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A group of friends decide to rent a beach house together for one month of summer. Due to a terrible thunderstorm on the day that everyone is supposed to arrive, only Muse A and Muse B show up on the first afternoon. Weather conditions become so poor that the roads are closed and the rest of their friends aren’t able to make it until the storm clears up . On their own for the first weekend, Muse A and Muse B bond, exploring the house, cooking together, talking until morning, eventually giving in to a strong physical attraction between them the night before everyone else arrives.
Version 1: Muse B is dating one of the friends who hasn’t arrived yet, but hasn’t mentioned this to Muse A. The truth comes out when the rest of the group arrives.


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Two weeks later, they had the SUV loaded up. It had been a gift from her father. He knew that the young couple would need a more dependable car than her Altima. They still had Kane’s truck, the SUV had just been deemed the Family Car. Her father ended up taking another week off work. He was headed to the airport even before they left for South Carolina. He promised that he would be back soon to check on them.

Dakota was the best baby he could be. He rarely cried, except when he was hungry. And he was a complete daddy’s boy. Though he wanted his momma when he got tired. Skyler was practically recovered from the birth. She was feeling a lot better. [b “It was a freaking god send when daddy bought us the SUV. Can you imagine making the trip to South Carolina in my tiny Altima?”] she asked Kane as she carried Dakota, who was in his car seat out. [b “Say were so excited to see daddy’s friends again!”]

She made sure that Dakota’s car seat was completely strapped in, and safely at that. [b “Are you excited about seeing everyone?”]
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Kane nodded, "Mommy and Daddy can't move on base yet but when we do get married someday.. we might... but for now we will make do and find us a nice house to live in." he said kissing the little boy on his belly, causing him to giggle. Kane never would have thought he would have had a son at 20 but here they were and Kota was perfect.

"Dakota's family will be at the ceremony in a couple of weeks.. if its okay with you I'd like to tell them that our son is named after him... he became one of my best friends very quickly and gave his life to save me and Brady..." Kane said with tears in his eyes... he wouldn't allow himself to cry... he was a soldier and soldiers didn't cry.

2 weeks later they were loading into the SUV to go to the ceremony in South Carolina. It was a very long drive and they had a baby with them so they were leaving early to make up for stops and everything. He knew he would need changed a lot and they would all get hungry on the 9 hour drive.
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Skyler honestly didn’t know what she wanted to name Baby Brown. Kane was right, he didn’t look like a Parker like they planned on. [b “He’s so perfect.”] she said softly.

Her head shot up when Kane said Dakota. She simply nodded. [b “Welcome to the world, Dakota.”] she said soflty. [b “Strong Name. After a strong solider and his daddy.”] she said. She seen that her Father was trying to get his hands on the baby and she simply shook her head [b “He wants to love on his own daddy before everyone else steals for awhile.”] she said. She looked at Kane. [b “Ellie, will you help Kane. He only has the one good arm right now.”]

Two days later, they were discharged and headed back to her apartment. It was incredibly cramped, but they had to make it work for now. [b “Weldome home my baby boy.”] she said as she lifted him out of his car seat. She smiled softly and kissed his sweet little face. [b “This is only gonna be home for a few weeks. I promise. Momma and Daddy are gonna find you a big house, with lots of space.”2
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"What are you going to name him?" Ellie asked smiling... "You two made one cute baby." She muttered and Kane smiled when her father spoke, "Hes the spitting image of his father... but hes one of the quietest babies I've met." It was true their son hadn't cried other than the moment he had been born. Kane let the little boy wrap his hand around one of his father's fingers.

"He doesn't look like a Parker... like we had thought...." Kane muttered looking at the baby boy when her father spoke, "KJ? Kane Junior?" Kane shook his head, "Nah... we don't need to name him after me."

That was when it hit him.. "Dakota." Brady looked up and both him and Kane were hopeful that Skyler would like the name. "Dakota Kane Brown." Kane said looking at the little boy. The name had a nice ring to it and Kota would be his nick name... "Dakota is a nice name... and hes a big boy Sky." Her father said looking to them. He was waiting on his turn to hold his grandson... Kane hadn't even held his son yet.
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Skyler collapsed back against the bed. She finally felt release. And then she heard the most adorable cry she had ever heard before. Her baby was finally here. She lookd down and watched as Kane cut the cord. She grinned when the tiny baby was cleaned and placed on her bare chest. Now she got to do her skin to skin contact. [b “My perfect baby boy..”] she said softly. [b “Momma and Daddy are so happy that we finally get to meet you.”] she said. She stared at the baby. He was the spitting image of Kane. [b “I carry you for nine months, and you don’t even have an ounce of me in you..”]

She looked up at Kane with tears in her eyes. They finally had their little family. [b “Look at how perfect our baby boy is.”] she said. She couldn’t believe that he was already here.

An hour later, they had cleaned Naby brown off, and Skyler was back in her normal room, with the baby laying on her chest. Brady, Becky, Jared, Ellie and her Father were there. She had a blanket covering her chest.
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Kane kissed her forehead, "Baby you did amazing." He held her hand as he watched a nurse who asked if he wanted to cut his son's cord. He nodded and with his good hand snipped the cord to the crying baby boy... he was Kane's spitting image... his tan skin, dark hair with the curls... he was perfect. He watched the nurse take the boy away to wipe him off and weigh him. Another nurse smiled, "Momma you did good.. your baby boy weighs in at 9 lbs 2 ounces..." She said looking to Skyler.

Everyone commented on how much he looked like Kane and they hadn't even held him yet. Soon a nurse brought the little boy to Skyler, he was wrapped in a blue blanket with a blue hat on his head, covering his little curls. "Here you go momma." She said smiling, "Hes perfectly healthy." Kane had already called her father when she started pushing and he was on his way back.

Kane just stared down at their son in awe... he wasn't even ten minutes old and he had Kane wrapped around his little finger. Then the baby boy opened his eyes to look at his parents... Kane's icy blue eyes were perfectly copied into him.
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Skylers body ended up taking ten more hours to dilate. She was worn about by the time it was time to push. The contractions were really intense after the first three hours.

Ellie and Jared, Becky and Brady ended up coming over and sitting with them. Her father had went home, which really surprised her. If her mother was here, she wouldn’t have let him leave. But then again, if she mother was here, she wouldn’t of needed her father, because her mother wouldn’t have left her side. Kane never once left her side.

When they told her she could start pushing, Brady and Jared headed back out to the waiting room. It was Kane, Becky and Ellie in the delivery room with her. Kane was at her head, since he was in no shape to hold her leg up. [b “I can’t do this.”] she muttered after she had been pushing for thirty minutes. She was completely worn out. She looked up at Kane and shook her head. [b “I can’t...”]

Fourty five minutes later, Baby Brown was born, on his daddy’s birthday.
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Kane nodded and kissed her and her father chuckled, "You won't be pregnant long, that baby is going to come out if you want him to or not." Kane held her hand and said, "I'm sorry darlin' but I haven't eaten in 24 hours unless you count airplane trail mix and that pizza is something I haven't had since I was deployed... base food is horrible."

He kissed her gently and held her hand with his right hand and slowly but surely picked up a piece of pizza with his bad left arm, bringing it to his face. "It not 100% but it'll get there and they told me I need to try to use it... theres still shrapnel in it... basically if I go through a metal detector my knee and my shoulder will set it off."

Kane knew when she was having a contraction because she would squeeze his hand... so far one every 8 minutes. Her father looked at her when she had one. "You'll be alright sweetie.. as much as I want to be here... I don't need to see my grandson's birth but Kane has promised to call me when hes here."
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Skyler simply nodded. Kane was right. He didn’t need to mess it up anymore, she was going to need help with the baby. She groaned when she felt the first contraction hit. It was like nothing she ever felt before. She sat up in bed, and looked over at Kane. She simply nodded. She knew from that, this night was going to be very painful and long. [b “I just want a cheeseburger.”] she mumbled. She looked over when Kane said he had a few pictures. [b “I would love to see them baby.”]

She glanced over when he pulled three pictures out. She was so thankful that Kane and Brady were back home, safe. But she also knew that Kane felt awful because she couldn’t save Dakota. [b “You did what you could, Kane.. You couldn’t save them all.”] she said soflty. [b “You came back home to me, and Baby Brown. We’re so blessed, Kane..”]

She looked up when her father walked in. He had brought Kane a pizza. She sighed. [b “I know he can’t walk to the cafeteria... But I hate y’all for eating in front of a pregnant woman.”]
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Kane shook his head, "I would darlin' but I don't want to aggrevate my knee by doing too much. I can stay here.. he will be back soon." He muttered taking her hand. He felt her squeeze it when she felt the first contraction 30 minutes later... "I take that as the contractions are starting?" He asked looking to her... Kane had completely forgotten that his birthday was tomorrow. He would be 20.

Kane knew this process could take awhile as she was just starting but he watched the monitor that was monitoring their baby boy. "His heart beat is strong... I was so worried about him when I was over there." Kane's bag was slung under his chair, "I have some pictures from when I was there if you want to see them." They had had a couple of disposable cameras and their commanding officer on the base had been able to get them developed. Kane only had three pictures but three pictures was enough.

He used his good arm to open his bag and pulled out the pictures, the first was of him, Brady, and another guy in their unit, Dakota. "Thats me, Brady, and Dakota... Kota didn't make it out of the explosion..." He said sadly. They were all kneeling or standing in front of a tank with their guns. The second was Kane and Brady in the back of a UAZ jeep. The third was just Kane against a sandy wall in his uniform with his gun.
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Cori looked up at Kane and nodded soflty. Her father had taken off from work to stay in Gainesville with the two of them. They would need to find a bigger house or something. They had quickly grown out of her two bedroom apartment. [b “I can’t live on base unless we’re married.”] she mumbled. She held Kane’s right hand as they walked into the hospital. [b “We’re having a baby!”]! She said softly.

She looked up when Dr. Rawlings walked in. She smiled as he realized who was sitting behind her. [b “Never been so scared in my entire life, when I received the phone call.”] she said. [b “I’m just glad that he’s back home while I’m delivering.”]

Soon enough Skyler was in her own delivery room. They had started the induction medicine. She glanced over at Kane m and nodded. [b “I’ll be find for a little bit. You go get some food with Daddy.”] she said softly. She was so thankful that Kane and her father had a good relationship. It made things so much easier on the three of them.
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“We are going to be the best parents...he’s already so loved and his grandpa already wants to spoil him I’ll be home for awhile at least to help...I still get a paycheck...we can move onto base if you’s up to you. “ he said holding her hand as they waited on the doctor.

His left side was messed up and he would in no way be able to use that arm for awhile but his right was fine and he could hold his son when he was born. A doctor came in and smiled, “I wasn’t expecting to see you today Mr. Brown.” Kane shook his head, “I’m injured so they shipped me home.” The doctor nodded, “Well thank you for your let’s have a baby.”

They ran tests and an ultrasound to make sure he baby boy was in position before inducing Skyler. Her father asked Kane if he was hungry. Skyler couldn’t eat until the baby was born. “Within he hour you should start feeling contractions.” A nurse said as she adjusted her IV. “Your baby boy is healthy and ready to meet you.” Kane was nervous, he had seen the looks some people had given them.
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Skyler broken down when she finally seen Kane. He was okay. He was back home. He was going to be okay. She sobbed as she walked over to him, gently wrapping her arms around him. [b “I love you so much. Thank god you’re okay.”] She couldn’t believe that he was actually back home. [b “I’m so glad you’re back home with me.”] she said. She watched as Becky loved all over Brady. [b “Daddy is going to take your stuff back to my apartment. We have to be at the hospital in an hour to fill out all the paperwork.”]

She held onto Kane as they walked out to the parking lot. It was actually quite a sight. A heavily pregnant woman, with a disabled man. She was just thankful that Kane was back in the states, and that he was okay. Today was going to be one of the happiest days of their life. Their first born was being born today!

Fourty Five minutes later, they were walking into the hospital. And the nerves had hit Skyler. [b “Kane.. What if we aren’t good parents?”] she asked.
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The flight landed and even though kane was hurt...he could walk. He looked rough though. He was wearing his black pants and campflauge shirt with his dog tags on. He looked like a soldier. An attendant was pushing Brady in a wheelchair, he looked better than Kane but he was the one who had gotten shot. Kane’s injuries were from the bomb and shrapnel.

“Hey baby.” Kane muttered kissing her, “I missed you so much...I didn’t plan on getting hurt like this but I’m happy I get to be here with you when you have our son.” He said smiling. They had never discussed a name but their baby boy was coming today.

Her father looked to kane, “Did they say you would be deployed again?” Kane shook his head, “I’m still in the army but being discharged for my injuries... but Brady and I have to be in Chattanooga for a ceremony next month...” Brady nodded, “Kane’s getting a Purple Heart and moved up in the ranks...” Kane nodded, “Your getting moved up too man...we both saw some things we wish we could unsee.”
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Skyler couldn’t believe this was happening. She was supposed to go into be induced in less than twelve hours. After she’d hung up with his commanding officer, she’d tried to fall back asleep until Kane called her, but she couldn’t. She didn’t want to take up her Father yet, so she just laid there in the dark. Staring... at something?

She jumped up when she heard her phone ring again, about four hours later. [b “Baby.”] she softly. She breathed on relief when she heard his voice. [b “Dead lord. Baby. I thought I had lost you. I had this gut feeling..”] she said. She smiled weakly when she heard Kane tell her that Brady was making fun of him. [b “You tell brady I said to leave baby daddy alone now.”]

The next day, their flight was supposed to come in three hours before she had to be at the hospital. Once she’d explained everything to her father, he’d went over and got Becky. The poor thing was tore all too pieces. She ended up riding to the airport with Skyler and her father.
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