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Liechtenstein was more than happy to do the shopping as it was a task she always enjoyed. Vash always seemed less than enthused by it, doing it simply because it needed done, but not Liechtenstein. She loved getting fresh air, greeting the people she encountered, and more importantly feeling like she was helping in some capacity. The small blonde studied the list before getting the requested items and wandering around a bit. There were so many shops in this common trade-and-selling center, most of European variety. One or two Asian themed shops could be found but it would take some searching. Since she had a bit of time before she promised she would be home, Liechtenstein went through some of the shops to see if there was anything extra she could bring home.

The second shop she visited seemed the most promising, a coffee and sweet shop. She knew both of the males at home enjoyed both of those things and figured she could find something there to bring home. Her eyes stopped at a glass display case, displaying a beautiful chocolate cake in a basket with a couple cans of coffee sitting next to it. This was perfect! Using her own savings, she purchased the set and hurried home with her finds before the precious chocolate would begin to melt.

[+purple "Mr. Austria, I'm home,"] she called out as she entered the large home, carrying the items into the kitchen. The downstairs was spotless, the kitchen nearly gleaming, indicating the Austrian had been hard at work. Switzerland stood by the sink with a glass of water in his hand, his gaze fixated on the window. She gave Roderich a smile before setting the cloth bag with his requested ingredients on the counter in order for him to make his meals. [+purple "I hope I got you the right things,"] she told him softly, picking up the tin that the sachertorte sat in and putting the lid on it. Liechtenstein set it in the fridge before placing the cans of coffee on the counter. [+purple "I also picked up a treat for you and big brother, you can have it after lunch."]

Switzerland leaned against the counter, watching as she moved expertly around the kitchen to put the items away. When she was finished, he received a light hug before she headed upstairs to work on some papers. Vash did most of the hard work for her when it came to her country's work but still allowed her to figure out a few things. After all, she'd never learn if he did everything for her. Of course, he wouldn't allow her to fail, not when it came to this. The price of failure was far too much.

Vash limped over to the small table, sitting down and sighing quietly. Being up for so long made his body ache and the pills hadn't had near enough time to begin their magic. Emerald eyes watched as Roderich began meal preparations, the male working quickly and efficiently. He was a bit surprised to see his once friend making such a poor dish as he typically had more refined tastes.

[+green "Where'd you pick up this recipe from?"] he asked the Austrian quietly. [+green "I doubt it's something you stumbled upon in the wild."]
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Did Roderich freeze when Liechtenstein hugged him? He absolutely did. Roderich hadn’t been expected a hug from the smaller nation and awkwardly returned it. “Thank you for going. Be safe,” He said once they parted. Roderich was sure that Liechtenstein would be safe but he could t help but say those words.

Once Liechtenstein left Roderich began to pines his letter to his boss. It highlighted everything that had happened the few days he had been in Vash’s care and what was agreed upon. He didn’t really need to keep his boss in the loop but he had nothing better to do.

After the letter was complete Roderich contemplated on what to do next. He couldn’t really start their food without the main ingredients so that would have to wait. If he went and started playing the litany he probably wouldn’t be able to pull himself away. Which left Roderich in a rather peculiar position of boredom. He hadn’t been bored in a long while. Normally, he had no issues just losing himself in the soft ivory key. Too bad that wasn’t an option because he wanted to be able to check on Vash. For a few more minutes he contemplated what to do next before deciding to clean.

[center ~]

By the time Liechtenstein returned with the ingredients needed the majority of the house was dusted and some of the floors were cleaned. The kitchen was especially sparkling by the time Roderich was finished and he already figured out his next task for tomorrow. He had been gathering the laundry to do it when he noticed some holes in the clothing. He fully planned on patching those clothes after he did the laundry. It also gave him something to do besides babysitting Vash.

With everything he need to make lunch he began the all too familiar task of making potato goulash. It was a recipe Hungary made when they had very little money. It was delicious and filling meal and one Roderich hardly ever made because it wasn’t as good as Elizabeta’s version. There was something about her’s that was so much better than Roderich’s imitation.
  GuillotineDreams / 10d 13h 5m 42s
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It was easy to see that Vash wouldn't get anywhere by arguing with Roderich, not at this point. He had already assumed full responsibility of caring for the house while the blonde healed and would perform that task to the best of his ability. The Swiss didn't doubt his house keeping skills in the least, he had seen the strict order he had kept his own home in before the disaster and knew it was in good hands.

It was just hard to let go.

For years Vash had been the one in charge, the one calling the shots when it came to the well-being of himself and his little sister. Now, because he was being a headstrong idiot, someone else had to step in momentarily to assume that roll. Still, he understood it was for the best and the quickest route to full healing. Perhaps some temporary reprieve wouldn't be a bad thing. Slowly he pushed himself to his feet, hiding a wince from Roderich, and shuffled into the sitting room. His legs were stiff and he found it difficult to move, especially now that the full extent of his injuries had finally registered. Everything ached and he already saw another handful of pills in his future. Vash allowed himself to drop onto the couch, carefully and slowly pulling his pained legs up onto the furniture, before pulling the blanket down from the back of it and wrapping it around him. Maybe Roderich was right and some rest was what he needed.

Liechtenstein smiled happily as she began her list, neatly writing down everything the Austrian requested. It wouldn't be hard at all to get what he needed, especially since she had a couple other stops to make. They were running low on a few things around the house, each item added to her list when she thought of it, and would have to stop at various places to pick them up. The small country gave the kitchen and pantry a look over, checking to see if they needed anything else, and added those items to the list. Honestly she was happy to do this work as it helped out around the house and made Vash and Roderich's lives a lot easier.

The small girl pulled down a basket from the top of the fridge and looped the handle in her arm before moving over to the brunette and hugging him gently around the waist. [+purple "I shouldn't be more than a couple hours,"] she told him softly, giving him a smile. He had just returned with a pen and some paper, clearly doing some of the boring work of being a country. [+purple "Enjoy your quiet time."] She then skipped out of the kitchen and outside, heading down to the market.


Vash wasn't sure how long he had been out, the blonde nestled comfortably in the couch and blanket. The position of the sun hadn't changed too much which told him that he hadn't been asleep all day, but a few hours at most. He still felt as if he had been run over by a tank, which wasn't too far off from the truth really, and found moving to be difficult. The pain pills had certainly worn off by this point. Slowly he pushed himself to sit, then to his feet, a few quiet groans escaping his form.

Why did moving have to be so difficult?

Vash quietly made his way to the kitchen, stopping in front of a cabinet near he pantry where he kept extra medicine. He pulled it open and took down the familiar bottle, shaking a small pile of pills into his hand before closing it up. Quickly he swallowed them, washing them down with some water from the sink after, and let out a heavy sigh.

That Russian bastard was going to pay for all of this.
Roderich nodded when Vash said he had already taken his dose for the morning. At least Vash wasn’t being stubborn and not taking medication. When Roderich was living with Ludwig and Gilbert it was a constant battle to get them to take medication especially Gilbert who was hurting from the dissolution of his government. “Go lay down then. You don’t look too well and maybe a nap will help. While you nap I’ll help Liechtenstein make a grocery list.”

Taking the last dishes to the sink he deposited them before approaching Liechtenstein. “I’ll need chicken breasts and sausage for meat but that is really it unless we don’t have potatoes,” He said to her as he eyed the pantry. The two meals he intended to make didn’t need too many ingredients and as he looked over what was left, they basically had everything he could need except for the meat. Happy with everything else Roderich went over to the dishes and began to do them. Once the dishes were done and drying, he checked the dough. Happy with how much it rose he got ready to bake a few loaves so that they had fresh bread for dinner.

Only when the bread was in the oven starting to bake, he sat down at the table in the kitchen. Roderich needed to start penning some letters to his boss but he was honestly dreading it. He never liked this aspect of being a country, preferring to just exist, instead of doing extra work. But it had to be done. Sighing he got up from his spot and went to his room to grab a pen and paper while he mentally formulated what he needed to write.
  .Roderich. / GuillotineDreams / 27d 10h 26m 56s
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Neither blonde had any objection to the Austrian's meal choices, Vash thinking they sounded rather good. He learned a long time ago that he would never be disappointed by what the older nation cooked up as he was quite the chef. Liechtenstein was just happy that he was cooking, period. She loved her brother's dishes but she was eager to see what else Roderich could create after the lunch they all shared together before. They were both a bit concerned about what he would find in the pantry as their stock had gotten a bit low. Normally Vash would have taken or sent his sister to the market a couple of times a month to replenish what they used but the time had gotten away from him and it had slipped his mind. It wasn't a big deal, a simple shopping trip would need to be made.

[+green "Someone will probably have to run to the butcher's for whatever meat you're planning to use,"] Vash informed him quietly, absently rubbing at the bruise that stretched around the side of his neck. A faint wince formed briefly when he pressed a bit too hard but kept the action up anyway. [+green "We should have enough vegetables unless you're looking for something special."] Liechtenstein rose from the table at this news, going to retrieve a piece of paper and pen in order to make a shopping list for either herself or Roderich to take to market in order to pick up the things they would need. She figured they may as well stock up on other things that were going low such as milk or other necessities.

While she was off on her task, the Austrian mentioned that Vash could probably use some painkillers. He had already taken a small handful first thing in the morning and was effective on staving off most of the pain. His act of defiance this morning had caused some of that discomfort to grow but knew it was far too early to take more. He'd simply have to make do with ice and heat for the time being. [+green "I took some already when I woke up,"] he answered quietly. His hand continued to rub at his neck before moving down a bit and doing the same to his collarbone and shoulder. [+green "It's far too early to take another dose. I'll be fine."]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 37d 9h 20m 32s
With no input from the two siblings Roderich was left to think about what he should make. He really wanted to make wiener schnitzel but he also wanted to make something that could be eaten tomorrow and was cheap. Maybe a goulash? He had a recipe for potato goulash that yielded a lot of servings and was pretty cheap to make. The more Roderich thought about it the more he was sold on making it for lunch and then they could eat it for dinner the next day if they wanted to. With the goulash being cheap they could probably afford Wiener schnitzel for dinner as well. Roderich, while it pained him, had no intention of using veal for the dish and figured they could use chicken instead to keep it low cost.

“I was thinking potato goulash for lunch and Wiener schnitzel for dinner. I just need to see what is in the pantry but I think I really only need sausages for the goulash and any would really do,” he said as he finished up his own meal. Roderich gracefully got out of his chair and began to gather the dishes so that he could do them. The sooner he cleaned up the sooner he could take a full inventory of what Vash had in his pantry and then the sooner he could get to work. The goulash, after all, did take a little while to make. It was nothing horrendous and the majority of the time he would be stirring it but he did want to start it sooner than later.

As he gathered the last of the dirty dishes he stopped right beside Vash. “Did you take any medication yet? If not I can bring you the bottle,” he asked. Roderich hadn’t seen the other nation take his medication and if he didn’t then Roderich would prefer that he did soon. Roderich may have not seen any indication of pain cross Vash’s face yet but he knew his once friend was stubborn and probably was in pain.
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Vash suppressed a small groan as he sat down at his seat, rubbing his thigh under the table and out of Roderich's view. He was already in enough trouble with the brunette, he didn't want to add more to it. His body informed him that he should have listened, that he should have simply sliced the ingredients at the table and allowed his once friend to do the cooking. His body ached in places that he didn't think possible and what was already agitated hurt more. Vash would never admit any of this to Roderich as his mothering was already bad enough. He could only imagine what he'd unleash on his "patient" once that news surfaced.

Emerald eyes flickered up to the male as he began his miniature 'I'm not angry I'm just disappointed' speech, giving him the look to match. He remembered this well from their younger days, that look having been directed at a small Felicano a multitude of times as well as himself. [+green "I wasn't up that long,"] Vash protested quietly, picking up his fork and taking a bite of his breakfast. In a sense, he wasn't. He had stood for much longer periods than that...but when he wasn't injured. [+green "Besides, I can't cook from the table and you were with the goats."]

Liechtenstein ate quietly, listening to the two grown men bicker like siblings. She loved them both dearly, no matter how much they argued, and was grateful to have them in her little family. Her breakfast was finished rather quickly, the small girl drinking her orange juice, and her attention was pulled to Austria as he asked about meal preferences. This excited her, Mr. Austria was going to cook for them! How wonderful! She smiled happily as she set her glass down, looking to the brunette. [+purple "No, but I'm sure that whatever you make will be fantastic,"] she answered. A glance to Vash saw the older blonde nod his head faintly in agreement with her statement, her eyes turning back to Roderich again. [+purple "If you need anything, I'd be more than happy to find it for you!"]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 53d 12h 34m 25s
Roderich gave Vash an annoyed look when he returned back with the oranges and the other nation was at the stove cooking. “You said everything could be done at the table,” he grumbled to the other man before turning to Liechtenstein and addressing her. “Good morning Liechtenstein,” Austria responded as Vash handed him the bowl of food so he could put it on the table.

Walking into the dinning room Roderich day the bowl down in the center before grabbing some plates and utensils he also set the table. Soon after Vash walked into the room and said that Roderich no longer had to yell at him. Roderich eyebrow raised slightly as he took his spot and began serving them. As he did that he began to say, “I haven’t yelled at you yet. But we can talk about how you said the majority of the breakfast could be done at the table. I really hope you weren’t lying to me and were standing around. You really should be resting Vash,” Roderich in his best ‘I’m disappointed in you’ voice. The one that even made Feliciano cower and advert his gaze though he was sure it would have a much lesser effect on Vash.

“Breakfast, however, smells good. Thank you for cooking,” Roderich added in a more neutral tone. Once everyone was seated Roderich began to dig into the meal. It was as good as he expected from Vash and the deliciousness did have Roderich a little less annoyed with Vash but not by much. “Was there anything specific that you wanted to eat for lunch and dinner?” He asked the two siblings between bites. Roderich had a few ideas on what to make with cheaper ingredients but he was curious if either of them had put any thought into what they wanted to eat.
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Vash watched Roderich from the corner of his eye as the male stood, getting ready to feed the needy creatures outside. It was honestly one of the blonde's favorite parts of the day and having to give it to Roderich for the time being stung a little. He never got enough of them and their silly antics, he'd watch them for hours if he could. Each goat had their own personality, even when it came to meal time, and he loved to see them interact with each other. It would be difficult for the brunette to keep him inside when it came to their dinner as he wanted to spend at least a little time with them; he already gave up their breakfast and wasn't willing to do it again with their dinner.

Battered hands continued to slice potatoes into thin pieces then cut up some sausage and onion into the mixture as well. Finally, he topped it with a bit of butter to prevent it from sticking then turned the element on. He could hear movement as he did so, indicating his little sister had risen for the day and was getting ready. Good. The concoction in the skillet began to sizzle as it was introduced to the heat, beginning to cook and fill the kitchen with a delicious aroma. This was another simple dish Vash had learned to make, something inexpensive but tasty and filling. He couldn't help but wonder how long it would take Roderich to become sick of these cheap meals and begin taking over preparing every meal they ate together.

While the skillet continued to sizzle, Vash pulled down a juicer from a nearby cabinet and set it down on the counter. He could already hear Roderich scolding him in the back of his mind how he needed to be sitting and all that other nonsense but he wanted to get as much done now as he could. Taking a large knife, he cut the oranges in half and squeezed the juice out of them to give them something to drink with their breakfasts. As he transferred the orange liquid to a pitcher, Liechtenstein appeared and gave her brother a soft smile.

[+purple "Good morning, big brother,"] she greeted him happily. As soon as he was done with the juice, she took the pitcher and placed it on the table. Immediately afterwards she began to pull plates from the cabinet in order to set the rest of it. Her smile brightened as she laid eyes on Austria. [+purple "Good morning to you, too, Mr. Austria."]

[+green "Morning, Liechtenstein,"] he answered quietly. He turned his attention back towards the skillet, mixing the ingredients to be sure they didn't burn. When it was finished, he transferred it into a bowl and gave it to the brunette to set on the table.

[+green "I told you it was easy and quick, now you can quit yelling at me,"] he told Austria, slowly heading into the dining room. He knew that wouldn't be the end of it, that the older nation would continue mothering until he felt Vash was better.
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 54d 12h 19m 17s
“I don’t see what that had to do with anything,” Roderich grumbled when Vash said his first fail attempt was because of him finishing off a bottle of St. Laurent. To be very fair he was surprised that he had even succeeded in doing that. He was also surprised that he had managed to even get the bread out after all he had to drink. But that was in the past.

When Vash denied him the pleasure of making breakfast and Roderich just couldn’t help but send Vash an unhappy look. The expression on his face was minute but he knew Vash would see the slightly downturned corner of his lips and the unhappy look in his eyes. “Fine,” Roderich managed to say. He knew Vash wasn’t going to back down on making breakfast so Roderich would allow it. For now. “As long as you stay there you can make breakfast. The moment I think you are doing to much I’m sending you away,” the man added. He knew he was a guest and this was Vash’s house but the other nation was hurt so Roderich was okay with ignoring proper courtesies.

Of course Vash decided that moment to get up and take his empty cup. Roderich suppressed the urge to herd Vash back in the chair and got up himself. One glance at the clock told him it was time to go feed the goats. “Okay. I’ll be back soon,” he informed Vash as he went and grabbed his jacket and slipped his feet into some shoes before making his journey to the goats.

Roderich knew that the little buddies would be sad that he didn’t bring them treats but they would get over it. He would bring some carrots with dinner if they were good with breakfast. Walking over to their pen Roderich hunted down their food and laid it out before opening up the pens. “Morning boys,” he said as all three of them sprinted out to eat.

For the next thirty minutes Roderich sat out in the pen with them and gave them all pets when they came by demanding them. He even checked to make sure he didn’t need to clean anything up before locking them back up and returning to the house. On his way back in he grabbed a few oranges per Vash’s request and dropped into the kitchen. “Oranges as requested,” Roderich said as he laid them on the table before going and washing his hands.
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A small smile crept over Vash's lips as Roderich recalled the first loaf he had made. The blonde remembered it as well; the older nation was excited to try it in his own home once he discovered the recipe. It seemed pretty simple, he himself had never done it so he decided to observe his friend first and keep him company as he did so. The dough came out well and rose just as beautifully, however the brunette left it in the oven a bit too long. It didn't really resemble bread at that point but a black and crunchy door stop.

[+green "I remember,"] he mused softly, leaning back a bit more in his chair. He held his coffee mug with both hands, taking a drink before continuing his thought. [+green "You pouted for a while afterwards, too. Perhaps if you hadn't demolished a whole bottle of St. Laurent after putting it in the oven, you would have remembered to take it out on time."] The male's baking skills had improved since then, especially since he preferred such lavish foods and ingredients. Vash wasn't complaining, Roderich could cook up some amazing dishes. He didn't mind eating them but there was no way in hell he was going to spend that much money on food.

The blonde finished his coffee, setting the mug down and turning his gaze over to his once-friend. Sure, Vash wasn't visually appealing at the moment but he didn't think horrible was an accurate descriptor. The black eye certainly didn't help matters much, neither did the dark bruises that were spread over the pale flesh. A lot of the swelling had gone down, especially on his face, but a few small cuts were still visible as they began their healing process. He was certain he looked a lot better than he felt.

[+green "Breakfast won't be that difficult, most of it I can do while remaining at the table,"] he insisted in his usual, quiet tone. Mother mode had kicked in fully and he knew Roderich would try to do as much of Vash's daily routine as he could muster. Some things, though, the brunette would have to pry out of Vash's hands as he liked to remain busy. [+green "If you insist on cooking, you can take over lunch and dinner for today. They're usually more labor-intensive. If you need anything for your preparations, Lichtenstein can go to the market to get. She won't mind as she enjoys going."]

Bright eyes glanced over at the clock that hung near the refrigerator, noting it was almost time to feed the goats. Slowly he pushed himself to stand, taking his mug to the sink before pulling out a large cast iron skillet from one of the lower cabinets. He brought out a bag of potatoes, setting it next to the stove and began to slice some into thin pieces. [+green "If you wish to help, bring in a few oranges from the crate in the pantry after you feed the goats,"] he said softly as he continued slicing. [+green "Lichtenstein should be up soon."]
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Roderich gave Vash a small nod as he told him the time the goats were fed. It wouldn’t take him too long to make the bread and set it off to rise giving him plenty of time to feed the goats. He would have to work breakfast somewhere in there if Liechtenstein woke up early enough.

“I’ll feed the goats,” he informed Vash as he poured the warm water in a large bowl and began dissolving the yeast. Roderich was going off of complete memory and was secretly reciting a mantra in his head not to mess it up. It had been awhile since he had made bread. His attention strayed away from the bowl to look at the black and blue nation when he mentioned Liechtenstein’s first attempts at bread making. “Everyone’s first loaves are the worst. Bread is easy to make but at the same time difficult but I’m sure you know that,” he said mixing in some flour. “Remember the first loaf I made? I accidentally burnt it,” Roderich added. He had been proud of that loaf though. Roderich had learned how to make bread around the time the Roman Empjre was in his lands and he was basically left to himself. Left to harass Vash and figure out life as a not country country. Granted the bread back then was a whole lot different than today’s bread.

Dusting the surface with flour he began to knead the dough. “I can cook breakfast as well. You should rest today and take a much need break. You look horrible,” Roderich replied when Vash volunteered to cook. What Vash should volunteer to do was go take a nap but Roderich wasn’t going to say that. Instead he was going to gently prod Vash into that direction after breakfast. The dough felt smooth under Roderich hand so he greased a bowl before putting the doughy mass in and covering it with a towel. Going to the sink he carefully and methodically washed his hands and the cleaned up the surface that he used, not wanting to leave a mess. “Are there any other chores you need accomplished today?” He asked as he went back to the table and sat down to finish his coffee . His coffee was colder than what he preferred but Roderich wasn’t going to waste good coffee.
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[h3 +]
Vash watched quietly as Roderich prepared his coffee the way he liked it, taking a drink afterwards and seeming rather pleased with it. He knew that a lot of countries had to forego good coffee and switch to instant, if they still preferred to drink it, in order to help with the war efforts. It was clear by the way that Austria savored every drop of his morning confection that he was no exception to that rule. How long had it been since the brunette had a decent cup of coffee before he found himself living with the two blondes? Vash would guess a year but he knew it could be longer than that.

He reached over, putting some sugar into his cup and stirring it in before taking a drink. Vash wasn't blind to the look he had received from the male but he wasn't sure what he was going to do about it yet. It was beginning to become clear from the looks and the questions that mother mode was beginning to switch on and Roderich planned to do as much of the Swiss' workload as he could. Taking care of the goats wasn't bad, all it really consisted of on the blonde's part was feeding them and giving them attention and treats. They got a bath bi-weekly but Liechtenstein insisted on doing that. Paperwork was something he could do on his own and Roderich shouldn't be able to complain about as he would be sitting down to do it. Other than that, dinner, and a few chores there wasn't much else to do for the day.

[+green "They get their breakfast at seven thirty,"] Vash informed Roderich, taking another sip. Green eyes watched as the male began to pull down ingredients to make bread and scoop them into a bowl. On paper, bread was easy: water, flour, yeast, and a bit of sugar. In practice, though, it was easy to mess up. It took the blonde longer than he'd like to admit how to make a good tasting loaf of bread that actually rose the way it was supposed to. [+green "I'm sure Liechtenstein will appreciate your help, she typically makes the bread in the mornings. She's certainly come a long way from her first attempt."]

He leaned back in the chair a bit, closing his eyes as he held onto his cup of coffee. His body still ached a bit and he hoped the aspirin would begin working soon. [+green "I can start breakfast once you put the bread in the oven."]
“Thank you,” Roderich said as Vash poured him a cup of coffee. He sat down and listened to Vash’s responses to his questions. He sent the man a look that clearly said he didn’t believe him when Vash claimed he had gotten enough sleep. Roderich, however, didn’t plan on pushing the subject just yet. He was already plotting on the best way to convince Vash to play it safe and easy today and perhaps even nap. But he couldn’t be obvious on his intentions or else Vash may push back on it.

Pouring a dollop of cream and some sugar in his coffee Roderich took a small sip of it. A soft hum of happiness left his lips as he wrapped his hands around the warm mug. “I couldn’t sleep last night so I decided to be useful and help bake the bread today. We finished off most of it last night and I think we only have enough for breakfast,” He replied between heavenly sips of coffee. After a few more sips of coffee Roderich stood back up.

“Hopefully the bread goes well. It’s been awhile since I last baked. When Elizabeta moved in she took over all of the cooking,” Roderich quietly commented as he went and washed his hands. Even though his ex-wife took over when it came to cooking Roderich did play his hand at it occasionally and he wasn’t bad at all. Normally he would cook for him and his little family when he finished a nonstop piano playing binge and finished early enough to start dinner before Elizabeta. Which was rare.

Roderich started to pull out the ingredients and measuring them out. “What time do you feed the goats?” He asked. Roderich wanted Vash to at least rest a little bit more and was completely willing to feed the goats all while working it into his plans to make the other country rest.
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Vash quietly gathered the supplies needed to prepare the coffee, not wanting to make a lot of noise as he knew the others would most likely be sleeping. He knew his once-friend to be an early-ish riser but didn't think him to be awake this early. Slowly he filled the kettle with water and brought it to a boil, as he waited for the water to finish he took a small glass pot and placed a mesh filter over its top. Vash measured the correct amount of coffee for a decent strength and placed it in the filter, then when the water was hot enough was poured over it. The dark substance began to slowly drip into the pot, filling it after a long amount of time. He hoped one day coffee would be much easier to brew as it could take quite a long time for more than one cup. Once it was finished, he emptied the strainer and poured some of the liquid into a mug.

It was at this time that he heard a voice behind him, turning to look over his shoulder. He immediately regretted that move as a sharp pain in his neck made itself known, causing the Swiss to turn back around again. He poured another cup for his once-friend, quietly carrying the mugs to the table and setting them down. He retrieved some sugar from the pantry and cream from the fridge as well as two spoons before returning to the table and slowly sitting down. His body was grateful for the break, already beginning to complain about the stress. Hopefully the small army of aspirin he took would begin to work soon and he could forget about it for a while.

[+green "I slept alright, I suppose,"] he answered quietly, glancing up at Roderich before beginning to prepare his cup. It wasn't a lie, he did sleep a bit but it could have been better. There was a bit of tossing and turning as he found it difficult to remain comfortable but didn't feel he was awake an unreasonable amount. [+green "I'm a bit surprised to see you awake so early."]
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