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Vash looked over the cake as his sister brought it in, giving her a small smile. He remembered this recipe well and was surprised the first time the small country mentioned it. He had found her sitting in front of the bookshelf with books of all varieties stacked around her with one sitting open on her lap. It was an older book, one Vash had long forgotten about, but she seemed excited to want to try it. Slowly and carefully Switzerland had taught her how to bake using this very recipe until the girl could do so on her own; the small country even perfected the recipes that Vash had failed at. She really was a talented little girl.

He cut a piece for his sister before he ate his own, glancing at her occasionally. She seemed so happy that both males were enjoying her creation. Once she had finished her own, she waited for Roderich to do the same before moving over to him and giving him a gentle hug that was accompanied by a soft giggle. [+purple "Thank you, Mr. Austria, for saying such nice things about my cake."] She seemed so genuinely happy and her voice reflected it. [+purple "I'll make you another extra-special dessert once I get to the market again."]

Vash stacked the plates once everyone had finished, making it easier for them to be carried out, then carefully picked up the cake to take to the kitchen. As Austria worked on the dishes and Liechtenstein dried them and put them away, Switzerland wrapped up the cake to preserve it for later, then moved out into the family room while buttoning up his jacket again. [+green "Once you finish those, I'll take you outside,"] he told Roderich. [+green "You can help me with the goats."]
Roderich took his seat after Liechtenstein and watched Vash serve them. He had to agree with Liechtenstein that Switzerland was a good cook. If dinner tasted anything like what it smell like then it was going to be absolutely delicious. “Thank you,” he said as the bowl was returned to him. Soon enough they began to eat and just like Roderich had suspected the meal was delicious. Switzerland was really gifted at cooking and Austria had a feeling that Switzerland could make anything taste delicious. A part of him was curious to see what Switzerland could do with high end ingredients. Maybe when everything blew over and Roderich wasn’t in debt he would test his theory out. This, of course, also assumed that the two of them left on good terms.

Dinner was perfectly filling and over all too soon. The slight tinge in his stomach had been soothed as well which meant his people were eating well for the evening. Hopefully they would be eating well for the next year with Switzerland’s and Liechtenstein’s aid.

Before he could help clear the dishes Liechtenstein had swept the dishes away and brought three plates. Roderich’s heart melted, ever so slightly, as he saw what it was. Carrot cake wasn’t his favorite dessert by any means but he did enjoy it. Roderich actually remembered when people started to experiment with carrots as a substitute to sugar. Some creations were horrible amalgamation of pure nastiness while other were simple delicious. Carrot cake was perhaps the best thing that cake from human’s experimentation. While it had nothing on his beloved Sachertorte it was still a delicious treat. It was made more delicious with the knowledge that Liechtenstein had put her time into making it and even added the little carrot of icing to it.

“You did a good job with the carrot. You probably could deceive someone into thinking it was a real one,” Roderich told Liechtenstein. With care that was most befitting of an aristocrat Roderich picked up a fork and took a small amount of cake. The first bite was delicious. As a dessert snob Roderich found that there was slight room for improvement but nothing huge or really significant. In fact it was him just being a cake snob. Overall the cake was delicious and he was impressed with Liechtenstein’s baking abilities.

“I think you may have just beaten Switzerland with your dessert,” Roderich said as he sat his fork down. If Austria was honest he enjoyed both meals equally and there would have been a tie. That is if he wasn’t above a little white lie, which he wasn’t.

Standing up he gathered up the empty plates. “Thank you Liechtenstein and Switzerland. I’ll do dishes again since you both provided some glorious food.”
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Liechtenstein smiled more as her big brother carried in the requested dinner, carefully setting it in the middle of the table in front of the flowers. It wasn't a dish that took a lot of work or fancy ingredients, those kinds of recipes being Vash's favorites. He made what was commonly referred to as "poor man's meals," dishes that could be made in one or two pots and with common ingredients. In other places, this dish would be served with a high quality meat but Lichtenstein bought the meat she felt would go best with it, a tenderloin. She wanted to give Roderich all the things he had been missing such as good food and a warm bed. She couldn't promise decent company as her brother could be kind of a grouch but she would be as pleasant and as helpful as she could possibly be.

The girl blushed a bit at Roderich's compliment as she sat down, carefully setting her napkin on her lap. [+purple "I'm not sure about that,"] she answered in a soft tone but kept her usual smile. [+purple "Vash is quite skilled in the kitchen."]

Vash kept quiet as the two of them conversed, filling each of their bowls for them before sitting down in his typical spot. He left the hand that had crashed into the wall into his lap, mostly to avoid his sister's eagle eyes and prevent unwanted questions, using his other hand to eat. The meal had come out better than he expected, much to his surprise, and hoped it would be up to Roderich's rich standards. Granted the brunette didn't have much room to complain as he was graciously being hosted by his sister, but he feared it may come back to bite him once Austria became a powerful nation again.

Once the three had eaten their fill, Liechtenstein gathered the empty plates and took them back to the kitchen to be washed later. She picked up three smaller plates and her dessert, carrying them back to the table and setting them between Vash and Roderich with a happy smile. Her smile grew a little more as she noticed Vash look down at her creation and smile a little bit, the blonde familiar with her choice. [+purple "I found this recipe in one of big brother's books; Rüebli Kuchen] . [+purple I also made the little carrots on top, too."]
Once the plates were set, the napkins perfectly settled, and the silverware in the correct place did Roderich take a step back. He looked over his work with a critical eye. What he found to be off were simple and slight alignment issues. With great care he made sure those issues were fixed. He knew that none of this was needed. It wasn’t like he was setting up a meal for royalty. Roderich also doubted that Vash would care about the alignment of a plate or a cup. In fact most people wouldn’t care at all. Despite knowing this Roderich couldn’t find himself able to care. Making sure everything was perfectly placed was a great distraction for his mind. It was hard to think about his impending doom when he was trying to make sure everything was straight and at the same height.

Roderich took one last glance over the table. After his earlier adjustments everything seemed to be in place. If someone pulled out a ruler to measure distance and straightness they would find that everything was eerily close to the same. No one set was the exact distance but it was extremely close and not noticeable to the human eye.

He turned his attention over to Liechtenstein who had just added the flowers and was talking about Vash being a good cook but a horrible baker. Roderich was the opposite to some degree. His cooking was decent and he had a few recipes that were beyond perfect but that came with a lot of practice. Desserts, however, came effortlessly to him. It was probably because they required a lot of precision, just like playing music, and if there was one thing Roderich was good at it was precision. “I’m looking forward to seeing what he is making for dinner,” Roderich replied.

Soon afterwards Vash came in with a hot pot. The smell that came from the pot was absolutely amazing. Roderich wasn’t even that hungry and yet he could feel his stomach seemingly make room for what was going to be a delicious meal.

“It smells extraordinary,” he said to Vash before turning his attention to Liechtenstein. “I look forward to having what dessert you made. I’m sure it will be delicious and probably outshine Vash’s cooking,” he added a small smile threatening to show up while his eyes sparkled with joy. Maybe as a thank you he could make them something. There wasn’t a lot of recipes that he knew that didn’t require a lot of expensive ingredients but there was one. All he needed was plum jam but he probably could make it work with any jam.
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Liechtenstein smiled and watched as Roderich set the table in a careful yet meticulous fashion. The soft blue and white plates were set out so that the patterns on each plate matched the one nearest it. Dinnerware and napkins were all perfectly straight and each place setting matched the one next to it exactly. It was almost like looking at a picture in a magazine. Austria could sure be a perfectionist when he wished to be. This didn't bother the girl one bit, finding the table rather pretty and smiled happily at it. She set the bread and butter on the table before moving into the next room for a few moments. When she returned, she carried a small vase of fresh flowers in a blue glass vase and set it in the middle. There! Now it was perfect!

[+purple "Switzy is a very good cook,"] she explained to Roderich with a gentle smile. He makes the best Sunday dinners! Even though he acts like he doesn't, I think big brother really enjoys cooking. But he's not as good as desserts as you are."] That was a fact; his country may be known for exquisite chocolate but Vash wasn't able to make it. It was far too precise for him to handle. He liked cooking meals much better, it was easier to fix mistakes.

Vash watched the two of them go, cleaning up a little around the kitchen while waiting for the timer to go off. Once it rang, he pulled the partially cooked meat from the oven and set it in a skillet to cook it the rest of the way before letting it simmer in the pot with the other items. Once it was finished, he picked up the hot pot and set it on the large table, along with a salad. [+green "I made Zürcher Eintopf for you at Liechtenstein's request. There's also salad and bread. Liechtenstein also informs me that she made dessert for you."]
Roderich thought over Vash’s words. He really was a prime target for Ivan right now. His military was non existent at best. What little that was left was only existent because they were being held for trial. Other than that there was nothing left of it. Not only was there no military no one would notice if he went missing. It would be too late. Russia would have him and no one would be able to do a thing.

Even though he knew all of these facts he couldn’t help but hate it. He didn’t like putting Switzerland in this situation. Hell he didn’t like relying on Switzerland for food and safety. But all the things Switzerland had said in the last few minutes he was right about especially when he mentioned his experience fighting at range. No one could out shoot Switzerland and no one knew the land better than Switzerland. If someone thought they could put shoot him or out navigate him then they were horribly wrong.

“I’ll try to forget about it. For now at least,” Roderich conceded. He didn’t want to admit defeat to Vash but there was nothing he could do. The best course of action was to pretend he didn’t have Russia looming over him as a threatening shadow. Would pretending to be ignorant work? Probably not but Roderich was going to try and pretend nothing was wrong. The first step to that was to distract himself with setting the table.

Walking over the the cupboard he began to gather the dishes needed. As he was about to leave to the dinning room Liechtenstein bounded into the kitchen and went to wash her hands. The tiniest of smiles ticked at the corner of his lips as she offered to help. Liechtenstein was honestly a gift from God. “Thank you, Liechtenstein. I look forward to dinner. If dinner is anything like lunch it will be delicious. To be honest I didn’t know Switzerland was such a gifted cook until today,” He replied.

With on last glance at Switzerland he walked off into the dinning room. Like before he carefully laid out the dishes. It was a calming task that let Roderich pretend nothing wrong was happening. In those short moments everything was perfect.
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Once the rest of dinner was cooking, Vash carefully picked up the meat and placed it into a pan. Roderich did have a point, Russia loved to play mind games. The brunette did have other valid points, ones that made him think a bit. Despite all of that, he wanted to think that he had the larger country figured out pretty well and hoped he could stop an assault before it even started.

[+green "Russia's existence is nothing but a problem,"] he responded quietly, seasoning the marinated cut of meat before placing it into the preheated oven. Once it was securely inside, he set a timer and placed it on top of the counter nearby. [+green "The only thing I believe he's really waiting for is for you to leave, especially if your country is still in the shape it's in. You're rather defenseless right now and he wants to take advantage of that. Without a military, you have nothing to protect you. If he does by some miracle make his way here, he won't last long. I'm far more experienced in long range combat. Just try to forget about it for now and let me deal with him."]

Vash moved through the kitchen to the far side, pulling open a cabinet revealing some dishes. [+green "Here, set the table and try to think about something else. Silverware is in the drawer below it."] Reaching down, he picked up a loaf of fresh bread and sliced it, setting it aside for the brunette to place on the table as well. What if Ivan were to cross his boarders and make his way to the house? That certainly wasn't an issue as Vash was a known firearms collector. Not only that but he had excellent aim and wasn't afraid to open fire on anyone. Just ask Italy.

Emerald eyes shifted as he heard the door open, announcing his little sister's entry back into the house, and watched as she skipped into the kitchen to wash her hands. She smiled over at Roderich, grabbing the bread and a small assortment of jams from the fridge and taking them to the table. [+purple "Let me help you, Mr. Austria,"] she said softly, keeping her gentle smile. She was so happy he was here with them! [+purple "I hope you like dinner tonight, I asked Switzy to make it just for you."]
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The potatoes didn’t take much time to cut and Roderich found himself standing there awkwardly. Thankfully Vash decided to answer him and began to talk about his three goats. Eiger, Jungfrau, and Mönch were lovely names for any creature. “I wouldn’t mind seeing them later,” He said as Vash took the potatoes and tossed them into a pot. Roderich took the cutting board and knife and began to wash them.

Roderich had a soft spot for animals. The last pet he had owned was during the War of Austrian Succession and it was an eagle named Edelweiss. Roderich absolutely adored the eagle that followed him around and was completely devastated when Edelweiss passed. Instead of getting another pet he took to visiting other nation’s animals every now and then. Germany’s three dogs got a lot of love and attention from Roderich while he was living with him. It was the only good part about living with Ludwig during the War.

Austria started to dry the board when Switzerland responded about Russia’s action. Almost instantly Roderich froze as a frown found its way on his face. It hadn’t even been half a day and Ivan was already fucking things up. Hopefully he didn’t do too much to the Swiss troops. None of them deserved to be attacked and killed.

“Or he could be bidding his time and finding a way in. It hasn’t even been a full day since I’ve arrived and he is already causing problems,” He said to Vash as he put away the dried board and knife. “Ivan could be bidding his time. He may not want to step foot into your lands or Liechtenstein’s lands but he could figure out a way in. Or he could make your life miserable. Slowly but surely pick off your army one by one. Make it all look like it was some solo organization that’s doing it so he doesn’t get blamed for it,” Roderich added as his frown deepened. Ivan was the type of country that got what he wanted. He would figure out a way to get Roderich and hiding in Vash’s home was just going to make Ivan want him more.

Or Ivan could be messing with Roderich.

A groan left Roderich’s lips. He really hated mind games and this situation was feeling like one. Either Ivan os bidding his time waiting for a way in or Ivan is waiting for Roderich to break down and come home to protect Vash. Why couldn’t people just be up front? Austria, in this situation, missed his old wars and fighting with Prussia. At least Prussia was obvious in his wants. Gilbert wanted to see Roderich begging for mercy. Super simple. Russia’s wants we’re also simple enough but how he was going to achieve his outcome was vastly different than Prussia. Prussia charged head first into conflict. Russia... Austria didn’t know what Russia was going to do and that worried him.
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Roderich seemed to comply well with Vash's order of work. He knew the Austrian liked to keep busy, especially when he was troubled, and figured there would be no better task for him then to aid with dinner. The brunette loved food, the more complex and costly the better, and seemed to love the process of making it. Vash couldn't give him the food he was most likely hoping for as he preferred to save money instead of spending it on expensive supplies, but he could give him a nice, home-cooked meal instead of the swill he had been consuming as of late. The meat he was using was a much better cut than he normally would have purchased but he knew the economic crisis Roderich and his people had been in. His first real dinner may as well be something good.

[+green "I have three goats,"] Vash answered, turning away from the meat in order to set a large pot on the stove after it had been filled with water. Afterwards, he placed the potatoes in it and left it to boil. [+green "Eiger, Jungfrau, and Mönch. I named them after the Alps. They have their own pen around the back; I'll show you after dinner if you like."] Hardly anyone besides Liechtenstein knew about Vash's little friends, but then most didn't know a lot about Switzerland. He preferred his antisocial lifestyle and didn't trust anyone else. For some reason, however, he had a small seedling of worry about what Roderich was thinking about his pets, unable to shake the thought that the Austrian found it silly. He hoped he was wrong about that.

Vash found a few other things in the pantry, taking them out and setting them on the counter. A faint wince fell across his face as he moved his hand wrong, Austria inquiring about Russia and his interaction with him shortly after. Emerald eyes flickered down to the hand that collided with the wall in anger after the phone call had ended, letting out a quiet sigh. His second and third knuckle had a dark bruise forming around them and indicated some kind of damage, the area around it warm and red. He pulled his eyes away from it after deciding he would deal with it after dinner, cleaning his finds before setting them aside to cook. [+green "Ivan advanced on some of my military; I'm going to check after dinner and see what kind of damage he did,"] he told him quietly, keeping his eyes on his work. [+green "Then he started running his mouth like he usually does. Like I said, he's just trying to intimidate us both to get you to leave.. He doesn't have any other moves besides that. If he really had a way in, he would have shown up unannounced instead of calling. So don't worry about it."]
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Roderich shifted uncomfortably as Vash turned his attention over to him. What he was saying about Russia was a hundred and ten percent accurate but it still made his stomach churn uncomfortably. Austria’s presence was putting Switzerland and Liechtenstein at risk of Russia’s fury. While Vash had all the means and ability in the world to protect himself and his sister Roderich couldn’t help but feel bad. The two blondes purposely stayed out of the War and here they were being pulled into the aftermath. They deserved better. Hell, Roderich should have known better than to include them in his struggles. Now Russia was going to be breathing down their necks, watching, and waiting. Their only hope for peace was if Alfred and Arthur intervened. Ivan was less likely to invade him with those two being invested in his safety.

Maybe he could get over the border without Ivan noticing him. If he came from the Alps Ivan would notice him right away. But if Roderich entered his land through Germamy he could slip under the radar and be in the land Alfred controlled. There was, however, two issues with that plan. One was the fact that he really didn’t want to go into Germany anytime soon. The second was the fact that Roderich wasn’t allowed to be in Germany for the time being. The Allies decided that Germany, Prussia, and Austria should be kept apart before their trails to prevent them from colluding and changing stories. Austria, whose trial wasn’t even set up, was okay with that.

As much as Austria wanted to lead to protect Switzerland and Liechtenstein he knew that it wouldn’t work. Even if he went home Russia now had his eyes on the three two nations. He was better off staying with Switzerland.

Without a word Roderich followed after Vash into the kitchen. As Vash reassured his sister Roderich went and washed his hands. As he was washing he heard the word goats. That caught his attention for sure! “You have goats?” Roderich asked as he began to dry his hands. It was so surprising to Roderich mainly because he didn’t see Vash as a livestock type of person. The predominate reason why Roderich didn’t see Vash as an animal person was because animals cost money which Switzerland liked to save.

He didn’t question it further as he turned to the pantry that Vash pointed out. Inside had way more food than what Roderich had left in his home. Almost all the food Roderich had consumed the last few months was leftover rations that the Germans left in a hurry. Roderich was rather tired of eating out of a can but couldn’t afford to actually buy real food and was too prideful to ask for more money from his boss. Having actual meat, potatoes, and vegetables was a blessing.

Grabbing a few potatoes Roderich went to the sink and washed them off. “What did Russia do?” He softly asked. Ivan had to have done something pretty bad for Vash to respond the way he did. Roderich glanced over at Vash for a moment before grabbing a knife and peeling the potatoes. Once they were peeled he began to quarter them as Vash had directed.
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[h3 +]
Vash allowed his forehead to rest against the wall after his arm had fallen down to his side, emerald eyes closing for a moment. He needed to think long and hard about this. It was no surprise to anyone that Russia was hard headed and could be quite a bully, those combined with his strength and numbers made him quite intimidating. Most countries weren't afraid to admit that they were scared of him. Switzerland, however, wasn't one of those countries. He was just as stubborn, if not more, and wasn't afraid to tell the larger country to piss off. Bullying and threats may have gotten him far with the takeover of other countries, but it wouldn't work on Vash. He just had to come up with a plan to knock the giant on his butt.

A voice caused him to open his eyes and pick his head up. Damn. He was hoping Roderich wasn't around for that one-sided conversation, that he was upstairs sleeping or whatnot. Undoubtedly he worried his sister but he didn't think his harsh and loud words would have the brunette coming to find him, either. Vash looked back at the other male as he lightly rubbed his knuckles and let out a quiet sigh. Under normal circumstances, he wouldn't be this nice to the other country. Roderich definitely wouldn't be in his house. But now this added element presented itself to Vash as a challenge and he wasn't about to back down from that.

Especially for Roderich's sake.

[+green "If you go back, he'll seize you for sure,"] Vash stated. His voice still held notes of agitation but they weren't directed at the Austrian for once. He was still angry about the fact that some of his military had been destroyed. [+green "He's watching your borders too closely; he'll know the moment you get close to them. Right now it's better for you to stay here where you're at least somewhat protected by two other countries, not to mention you have the Alps surrounding you."]

He winced faintly as he rubbed a particularly sore spot on his hand, stopping the motion and folding his arms over his chest. [+green "Ivan isn't stupid; he may talk a big game but he won't show up here. He wouldn't get very far before he was spotted and would be taken out immediately. He's just trying to scare both of us, to get me to kick you out and you to want to leave. Trust me, there's no better place for you to be right now than here. Now come on, you can help me with dinner."]

Everything Vash said was true, there really wasn't a better place for Roderich to be. His country was small but it was well protected by his and his sister's military, and the Alps made it an extra challenge to get through. Ivan wouldn't make it twenty yards into his borders before someone spotted him. It also helped that every country on the planet knew how trigger-happy Vash was. Hopefully those facts would keep Russia away for a long time.

Switzerland moved into the kitchen, seeing his sister's shocked expression and groaned internally. Great, he had scared her. He moved over to her, placing a gentle kiss on her temple before hugging her with one arm. [+green "I'm sorry you heard that,"] he murmured quietly, his frame visibly relaxing. It didn't happen very often but, when it did, it was only because of his sister. [+green "I just lost my temper. Why don't you let me take over out here and you can feed the goats?"] Liechtenstein seemed to brighten up at this, hugging her brother back before taking one of his jackets and skipping outside. He watched her go before moving to the counter and picking up the bowl Liechtenstein had left, using it and some nearby ingredients to make a marinade for the meat next to him. Once it was finished, he gingerly picked up the meat with the hand that had collided with the wall and set it in, covering it to let it set for while. [+green "You can start on the potatoes, I need them peeled and quartered,"] he informed the other male. [+green "They're in the pantry behind you."]
Roderich has just found his way into the family room when he heard Vash exclaim. For a short moment Roderich thought Vash was talking to him and he was wracking his brain to figure out what he did. It was only when his saw the cord did he let out an inaduable sigh of relief. Despite him being happy about him not somehow angering the other nation he did find himself curious to who was on the other end of the phone.

Slowly he moved through the room and into the kitchen while keeping an eye on Vash. The only one ballsy enough to call Switzerland had to be Russia. Well ballsy enough to call and anger him. Which meant something had happened near Austria’s borders. The Soviets were mostly in the Northeast portion of his country but they did manage to weasel into some of France’s occupation area. It was just small pockets of land that they were “occupying” but Austria wouldn’t be too surprised that Russia was trying to branch out. France was still recovering from what Germany did to him and his people so the sliver of land they were granted was mostly neglected. All too perfect for Russia to take.

The moment the phone was violently slammed back onto the receiver Roderich was 90% sure it was Ivan. Austria had hoped for at least a few days before anyone noticed his disappearance. Of course that couldn’t happen. Russia, after all, was making daily visits to harass Austria. He figured today would be the day he got away from the constant harassment. It hadn’t even been a full day and Ivan was already searching for him.

“Was it [i him]?” Roderich nervously asked. There was a small ember of hope that it wasn’t Russia at all but Roderich doubted it. Ivan was relentless in his quest of getting Roderich to become a communist nation. He probably thought having the Russian Headquarters situated in Roderich’s home would help sway him over. Instead it made Roderich flee but if it was going to cause problems for Switzerland than maybe he should go back. He wouldn’t return to Vienna but maybe he could hideout in Graz. Ivan would eventually find him but it would buy him enough time to gather his wits.

“If it is then maybe I should go back home tomorrow. He won’t leave you alone now that he knows I’m here and I don’t want to cause you any trouble,” Roderich offered. He purposely avoided saying Russia and Ivan because he wasn’t sure how much Liechtenstein knew and he didn’t want to burden her with his troubles. She deserved better.
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[h3 +]
Vash watched the small blonde as they parted ways, Liechtenstein hanging up her brother's jacket that she had borrowed before moving into the kitchen to do as he had asked. Despite his cheap ways, the Swiss could create rather good meals with virtually nothing. She was excited to see what he was going to do with the ingredients he had brought home for dinner tonight. Normally such a nice dinner wouldn't even be thought about unless it was a holiday, but Liechtenstein had suggested a special dinner for Roderich. It would be nice for him to have a decent, hot meal for a change and help him get back to his old self.

That little girl really was an angel.

Quietly he picked up the phone in the family room while his sister worked quietly in the kitchen, murmuring a soft but unpleasant 'hello.' The only other person he cared about was in the other room, so why be nice and polite? Anyone calling at this point was only going to give him grief or threats about something he didn't really care about or threaten the one thing he loved. The former was a joke, Liechtenstein was better protected in her brother's home than anywhere else on the planet.

Emerald eyes narrowed, glaring at a random spot on the wall, as he listened to the rough and deep voice on the other end of the line. There was no mistaking it, he knew that voice anywhere. Ivan. What on earth could he possibly want?

[+green "Make this quick. I don't have all day,"] Vash spat out after a moment of silence, tired of listening to the vodka-loving tyrant ramble on about unimportant subjects. All the Swiss wanted to know was why this idiot was calling and ruining his evening of relaxing. That answer came pretty quickly, Ivan not wasting any time after that demand.

[+red "I couldn't help but notice more troops arriving on the Austrian border a couple hours ago."]

Great. So Vash's deep worries had been realized. Austria's borders were being watched, rather closely it seemed, who wanted to claim a piece of the weaker nation for themselves. [+green "So?"]

[+red "What surprised me the most was to see that they were yours. I thought you were supposed to be neutral. Not to mention that you don't like Austria."]

Vash sighed, closing his eyes and rubbing his hand over them for a moment. Whatever mind games this asshole was trying to play, he wasn't exactly okay with. More than anything he just wanted this painful conversation to end. [+green "I still don't see what any of this has to do with you or why you think it's any of your business."]

[+red "I wanted to see Roderich for a friendly chat and there were all these soldiers in my way. Some were from America which didn't surprise me; he has his nose in everything. But you...that was shocking. It almost made me feel bad when I had to cut some of them down."]

Vash's eyes widened, his hand dropping to his side. Ivan did what?! He hadn't even had his men down there for six hours and Russia was already tying to take them out! He was mildly thankful he hadn't sent Liechtenstein's military down yet, saving her from this tragedy, but he was mostly angry. Didn't Russia have enough freaking land?! How much of his military did he just destroy?!

[+green "You have got to be fucking kidding me!"] His voice was a bit louder than he expected, not knowing it made his little sister jump in kitchen and almost drop the bowl she had in her hands. Switzerland could get incredibly angry but it was rare for him to raise his voice in Liechtenstein's presence. She looked back towards the doorway, innocent eyes wide, before she noticed that Roderich had now come downstairs. She bit her lip faintly as she looked back at the brunette, unsure of what to do.

[+red "It was also surprising to see that Roderich wasn't there anymore. If I had to guess, he's either with Alfred or you. There isn't a better hiding place than in the house of your enemy, is there?"]

[+green "If I see you anywhere near my borders, I won't hesitate to wipe you off of the map completely,"] Vash growled into the receiver, his hand tightening over it dangerously. His eyes narrowed again, glaring at the same spot in the wall and wishing it was Ivan's face so he could land a good punch in it. [+green "You don't scare me. If you know what's good for you, you'll stay far away from me. Don't you ever call me again."]

He slammed the phone down, the device miraculously unbroken yet, and turned abruptly towards the wall. Letting his anger get the better of him and forgetting he wasn't alone in the house, the Swiss made a fist and hit the wall beside him with as much force as he possibly could. He stayed that way for a few moments before his hand finally fell down to his side and a deep sigh fell from his tense frame. It would take a little while for Russia to proceed with a plan, if he even had one, so immediate action wasn't necessary at this juncture. Switzerland could at least sleep on a decision right now before he made one. It was unfortunate to know Austria was being watched so closely and now Vash would be as well. Again, not something that changed the game but changed how he would play it.

At least all of this was coming to light now.
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 15d 23h 37m 43s
[i Roderich’s hands were poised over the piano keys. His mind going though the many songs he had learned throughout the ages. After a long moment soft pale hands rested on one of the keys and exerted gentle pressure on it. The first note rang in the open air only to be cut off by the door slamming open. Roderich raised his gaze up from the keys and to the intruders.]

[i Hungary stood there, panting for air, her hair a mess. “Roderich! Don’t listen to Ludwig,” She begged.]

[i Behind her Germany approached. His large frame made Elizabeta look tiny. There was a cold hard look in his eyes as he pushed her out of the way. As he did so Roderich stood up and unintentionally pressed hard down onto the keys. Anger flickered in his purple eyes. No one touched his wife, well his ex-wife, like that. Before he could do or say a thing Elizabeta reacted and punched Ludwig square in the jaw. The male stumbled while Elizabeta rushed over to Roderich. “Don’t do it Roderich. You can fight him off. I’m sure of it,” she said as she clung to Roderich’s arm. ]

[i Roderich let out a soft ‘oh’ as he pieced together what was happening. The Anschluss. It was only talk now but he knew that Germany was pushing to have Austria to become one with him. The propaganda was being spread across his borders and people were buying it. The parliament tried to fight back by kicking the Nazis out and by raising the voting age but it wasn’t working. The pressure being exerted on Austria was becoming unbearable.]

[i ‘Liz,’ he softly said as he cupped her cheek. Her eyes fluttered shut as she leaned into the touch. “Thank you for your concern but this is something that Germany and I have to talk about.” He added as he pressed a kiss to her forehead. “I’ll talk to you later but I need to talk to Ludwig. Dinner?’ He asked. ]

[i She let out a shuddering breath as she stepped away. ‘I’ll go cook your favorite,’ Elizabeta replied. She stepped away and gave Ludwig a look. ‘Remember what I said Germany,’ she said darkly. Elizabeta stepped out of the room and closed the door behind her.]

[i Ludwig rubbed his jaw as he looked up at Roderich. ‘You have two choices. You can either be annexed and retain some of your freedom or we will invade you and you will lose all freedom.’]

[i ‘Not much of an option,’ He dryly replied. ‘How soon?’]

[i ‘If you don’t give in we will invade tonight. If you give in our troops will come through without a fight tomorrow.’ He simply replied.]

[i Austria let out a soft sigh as he looked down to his piano. ‘We will open the border tomorrow. Now please get out of my house.’]

[i Ludwig gave a small nod and paused at the door. ‘I will be here tomorrow to take you to my house.’ With that said he left the room.]

[i A soft sight left Roderich’s lips as he moved away from the piano. A defeated look crossed his face for a moment before he put a neutral expression on his face for Liz. He didn’t want to tell her and wouldn’t.’]

Roderich woke up with a start. His cheek felt damp from tears but he didn’t think much of it. To many his dream didn’t seem to be worthy to be called a nightmare. To Roderich it was one of the worse days of his life. Rolling over into his back he stared up at the ceiling for a long moment. It was getting late and dinner should be started soon. He probably should help with dinner.

With a soft sigh he got up from the bed and fixed himself up. Maybe he would get downstairs in time to help with dinner. He needed to do something to distract his mind. Once he was sure he looked presentable he wander down the stairs.
  .Roderich. / GuillotineDreams / 16d 31m 42s
[h3 +]
It was good to hear Alfred had some use other than trying to infect the world with clogged arteries and heart disease. Hopefully the proud American would help to deter the large brute known as Russia from poking his nose back in where it didn't belong. That, along with his and his sister's armies would certainly be a nice deterrent. Many countries had learned the hard way not to come near his borders or anything else the Swiss had claimed lest they meet with some angry words and open fire. Vash didn't play around when it came to protecting what was his or anyone he cared about. Now that Austria was temporarily on that list, he would receive the best protection the Swiss had to offer.

He nodded in response to Roderich, watching him go before picking up the phone and sending some troops down to the Austrian's borders. Once that was finished and he was satisfied with the result, the male quietly left the room and made his way downstairs. Soft humming and the sound of the radio told him that Liechtenstein was in the family room, more than likely working on another sewing project, and caused a faint smile to appear on his face. He still had those pajamas she made for him and, even though he didn't like them that much, wore them now and again just to make her happy. He knew how hard she had been working on them and couldn't bear to see her sad. He just hoped she didn't making him any other pink things in the future.

Vash decided to leave her to her work and instead headed outside, buttoning up his jacket to keep him warm. The weather always seemed to be changing in the Alps, typically into the cooler regions, but it didn't bother him too much. In fact, it was a good deterrent from others showing up on his doorstep randomly as most didn't like the chilly weather. He continued his trek to the back of the house where a pen was set up, emerald eyes flickering all over to search for the animals housed inside. Little did most know, the cold Swiss had some pets: three goats. He loved them as much as he loved his little sister and was known to bring them presents now and then as well as some extra snacks. Vash allowed his slim frame to rest against the fence lightly as he watched Eiger, Jungfrau, and Mönch run and jump around their home, making happy and excited noises as they did so.

Switzerland lost track of how long he had stayed in the chilly air watching his silly friends, but his attention was pulled away as Liechtenstein approached him and wrapped loosely in one of his oversized jackets. [+purple "You have a phone call, Switzy,"] she told him softly, keeping the jacket pulled tight. He nodded, reaching out and gently brushing her bangs from her eyes, before wrapping his arm gently over his shoulders and leading her back inside. [+green "Take the meat out of the refrigerator and set it on the counter. I'll start dinner once I finish this."]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 16d 22h 25m 10s

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