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I was writing this a long while back and I remember enjoying this story. I can't remember who I wrote it with.. I apologize for not doing my best, I would like another chance to play the role I had.

I played as Zelda/Sheik.


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Even in this time where he seemed to be a bit more taken off guard, he watched Zelda's actions and they kind of surprised him more than anything, but still seeing her hand get smacked he wasn't far from her side. "Thanks for the advice."He said rather sarcastically, obviously ready if this had escalated, but it seems luckily that it didn't come to that.
He nodded towards her, hoping the salesman hopefully didn't pay too much attention to her words, they were kind of antagonistic.
He was wondering what would happen when they exited the door, again looking kind of concerned, would he see himself..or a younger him, what happens if that happens..actually, if they could turn back time, both of them, how did that work? He'd have to pick times where he was getting a mask his younger self wasn't. A hand went to his temple as he figured it was just time to push on the door and leave the clock tower.
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Shiek didn't react to this man's words. She approached him slowly and pulled out a needle and held it against his neck. "[b No riddles and no games! Why is this happening?]"

The needle in question was about the size of a knife and Shiek wasn't going to hesitate.

"[b Time has been reset.. But as this is a curse, we were the only ones who weren't affected by it, because we are not from here. Let me ask you this, Link.. How long has it been since you've been in clock town, I guarantee you it has been longer than you think. Why do you have to do this again? I'd say fate has a twisted sense of humor. Now, princess could you remove that needle?]"

Shiek at first loosened her defense and The salesman smacked it out of her hand. "[b One rule about this place, if you are a position where you have defend yourself, don't hesitate.]"

Looking to Link she sighed: "[b We are going to find this mask, but this time.. we're going to destroy it.]"
  Sheik/Zelda / Darclyfe / 205d 12h 36m 53s
That laugh and all those words were just haunting now, maybe he didn't know better as a kid, maybe this mask salesman was his own type of villain, but something about all this was just ominous. As he listened on and was told he had to find all those masks, do all of this again, and travel through time but..remain himself hopefully, it was just bad news. Why was the salesman back here? Should Link just keep the mask for himself this time..maybe then this man wouldn't lose it again.
"[b Why would I have to do this again? Why is this happening again?]"He demanded to know, this man had to be hiding something from them, sure it had been a long time since he'd seen him, but he knew Zelda would be here as well..something was just off about the whole situation and Link wasn't into being gullible anymore.
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Looking to Link, who appeared to be freaking out..

Then an ominous laugh echoed from the doors. "[b Come in, Boy.]"

The doors opened as Shiek had her hands on her blades. "[b Don't worry, Princess. I'm not going to hurt you or Link. It appears as though you both have been met with a terrible fate..]"

Shiek looked at Link: Then back to the strange salesman. He began to speak again. "[b The Mask, Majora's mask.. it has been stolen.. But time has somehow reset itself over night. The only thing is.. Our mortality is the difference.]"

Sheik looked at Link and sighed. "[b So, we just need to retrieve the mask?]"

The man nodded: "[b Link can do it. But he has to unearth a dark past from his childhood. Link you need to dig up the [i masks] all twenty-four..]"
  Sheik/Zelda / Darclyfe / 212d 17h 43m 54s
As they went on he seemed more and more distracted, and that hammering, that barking, even the kid that ran by. He felt like everything he was hearing..was so familiar? He had heard it so many times before hasn't he? Hearing her ask he rose an eyebrow "[b No..I wasn't the only one aging..but..]"That kid should be a lot older than he was...had it happened again.
He literally looked himself over seeing that he was still an adult. "[b This can't be happening...I..]"Taking her hand he had to rush to the middle of the town and looked at the clock tower. Was he going to walk out of that door at any moment now or..what was happening? He knew this day, these sounds..these happenings..or was he just being crazy..was he actually crazy? He was far too distracted anyway to hear her first question.
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Zelda looked at Link. He may be right, but she couldn't take the chance of being noticed. "[b [+red Who did you go to when you needed help on your quest..? Maybe if we recall your first time here. We can probably figure out why this is happening.]]"

The mask, her world falling to pieces. There had to be some kind of connection. Boys in white shirts with numbers on their backs ran past Link and Zelda, they were young. "[b [+red are you the only one who aged here? Because the last time I saw you, you were a boy..]"

In town you could hear a dog barking, sounds of hammers hitting wood. The large clock ticking.. "[b[+red I already don't like this...]]"
  Sheik/Zelda / Darclyfe / 216d 5h 38m 37s
Listening to her he gave her a small smile, "[b Sure.]"He agreed to let her help, though it wasn't much to do, and then it all ended up in the saddlebags anyway. Still he figured her disguise was because she would believe someone could recognize her here, which seemed quite impossible from what he remembered. "[b By all means you can hide your face..but I don't think anyone will know you here.]"He offered to her, though he did notice her eyes were not the same as he recalled..well one of them anyway.
Upon hearing her explanation of how she got here, he rose an eyebrow. "[b I seem to remember chasing a skull kid into the woods after he stole Epona..then..I fell into a tree...for a while..then I was here, turned into...it's a long story.]"He told her but he didn't think memory loss was a part of it, "[b I didn't lose my mem..memories...]"He responded but upon hearing what she said he felt his face fall into a sort of pale look, his eyes going slightly wide as he turned around to look up at the moon. "[b N-No....no..no it shouldn't....]" was this really going to happen again..the moon was back in the sky..everything he'd worked so hard to stop..was it happening again?
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Covering her face back up she resumed her disguise. "[b[+red Link.. I.. Yeah- yeah... You're right. Sorry.]]"

He offered him an arm: He didn't have to carry his things by himself, if he didn't want to. "[b[+red Going through the town sounds lovely. Can I help you carry anything?]]"

Zelda thought about the darkness that fed on Hyrule, completely obliterating her home. The world that Link had fought to save countless times. It was gone. She didn't want to see that happen to Termina.

It was early, so it was dusk.. "[b[+red I hate to sound crazy... But is that moon supposed to have a face?]]"

Thinking about the regions she nodded: "[b[+red This may sound crazy but I do believe I have lost part of my memories... I... Only remember the world in darkness, the conversation with my father.. Then... I woke up here.. in this.. place.]]"
  Sheik/Zelda / Darclyfe / 217d 10h 27m 54s
It seemed he was to be woke by someone rather than just naturally, his eyes squinted shut harder for a few moments..he was never that good at waking up at behest. He opened his eyes though and heard her speak, remembering all that had happened that night. He shook his head a little bit, before sitting up and looking her over once more, she was certainly real. Though he had no clue as to the gravity of how Hyrule fell he could tell it clearly changed her in many ways. "[b It is..a little safer than Hyrule field..nothing comes out of the ground anyway.]"He informed her. Standing up and dealing with his little makeshift camp he looked to her. "[b Maybe a walk through the town will help you..calm down a little bit.]"He didn't know how to phrase it, he was alert, and for the most part his only drawback was being distant and thinking he might be crazy, but she just seemed paranoid. He didn't think it was entirely baseless, but to this extent he didn't exactly know how to comment on it, it was much more severe in the air around her. "[b I can get a map, show you the regions..I suppose we can visit them to see if we feel anything that's off.]"
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(Heya, Will. I want to apologize it's been three months. I had a few trips to the hospital. I would like to write with you still, if only you wish. But I will still make my post]

Zelda had woke up early in the morning, her hair had stayed in a ponytail and wasn't certain that she'd be able to help Link.

He'd have to show her around, she'd heard of a realm that mirrors Hyrule. She didn't expect it to be like this.

"[b [+red Link... Wake up... We should get moving.. I don't imagine being out here in the fields is the safest place, much like Hyrule field.. Maybe... You could show me around?]]"

She had smiled sweetly at him: She had no idea where he'd been.. She felt that it was her responsibility on how he ended up there.. But he had the Ocarina. That was a good sign.
  Sheik/Zelda / Darclyfe / 224d 20h 44m 26s
[Sorry about that)

Link shook his head, he knew he was in no place to reiterate that she should grieve, but at the same time he felt like it would just blow up in some other fashion later. That and it seemed Termina was always embodying some sort of major and usually bad emotion per region. How it worked was a mystery to him really, but at the same time, he had to live here now and possibly so did Zelda.
He looked to her and rose an eyebrow at what she said, he supposed he was similar to how he was as an adult before, aside from knowing a lot more now than then. He was able to take a little comfort in the fact that he seemed normal though, and he was a lot less jumpy all the sudden. "[b It couldn't hurt to ask around I reckon.]"He agreed and looked to her. "[b I don't think you're the same. You're not trying to handle it all on your own anymore.]" It was an odd irony. The first time Zelda tried to solve things on her own, Link ended up with a lot of the adventure, together..maybe they had a great chance. Now though, he was able to offer her a smile as well.
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Sighing she looks away: "[b [+red I had no idea where this place was. In my books Termina was mentioned as a mirror version of Hyrule. Link.. I can't grieve right now. I can't. Right now, all I can do is rest and when we wake up in the morning... We can ask around. See if anyone has noticed a strange mask.]]"

She smiled a bit: "[b [+red You're still the same man I remember.. Kind and thoughtful.. Thank you, Link.]]"
  Sheik/Zelda / Darclyfe / 330d 9h 42m 9s
"[b You've shown up here now, so I'd say some of it is about you..]"He shook his head a bit, thinking of a zora he'd met here at one point. "[b You can't hide your grief away from everything..you'll only end up hurting yourself that way.]" He supposed he didn't really need to lecture at this moment, nor was he particularly good at bigger speeches. Besides that he really did like what she had just said to him. He had to shake his head a bit, "[b I can't blame you for anything, there's no way you coulda helped me here when..neither of us know how exactly we got here regardless. And I've been here a long time.]" He looked towards her, noticing her aversion to gazing towards him. He supposed maybe he should, try to say something after all, he scratched the back of his neck a bit. "[b I mean..I don't take back what I said..if you need to grieve or..have a moment to be 'selfish' as you said it..I'm here for you..to let you.]"He hoped that made sense, either way, living in this current world taught him a lot of life lessons. Thinking on clues for the mask, it was very hard to say. He was previously trying to figure that out himself.
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Sheik looked at the fire and then back to Link: They'd both been through a lot. Probably him more than her and he probably suffered through more because of her. "[b [+red I'd be lying if I said yes. But.. It's not about me.. I just feel selfish I guess.]]"

She shook her head thinking of those who perished. "[b [+red Link. I'm sorry, I feel as though I haven't done anything to help you through your journeys and that you've suffered through them because of me. But I want you to know, you'll have me at your side this time and you won't be alone.]]"

Shiek sighed as she looked away: "[b [+red So.. If the mask is involved where would you suggest we start looking?]]"
  Sheik/Zelda / Darclyfe / 339d 15h 33m 19s
It was good to be reassured of this..after such a long time. Going through some form of adulthood together, and now seeing each other that way now, after their farewell in the garden. It did sound very storybook, but he was very pleasantly relieved that it did actually happen. Listening to her go on he nodded his head a bit. "[b Well..I 'spose that is strange..You gave it to me, and for a while it served to do a lot more than just play melodies and open doors.]"He wouldn't be able to figure out how she got another one, he didn't have that much insight on the matter.
Still the last thing she said didn't exactly settle him. "[b I thought I took care of the reason I was here when I was younger..but..it's definitely a sign that you're here..I 'spose trouble follows us around.]" He looked to her curiously now, finally seeming to soften up a bit, concern and worry now on his face. "[b I can't imagine what it's like back in..Hyrule. I'm sorry I ended up here if that's the fate of your kingdom..though then this town..wouldn't be here now I 'spose.]"He didn't want to think of lesser evils. He would however ask, "[b Are you okay?]"
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