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“I don’t see what that had to do with anything,” Roderich grumbled when Vash said his first fail attempt was because of him finishing off a bottle of St. Laurent. To be very fair he was surprised that he had even succeeded in doing that. He was also surprised that he had managed to even get the bread out after all he had to drink. But that was in the past.

When Vash denied him the pleasure of making breakfast and Roderich just couldn’t help but send Vash an unhappy look. The expression on his face was minute but he knew Vash would see the slightly downturned corner of his lips and the unhappy look in his eyes. “Fine,” Roderich managed to say. He knew Vash wasn’t going to back down on making breakfast so Roderich would allow it. For now. “As long as you stay there you can make breakfast. The moment I think you are doing to much I’m sending you away,” the man added. He knew he was a guest and this was Vash’s house but the other nation was hurt so Roderich was okay with ignoring proper courtesies.

Of course Vash decided that moment to get up and take his empty cup. Roderich suppressed the urge to herd Vash back in the chair and got up himself. One glance at the clock told him it was time to go feed the goats. “Okay. I’ll be back soon,” he informed Vash as he went and grabbed his jacket and slipped his feet into some shoes before making his journey to the goats.

Roderich knew that the little buddies would be sad that he didn’t bring them treats but they would get over it. He would bring some carrots with dinner if they were good with breakfast. Walking over to their pen Roderich hunted down their food and laid it out before opening up the pens. “Morning boys,” he said as all three of them sprinted out to eat.

For the next thirty minutes Roderich sat out in the pen with them and gave them all pets when they came by demanding them. He even checked to make sure he didn’t need to clean anything up before locking them back up and returning to the house. On his way back in he grabbed a few oranges per Vash’s request and dropped into the kitchen. “Oranges as requested,” Roderich said as he laid them on the table before going and washing his hands.
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A small smile crept over Vash's lips as Roderich recalled the first loaf he had made. The blonde remembered it as well; the older nation was excited to try it in his own home once he discovered the recipe. It seemed pretty simple, he himself had never done it so he decided to observe his friend first and keep him company as he did so. The dough came out well and rose just as beautifully, however the brunette left it in the oven a bit too long. It didn't really resemble bread at that point but a black and crunchy door stop.

[+green "I remember,"] he mused softly, leaning back a bit more in his chair. He held his coffee mug with both hands, taking a drink before continuing his thought. [+green "You pouted for a while afterwards, too. Perhaps if you hadn't demolished a whole bottle of St. Laurent after putting it in the oven, you would have remembered to take it out on time."] The male's baking skills had improved since then, especially since he preferred such lavish foods and ingredients. Vash wasn't complaining, Roderich could cook up some amazing dishes. He didn't mind eating them but there was no way in hell he was going to spend that much money on food.

The blonde finished his coffee, setting the mug down and turning his gaze over to his once-friend. Sure, Vash wasn't visually appealing at the moment but he didn't think horrible was an accurate descriptor. The black eye certainly didn't help matters much, neither did the dark bruises that were spread over the pale flesh. A lot of the swelling had gone down, especially on his face, but a few small cuts were still visible as they began their healing process. He was certain he looked a lot better than he felt.

[+green "Breakfast won't be that difficult, most of it I can do while remaining at the table,"] he insisted in his usual, quiet tone. Mother mode had kicked in fully and he knew Roderich would try to do as much of Vash's daily routine as he could muster. Some things, though, the brunette would have to pry out of Vash's hands as he liked to remain busy. [+green "If you insist on cooking, you can take over lunch and dinner for today. They're usually more labor-intensive. If you need anything for your preparations, Lichtenstein can go to the market to get. She won't mind as she enjoys going."]

Bright eyes glanced over at the clock that hung near the refrigerator, noting it was almost time to feed the goats. Slowly he pushed himself to stand, taking his mug to the sink before pulling out a large cast iron skillet from one of the lower cabinets. He brought out a bag of potatoes, setting it next to the stove and began to slice some into thin pieces. [+green "If you wish to help, bring in a few oranges from the crate in the pantry after you feed the goats,"] he said softly as he continued slicing. [+green "Lichtenstein should be up soon."]
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Roderich gave Vash a small nod as he told him the time the goats were fed. It wouldn’t take him too long to make the bread and set it off to rise giving him plenty of time to feed the goats. He would have to work breakfast somewhere in there if Liechtenstein woke up early enough.

“I’ll feed the goats,” he informed Vash as he poured the warm water in a large bowl and began dissolving the yeast. Roderich was going off of complete memory and was secretly reciting a mantra in his head not to mess it up. It had been awhile since he had made bread. His attention strayed away from the bowl to look at the black and blue nation when he mentioned Liechtenstein’s first attempts at bread making. “Everyone’s first loaves are the worst. Bread is easy to make but at the same time difficult but I’m sure you know that,” he said mixing in some flour. “Remember the first loaf I made? I accidentally burnt it,” Roderich added. He had been proud of that loaf though. Roderich had learned how to make bread around the time the Roman Empjre was in his lands and he was basically left to himself. Left to harass Vash and figure out life as a not country country. Granted the bread back then was a whole lot different than today’s bread.

Dusting the surface with flour he began to knead the dough. “I can cook breakfast as well. You should rest today and take a much need break. You look horrible,” Roderich replied when Vash volunteered to cook. What Vash should volunteer to do was go take a nap but Roderich wasn’t going to say that. Instead he was going to gently prod Vash into that direction after breakfast. The dough felt smooth under Roderich hand so he greased a bowl before putting the doughy mass in and covering it with a towel. Going to the sink he carefully and methodically washed his hands and the cleaned up the surface that he used, not wanting to leave a mess. “Are there any other chores you need accomplished today?” He asked as he went back to the table and sat down to finish his coffee . His coffee was colder than what he preferred but Roderich wasn’t going to waste good coffee.
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Vash watched quietly as Roderich prepared his coffee the way he liked it, taking a drink afterwards and seeming rather pleased with it. He knew that a lot of countries had to forego good coffee and switch to instant, if they still preferred to drink it, in order to help with the war efforts. It was clear by the way that Austria savored every drop of his morning confection that he was no exception to that rule. How long had it been since the brunette had a decent cup of coffee before he found himself living with the two blondes? Vash would guess a year but he knew it could be longer than that.

He reached over, putting some sugar into his cup and stirring it in before taking a drink. Vash wasn't blind to the look he had received from the male but he wasn't sure what he was going to do about it yet. It was beginning to become clear from the looks and the questions that mother mode was beginning to switch on and Roderich planned to do as much of the Swiss' workload as he could. Taking care of the goats wasn't bad, all it really consisted of on the blonde's part was feeding them and giving them attention and treats. They got a bath bi-weekly but Liechtenstein insisted on doing that. Paperwork was something he could do on his own and Roderich shouldn't be able to complain about as he would be sitting down to do it. Other than that, dinner, and a few chores there wasn't much else to do for the day.

[+green "They get their breakfast at seven thirty,"] Vash informed Roderich, taking another sip. Green eyes watched as the male began to pull down ingredients to make bread and scoop them into a bowl. On paper, bread was easy: water, flour, yeast, and a bit of sugar. In practice, though, it was easy to mess up. It took the blonde longer than he'd like to admit how to make a good tasting loaf of bread that actually rose the way it was supposed to. [+green "I'm sure Liechtenstein will appreciate your help, she typically makes the bread in the mornings. She's certainly come a long way from her first attempt."]

He leaned back in the chair a bit, closing his eyes as he held onto his cup of coffee. His body still ached a bit and he hoped the aspirin would begin working soon. [+green "I can start breakfast once you put the bread in the oven."]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 32d 20h 46m 30s
“Thank you,” Roderich said as Vash poured him a cup of coffee. He sat down and listened to Vash’s responses to his questions. He sent the man a look that clearly said he didn’t believe him when Vash claimed he had gotten enough sleep. Roderich, however, didn’t plan on pushing the subject just yet. He was already plotting on the best way to convince Vash to play it safe and easy today and perhaps even nap. But he couldn’t be obvious on his intentions or else Vash may push back on it.

Pouring a dollop of cream and some sugar in his coffee Roderich took a small sip of it. A soft hum of happiness left his lips as he wrapped his hands around the warm mug. “I couldn’t sleep last night so I decided to be useful and help bake the bread today. We finished off most of it last night and I think we only have enough for breakfast,” He replied between heavenly sips of coffee. After a few more sips of coffee Roderich stood back up.

“Hopefully the bread goes well. It’s been awhile since I last baked. When Elizabeta moved in she took over all of the cooking,” Roderich quietly commented as he went and washed his hands. Even though his ex-wife took over when it came to cooking Roderich did play his hand at it occasionally and he wasn’t bad at all. Normally he would cook for him and his little family when he finished a nonstop piano playing binge and finished early enough to start dinner before Elizabeta. Which was rare.

Roderich started to pull out the ingredients and measuring them out. “What time do you feed the goats?” He asked. Roderich wanted Vash to at least rest a little bit more and was completely willing to feed the goats all while working it into his plans to make the other country rest.
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Vash quietly gathered the supplies needed to prepare the coffee, not wanting to make a lot of noise as he knew the others would most likely be sleeping. He knew his once-friend to be an early-ish riser but didn't think him to be awake this early. Slowly he filled the kettle with water and brought it to a boil, as he waited for the water to finish he took a small glass pot and placed a mesh filter over its top. Vash measured the correct amount of coffee for a decent strength and placed it in the filter, then when the water was hot enough was poured over it. The dark substance began to slowly drip into the pot, filling it after a long amount of time. He hoped one day coffee would be much easier to brew as it could take quite a long time for more than one cup. Once it was finished, he emptied the strainer and poured some of the liquid into a mug.

It was at this time that he heard a voice behind him, turning to look over his shoulder. He immediately regretted that move as a sharp pain in his neck made itself known, causing the Swiss to turn back around again. He poured another cup for his once-friend, quietly carrying the mugs to the table and setting them down. He retrieved some sugar from the pantry and cream from the fridge as well as two spoons before returning to the table and slowly sitting down. His body was grateful for the break, already beginning to complain about the stress. Hopefully the small army of aspirin he took would begin to work soon and he could forget about it for a while.

[+green "I slept alright, I suppose,"] he answered quietly, glancing up at Roderich before beginning to prepare his cup. It wasn't a lie, he did sleep a bit but it could have been better. There was a bit of tossing and turning as he found it difficult to remain comfortable but didn't feel he was awake an unreasonable amount. [+green "I'm a bit surprised to see you awake so early."]
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Roderich found the bathroom on the first try and he was rather proud of himself. It took him about a month to figure out where the bathroom was at Ludwig’s house. Eventually Ludwig and Gilbert had gotten annoyed just enough to actually put up a sign with an arrow directing him. He still got lost.

Hoping into the shower Roderich took only a few minutes to shower. The warm water helped ease some of the memories that plagued him. To be very honest what happened in Berlin wasn’t the worst thing that had happened to him in his long life. It was the fact that he didn’t know what became of the other man that bothered him the most. Was Hans alive? Did Hans die? So many questions with no answers. These issues were the biggest reason why Roderich never got close to regular humans. He didn’t like getting invested in their lives just for them to pass or disappear after a few meager years. Hans... Hans was different because he was one of the few people that had the same opinion with everything going on and they bonded over their differing opinions from the majority. It was also easier to talk to the man especially since Gilbert was having his own issues with the dissolution of his country and Ludwig was busy chasing after a crazy ideal leaving Roderich there to twiddle his thumbs.

Shaking his head he dismissed his thoughts and got out of the shower. He made jock work of drying off and changing into a simple pair of slacks and a plain button up. His preferred coat and caveat combo just didn’t feel right today especially with his plans to make some bread today. He ran a comb through his still damp hair and rolled his sleeves up before taking a moment and taking his clothes back to his room.

Ready to start the day he made his way down the stairs when he heard some movement downstairs and smelled the delicious scent of coffee. Coffee was perhaps the best thing to come from Turkey, then the Ottoman Empire, trying to siege Vienna. His soldiers introduced them to the delightful flavors of coffee and Roderich found that he had a weak spot for it. Walking into the kitchen he saw Vash and couldn’t help but cringe. “Did you get any sleep?” He asked as he eyes the other nation. Roderich was ready to go full mother hen in a heart beat if he deemed that Vash needed it. And the start of it was going to be if Vash said he didn’t really sleep.
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A soft ring sounded through the spacious room, Vash reaching over to the alarm clock and stopping the sound with eyes still closed. The room was still dark, the sun not even rising yet, and the Swiss curled up a little more with the blanket before allowing his eyes to finally open. He had always been an early riser, even when he was younger, and preferred to start his day before everyone else. It gave him time to think while the house was still quiet and fully plan out his day. His sister, however, preferred her sleep and he knew he wouldn't see her for a few more hours yet.

The blonde slowly sat up and pushed the blankets back some, a heavy wince touching his bruised face. The aspirin he had taken the previous day had long worn off and, now that he had begun moving, reminded him that he would need another couple doses in order to make it through the day. Unfortunately the bottle was downstairs and he'd have to make his way there in order to get it. Vash remained still for a few minutes, until the pain had died down a bit, before slowly pushing himself out of bed and over to his dresser. He pulled a pair of thick socks from the top of it, carefully putting them on, then pulled a dark green robe on. He didn't feel like changing yet and didn't expect to see anyone else that resided in the house for a while yet. Once he was finished, he carefully and slowly made his way down the hallway and to the quiet kitchen.

Things that didn't hurt yesterday were rather painful today while what merely ached the previous day were stiff and severe now. Slowly he moved over to the medicine cabinet after switching the light on, taking down the bottle and dumping a small pile into his hand. He knew if Roderich were here to see it, the brunette would frown upon his action and give him a lecture on the dangers of over-medicating. Afterwards he imagined mother-mode would have kicked in and Roderich would have sent the blonde back to bed with an ice pack. Vash smiled faintly at this then swallowed the pills in his hand before putting the bottle back where he found it. Afterwards, he shuffled over to the coffee pot to begin his morning.
Roderich nodded when Vash told him to go in and that Vash was going to lock the goats up for the night. Standing up he gave all three goats one last pet on the head and a gentle good night, making to sure to give them each a good night with their name in the sentence. Standing fully up he looked up at Vash. “Good night Vash,” he gently said before carefully maneuvering out od the pen so that he didn’t risk letting them out.

As he walked out of the pen, he shoved his hands in the pockets to keep them warm. The walk was a quick one but Roderich was rather chilly by the time he stepped into the house. He rubbed his hands together as he took a step into the parlor. “Good night Liechtenstein,” Roderich informed the female nation before going towards the stairs. As he made his climb up the stair he went back and forth on what to do. A shower sounded nice for sure especially since it would chase away the remaining chill that he felt. At the same time his eyes were going heavy with every step he took.

The moment he reached the top of the stairs he made his decision. While a shower was fine and dandy, he was just too tired to stay up and take one. He would wait for the morning. Dragging his body to the bathroom he brushed his teeth and went back to his room. Roderich started to change into his pajamas and stopped for a moment to look at the side that had hurt earlier in the day. There was some bruising over his ribs that didn’t hurt as mush as it looked like it did. Gingerly running a hand down the bruise and the clearly defined ribs he frowned. His frown was less for the bruising and more because of how defined his ribs were. He hadn’t realized how bad he looked. Letting out a sigh he pulled on an oversize shirt and climbed into bed; he didn’t want to think about his misfortune any longer.

[center ~]

[i Berlin was falling. Every minute the Soviets pushed further into the city. Roderich stood there besides Hans as they watched another building crumble. “Hans, you should leave,” Roderich said as he looked over at the man. Roderich was only standing out of pure stubbornness. His country was just bombed and taken by the Allies and he shouldn’t be standing up at all. His heart hurt since Vienna was bombed, his body were covered in bruises, and he was sure that his ribs were absolutely destroyed. He should be laying down. But most importantly he should be home not in Berlin, watching its fall. But Roderich was stubborned and he wanted to see his one friend leave before he became a casualty.]

[i “You know I can’t leave Roderich,” the other man said.]

[i Roderich was about to say something when he felt an impact. His ears began to ring and then there was nothing.]

[center ~]

Roderich sat up from his bed soaked with a cold sweat. His side screamed in pain, but he couldn’t care. Roderich was focused on the dream. He had never had a dream about that day before. That was the last time he had seen Hans. Roderich had woken up with a leering Ivan over him and blinding pain. It was a memory that he didn’t want to have.

Shaking his head, he looked out of the window and saw that it was still dark. Getting up he decided to shower and then start making some bread for breakfast to get his mind of what had been a bad dream.
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Vash was glad to hear that Roderich was beginning to feel better. The hot meals and better care made him look a lot better, more color was beginning to fill into his skin and his eyes had lost some of their dullness. It would be no time at all before the Austrian was back to feeling like himself and finding things to lecture his blonde host about. Switzerland didn't mind it as much, really, as it would be good to see his once-friend back to the way he used to be.

[+green "Go ahead in, I'll close these three up for the night."] Roderich seemed okay with that idea, beginning to leave the enclosure and make his way back to the house. He looked tired, it must have been quite the day for the brunette. Vash whistled a low note as he began to walk to their small but sturdy shed, standing beside the open door. The goats jumped and bleated as they obeyed their master's command, entering their little home for the night for some much needed rest. Since they were such trouble seekers, Vash couldn't leave them out with a simple fence as they jumped it frequently. He didn't want to risk them leaving their pen and something catching them. Quietly he closed the door and secured it to keep them inside, then went into the house for the night.

He could hear Lichtenstein in the parlor with the radio again, most likely working on another sewing project, so he decided to use this time to get a shower. Vash grabbed a set of pajamas from his room and headed into the larger bathroom that he and his sister were sharing before shutting the door and stripping down. Slowly he looked over his form in the mirror after turning the water on to warm up, inwardly frowning at the various colors that covered the peach flesh. It may be uncomfortable, but it was worth it. Once steam began to rise from the shower, he stepped in and carefully cleaned up.

After he was finished he went upstairs and into his room, leaving the door open a bit. He wanted to read some more tonight but decided against doing so downstairs for fear he would fall asleep on the sofa again. Sitting on the large bed, he picked up one of his favorite books and decided to read a couple chapters before settling in for a good night's sleep.
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Roderich had to keep himself from his rolling his eyes as Eiger took the bag from his hands in search for more carrots. The goat was absolutely adorable but absolutely ridiculous all at the same time. “I don’t have any more carrots,” he seriously informed all three of the goats as the sniffed at his pockets. Looking away from the three creatures he dully looked over at Vash. “Your goats are ridiculous,” Roderich bluntly informed Vash as he gave the little creatures some scratches. He only stopped petting them when they rushed off to go play a little.

Roderich turned all of his attention over at Vash as he responded to his question. He was somewhat glad that the aspirin was working for the other male. “That is good,” Roderich commented. “I’m feeling better. I felt when you got injured and I haven’t checked to see if there was a bruise but I’ve been okay. It seems like my people are starting to do a little better. I didn’t wake up in pain this morning from hunger so that is a plus,” he said as he looked down at the needy little goats that returned to him. These goats were really growing on him. It was going to stink when he went back to his empty home.

Petting the two that were nudging him he looked back at Vash. “Should we go in? It’s getting pretty cold and dark,” he asked as he gave the goats one last pat. Roderich was also feeling a little bit sleepy and could take a good shower and go to bed. He also had a letter to write to his boss but that could wait until the morning. A soft yawn escaped his lips as he walked out of the enclosure. He was definitely ready to go to sleep. For a split second he even contemplating skipping the bath but decided against that.
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Vash couldn't help but give a small smile as Roderich gave one of the goats a look that he had seen plenty of times in the past. It had mostly been reserved for Feliciano when he was up to his usual antics but the Swiss had earned it a couple of times. It brought back so many memories that he had tried hard to forget. His form leaned back as he recalled the last time he had been given that scolding look; he had told the Austrian after a long conversation that he had been skipping meals in order to place his money into other things, such as sustaining his people. He was certain that if the brunette had the power to ground him, he most certainly would have. Vash had been doing better as a country at that time but still didn't have enough money to spread it equally in each place it needed to go, food for himself was typically the first to be skipped. He also remembered the tongue-lashing he had received and how Roderich immediately sat him at the table and gave him a nice, hot meal.

Life was so much simpler in those days.

Bright eyes watched as the Austrian doled out the carrots, explaining to them why each goat was fed in the order they were, a fact that amused him a bit. It wasn't as if they could understand. Once they finished, he watched as Eiger snatched the empty bag from Roderich's hand, chewing on it briefly before dropping it on the ground and returning to the male. He didn't seem to understand that Austria was simply the giver of the carrots while Switzerland was the keeper, though it wasn't as if he had anymore with him. Jungfrau nosed Roderich's pockets, seeing what was inside, before jumping over to Vash and doing the same. He pulled out a pen which the blonde quickly pulled out of his mouth and lightly rubbed his head afterwards.

[+green "Better now that some of the aspirin had a chance to work,"] he answered quietly, continuing to rub the goat's head. Jungfrau closed his eyes, Vash then moving to scratch behind his ears. [+green "Mostly just a dull pain but I'm fine. I've had much worse. Are you feeling any better since you've been here? Hopefully you've felt a difference in your people."]
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Roderich was doing his best to keep petting all three goats. The greatest flaw in his anatomy, however, was that he had two hands and there were three goats. At least Mönch was understanding and just leaned against him. Taking a seat on one of the barrels he listened to Vash talk about them liking the attention and Jungfrau taking things out of pockets. “He will be very disappointed with what he will find in my pockets. There may be a lint ball or two,” Roderich said as Jungfrau jumped back over to Vash. This freed up a hand to pet the very patient Mönch who was rapidly becoming Roderich’s favorite. Not that he would have a favorite goat... that would just be silly.

As Vash pulled out a bag of carrots Roderich sent the other nation a dirty look. All three goats were very interested in the treat. “See I didn’t have the treats,” he told the three as Vash handed over the carrots to him. When Eiger tried to take the bag of carrots Roderich pulled it away and fixed the goat with the same look he gave Feliciano when he destroyed something. “Naughty Eiger,” he said, scolding the creature, as he pulled out a carrot.

“Mönch gets the first one. He was patient and a good goat,” Roderich informed the other two like they could understand him. The second carrot was given to Jungfrau because he was also being slightly good and the last to Eiger. “I have no more carrots,” he informed the three as he showed his hands and the empty bag. He had a feeling that they didn’t care or understand him but it was worth a try.

With the carrots all gone he went back to petting the three. “How are you feeling?” He asked. Roderich doubted Vash was feeling good but he figured he would ask now that some time had passed from the attack.
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[+green "I think they'll like you regardless,"] Vash answered quietly, watching as the three creatures stood around Roderich as they waited for their pets and ear scratches. Eiger seemed the most impatient, always trying to follow the Austrian's hand when it moved to pet one of the others. If he decided he had gone too long without attention, he would jump up on one of the crates near Roderich and lightly headbutt his side until he got what he wanted. Mönch seemed to be the more mellow of the three, resting against Roderich's side and waiting until he got the attention he so rightfully deserved. Jungfrau seemed torn between the two males, jumping between them to get attention from both of them. They were all so different and Vash loved them all equally. [+green "They enjoy attention just as much. They are very curious, though, and Jungfrau has been known to take things out of my pockets."]

Vash moved over to them slowly, sitting down on an overturned barrel next to the brunette, and unbuttoned the top of his coat. Reaching inside, he pulled out a bag of carrots and handed it over to Roderich so he could give the goats the treats they so badly wanted. Little tails wagged as bright eyes caught sight of the orange vegetable, all three of them moving closer in order to get the first carrot. Eiger, the little devil, tried to snag the entire bag from his hand but was pushed back gently by the blonde. It seemed Vash had seen this behavior before.

[+green "They just like company, I think,"] he answered quietly, folding his arms loosely over his chest as he watched Roderich dole out the carrots to the eager goats. [+green "They're much calmer in the morning, sometimes I'll take my tea out here with them. Mönch will sometimes lay in my lap if I sit in the grass with them."]
Roderich couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the goat’s antics. “There is nothing in there,” he calmly informed Jungfrau when the little fella started nosing around his pockets. Of course Roderich’s words meant little to the goat who decided instead to shove his snout into his pocket. Jungfrau was only set up for disappointment when he found nothing in Roderich’s pockets. The silly creature should have really tried Vash’s pockets instead because there was a better chance that he was hiding something. As Eiger also got in on the action Roderich looked overly Mönch who was butting his hand gently. Scratching Mönch’s head he gave the other two an exasperated sigh. “There really isn’t anything there. I don’t have any more treats,” Roderich added knowing that it was no use. Goats would be goats.

The attention and blatant begging ended rapidly as Vash opened up their food container. Almost instantly they were surrounding Vash and Roderich thought he was finally safe up until the three sucked down their meal and surrounded him again. “Like I said earlier I have no treats,” he softly informed the three as he gave all of them pets. He looked up at Vash when the other male mentioned that he should come out and play with them sometime. It wasn’t a bad idea. Roderich actually found himself enjoying these silly creatures company. They didn’t expect much out of him besides pets and occasional treats and they were kind of cute. He may have to take Vash up on that suggestion.

“They like me until they find out I’m not the one with treats,” Roderich replied as he continued to pat the goats. Eventually they would get bored of him when they realized that he had nothing else to offer them. “Are they always this needy?” He asked Vash out of curiosity. Roderich wasn’t really complaining about it though because he was more than happy to pet the goats. he was just more curious if this was normal behavior for the three.
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