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By this point Roderich was completely focused on Liechtenstein and the prospect of music. He was so focused he didn't even notice Vash leaving the room and return. Instead he watched Liechtenstein get up from the bench and go to some of the cabinets off to the side. Roderich was so interested in the piano he hadn't even noticed the cabinets of to the side. If he had to guess Vash probably made them since he was a rather logical soul and it made sense to store the pieces or else it looked like Roderich's music collections. What little music he had once own was just a mess of papers in a corner of a room. It drove Hungary insane to look at his sheet music but Roderich never bothered to fix it. He didn't use sheet music enough to care.

Carefully he took the piece of paper she had offered him. His eyes scanned over the bars for a short moment, playing every note in his mind. The songs and bars were pretty rudimentary at best but they were good for beginners. With one last look over at the music he set it up on the stand.

Looking back over to Liechtenstein he felt another smile twitching on his lips. Gosh, Liechtenstein was such a sweetheart. He really hoped she could remain her happy self forever and didn't have to suffer what the other large nations suffered. Roderich also hoped that Liechtenstein never felt the call to expand her borders. That always ended poorly and turned nations greedy.

“Thank you, Liechtenstein. I would love to teach you though I must warn you I am not the most patient of people. You may have to call me out for it,” He honestly responded. Roderich was not known for his patience and he feared that he may get snappy every now and then. “If you want we can start with some scales so I can see what you can do,” He added.

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  GuillotineDreams / 4d 21h 18m 37s
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Once the ice was retrieved and a dish towel wrapped around it in order to remove some of the sting, he carefully placed it over his bandaged hand and let out a soft hiss. It hurt, that was for sure, but he hoped this would help calm it down. He didn't think that anything was broken, most likely pissed that it had collided with the wall so hard. All he could do at the time being was keep ice on it and pray for the best. Once it didn't hurt so much, he slowly made his way back to the music room and allowed his frame to rest against the doorway while he watched the two countries inside.

Liechtenstein smiled, moving from the bench to the large filing system in order to retrieve her pieces. Having this installed was one of Vash's brighter ideas, preventing her from losing pieces and keeping them all in once place. Carefully she pulled the drawer open, looking through the many folders before selecting one and pulling out its contents. Once she was sure she had the right papers, the small country pushed the drawer closed with her hip and retreated back to Roderich's side.

[+purple "This is what I've been working on lately,"] she told him softly, handing him the few pieces of paper in order for him to judge her skill. Since she was a beginner, there wasn't much skill to be had; the pieces were mostly scales and songs that lasted only a couple of measures. She hoped that one day, she would be as great at the piano as the Austrian was.

[+purple "I'd be honored if you'd teach me while you're here, Mr. Austria,"] she told him, giving him a radiant smile as she looked up at him. [+purple "You're so gifted at music, I want to play just like you."]

  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 7d 18h 30m 46s
Roderich’s eyes drifted away from the sheet music and to the blond sitting on the bench. A small smile threatened to find its way on his lips as he listened to Liechtenstein explain that she had only just started learning. While she talked about what her brother had said he briefly glanced up at Switzerland. “Vash is right. The more you practice the better you become,” he told her as he took the seat that she had left him.

“When I was first learning how to play the piano I drove Elizabeta up the walls. It was absolutely horrendous,” Roderich commented fondly. Before the piano had been invented Roderich was a strictly string instrument type of guy. He loved the lute and eventually the violin with all his heart long ago. The pipe organ never held any appeal to him and while he grudgingly admitted that the instrument could sound half decent he held no interest in learning how to play. It was a trip to Italy with Feliciano that they stumbled upon the newly made piano. Something had clicked with Roderich when he heard the sound coming from the keys and he promptly had one commissioned and sent to his home in Vienna. Ever since then Roderich found happiness with pianos. There was just something comforting about having his fingers dance across the smooth keys. Best of all it was easy to get lost in the music that came from the instrument. One minute he is just fiddling around with a few cords and the next it’s pass midnight and he is doing a one man rendition of orchestra pieces.

Roderich shook his head slightly to dismiss those fond memories and focused all his attention back to Liechtenstein. “Can you show me what you have been practicing?” He asked. While he was twitching to play after so long he wanted to see where Liechtenstein was in her lessons. Already he was planning on weaseling his way into teaching her how to play. Roderich wasn’t the most patient country in the world but he found himself willing to be patient for Liechtenstein. He wanted to help her and teach her partially as thanks and mostly just because he could.
  .Roderich. / GuillotineDreams / 15d 23h 48m 11s
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Lichtenstein smiled happily up at the Austrian, watching him for a moment before looking back down at the sheet of music in front of her. It was a beginner's piece, something Roderich could play in his sleep, and was only a few stanzas long. Even though she just started, she hoped that one day she would be as skilled as the brunette was. [+purple "I started about a month ago,"] she told him softly, lifting her eyes up and watching as he disappeared from her vision. She could feel his observing gaze behind her and looking over the simple piece she had in front of her. [+purple "I'm not very good at it and I can't play a full piece yet. Big brother says I'll get better."]

She scooted her tiny frame over, giving him room to sit beside her on the bench, before looking up at him with a gentle smile. The small blonde figured he would want to play, seeing as how he hadn't in so long, and would love to hear him do so.

Vash watched them quietly from the doorway for a while, listening to them before going across the hall to the half bath and closing the door behind him. He figured it was best to investigate the full extent of the damage he had caused himself while the two of them were preoccupied; visitors and questions were the last thing he wanted to deal with at the moment. Emerald eyes flickered down to his hand as he held it in front of him, observing the dark blues and purples that trailed over his knuckles and mixed with a few red stains. A hard wince fell across his face as he flexed it, a sharp pain shooting across his hand. Vash pulled a first aid kit out from underneath the sink, cleaning up what he could on the back of his hand before wrapping it and putting his supplies away when finished. Finally, he made his way to the kitchen to grab a small bag of ice to hopefully bring the pain and some of the swelling down.
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 31d 21h 52m 15s
Giddiness overcame Roderich as they left the goats and made their way to the house. It had been awhile since he last had the chance to play. Ludwig had no issues with him playing at all hours of the day and night but after Hitler’s suicide Roderich left his home and eventually made his way home. His journey home was filled with long periods of detainment and waiting all to eventually come home to a destroyed home. No piano, violin, or any of the other instruments graced his music room. His piano, that somehow migrated to the sitting room, had seen better days and was in an utter state of destruction. Needless to say he hadn’t played in a long while and his fingers were itching to glide across the keys of a piano.

Silently he followed Vash as he tried to commit the music room’s location in his memory. This was the one thing he refused to get lost searching for.

After a few minutes they were in the room and Roderich was greeted with two of the greatest sights ever. The first was, of course, a working piano and the second was Liechtenstein carefully playing a few notes as she carefully read the music. It was perhaps the cutest sight in the world and Roderich was slightly sad that they interrupted her. His new mission, to distract him from the horrible world outside, was to teach Liechtenstein how to play the piano. She seemed to have some of the basics down and just needed to start progressing onward.

He tore his eyes away from the girl to look at Vash for a moment. “I would love to teach her. If she wants, of course,” Roderich said, while acknowledging the fact that Vash had just said he was free to use the room.

Turning his attention to her Roderich asked her, “How long have you been learning to play?” while he walked into the room. A part of him was happy to see another country taking interest in music, to be exact the piano. Even better was the fact that it was Liechtenstein showing interest in music and she just happened to fall on the list of countries he could tolerate.

Roderich walked around the piano, his finger slightly trailing along the glossy finish, before coming up behind Liechtenstein. “Have you learned any songs?” He asked as he looked over the sheet music in front of her. His fingers nearly twitched as he looked over every note but he was able to contain himself.
  .Roderich. / GuillotineDreams / 31d 23h 32m 13s
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Vash had no doubt that Roderich would survive the aftermaths of the second world war, at least at this point. He was receiving the help he needed and the other countries were being held at bay by the Swiss and Liechtenstein armies. The only variable in the equation was Russia but Vash felt confident enough that he wasn't smart nor powerful enough to navigate his way around Switzerland's plans. He could threaten as much as he wanted but the blonde was certain Roderich would be fine. After all, Vash had enough manpower and firearms to blow the bastard to kingdom come.

Emerald eyes shifted towards Roderich's direction once he heard him speak, nodding silently in agreement. It was getting a bit chillier out, though it was something the Swiss had become used to, and carefully moved the goat from his lap before rising to his own feet. He began to walk across the penned in area while whistling a couple short, low notes, the goats jumping up immediately and following the blonde to their destination. He stopped at a large shed-like structure, watching as they stepped inside before securing the door shut. Afterwards, he led the brunette into the house and down the hallway to a back room.

This room was a newer addition, wanted by his sister, and was a bit larger than the other rooms. Inside sat a large piano and a couple of chairs while cases of all sizes and shapes could be seen near the back of the room on custom shelving. Next to it was a large filing system that held sheets of music for a variety of instruments. Liechtenstein sat at the piano with a page of music in front of her, concentrating as she slowly played the first few notes. She was still learning, mostly from a tutor that came over a few days a week. Vash glanced back at Roderich while rubbing his sore hand, watching him overlook the room he would probably find the Austrian in the most.

[+green "You can do what you like with this room,"] Vash told him quietly, his voice catching the attention of his sister and causing her to smile happily at the two males. [+green "It's for Liechtenstein's practice but she won't mind sharing with you. I'm sure she'd love to learn from you."]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 37d 15h 37m 44s
Roderich was grateful that Vash was easy to thank. The male seemed just as uncomfortable as Roderich felt with those heavy words hanging in the words. Vash’s unease with apologies and gratitude were two of the many reasons why Roderich had befriended the nation when they were much younger. Even as a small young nation Roderich was not good at showing gratitude or apologizing for the things he had done. With Vash none of that needed to be said. Those were simpler times in Roderich’s eyes. It was easy for him to live by Vash’s side, to talk to him, and to be friends. Now an awkward to spend any time alone with Vash at least Liechtenstein lives with Vash because she broke up the awkward silences.

“Hopefully my people can survive our errors,” Roderich softly murmured as he looked to the goats. Two world wars. Both of them were so close to each other and both of them ended with the upheavals his people. The first was his fault but his people couldn’t sit there and let their monarch be killed without retaliation. The second one he tried his hardest to stay out of but his hardest wasn’t good enough. The eyes of Germany were on his people and they promised nothing but destruction. A sigh left Roderich’s lips as he stopped petting the two demanding goats. The last thirty some years had really taken a toll on him and he was just tired.

Roderich slightly shook his head as he looked over at Vash. “Shall we head inside? It is getting cold,” he asked. The breeze had started to pick up and brought with it a chill that hadn’t been there before. While Roderich could survive the chill descending on the land he would rather return to the warmth of Vash’s home. He also wanted to forget his thoughts in the music he had promised Liechtenstein.
  .Roderich. / GuillotineDreams / 41d 2h 32m 32s
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Roderich was right about the goats, they were pretty happy. They seemed to love their home and the people that inhabited it. It also helped that Vash and Liechtenstein spoiled the hell out of the little animals, bringing them treats and giving them all the attention they could want. [+green "Between my sister and I, they're pretty loved,"] Vash told him softly, looking over at Roderich. A small smile appeared on the pale features when he caught sight of the two goats; he loved it when they stacked up on each other like that. It was cute. [+green "She bathes them biweekly to try to keep them relatively clean. I spend a lot of time out here with them."]

Mönch bleated softly, as if trying to agree with the blonde, and sat up a little in order to rest his head on Vash's stomach. Gently he rubbed the creature's head, looking over at Roderich as he began to speak. Vash wasn't skilled at this type of thing either, there was a reason he lived so far away from others. His people skills were severely lacking, Switzerland not great at giving apologies or thanks nor receiving them. In fact, if it weren't for Liechtenstein, Roderich wouldn't have come here nor would he have stayed as long as he did. She was more worthy of thanks than he was.

[+green "It's fine,"] he responded quietly, continuing to brush the animal's fur. [+green "You don't need to worry about thanking me. Just focus on the things you can change."]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 44d 19h 36m 34s
Roderich looked up at Vash as he explained how their original owner had passed away prior to the war. While listening to Vash he had stopped petting Eiger for only a moment only to be head-butted. “Needy little thing,” Roderich softly grumbled to the creature as he began to pet Eiger right behind his ear. “They seem to be rather happy goats. Especially this little guy,” he replied as he gestured towards Eiger with his head.

By the time he looked back at the Eiger he had a little buddy on top of him. Roderich made eye contact with Jungfrau for a long moment. After a few moments Roderich gave in and started using his other hand to pet Jungfrau. All of his attention was on appeasing the goats but he was still listening to Vash. Roderich wasn’t too surprised that the goats ate a lot. He didn’t know a whole lot about goats, since he preferred to look upon them from afar if afar was his home, but it didn’t surprise him. Now that he was out here with the goats he did find himself enjoying his time with the goats. Slightly smelly but he found that it didn’t bother him.

Roderich remained silent for a long while. He kept petting the goats as he mulled over the circumstances that brought him here. Roderich wasn’t too happy about everything that occurred but he couldn’t find it in himself to care too much, especially with the goats to pet.

“Vash,” He said began after a long moment. Roderich knew what he wanted to say but wasn’t sure how to say it. He wasn’t use to thanking people for their generosity. This was the first time he really needed to rely on someone else so completely. It wasn’t a feeling he liked and he wasn’t too sure on how to express his gratitude. Frowning slightly he ran through what to say and came up with very little. There was really only one thing he could say. “Thank you for helping me. I know Liechtenstein had a lot to do with it but thank you,” Roderich softly said as he continued to pet the goats and avoiding eye contact.
  GuillotineDreams / 46d 3h 23m 1s
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Emerald eyes watched Roderich with Eiger, the creature clearly enjoying this new company. Goats were rather social creatures and this one was no different. He seemed to enjoy the fact that Austria was willing to give him attention whenever he wanted it, though Vash was guilty of that himself. It was why he would spend so much time out here with his friends. He kept his seat on the ground, Jungfrau nosing the Swiss' pockets again looking for more treats after he had finished the one he had given. Mönch seemed to just enjoy the blonde's company, having moved into his lap to procure a few pets and ear rubs from his owner.

Vash glanced down at Mönch, stroking the short fur, before looking back up at his once-friend. [+green "Before the second world war, a farmer in the next down had passed, leaving these three goats behind,"] he explained quietly. [+green "They were still pretty small, he had just gotten them. I just....liked them. So I bought them and built this little area for them. They seem to like it, I think they're pretty happy here."]

Jungfrau eventually gave up looking for more snacks, moving away from Vash and jumping on Eiger's back to observe Roderich. Eiger didn't seem to mind, remaining close to the brunette in order to get attention. [+green "They aren't that hard to take care of, even though they eat a lot. I just like to spend time out here with them. You can as well, while you're here."]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / solemnyuki / 48d 22h 59m 18s
Roderich had honestly not expected so much excitement about him potentially playing later tonight. Anyone who had the pleasure to live with him never showed any joy of him playing. It probably didn’t help that he tended to play at odd hours and didn’t stop playing ... but those were minute details at best. So it warned him to his core to have someone actually excited for him to play. The last person to ever be excited about him playing was Feliciano when he was little but the novelty of it disappeared rapidly.

Having someone actually excited in hearing him play made Roderich excited to play again. As he grabbed his jacket and was on his way back his mind was rapidly going through what to play. Mozart? Chopin? Beethoven? Tchaikovsky? There were too many options! He didn’t know if he should go with the more familiar songs or the more obscure. It was at the base of the stairs that he finally made up his mind on what he was going to play. His decision was to not pick anything and just let the music pick itself once he was seated. It was a risky choice on his part only because that was how Roderich tended to find himself down multiple rabbit holes. One song turned to two then four and then all night of playing. Hopefully he could restrain himself.

Roderich caught sight of Vash and silently followed after him. He was glad that he grabbed a jacket. There was a nice chill in the crisp air that was rejuvenating at best and at worst horribly uncomfortable. Roderich probably could have survived without a jacket but why survive without one of the few comforts he could have? Slipping his hands into his pockets he eyed the pen that was coming into view. Roderich could make out the outlines of three goats from the distance and as he got closer he was able to see them better. They were absolutely adorable though he wasn’t going to tell Vash that.

He followed Vash into the gate and was instantly greeted by one of the goats. “Well hello to you too,” he softly said to Eiger as he began to pet the goat. He glanced over at Vash as he introduced the other two goats and handed him a carrot for Eiger. Roderich gave Eiger the carrot while he looked around. “What made you get goats? I never saw you as someone to own pets,” Roderich asked as Eiger lightly butted him with his head, demanding more pets. Roderich, of course, gave in.
  .Roderich. / GuillotineDreams / 49d 11h 37m 23s
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Liechtenstein smiled as the last dish was dried and put away, watching Roderich drain and clean the sink afterwards. He was so nice and kind, especially to her. She was happy that the two males were getting along despite their differences and knew how hard Vash was trying to keep the house civil. Normally the two would have started arguing by now but not a single harsh word was said. The little country was so glad that they were trying.

She turned around at Austria's next statement, her eyes widening in happiness and nearly jumped up and down in her spot. Really?! She would get to hear him play?! That excited her immensely! It had been a very long time since she had heard the brunette play any kind of instrument and longed to hear those sweet melodies again. He was so talented at it that he could play the most difficult pieces with ease. Maybe when he felt better, he could teach her a couple of things! She had been trying to learn on her own and it was rather hard. Surely he had to have some kind of explanation that would help her learn better.

[+purple "Oh, I would love that!"] Liechtenstein exclaimed happily, moving over and giving him another gentle hug. He was warm, just like always. She released him after a few moments and left the room, allowing Roderich to ready himself for his trip outside.

Vash leaned against the wall near the door once he secured his jacket closed, absently rubbing at his injured hand. He heard the plan the two were concocting in the other room, perhaps that would be a good time for him to slip away and nurse his stupid and anger-fueled decision. He decided not to dwell on it for too long, knowing that if he did he would become paranoid and make mistakes. That's what Russia would want; Vash would rather stamp out a campfire with his face before he ever allowed that vodka-drinking stain get into his head like that.

Emerald eyes lifted once Austria announced his presence, Vash reaching over to the table beside him and picking up a few carrots. Quietly he led the brunette outside and to a penned in area, opening the gate and closing it once Roderich had found his way inside. Three goats bleated happily at the blonde's return, running and jumping over to him in order to get some attention and, ultimately, their snack. Vash smiled at this, sitting down near the gate and rubbing Mönch's long ears while Jungfrau nosed his closed pockets, looking for the carrots. Eiger jumped over to Roderich, pushing himself up on back hooves in order to make himself taller and easier for the brunette to pet him, his front hooves resting on the top of a barrel beside them.

[+Vash "Looks like Eiger likes you,"] Vash commented softly, reaching into his pocket and pulling out the carrots. He handed one to Roderich before giving the others to the two goats beside him. [+green "The dark brown and white one is Mönch and the black and white one is Jungfrau. I like to sit out here and watch them play; they like the company."]
  SolemnYuki / 51d 22h 23m 14s
“Thank you Liechtenstein,” Roderich happily said as she said she would make him another dessert. Gosh this girl was too sweet for her own good. Her kindness continuously astounded Roderich. How could she be so sweet when the world was trying to claw itself out of its own man made hell? Roderich had a few answers to that, predominantly Switzerland protecting her, but it still amazed him. He hoped that she remained like this the older she got and hopefully no one took advantage of her kindness. If anyone did they would feel the wrath of Switzerland. But Roderich doubted anyone would ever dream of taking advantage of Liechtenstein especially since a few countries have forgotten she existed before. Roderich had to explain to Alfred a few days ago about the small country founded by Austrian nobles that was nestled safely between Austria and Switzerland in the Alps. Even then Alfred had blankly stared at Roderich. It took Roderich basically calling her Switzerland’s cute shadow that Alfred remembered her. So if Alfred, who wasn’t a good indicator of anything, couldn’t remember Liechtenstein then most others wouldn’t either.

Taking the plates that Vash stacked up Roderich carefully took them to the kitchen sink. Once the fragile dishes were nestled in safety Roderich rolled his sleeves up again and turned the water on. He waited a few moments for it to warm before he began to wash the dishes off. When Vash began to talk to Roderich he glanced up and at the retreating figure. “Okay,” Austria replied before returning his attention to the dishes.

Dishes with Liechtenstein was quick and painless experience. They had a good system going and the silence in the room was comfortable. When Roderich was done washing the dishes he dried his hands and turned to Liechtenstein. “Thank you for the help Liechtenstein. Maybe after the goats I can play for you,” he offered. His fingers were just itching to get s hold of a piano or even a violin but first the goats. Roderich wanted to see the creatures that managed to worm their way into Switzerland’s life.

Roderich left the room and went up the stairs to his room to grab the coat. Despite having lived in the Alps before Roderich was not fond of the cold at all. He preferred to be wrapped up in warmth instead of freezing. Upstairs he grabbed a plain tan jacket that he had brought with him. It wasn’t his favorite coat nor in his prefer style but it was one of the few things he had been allowed to keep when he left Berlin. The jacket also just happened to be warm as well. Pulling it on he returned downstairs and looks around for Switzerland. “Vash, I’m ready if you are,” he called out, unsure where Vash was.
  .Roderich. / GuillotineDreams / 52d 11h 57m 52s
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Vash looked over the cake as his sister brought it in, giving her a small smile. He remembered this recipe well and was surprised the first time the small country mentioned it. He had found her sitting in front of the bookshelf with books of all varieties stacked around her with one sitting open on her lap. It was an older book, one Vash had long forgotten about, but she seemed excited to want to try it. Slowly and carefully Switzerland had taught her how to bake using this very recipe until the girl could do so on her own; the small country even perfected the recipes that Vash had failed at. She really was a talented little girl.

He cut a piece for his sister before he ate his own, glancing at her occasionally. She seemed so happy that both males were enjoying her creation. Once she had finished her own, she waited for Roderich to do the same before moving over to him and giving him a gentle hug that was accompanied by a soft giggle. [+purple "Thank you, Mr. Austria, for saying such nice things about my cake."] She seemed so genuinely happy and her voice reflected it. [+purple "I'll make you another extra-special dessert once I get to the market again."]

Vash stacked the plates once everyone had finished, making it easier for them to be carried out, then carefully picked up the cake to take to the kitchen. As Austria worked on the dishes and Liechtenstein dried them and put them away, Switzerland wrapped up the cake to preserve it for later, then moved out into the family room while buttoning up his jacket again. [+green "Once you finish those, I'll take you outside,"] he told Roderich. [+green "You can help me with the goats."]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 56d 1h 40m 57s
Roderich took his seat after Liechtenstein and watched Vash serve them. He had to agree with Liechtenstein that Switzerland was a good cook. If dinner tasted anything like what it smell like then it was going to be absolutely delicious. “Thank you,” he said as the bowl was returned to him. Soon enough they began to eat and just like Roderich had suspected the meal was delicious. Switzerland was really gifted at cooking and Austria had a feeling that Switzerland could make anything taste delicious. A part of him was curious to see what Switzerland could do with high end ingredients. Maybe when everything blew over and Roderich wasn’t in debt he would test his theory out. This, of course, also assumed that the two of them left on good terms.

Dinner was perfectly filling and over all too soon. The slight tinge in his stomach had been soothed as well which meant his people were eating well for the evening. Hopefully they would be eating well for the next year with Switzerland’s and Liechtenstein’s aid.

Before he could help clear the dishes Liechtenstein had swept the dishes away and brought three plates. Roderich’s heart melted, ever so slightly, as he saw what it was. Carrot cake wasn’t his favorite dessert by any means but he did enjoy it. Roderich actually remembered when people started to experiment with carrots as a substitute to sugar. Some creations were horrible amalgamation of pure nastiness while other were simple delicious. Carrot cake was perhaps the best thing that cake from human’s experimentation. While it had nothing on his beloved Sachertorte it was still a delicious treat. It was made more delicious with the knowledge that Liechtenstein had put her time into making it and even added the little carrot of icing to it.

“You did a good job with the carrot. You probably could deceive someone into thinking it was a real one,” Roderich told Liechtenstein. With care that was most befitting of an aristocrat Roderich picked up a fork and took a small amount of cake. The first bite was delicious. As a dessert snob Roderich found that there was slight room for improvement but nothing huge or really significant. In fact it was him just being a cake snob. Overall the cake was delicious and he was impressed with Liechtenstein’s baking abilities.

“I think you may have just beaten Switzerland with your dessert,” Roderich said as he sat his fork down. If Austria was honest he enjoyed both meals equally and there would have been a tie. That is if he wasn’t above a little white lie, which he wasn’t.

Standing up he gathered up the empty plates. “Thank you Liechtenstein and Switzerland. I’ll do dishes again since you both provided some glorious food.”
  .Roderich. / GuillotineDreams / 56d 15h 29m 33s

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