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I was writing this a long while back and I remember enjoying this story. I can't remember who I wrote it with.. I apologize for not doing my best, I would like another chance to play the role I had.

I played as Zelda/Sheik.


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Link shook his head, he knew he was in no place to reiterate that she should grieve, but at the same time he felt like it would just blow up in some other fashion later. That and it seemed Termina was always embodying some sort of major and usually bad emotion per region. How it worked was a mystery to him really, but at the same time, he had to live here now and possibly so did Zelda.
He looked to her and rose an eyebrow at what she said, he supposed he was similar to how he was as an adult before, aside from knowing a lot more now than then. He was able to take a little comfort in the fact that he seemed normal though, and he was a lot less jumpy all the sudden. "[b It couldn't hurt to ask around I reckon.]"He agreed and looked to her. "[b I don't think you're the same. You're not trying to handle it all on your own anymore.]" It was an odd irony. The first time Zelda tried to solve things on her own, Link ended up with a lot of the adventure, together..maybe they had a great chance. Now though, he was able to offer her a smile as well.
  Link / Willofiam / 82d 4h 10m 47s
Sighing she looks away: "[b [+red I had no idea where this place was. In my books Termina was mentioned as a mirror version of Hyrule. Link.. I can't grieve right now. I can't. Right now, all I can do is rest and when we wake up in the morning... We can ask around. See if anyone has noticed a strange mask.]]"

She smiled a bit: "[b [+red You're still the same man I remember.. Kind and thoughtful.. Thank you, Link.]]"
  Sheik/Zelda / Darclyfe / 94d 3h 54m 15s
"[b You've shown up here now, so I'd say some of it is about you..]"He shook his head a bit, thinking of a zora he'd met here at one point. "[b You can't hide your grief away from everything..you'll only end up hurting yourself that way.]" He supposed he didn't really need to lecture at this moment, nor was he particularly good at bigger speeches. Besides that he really did like what she had just said to him. He had to shake his head a bit, "[b I can't blame you for anything, there's no way you coulda helped me here when..neither of us know how exactly we got here regardless. And I've been here a long time.]" He looked towards her, noticing her aversion to gazing towards him. He supposed maybe he should, try to say something after all, he scratched the back of his neck a bit. "[b I mean..I don't take back what I said..if you need to grieve or..have a moment to be 'selfish' as you said it..I'm here for you..to let you.]"He hoped that made sense, either way, living in this current world taught him a lot of life lessons. Thinking on clues for the mask, it was very hard to say. He was previously trying to figure that out himself.
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Sheik looked at the fire and then back to Link: They'd both been through a lot. Probably him more than her and he probably suffered through more because of her. "[b [+red I'd be lying if I said yes. But.. It's not about me.. I just feel selfish I guess.]]"

She shook her head thinking of those who perished. "[b [+red Link. I'm sorry, I feel as though I haven't done anything to help you through your journeys and that you've suffered through them because of me. But I want you to know, you'll have me at your side this time and you won't be alone.]]"

Shiek sighed as she looked away: "[b [+red So.. If the mask is involved where would you suggest we start looking?]]"
  Sheik/Zelda / Darclyfe / 103d 9h 45m 25s
It was good to be reassured of this..after such a long time. Going through some form of adulthood together, and now seeing each other that way now, after their farewell in the garden. It did sound very storybook, but he was very pleasantly relieved that it did actually happen. Listening to her go on he nodded his head a bit. "[b Well..I 'spose that is strange..You gave it to me, and for a while it served to do a lot more than just play melodies and open doors.]"He wouldn't be able to figure out how she got another one, he didn't have that much insight on the matter.
Still the last thing she said didn't exactly settle him. "[b I thought I took care of the reason I was here when I was younger..but..it's definitely a sign that you're here..I 'spose trouble follows us around.]" He looked to her curiously now, finally seeming to soften up a bit, concern and worry now on his face. "[b I can't imagine what it's like back in..Hyrule. I'm sorry I ended up here if that's the fate of your kingdom..though then this town..wouldn't be here now I 'spose.]"He didn't want to think of lesser evils. He would however ask, "[b Are you okay?]"
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Sheik seemed to worry about Link for a moment: What exactly had happened to him? He seemed different somehow. Maybe just tired, which she could understand. She placed a hand on his shoulder: "[b [+red Listen, there is a strange familiarity to this place and Hyrule. But for you to be uncertain of your past Link.. I can say that all of what happened did indeed happen.. what erks me wrong is that we both have the ocarina.]]"

She held out hers in one hand. It was truly strange, maybe she was the one out of place. "[b [+red But you can't get yourself down, I need you right now. There's a reason why we're here, and we'll defeat it together.]]"
  Sheik/Zelda / Darclyfe / 106d 3h 13m 22s
Everything she had said seemed like a large deal, something major, but some of it fell a little hollow on Link. He didn't seem to react to much until he heard how Hyrule was destroyed. That sounded all too familiar, a portal, destructive power, the peculiar mask, it was all one in the same in his mind. Still bothered him whether or not that mask was the reason he had shown up here in the first place.
Once she seemed to jump to the conclusion it was Ganondorf, he had no real idea. "[b But we sealed him away..]" Of course things could have changed since then. Still it wasn't easy hearing all he had done was for nothing. "[b I have dealt with this mask..and one of its wearers here once before. A skull kid. But where we are now, it seems only the faces draw familiarities to Hyrule. So don't be too surprised if you recognize someone, it isn't really them. ]"It was good starting advice. "[b I woke up here..such a long long time ago.. and so many things have happened. I can't tell whether this really is some other place, if I've been here all along, or if..my past ever happened either.]"He looked over to her and frowned a bit. "[b I should be more concerned that you're here now though..it sounds like you have been through a great deal as well. And if it's anything like when I showed up then..we know something is happening.]"
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Sheik had not expected this, he had grabbed her arm and it seemed as though he remembered without much of a thought. This did indeed made her happy. Giddy actually but she was kept her cool:

"[b [+red Link. Yes, I can't fool you. It's a necessary disguise. You look well. Please refer to me by my other name. I don't know who's watching and the better off you are not knowing everything yet.]]"

She smiled and shook her head: "[b [+red It is I who is unsure. But.. now I can tell how I got here.. Hyrule was destroyed. [+blue A peculiar looking mask] was presented before me. I had heard the name but I can't recall it.. I locked it in the museum as a show piece. Before long all I remember is a portal and absolute darkness and then waking up here..]]"

Sheik sat down in front of the fire and took off the lower part of her mask. "[b [+green Ganondorf] [+red has got to be behind this..]]"
  Sheik/Zelda / Darclyfe / 108d 3h 13m 55s
She was certainly confused, and unlike him being thrust right into the thick of something, she was handling this well, not that he was sure until she said what he was. She knew his horse enough, that much seemed easy to tell, though once she began to apologize and seem like she was going to leave his eyes grew for a second. "[b I- w-wait..]" He reached out to grab her arm not wanting to feel like he'd just misheard or was further sinking into insanity. "[b I'm the first...Hylian? You said..]" Of course this was odd, because the term here would be Terminian for everyone else.
She was beginning to grow more and more familiar now. A few songs possibly floating through his head, "[b T-the harp..and A long time ago..but also in the future I..we we've met? Sheik.]"Though it soon sunk in further as a hand went to his own head, "[b Zelda..?]" He seemed equally confused as he was before. "[b I really must be going crazy..]"
  Link / Willofiam / 108d 4h 18m 31s
Sheik stood apprehensive: She looked over the man himself and a sigh left her lips. "[b [+red Sorry, I wasn't trying to startle you..]]" He saw his hand on the sword. "[b [+red Thank you, I'll see you around, perhaps. I'm glad your horse found her way home to you, she was tied to a post and I set her free.]]"

She nodded a little awkwardly and turned around: It didn't seem right to bring up Hyrule and the destruction of the castle.

"[b [+red You're the first Hylian, I've seen for days..]]"

She stood up and sighed again: "[b [+red Sorry again.]]"
  Sheik/Zelda / Darclyfe / 108d 6h 21m 22s
He hadn't been prepared to be approached in the night, much less by someone so quiet, so his instinct clearly took over as he leaped back slightly with his hand on the gilded blade. The words did make it through to him though. He slowly eased down and let out a breath. The gears clearly trying to turn in his head a bit. This person seemed, oddly familiar, like in a another sort of lifetime he knew of them. Of course, they reset that lifetime and saved that future, but the time travel seem to make it seem so much longer ago than it was.
"[b Beggin' your pardon.]"He offered knowing how he had just looked. Studying over this person, now that he wasn't..asleep for 17 years he had picked up at least a thing or two, and whether or not this girl was trying to pass, he supposed it wasn't up to him to say. "[b You're in Termina field..]"He offered to her, of course, the name probably being foreign to her. However they might have ended up in a parallel world,and over such differences in time, was obviously something he didn't consider happened to everyone. Though his brow was clearly twinging trying to place why this person was so familiar.
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Shiek watched closely as Link had walked past her: She was essentially invisible to him. He had a look of thought and focus on his face, one that she'd seen many times before.

He was still the same hero she remembered. She hoped he'd remember her, but at the same time it was unlikely.

She decided then and there she would unveil herself to him, She knew he wouldn't hurt her.

Approaching the fireplace the sound of her footsteps weren't clear until she was near him.

"[b [+red Hello, it appears I'm lost. I don't really know where here is. I was hoping to find someone who could help me?]]"

Sheik didn't know if he'd remember this form or not, she knew he'd remember Zelda but she wanted to be safe and her Shiekah disguise was battle-ready after all.
  Sheik/Zelda / Darclyfe / 108d 23h 43m 48s
Once the horse approached him, he gave her the normal greeting, patting her muzzle, muttering a few things to her. He did also begin to wonder where she could have been if she had taken a bit longer than normal, but then he began to think he was just paranoid. Truth be told, how couldn't you be paranoid when the place you came from seemed to be nothing more than a dream.
There was a small something that continued to irk him though, he just couldn't place what it was. It was probably better just to go turn in is what he seemed to decide as he began to walk alongside the horse. Funnily enough, he did head right past Sheik, and towards the tent that she had found. There was something to be said for solace sometimes, but Link didn't appear to need it so much as just be dwelling in it. He stoked up a small flame and furrowed his brow as he stared into it. Was he really going crazy here or was there some sort of ominous presence headed for Termina, after all, it had been quite some time of peace..could that ever really last?
  Link / Willofiam / 109d 1m 51s
Shiek watched as Epona pulled on the stand she tied her to. She heard an ocarina playing in the distance: Had to be Link. But she'd watch from the distance, taking the dagger from the sheaths on her side she cut the rope and let Epona go.

She doubt his remembrance of who she was. Sheik followed the horse at a distance and when the horse stopped, she pulled out a telescope and stared out in the distance: Link, who was no longer a small child. But a man wipe the sweat off his brow.

He looked exhausted, from what: She couldn't tell. Weirdly enough she saw the Ocarina of time on his side. Which she happened to be carrying as well.

Sheik didn't move and she blended in with grass, her disguise was high class technology, remaining hidden wouldn't be a problem.
  Sheik/Zelda / Darclyfe / 109d 11m 44s
Link had been wandering for a while now, checking out a few of the regions and their inhabitants. His adventures in Termina were numerous at this point, though the toll of it all seemed to set in. Stranded in a land that wasn't his own, that he'd been thrust upon to save, and save a few friends and possible new arrivals every now and again, it was time to save it again. Weird things had begun to happen again, though he couldn't really place a nefarious source, that's what his suspicion was.
His horse wandered around sometimes, but she'd been acting up a bit more lately which only added to his suspicions. His only companion from the other world he used to live in..it was a bit hard to feel that way, if he was insane or something, if he'd always lived here? He had his ocarina as well of course.
"[b Hm...where has she gotten off to?]" He muttered to himself before beginning to play Epona's song to beckon her. The tune of course carried far. Though Link himself really just wanted to go get some shut eye at this point, he looked sort of miserable.
  Link / Willofiam / 109d 29m 24s

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