with that human, and obviously it didn’t work out, not to put salt on an open wound. But who am I to judge, I fell in love with a monster. Which is why I’m a little bias when I say if you have any kind of feelings for Tomas, you need to stand by him. You already know his nature, and you already love him for who he is..just don’t be too rough on him. Demons, are incredibly loyal creatures despite what most consider an unagreeable nature. Good thing you and I aren’t like most Mumans huh.”] She lightly chuckled then continued, [#8326ed “if you want I have a spell for heartbreak..your mother would consider it..questionable. But she isn’t as open minded as us.”]

Star laughed, Eclipsa always had a way of making Star feel better, and she had a good point. It didn’t matter how many mistakes Tom made, she knew she could always count on him and she knew him well enough to know he didn’t always know when he was making a mess of something. It was in his nature to make messes of things. But he always meant well, she always had her in mind. The more Star thought about it, the more she missed having Tom in her life, the more she regretted pushing him away for Tom. She hoped it wasn’t to late, she hoped Tom still loved her..

[#f958f5 “I’m ok on the spell”] Star laughed, [#f958f5 “and…thanks for the advice, I guess sometimes I just wish Tom knew how to control himself. I know he’s trying, and I know its NOT HIS FAULT, its just, sometimes there are places where its wildly inappropriate.”]
Eclipsa laughed, “If you love him..if you want to keep loving him, it doesn’t matter. Remember you’re a Butterfly, don’t think like a Caterpillar” and with that Eclipsa kissed Star on the forhead and began walking off to Rose tower, but after only a few steps.. she turned around.

[#8326ed “OH!, Star! I should mention, Tomas will be on trial in the Butterfly courtroom tomorrow, he is charged for damaging the palace and the even bigger offence of messing up the party”] She giggled to herself, the Butterflies could be so backwards sometimes. The damages were already fixed, her and Moon made short work fixing it and parties did not impress her. [#8326ed “Anyway..If you still care about Tomas, if any part of you still holds onto that childhood fantasy with him, you’ll know what to do tomorrow”] Then with a wink, she was off to her tower.

Star went to her own tower to, her heart felt well after talking everything out with Eclipsa. But as she laid in bed, she couldn’t sleep, only toss and turn. She did love Tomas, but truth be told her problem was not with him, it was with herself. She’d never forgiven herself for breaking his heart, and what if he didn’t feel the same anymore. What if to much time had passed she was feeling to sorry for herself at the party to ask him if he was even seeing anyone. Regardless the least she could do for her old friend, and first love was stand up for him when the time came.

The next day came quick, and Star made sure to be well put together, she wore a dress fit for a queen, her hair was done, and she wore heels and her crown. She was even early to the trial. She hadn’t felt this good and confident since before Marcos left her. But when Tom walked in her heart sank. He looked so broken, like he’d been torturing himself. Star bit her lip, she hoped this wasn’t her fault. She tried not to stare at him but she wanted so badly to fly to him and hug him, to make him feel better. She was still his friend, no matter what..

Moon began to read his charges out load, and all the royalty from the other kingdoms began to gossip and talk badly about the demons behavior. She then began to talk about all of his previous offences and all of the evidence from the night before. Moon was making a great case when suddenly Star leaned over and whispered something into her mother’s ear her face instantly looked shocked and yet happy, and her eyes wide. She took a moment to clear her throat and Star winked at Tom, hoping he saw. Moon announced that the trial was over.

[#13aaf1 “Tomas Lucitor is receiving a pardon on behalf of the Butterflies. Everyone is required to leave except Tomas, Tomas you stay.”] Moon demanded.

The room suddenly filled with grumpy mumbles from all the bystanders disappointed in the lack of punishment, but at the word of the queen they cleared out in a very timely manner even Tom’s parents waited outside.

[#13aaf1 “Tomas…Star tells me that you have been seeing her since Marcos left, but I wasn’t aware that she was seeing any princes, lord knows I’ve been marching them in front of her daily. Yet today she tells me that I cannot punish the future King of Mewni. So tell me, is all of this true? What are your Intentions with my daughter?”] Moon asked. Star stood next to her, her cheek marks blushing, she didn’t think her mother would make such a big deal out of it, it felt a little embarrassing hearing her mom say everything out loud. But maybe it was only embarrassing because part of her wished it was true. She felt bad for lieing but she was just trying to get Tom out of trouble. If he didn’t want to see her, that was ok..she would just tell her mother they broke up in a few weeks after everything blew over. But now thanks to another spur of the moment lie he could be in more danger from her mother then the due process he was in before. She really hoped he knew the right answer, even if it wasn’t the truth.
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Marco was biting his lip and growing nervous, but was stubborn to answer Tom's question. Which was more than enough for answer for Tom. His right hand grabbed at Marco's chest and yanked him easily up a bit and he was passing judgment, from rather bias point of views. It was Star Marco had hurt. Star. Marco had the universe in his hands, had Star's love. And he didn't deserve it. Not that Tom believes he deserves Star's love too.

[+r "You seem to know the answer. You haven't changed much it seems. Causing a scene in public. Ignoring Star's plees to just the heck out. For once."]Marco glared down at the demon who had him lifted up.

Tom froze and blinked his eyes a few times. He vaguely remembers hearing Star in the background to tell him stop. A soft, "shit" left his lips as he let go of Marco letting him fall to his teeth and caught her running away, crying. The one thing he never wanted to do. Was hurt her. Never her. [b " thought I had...gotten better. I."] Tom gulped hard as he hated seeing her running away from him like that.

It seems no matter how hard he will try and change for her, he just cant be what she needs. [b "St-Star wait!"] He felt hot tears trying to ooze out, as dread, regret, and fear mix and swirl inside. The Prince saw his mother with a worried pain look in her eyes as her and her husband were desperately trying to get to his son. It's never good when too many emotions take over him at once. He desperately went to go to catch up to Star, but the guards blocked his path. With drawn swords. Which only caused IT to finally happen. He was engulfed in flames and all three eyes wide and glowing. [b "I wont hurt her!"] Several dozens of voices shouted at the guards, doing so caused the whole party to shift and step back in fear. He let the lava tears ooze down his face as he hissed. All they will ever see is an angry demon. Nothing more, so fine, he'll act the part. All while ignoring his parents desperately trying to get to him.

[b "Emotions suck! You try dealing with them when you're trying your damn hardest to be something you aren't! You all can burn in my backyard!!"] He glanced back to where Star ran too and there was no point. As easily as he could get past her guards. She will never want anything to do with him. When he was trying to look out for her, he in fact did the opposite. That thought made him nearly fall down to his knees as the fires were growing the more he let the emotions take more control. Causing the party people to grow more scared. But his mother and father caught him before he fell to the ground, saving the floor from a decent dent.

His parents sighing and not even sure how to talk about this to Moon, they just summon a portal and guide their guilt ridden son home.

Once home he was just pacing around some random field near the palace. To allow him to try and burn himself out. Trying to calm down, but he couldn't see an end to the tears. It sucked. Why was it so hard? Why was he like this? His feet had set fires to the field and he was saying such awful things to himself, about himself. Pacing with rage, regret, and the most powerful. Heartache. Till it was too much and he fell to his knees and slammed both fists to the ground. He watched with lava tear filled eyes as the ground cracked opened, releasing more flames. He sat there on his knees curled up and holding his arms to him tightly. The best he can get to any kind of support. When he felt warm arms around him he slowly lifted his head up and saw his mother and father doing their best. All he could muster through his voice was just simple sentences. [b "I'm a monster. I try so hard to protect her, but I..I just fuck up. I do the thing I never wanted to do to her. I hurt her. Again. I thought I was getting better?"] He spoke and with their hugs, he slowly felt himself calming down a bit. The fires were at least put out. But he was no where near done hurting.

[b "She hates me. She hates me. How could I ever show her my face again? I'm just as bad as... Marco."] The young demon gave a few hard sobs and finally his eyes returned to normal and he stared out into the fields that were once burning, now had cooled down. A blank look to his voice as his parents held him tighter and he gently pushed himself up to his feet. One trick he has been working on, was literally just turning everything off. [b " sorry I bring shame to you both. I will go to punish might be days...or a weeks...don't come get me."]

[+red "Wait, Tom! You don't bring us Shame...I'm sure Star doesn't hate you-"]

[b "I'm leaving. I said I'll be back when I feel like...I've gotten it out of my system.."] He snapped his fingers and portal came up and he went to his little personal hell. Leaving his parents there now heartbroken as well and know Moon will be calling them soon. She will probably want an apology. But the King and Queen weren't sure if a "i'm sorry about my son's temper" will fix this. They fear an end of an alliance may be coming. Which is never good. But they just wished they could help Tom better more than anything. For no parent wants to see their child hurting so much.

As King Lucitor predicted, the Butterfly King and Queen were furious and demanded an audience with them. A trial sort of. Meaning Tom had no choice but to come. Which was a bit of a problem. For neither his mother and father know what his little hell for punishment was. With portable mirrors though, they were able to get ahold of him and tell him he had to come home now. Royal duties that not even emotional outbursts can get him out of. So this sucked. But Tom told them he would meet them there, on time. He promised them.

So there stood and the King and Queen of the Underworld on time, and outside the main doors of the Butterflys once again. Getting nervous that Tom wouldn't show up. Which would make things worst! [+red "I swear that boy better show up."] HIs father sighed and doesn't know what he can do with this child anymore.

[b "Relax..I'm here.."] It was Tom, on time. Though he looked, broken and beaten. Exhausted and almost personality wise, gone. His eyes blank and expressed, pain and yet nothing all at once. He was in simple tux pants and an untucked button up shirt. He was trying to hide most of his body but his mother saw what looked liked some scar on the back of his neck. Which it was hard to scar him. With his fast healing. Of course a scar will heal in time. But the pain to be put through to actually have one left on him. It was, like taking amount for anyone other than a demon.

But his father quickly fixed up his shirt the best he could and tried to put a smile on his son's face. Though Tom just stared out and felt like he will always be a helpless brat to his parents. [b "Lets...just beg for forgiveness and....and hope for the best."] He turned to face the door and went to knock on it. But the doors opened themselves and inside were guards making one path leading up to the Queen and King, and Star. Tom bit his lip and forced himself to look down. Then his father stood next to him also seeming suddenly more nervous.

[+red "Well..we might be in more trouble than I thought. The other kingdoms are here...Follow my lead Tom. Watch your old and mother."] King David smiled gently and then held his head and walked in with that underworld power in his step as he lead his family up to Queen and King Butterfly. Tom keeping his head down the whole time. He didn't have to see to hear what the others were saying. The alliance between more than one kingdom seems to be in danger. All because he cant keep himself in check. The once usually brave and daring Demon had no courage to face Star.

[+red "Well, I'm sure you just want to get straight it, huh Moon? You always do."] King David knew his son wasn't quite himself right now so he was going to do most of the talking.
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Tom paid her no mind as he moved past her, his eyes glowing reds and whites as he confronted Marcos. She’d over estimated Tom’s feelings for her, she had assumed he might have understood her pain better, that he might have wrapped his arms around her in some kind of reassuring way and go alone with her lies. But she knew him better than that, he was a strong independent prince with an anger problem, which she couldn’t really blame him for, he was a demon how was that his fault? Girls in his realm lusted after such a fiery temper. But how could he not understand..the same way he just wanted Star to be happy, Star just wanted Marcos and Jackie to be happy. She wasn’t trying to hold onto the past she just needed time to heal, she wouldn’t mind help healing sure, but this was not the way.

As soon as Tom started yelling at Marcos Star’s heart began to shatter, he was throwing her under the bus, telling Marcos everything she was trying to hide. She told him the truth just moments ago out of trust and here he was literally screaming her pain out load just outside a crowed ball room at the one person she wanted to keep her pain from. It felt like someone was cutting her open. Sure they had been distant but before this moment Star would have been willing to bet her life on Tom’s trust. A few tears began to roll down her cheeks, one or two rolled down her cheeks for her old feelings, a few for the embarrassment she was feeling right now, and some for the feeling of betrayal Tom was giving her. Then it just kept coming, She tried nudging Tom, tugging on the back of his shirt, but he just ignored her, he just kept going. [#f958f5 "Tom please"] she could barley speak. Star wasn’t stupid, she knew more about Tom then anyone, he would never blindly accuse anyone of anything, he was a demon, and one day as king of the underworld it would be his job to judge people.

Star kept wiping her eyes, this was all too much, she couldn’t take anymore her heart was physically hurting. She didn’t need to hear what Marcos had to say, Tom had already exposed him and it didn’t matter she didn’t care. She hopped that Tom had gotten some kind of closure because he had just tortured her. She quickly turned around and began running as fast as she could out of the ball room, out through the halls, stopping only shortly to rip off her dress and she was thankful she’d worn a normal dress under it with her monster boots. Then she kept running until she got to the castle gardens then she threw herself in the grass. The tears had slowed down but the pain hadn’t.

[#f958f5 “Aunty Eclipsa….help me, it hurts”] she whispered. She and Eclipsa had gotten very close over the years, and since she was found innocent at her trial she’d been staying in the Rose Tower, which was after all hers. They’d grown close and even though Eclipsa wasn’t really her aunt they both agreed it was fitting. The words weren’t really meant for her to hear, after all even though she didn’t enjoy parties she was most likely at the ball. But Star just needed someone to talk to, or someone to lay with her in silence. Ok maybe she would just appreciate any kind of company. But queens didn’t have friends, they had family and they had alliances,
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There the two males stood, inches from each other. Neither going to back down too easily. Tom wasn't even phased by Marco machoing up the last five years. Didn't mean a thing compared to a Demon in his prime. The Prince had spat words first. Furious that Marco came here, with his girlfriend too! To rub it in Star's face!? Tom felt it, he needed to calm down. This wasn't good, he cant get like this in front of Star. It was the source of all his heartache after all. But the tiny human dared to raise his voice at Tom. He huffed slowly and steam flowed from his teeth like a ready tea pot. [b "Good! I guess you aren't as stupid as I thought then. If you came here for me, it be your funeral."] He grinned wickedly, daring Marco to push his buttons more. Of course he was trying to not go off, but that's who Tom is.

But then the Princess herself rushed in front of Tom to hold him back. A heavy sigh left his lips as he let out a deep breath and fixed up his tie. Burning the bottom of it a little from his hot touch. Of course he knew he couldn't hurt Marco, Star still loves him and she would never forgive him if he hurt the backstabber. The tall demon leaned his head back and ran his fingers through his hair, letting out one more deep breath. Should he really calm down? Tom wants answers. He cant let word getting around the future ruler of the Underworld let a broken deal go unpunished. He wouldn't be taken serious.

The fiery being was still working on finding his inner peace, though keeping those pointed ears focused on Jackie talking to Star and his third eye glued on Marco. Disgusted by how the two dared to be cute in front of Star!

Then his head put two and two together. They started dating when they started college. That was literally shortly after he had dumped Star. He went silent as his third eye did it's magical thing to study Marco's and Jackie's soul energy. Staring into their hidden third eyes. Humans always say the eyes are the windows to one's soul. But not the eyes they were thinking of. They cant see their third eyes, but oh can Tom.

He was too focused on reading them to even notice Star's little stunt. About last minute lying that she and him were together. She wanted to lie, she wanted to not let Marco see her hurting. Of course he understood that. But his gut was telling him he cant let this go ignored. He needed the answer now.

When she looked at him, all three eyes were furiously narrowed down on Marco. Star can yell at him later, but if he's right she needs to know. If he's wrong, he can ruin what very little of a friendship they have left.

[b "You broke your promise, your deal with me Marco."] The blood ruby eyes flickered glowy white and red. He needed to control his rage while he got these answers. But the answers he needed to the deal Star knew nothing of. Bravely, he took a step closer again. This time making sure Star stood behind. Yes she was strong, yes she can hold her own and he loved all of that. But sometimes, her honor needed to be defended. [b "I went to you. As a friend! You promised to never break her heart. To not hurt her. And I would leave the two of you alone. And I held my part of the deal. I left you alone! No schemes to try and get her. I let us drift apart, FOR HER SAKE!"] His voice had risen a little with the sound of other voices mixed in.

The human better not lie. It will only make things worse. Plus Star was doing her best to shut him up, but no. He wont listen to her this one time. [b "You sure went back to Jackie really fast. As didn't even have to think about it."] He was dragging out getting to the point and for a reason. He wanted Marco to stew and sweat. Wanting the human to grow nervous. [b "You were faithful to Star all five years yes? No...late nights out on Earth visiting Jackie? Right? I swear Human, don't lie to me. You were faithful!? Right? Not trying to string Star along while never fully getting over Jackie? You only loved Jackie all your life. Were you quickly to get over her?"]

There he stood, glaring down into Marcos eyes and not budging. The both of them standing their ground. Tom waited patiently for Marco to answer. Not having the heart to see Star behind him probably, regretting ever introducing herself to him. Wishing she probably had no knowledge of him. But something was telling him to ask this question. [b "Well? You swallow your tongue? Speak! You were faithful to Star right!?"] The Demon felt the inner fires of him daring and trying to push their way out. But he couldn't, he cant let that happen. He has to hold it. Though that all depends on Marco's answer. He will have a life time of apologizing to Star, but if she can get this closer. Knowing that Marco had made a fool of her. She may be able to heal better. He hopes.
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