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Vash sat in silence as did the other male, the two sitting relatively close. This was the first intentionally peaceful moment the two of them had shared in a long time and it was a bit awkward. It was a strange feeling to not want to verbally assault the brunette at his side and simply allow him to be. How long this feeling would last Vash couldn't say but, deep down, he hoped it stuck around for a little while longer.

Once the silence had grown too much for Roderich, he announced his plans for the next few hours and what time the blonde should retrieve him. It was a known fact all over the world that once the Austrian came into contact with a piano that all hopes of getting his attention were lost. There was something about it that he simply couldn't pull away from and no one should expect anything out of him for at least three to four hours. Emerald eyes watched him go, the door closing quietly behind him and leaving Vash to his own devices. After a few more moments of rest, he pushed himself to his feet with a quiet groan and slowly made his way out of the room.

His steps were slow, a fact that irritated him as he wasn't used to this hindrance, and he felt that he had the pace of a turtle. How those creatures survived as long as they did with the speed at which Italy got paperwork done was beyond him. Vash made his way to the staircase and a faint frown touched his features. Right. The stairs. He had momentarily forgotten the chore they were to climb. After a heavy sigh and a few mental affirmations, he slowly began his trek up. While his walk was slow, his climb up the staircase was even worse. He could only take one step at a time, being forced to pause before beginning the next one. If he didn't his leg shook quite violently and threatened to drop him which would force him to lose whatever progress he made.

Slow and steady it was.

Once he reached the top after what felt like years, Vash headed to his bedroom and closed the door softly behind him as not to disturb his sister's studies. Just as slow as his walk, he began to pull off his shirt and pants to assess the damage and see how his injuries were progressing. Dark shades of blue and purple still vandalized the peach skin, littered across its surface, while contusions of different sizes overlapped and fell in between those dark islands. Nothing seemed to be healing faster than the other and that fact bothered Vash. Even though he did it to protect an ex-friend that still hated his existence, he still wanted them to disappear faster. Quietly he pulled a container of salve from his bedside table and pulled the top off, rubbing some of the contents on the worst of his injuries. Hopefully this would help and he could stop being babysat sooner. When he had finished he decided to rest a bit, dropping down onto his bed and picking up the nearby book. This would do for now.


A little after four in the afternoon, the smaller of the two blondes quietly entered the music room, staying near the door as she watched the brunette at the piano. For the past few hours the house had been filled with beautiful notes and melodies, Liechtenstein having turned off the radio so she could listen while she worked. She always enjoyed Austria's music, no matter what it was. Sadly, though, he would have to pause his time here in order to start dinner.

She went over to Roderich, lightly touching his shoulder to get his attention, and gave him a soft smile when she got it. [+purple "It's after four, I wanted to see if you still wished to make dinner tonight. If not, I can do it. Big brother must be resting somewhere because I haven't seen him all day."]
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“Of course,” Roderich awkwardly replied before falling silent. Neither man was gifted with the gift of gab so soon enough silence filled the room. It was almost a painfully awkward silence and Roderich could only take for so long before getting up from the couch. “I’m going to go play the piano a little bit if you want to join me. If not, can you make sure I get dragged out there before four. That’s if you want dinner,” He informed Vash.

Roderich should really invite Liechtenstein to learn to play the piano with him but he just wanted to spend a moment playing. Hopefully, Vash would heed his warning and come get him because they wouldn’t be getting any dinner if Roderich was left to his own devices. The moment he touched a piano he was lost to the world and normally needed to be pulled away. That is if you could pull him away. Elizabeta’s success rate in forcing Roderich to leave was astronomically low considering how they had spent many years together under the Holy Roman Empire, albeit not under the best circumstances, and then there were the 51 years they spent together legally married. While Roderich loved Elizabeta he had a feeling that Vash would have better luck getting him to leave than his ex-wife did. Vash was way meaner than her and Elizabeta could be mean. Just not mean enough to pull Roderich away. Then there was Liechtenstein who as just so sweet and innocent and Roderich really couldn’t tell the small country no.

Roderich only opened one wrong door before making it to the music room that Vash had set up. As he sat at the piano, he was mentally chanting that he would leave after a few songs. That though left the moment his fingers fell onto the soft ivory keys. The part of his brain that was worried about everything kind of shut off as he played the first thing that came to mind; Mozart.
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Emerald eyes watched as Roderich rose from his seat, moving over to him and sitting beside him. He didn't really expect the brunette to thank him, especially since they were still on rocky terms, but the words fell from his lips. Vash meant every word of what he said. Austria still had things to offer the world and it would be a shame to see him wiped out so soon. If he could do something to prevent that, he would. Vash didn't want to admit it but, deep down, he still cared. The two of them had a pretty strong bond of friendship and it wasn't so easy to cast away.

[+green "You're welcome,"] the blonde answered quietly, his eyes finally meeting Austria's. He had forgotten the way they shone when they caught the light or when he was excited about something. The amethyst suited him well, aiding with the dignified and noble look he loved so well.

Vash sank back further into the love seat, carefully lifting his leg and setting it on the corner of the coffee table in order to elevate it. It still hurt a bit but seemed to ache less when it was up and straight. Afterwards he allowed his gaze to shift back over to Roderich's direction. [+green "....Let me know if you need anything else."] His voice remained quiet, almost as if he was a bit unsure of what to say. It really wasn't uncommon, Vash had the social skills of a piece of wallpaper.
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Roderich nodded when Vash told him to also be careful when it came to the phones. Roderich hadn’t even thought about the potential of Ivan listening into their phone calls. The only good thing was Roderich absolutely hated using the phones so he was less likely to say anything that Ivan could use. As for the code words there were still enough codes around that they would be able to bypass Ivan if need be. They couldn’t use Enigma, but to be fair Roderich didn’t even have a machine so he was left older codes. He may even have a key in the folder he brought with him. Hopefully, he didn’t need to pass along any sensitive information though because this was a headache he just didn’t want.

His attention snapped away from his jumbled thoughts and back to Vash, who was avoiding his gaze. Roderich heart twinge a little bit at the mention of Prussia. Roderich didn’t hate Gilbert, at least anymore, which made his one-time enemy’s fate worst. The poor male was in the clutch of Ivan with no country left to claim. Roderich didn’t know what would happen to Gil. Would he disappear like many of the ancient civilizations? Or would he pull a Rome and remain? There was so many unknown variables and it was a fate the Roderich wished on no one.

What also caught his attention was Vash saying he wouldn’t let Gilbert’s fate become his. It shouldn’t have surprised him, but it somewhat did. He knew Vash cared on some level but thought he was doing a lot of this for Liechtenstein. Getting up from his chair he made his way over to the loveseat and sat down next to the other male. The next words to follow weren’t the easiest on Roderich, he was never well versed in scenarios like this. Sure, he had manners and could say please and thanks but not when it came to things like this. “Vash…” He awkwardly began, “Thank you. I-I trust you.”

Roderich did trust Vash to do what was in his powers to keep Roderich from becoming like Gilbert.
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Knödel was a great idea! Liechtenstein nodded happily at the idea as she gathered up hers and her brother's dishes. She liked to cook even though Vash did most of it, finding it fun to explore in the kitchen and make recipes from old and outdated cook books. The older blonde would often help her read the ancient books, some words and sentences needing translated as they were pretty difficult to understand. He never complained and seemed to like most of the creations she brought to the table. It would be so fun to create with Mr. Austria! Liechtenstein hummed softly as she began to fill the sink with water and clean the dishes while the two males spoke in the sitting room.

Vash leaned back into the love seat more after sitting down, propping the more injured leg up onto the coffee table in front of him. It was at this time that he finally got a good look at the green cotton pants and saw how they were showing their age. Small patches of discoloration were seen in spots, indicating areas where extra cleaning was needed. The threads of the fabric were beginning to thin a little, the material not holding as much warmth as they used to. Soon it would be time for another pair.

He was pulled from his thoughts as Roderich entered the room, sitting across from him and speaking softly. It was good to know that the brunette was using his head; Vash had a feeling Ivan would be nosy as well and begin intercepting the mail if he hadn't already. Next would be the phone lines. [+green "Good,"] he responded quietly, running a hand through the blonde locks afterwards. [+green "Keep everything written to a minimum and on a need-to-know basis. You're right, Ivan is probably keeping an eye on the mail. The same goes with phone calls, I'm sure he'll be intercepting those, too. If you still have code words from the war that the Allies haven't deciphered, use them in both forms of communication."]

A hand moved to absently rub at his thigh again, letting his gaze flicker from the Austrian over to the radio not far away. It was easier to speak sometimes if he wasn't looking right at him. [+green "I'll be difficult, but you'll make it through this,"] he assured him in his normal and quiet tone. [+green "I won't let you end up like Prussia."]
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“How do you feel about making Knödel next week?” Roderich asked when Liechtenstien suggested that they cook together sometime. Roderich honestly hadn’t made Knödel in a long time and would appreciate the help if they were to enjoy the potato dumplings. Other than Knödel Roderich really couldn’t think of anything else to make now, especially with dessert in front of him. In fact, his mind kept going to all the desserts he could make versus actual entrees. It was the curse of having such a sweet tooth; dessert always came first. Despite his insatiable sweet tooth Roderich was sure that he would be able to come up with more meals by this time next week especially if he thought back to some of the meals Elizabeta made. She was always the one to make meals while Roderich tended to make desserts or really expensive dinners with cuts of meat that he would never ask Vash to fund.

Pushing those thoughts to the side he returned his love and attention back to the dessert before him. Every single bite Roderich savored and enjoyed. He would never admit it out loud to an audience, but he was a hundred and ten percent happier eating dessert over playing the piano especially after the last couple years he had. Ludwig’s house at least had a mediocre piano for Roderich to play. Sachertorte? That was nonexistent in Ludwig’s household especially since there were no chocolate rations give to them. Roderich had considered himself lucky when he could get a hold of a little bit of okay coffee and that normally required him using all three of their ration cards and the coffee would be gone in a blink of the eye.

Soon enough Roderich was done with his dessert and was happy to see that Vash didn’t try to take his dishes for himself or do any other chores. Picking up his plate he followed after Liechtenstien, “Thank you again. I haven’t had sachertorte since the 20’s,” he said as he sat the dishes down.

Roderich let Liechtenstien continue with washing the dishes and went to the sitting room. He took a chair across from Vash, “I’ve written to my boss,” Roderich awkwardly began. He really didn’t know how to talk to Vash anymore. When they were friends the conversation flowed easily between the two of them. Now that Vash was his savior and Roderich was the cause for the other’s wounds conversation felt awkward and clunky when it wasn’t about work or Vash’s wounds. Even though Roderich didn’t really know what to say to Vash he found himself not wanting to just leave Vash in silence. So far the blond has expertly kept himself hidden away and while Roderich was hoping that Vash was spending his time resting he knew it was unlikely. “I vaguely informed him what had happened between you and Ivan and informed him that I would be staying here. I kept most of the information vague because I have a feeling that Ivan may read the mail that I send and will be receiving.”
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Seeing the happiness on the Austrian's face was all the small country needed. A soft smile touched her lips as he instantly lit up at the chocolate confection, his gratitude for such rare ingredients visible. Liechtenstein knew how many countries had been affected by the war and how rations had become low. Thanks to Switzerland's quick and rational thinking the two of them didn't have that problem. Still, she knew what it was like to be without and what even small acts of kindness could do for the soul.

[+purple "You're very welcome, Mr. Austria,"] she said with a happy smile, beginning to eat her own piece. [+purple "You can cook as much as you like, I don't mind. Perhaps we can make something together."]

Even Switzerland seemed to be happy with the dessert, not complaining once as he ate it rather quickly and set his fork down. It was one of those things he missed from the brunette's country, remembering consuming the treat quite a few times when they were still on friendly terms. It was Roderich's favorite and he let the world know it. He, too, could see the light joy in his once-friend's eyes as he was presented with the cake and watched as he devoured every crumb. Some wants just never went away, it seemed.

Vash carefully set the small plate and fork near the center of the table to make it easier to clean up, running a hand through his hair afterwards. He still ached though the aspirin was beginning to do its job, making many of the sharp pains into dull throbs. Slowly he pushed himself to his feet, gaining the attention of his little sister who instantly looked over from her seat nearby. Vash knew better than to begin any chores as he would be instantly swatted away by both parties, and instead let his hand rest for a moment on Lichtenstein's hair before limping heavily into the sitting room. There was still work he could do here and allow his body to rest a bit before making the long and hard trek back up the staircase to his office.

Liechtenstien gave Roderich a happy smile before gathering the dishes and taking them out to the kitchen. [+purple "There's plenty of dessert left over if you decide you want anymore,"] she told him softly, beginning to fill the sink with water in order to wash the dishes. [+purple "I bought it for you and I want you to enjoy it."]
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Roderich kept an eye on the siblings and a hand on his spoon. Liechtenstein was the first to take a bite and from the smile on her face Roderich was guessing that she liked it. Then again, she always had a smile on her face so maybe using her smile was the best indicator but Roderich would take it. His faze went over to Vash who soon followed his sister and took a bite. The food Vash used to cook was horrendous so Roderich knew that the other male wouldn’t be too picky but Roderich wanted him to enjoy the meal.

Vash hadn’t said a thing right away and instead just ate his food so Roderich followed suit. Soon enough he was at his last spoonful when he heard a few simple words from Vash. It was perhaps one of the few compliments Roderich had ever got from Vash. Getting any kind words from the blonde was like pulling teeth unless you were his sister so Roderich would take what he could get. “If Liechtenstein is willing to give up her reins on the kitchen every now and then I would be happy to,” he replied before finishing the last spoonful. Roderich would have to think about some low-cost meals so not to burden Vash with extreme costs. Most of the meals Roderich could recall were not budget friendly at all but he would figure it out.

“Thank you,” Roderich said when Liechtenstein grabbed their empty bowls. Soon enough she came back with dessert and Roderich had instantly perked up. He hadn’t seen what Liechtenstein had bought and just knew that it was dessert but upon seeing it Roderich couldn’t help but be happy. Chocolate cake. It was one of his favorite desserts following apple strudels. It was simple, perfect, and great with coffee. It was everything he enjoyed and loved .

Roderich picked up his fork and sent Liechtenstein a smile, well if anyone could really call it that. “Thank you. It looks absolutely amazing,” He said as he slid the fork through the slice of cake and took a small bite of it. It was delicious. Roderich hadn’t had a decent cake in a long while. The rations in Germany were so extensive he hadn’t been able to spare the sugar or cocoa powder to make chocolate cake. So, having this piece of cake made Roderich irrationally happy. It also helped that the cake was delicious.
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Roderich was right. Normally a fight like this would have ended without Vash receiving a scratch and the other person crawling away. Things hadn't gone the way he had planned with this encounter but he didn't walk away empty handed. Yes, he had been incredibly angry when he confronted Ivan which clouded his judgement a bit and caused him to make some mistakes and he could have avoided many of the blows he had taken to his small frame. Still, the Russian didn't exactly skip merrily into the sunset afterwards as Vash had gotten quite a few good and hard hits in which would require a lot of recovery time. It also boosted the larger country's ego, he was sure, and led him to believe that the blonde could be overcome with brute force.

That would be his downfall.

He watched quietly as Roderich filled each of their bowls before sitting down and let his gaze drop once he received his own. It looked pretty good and smelled even better though Vash wasn't too picky to begin with. The only reason he improved his cooking skills was because of his little sister, just because he was okay with eating out of cans every night didn't mean she had to be. It was difficult to tell if she enjoyed his meals as she simply seemed happy to be eating with him and never said a bad word about any of it. That happiness carried over to this meal, Liechtenstein eating a spoonful and smiling happily afterwards. Vash picked up his spoon and did the same, letting his eyes lift up to Roderich as he chewed it and swallowed. It was excellent, far better than many of the things he could make on his own and burst with flavor. Vash easily ate the contents of his bowl as well as a second. After Liechtenstein finished hers, she picked up the empty bowls from the table and took them into the kitchen to prepare dessert.

[+green "It was good,"] Vash admitted quietly, going back to rubbing his leg under the table again. It was best to do such things out of Austria's line of sight lest his hand get swatted away and a lecture to follow. [+green "You may be doing the cooking more often."]

The small country carefully pulled her dessert from the back of the fridge, opening the tin and looking down at the rich confection. Picking up a knife, she carefully cut into it and made eight equal slices and gave a soft smile as she did so. Mr. Austria is going to be so happy! She plated three slices and grabbed forks, carrying them in and carefully setting them down in front of each recipient before sitting down at her own spot. Vash's eyebrows raised a bit as he caught sight of it, causing a soft giggle to sound from her.

[+purple "I picked it up with my allowance today with some coffee," she said happily to her brother, picking up her fork. [+purple "I thought Mr. Austria would like a taste of home."]
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The moment Vash commented on him worrying to much was the moment Roderich spun around on his heels. His hands finding their way onto his hips and an unamused look spread across his face. “I worry too much? You went toe to toe against Ivan! So, yes, I am going to worry about you because obviously you aren’t all there mentally because normally you wouldn’t get this hurt from him,” He hissed at Vash. Roderich wasn’t mad at Vash for standing up for him and protecting him; he was mad that Vash got hurt because of him. Though he did believe Vash could have done better avoiding Ivan’s blows. Ivan was like a bull, just raging and thrashing, while the Vash Roderich remembered was much craftier than the Russian.

Before Roderich could verbally assault the male Liechtenstein was there and complementing the smell of the food. Roderich made a complete 180 in his attitude and in his position and picked up the pot. “I’m glad it smells good. It has been awhile since I made this dish and when I did make the dish it was under Elizabeta’s shrew eyes,” He responded as he brought the pot out into the dining room.

Once it was settled on the table Roderich was about to take his sear when Vash said he had the honor of serving them. Taking the bowls, he carefully filled each bowl with the goulash, making sure that everyone had some sausage and not all potatoes before returning each bowl. “Enjoy,” he said as he took his spot and wait. Roderich wanted to see what the two siblings thought about the meal before digging in himself. If he did it correctly, and Roderich was ninety percent sure he did, then he would be enjoying the meal no matter what. It was just his hosts that hadn’t been given the distinct pleasure of trying this meal so he wanted to see their expressions.
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Vash watched as Roderich prepared the sausage, the soft hiss of the meat as it touched the hot butter and pan filling the kitchen briefly. He should have known that Hungary was the one to provide him with such a recipe, she had always been on the simpler side. Sometimes he wondered how their marriage had survived as long as it did, he knew how much of a bear the dark-haired male could be. Vash himself had gotten his head bitten off on more than one occasion when they were still friends, the blonde dishing it right back to him and sometimes shutting him up for a while. Other times the two bickered like a married couple for an hour or two.

Switerland knew that he was nearly impossible to live with, why Liechtenstein had stayed this long was nothing short of a miracle.

[+green "I'm fine,"] he answered quietly, brushing off Roderich's worries with a faint wave of his hand. Since the aspirin hadn't fully kicked in yet he still felt as if he had been run over by a tank but he wasn't about to tell Austria that. He'd probably get sent back up to bed again. That thought caused his nose to wrinkle a bit in distaste. [+green "You worry far too much."] Once he felt up to it, the blonde slowly rose from the table and limped over to the cabinet to pull a few bowls down. Just like many things in Vash's home, they were antique but still in excellent shape. On his way to the table he picked up three sets of silverware and quietly set the table. Liechtenstein immediately picked up her brother's slack, grabbing bread and a couple jams and setting them on the table, then getting them all water to drink.

[+purple "It smells really good, Mr. Austria,"] she told him happily, watching as he turned the stove off and carried the large pot over to the table. It looked just as good as it smelled, the small country keeping her smile as she sat down at her place.

[+green "You're the chef tonight, you can have the honor of serving,"] Vash informed him after a small minute of silence, sitting down at his chair and rubbing his leg under the table discreetly. He didn't want his once-friend to see it as he was trying to avoid a lecture.
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“Welcome back,” Roderich said as he finished putting in the last of the potatoes in the pot. Roderich would have helped her put away everything but he had some sausage to cook so that they would be done on time. Taking them from the bag she brought in he expertly removed their casing and cut them into small slices and then quartering them to give the illusion that there was much more meat in the meal than there actually was. Once the sausage was cut Roderich grabbed a pan and dropped a small slither of butter into it before dropping the sausage into it. “I look forward to what you bought then,” he said as he moved the sausage around. Secretly Roderich hoped it was something more on the sweet side and knowing Liechtenstein it probably was.

Roderich looked up from the pan when Vash asked him about the recipe. “Elizabeta use to make this all the time. She normally made it during recessions and when Sadik tried to take over Vienna she made it for the two weeks his army was there. She passed out what she could to those who needed it the most,” He fondly said. He remembered the shit show that was the Siege of Vienna. When the king passed and there were two potential heir to the throne Sadik had been there to drive a wedge into everything. It led to the siege where he and Elizabeta worked as hard as they could to keep their people safe and happy while their bosses figured out the succession issue and the siege. The only good thing that came from the siege was the coffee Sadik left and Roderich swears by that to this day.

The goulash was also the last meal his wife had ever made before they were forced to separate. It was their comfort food and a reminder that when times got tough there was always something good, even small, still there. That, however, was a fact that Roderich didn’t intend to mention to Vash.

The sausage finished cooking soon enough and he removed it from the pan and added it to the pot filled with everything else before looking back over his shoulder. “How are you feeling? Did the nap help?” Roderich asked, trying his best to assess the stubborn Swiss man’s health.
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Liechtenstein was more than happy to do the shopping as it was a task she always enjoyed. Vash always seemed less than enthused by it, doing it simply because it needed done, but not Liechtenstein. She loved getting fresh air, greeting the people she encountered, and more importantly feeling like she was helping in some capacity. The small blonde studied the list before getting the requested items and wandering around a bit. There were so many shops in this common trade-and-selling center, most of European variety. One or two Asian themed shops could be found but it would take some searching. Since she had a bit of time before she promised she would be home, Liechtenstein went through some of the shops to see if there was anything extra she could bring home.

The second shop she visited seemed the most promising, a coffee and sweet shop. She knew both of the males at home enjoyed both of those things and figured she could find something there to bring home. Her eyes stopped at a glass display case, displaying a beautiful chocolate cake in a basket with a couple cans of coffee sitting next to it. This was perfect! Using her own savings, she purchased the set and hurried home with her finds before the precious chocolate would begin to melt.

[+purple "Mr. Austria, I'm home,"] she called out as she entered the large home, carrying the items into the kitchen. The downstairs was spotless, the kitchen nearly gleaming, indicating the Austrian had been hard at work. Switzerland stood by the sink with a glass of water in his hand, his gaze fixated on the window. She gave Roderich a smile before setting the cloth bag with his requested ingredients on the counter in order for him to make his meals. [+purple "I hope I got you the right things,"] she told him softly, picking up the tin that the sachertorte sat in and putting the lid on it. Liechtenstein set it in the fridge before placing the cans of coffee on the counter. [+purple "I also picked up a treat for you and big brother, you can have it after lunch."]

Switzerland leaned against the counter, watching as she moved expertly around the kitchen to put the items away. When she was finished, he received a light hug before she headed upstairs to work on some papers. Vash did most of the hard work for her when it came to her country's work but still allowed her to figure out a few things. After all, she'd never learn if he did everything for her. Of course, he wouldn't allow her to fail, not when it came to this. The price of failure was far too much.

Vash limped over to the small table, sitting down and sighing quietly. Being up for so long made his body ache and the pills hadn't had near enough time to begin their magic. Emerald eyes watched as Roderich began meal preparations, the male working quickly and efficiently. He was a bit surprised to see his once friend making such a poor dish as he typically had more refined tastes.

[+green "Where'd you pick up this recipe from?"] he asked the Austrian quietly. [+green "I doubt it's something you stumbled upon in the wild."]
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Did Roderich freeze when Liechtenstein hugged him? He absolutely did. Roderich hadn’t been expected a hug from the smaller nation and awkwardly returned it. “Thank you for going. Be safe,” He said once they parted. Roderich was sure that Liechtenstein would be safe but he could t help but say those words.

Once Liechtenstein left Roderich began to pines his letter to his boss. It highlighted everything that had happened the few days he had been in Vash’s care and what was agreed upon. He didn’t really need to keep his boss in the loop but he had nothing better to do.

After the letter was complete Roderich contemplated on what to do next. He couldn’t really start their food without the main ingredients so that would have to wait. If he went and started playing the litany he probably wouldn’t be able to pull himself away. Which left Roderich in a rather peculiar position of boredom. He hadn’t been bored in a long while. Normally, he had no issues just losing himself in the soft ivory key. Too bad that wasn’t an option because he wanted to be able to check on Vash. For a few more minutes he contemplated what to do next before deciding to clean.

[center ~]

By the time Liechtenstein returned with the ingredients needed the majority of the house was dusted and some of the floors were cleaned. The kitchen was especially sparkling by the time Roderich was finished and he already figured out his next task for tomorrow. He had been gathering the laundry to do it when he noticed some holes in the clothing. He fully planned on patching those clothes after he did the laundry. It also gave him something to do besides babysitting Vash.

With everything he need to make lunch he began the all too familiar task of making potato goulash. It was a recipe Hungary made when they had very little money. It was delicious and filling meal and one Roderich hardly ever made because it wasn’t as good as Elizabeta’s version. There was something about her’s that was so much better than Roderich’s imitation.
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It was easy to see that Vash wouldn't get anywhere by arguing with Roderich, not at this point. He had already assumed full responsibility of caring for the house while the blonde healed and would perform that task to the best of his ability. The Swiss didn't doubt his house keeping skills in the least, he had seen the strict order he had kept his own home in before the disaster and knew it was in good hands.

It was just hard to let go.

For years Vash had been the one in charge, the one calling the shots when it came to the well-being of himself and his little sister. Now, because he was being a headstrong idiot, someone else had to step in momentarily to assume that roll. Still, he understood it was for the best and the quickest route to full healing. Perhaps some temporary reprieve wouldn't be a bad thing. Slowly he pushed himself to his feet, hiding a wince from Roderich, and shuffled into the sitting room. His legs were stiff and he found it difficult to move, especially now that the full extent of his injuries had finally registered. Everything ached and he already saw another handful of pills in his future. Vash allowed himself to drop onto the couch, carefully and slowly pulling his pained legs up onto the furniture, before pulling the blanket down from the back of it and wrapping it around him. Maybe Roderich was right and some rest was what he needed.

Liechtenstein smiled happily as she began her list, neatly writing down everything the Austrian requested. It wouldn't be hard at all to get what he needed, especially since she had a couple other stops to make. They were running low on a few things around the house, each item added to her list when she thought of it, and would have to stop at various places to pick them up. The small country gave the kitchen and pantry a look over, checking to see if they needed anything else, and added those items to the list. Honestly she was happy to do this work as it helped out around the house and made Vash and Roderich's lives a lot easier.

The small girl pulled down a basket from the top of the fridge and looped the handle in her arm before moving over to the brunette and hugging him gently around the waist. [+purple "I shouldn't be more than a couple hours,"] she told him softly, giving him a smile. He had just returned with a pen and some paper, clearly doing some of the boring work of being a country. [+purple "Enjoy your quiet time."] She then skipped out of the kitchen and outside, heading down to the market.


Vash wasn't sure how long he had been out, the blonde nestled comfortably in the couch and blanket. The position of the sun hadn't changed too much which told him that he hadn't been asleep all day, but a few hours at most. He still felt as if he had been run over by a tank, which wasn't too far off from the truth really, and found moving to be difficult. The pain pills had certainly worn off by this point. Slowly he pushed himself to sit, then to his feet, a few quiet groans escaping his form.

Why did moving have to be so difficult?

Vash quietly made his way to the kitchen, stopping in front of a cabinet near he pantry where he kept extra medicine. He pulled it open and took down the familiar bottle, shaking a small pile of pills into his hand before closing it up. Quickly he swallowed them, washing them down with some water from the sink after, and let out a heavy sigh.

That Russian bastard was going to pay for all of this.
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 141d 16h 6m 24s

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