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He sighed. "Then what the hell are we going to do with this body?!" He asked, starting to get a bit unnerved from the whole debacle. "I'm not going to jail or prison for this shit, and if we can't call the police, what are we going to do? Bury the damn body in the yard?" E said, starting to lose his cool
  Nicolas "Claww" Jackson / DoomGuy123 / 353d 15h 20m 19s
"Then that plan is already ruined." Willow said with a shake of her head, putting together every fact that would be against them. "For a proper investigation, the police would have to come here and see the body of that assassin. If I told them that I had woken up and shot the man, they would have found that the bullet used was not one that I use in my own handgun. They would notice that it is ammo for much older weaponry, such as the revolver you have. And since you've had your hands on the revolver, and the ammo, the police would be able to track the DNA on said bullet and lead it to you. Since you don't have a fond relationship with the police and vice versa, they would take me in for helping you, Felinis for sending the assassin, [b and] you." She explained in detail.
  Willow "Kokiri" Oak / AskTheStaff / 353d 15h 38m 29s
"It would be best if you call them, I'm not really...liked by the police...@ he told her, since he had been convicted of petty theft in many cases. "I don't have a phone either..." he told her, and he put his revolver away. "I'm also not too fond of the police myself..." he continued
  Nicolas "Claww" Jackson / DoomGuy123 / 353d 15h 51m 48s
Willow's ears twitched as she heard the male enter and suggest a plan of action. "I do not know how effective the police force is in this town, as I have never had to really associate with them for anything. However, from what I've seen, getting ahold of the police would be the most logical action we can perform at the moment." The kangaroo said gently.
  Willow "Kokiri" Oak / AskTheStaff / 353d 15h 58m 12s
He came back inside after putting his cigarette out. "Maybe we should do something about Felinis...I know someone who loves to cause him trouble...and that's the police..." he told her, and explained that if they took the attempted assassination issue to the cops, that Felicia could be sent to prison
  Nicolas "Claww" Jackson / DoomGuy123 / 354d 10h 47m 55s
Kokiri nodded in understanding towards the male's words, and she sat on the couch inside of her house. "I'm not leaving this place. I can't even disguise myself if I want to either, because I'm literally the only kangaroo in this town." She explained to herself, sighing solemnly.
  Willow "Kokiri" Oak / AskTheStaff / 354d 10h 51m 42s
He agreed, and had stayed up the rest of the night, making sure that no one would try anything again, but he had raided the corpse for ammo and his weapons, and a pack of cigarettes that he had found out of luck. "I'll be outside if you need me..." he said, and went outside. Once he had gotten outside, he lit a cigarette and started to smoke to keep his nerves calm.
  Nicolas "Claww" Jackson / DoomGuy123 / 354d 10h 54m 24s
Willow heard a banging noise as a body fell next to her, and she yelped out of surprise. "S-shit!" She yelled, jumping up out of her bed and shaking, before looking around and noticing Claww. "Y-you were right..." The kangaroo mumbled, before listening to his words. "L-leaving this house right now, in the middle of the night, is a terrible idea." She admitted.
  Willow "Kokiri" Oak / AskTheStaff / 354d 10h 58m 49s
He headed upstairs, his gun already loaded, and when he saw the door already ajar, he quickly and quietly entered the room and aimed for the intruder's head, and then he pulled the trigger, killing the assassin and waking up the intended assassination victim. "We need to get out of here..." he told her, explaining that the intruder had to be one of Felinis' men.
  Nicolas "Claww" Jackson / DoomGuy123 / 355d 17h 2m 29s
Willow remained asleep, cuddled up with her blanket. She did not hear her door creak open, or the slight noise of the footsteps being made by the figure in her room. The figure pulled out a dagger, and placed it upon the female's neck.
  Willow "Kokiri" Oak / AskTheStaff / 355d 17h 6m 57s
Nicolas slept quite well, but he didn't hear the window open and someone creeping into the house. The wolf remained asleep, until he heard a chair slide on the floor a bit, then he slowly got up and readied his gun, and the intrude quickly and quietly made his way upstairs to Kokiri's room.
  Nicolas "Claww" Jackson / DoomGuy123 / 355d 17h 9m 22s
Willow had changed into her nightclothes upstairs, and laid down in her bed calmly. "I do hope that Nicolas gets some decent rest here." She told herself as she got under her blanket, subsequently falling asleep a few minutes later. Her ears twitched every now and then, but nothing else was apparent besides her slow breathing.
  Willow "Kokiri" Oak / AskTheStaff / 355d 17h 12m 19s
He showed her his, and put it back into his pocket, then the two went to bed for the night, and then he fell asleep, his ears twitching and his tail slowly swishing back and forth while he slept
  Nicolas "Claww" Jackson / DoomGuy123 / 355d 17h 18m 47s
Willow listened, and nodded in understanding. "Alright, sir. And yes, you can stay in the living room for the night. I do not mind." The kangaroo said as her ears twitched. "I also have my own handgun, just in case something does come upon me that would make using it necessary." She placed her hand on her own pocket, before taking it off and glancing towards Nicolas.
  Willow "Kokiri" Oak / AskTheStaff / 355d 17h 22m 32s
He smiled, and thanked her for both the drink and for allowing him to stay with her for the night. "I'm always armed if I need to be ready for anything that could happen..." he said, and patted his pocket, where his revolver was. "So all you need to worry about is if I don't wake up if something happens..." he told her, and he said that he would stay in the living room, if Shen didn't mind
  Nicolas "Claww" Jackson / DoomGuy123 / 355d 17h 25m 57s

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