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The two sat down, trying to comprehend what had just happened, then they heard a voice ahead, and it sounded like it was fighting something
  Bonnie and Willow / DoomGuy123 / 347d 23h 8m 12s
Jazmine immediately jumped, squealing as she then threw the tool box that she had at the corpse, still thinking it was a threat. Unsurprisingly, the tool box was absorbed by the ink and sank into the corpse of the toon, which made her let out even more nervous and scared noises.
When Willow turned around, she was attacked by a demented and distirted version of Striker the spider, who knocked her down and held her to the floor, but before e could do any harm to Willow, he got a double barreled blast to his head, and Bon Bon looked shocked and scared at what she witnessed
  Bonnie and Willow / DoomGuy123 / 352d 16h 57m 43s
"Tell me about it being bizarre. I myself might not be entirely sane, but, uh..."
  ghxstlytccn / 352d 18h 53m 57s
Bon Bon looked slightly disappointed with that, but she went ahead and had them follow her down the hallway. "This is getting extremely bizarre..." she told Willow, who agreed. "If you see anything that is trying to attack you, kill it, because they clearly won't be sane..." Willow told both of them with a tremble in her voice
  Bonnie and Willow / DoomGuy123 / 353d 42m 41s
Jazmine let out a sigh. "He does that. It can get annoying due to how much he uses it. I only saw him a few times before he was encased in ink and became a mad supporter of a Bendy cult." She then added under her breath, "He'd even go as far as sacrifice other ink creatures, as I had heard from the pipes when I was working."
They run towards the room, but when they look towards where he went, Sammy had disappeared. "What the- where'd he go?" Bon Bon said, looking around, and found a few cans of bacon soup
  Bonnie and Willow / DoomGuy123 / 353d 12h 10m 28s
"U-Uh, yeah, agreed. I really don't want to see any other horrifying things, even though I fear that may be inevitable."
Willow said that would be just fine. "We need to get going, said the shotgun toting rabbit. "Good idea..." said Willow, and the three continued onward, and soon saw Sammy, carrying a Bendy cutout heading towards a dead end room.
  Bonnie and Willow / DoomGuy123 / 353d 12h 38m 29s
Jazmine paused again, this time putting on the cat mask. "I'm pretty sure the only food down here is just bacon soup. Or so I was told by someone before they ended up staying down here...."
The rabbit looked at her, and she said that it looked like a disturbing version of Bendy. "We should hurry along, and if you find any food, then grab it, we can still starve..." the cat told them, and she grabbed the rusted pipe, and got ready to move along with the others
  Bonnie and Willow / DoomGuy123 / 353d 12h 48m 48s
"Um... Yeah, he did work here, and I think he kinda went... Insane. So, um, I suggest whenever you see him, just try to not be afraid of him, because... Well, I saw him a few times and he's scary. Way more than Distortion, or rather, the guy who decided to make you into that." She paused. "And yes, I call him that because of his lop-sided proportions."
"Very possible, but we don't know anyone who would want to come back..." Willow told her, and Bon Bon spotted a horrifyingly distorted corpse of Piper from the Butcher Gang, which had a double barreled shotgun. "Now this would be useful for the trip..." Bon Bon told them, carefully grabbing the gun, and opened the barrels to check it had shells inside. "'s loaded..." she told herself. "Hey, this is the floor that Sammy worked on, isn't it?" Willow asked
  Bonnie and Willow / DoomGuy123 / 353d 13h 2m 36s
"Huh. Seems like they were, um... I thought it was from is, because, well, uh, I still tend to think about physics and all that stuff, even though it doesn't apply much... But, uh, maybe someone fell down here trying to get out like us?"
The two told her that they had no idea that could have happened. "We should continue on...because I don't want to run into that horrifying monster again..." Bon Bon told her, and helped her up. "It looks like someone's already been through here, these boards were recently split..." Willow told them
  Bonnie and Willow / DoomGuy123 / 353d 13h 15m 30s

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