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Lark looked up just as a man had entered into the room, brandishing a blunt and glass full of something yummy by the looks of it. He was pretty yummy looking himself, she thought, noticing the way his shirt tugged at his arms, high lighting the muscles there. She was also a huge fan of the tattoos she could see. She wondered if there were any others hiding under there. But, of course, she wouldn't like find out. She hadn't planned on bringing anyone home with her exactly.

She let her eyes linger just a moment more when their eyes met for just a moment. She raised an eye brow at him, tossing him a wink before turning her attention to Lief. He was waiting ever so patiently for her attention by prowling all over the couch and people around her. He was never far but...well, she had slipped him just a little bit of catnip before they came in. He liked to wander when he got wired but, even if the harness wasn't there, he'd be close by. Some people tried to lean away to no effect and she chuckled. He wouldn't hurt a fly, otherwise he wouldn't be able to stay with the way he did. Still, she liked people's reaction.

Flicking her hair from her face, she leaned back and sipped her drink, waiting for whoever was starting the round.


Adrian, a 6'0" man with long hair pulled back into a man bun, snorted a line for the... third time. Maybe fourth. He wasn't entirely sure. He just felt the need to do everything... forever. The thought made a laugh abruptly burst from his chest.

His oh so amusing thoughts were interrupted when a familiar voice called out to him. He twisted around immediately to see Matthew. Though they hadn't seen each other in a long time, they were still close buds. They were the kind of friends that could go a long time without talking and then see each other and it was almost as if they had never separated.

Nearly knocking someone in the head as he leaped up from the couch, he rushed over to Matthew, a grin splitting across his face. Perfect white teeth nearly gleamed under the colorful LEDs. "Dude! What's up?!" He was clearly wired. And the party was only just getting started.
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As Matthew lifted the drink to his mouth, a very attractive female made her way into the kitchen where we stood. Both eyebrows raised indefinitely as he took in her features, soon noticing that [i she] was the crazy cat lady. She must've been crazy if people are seriously shutting her off due to the cat. Matthew shook his head in disbelieve, keeping from staring for too long as she made herself a drink.

Finishing off his drink in one go, Matthew sat his cup down and reached for the same mix he previously had that included Bacardi Zombie, and Cherry sprite, with a vodka shot on the side. Seeing that an old pal had entered the picture as well, but he was with this cat lady? [i "Interesting, Adrian.."] He thought to himself, soon pulling out his weed that had been pre rolled into a rather large blunt. Enough to share with many people, and it was always good to come overly prepared.

Digging around in his pockets, he found his trusty tie dyed lighter that he'd had for years now. It was time to get social and to get down to business. Matthew made his way to the room where a rotation was about to begin, holding his blunt, and cup in one hand fast walking to get a good spot on the large sectional taking the room up. "Let's get toasted~!" He called out with yells of agreement and claps, as he watched multiple pieces of paraphernalia being passed around.

His eyes soon landed once again, on Miss Cat Lady. He'd never seen this girl with all of these parties, and was very curious about the dog sized cat she had shadowing her. He'd wonder if Adrian and her were a thing, considering he hadn't run into the guy in a while and had lost touch due to work and classes. He then scanned the room again, seeing his old friend playing in the white powder. "Aye, Adrian!" He called, waving him over to catch up. Hopefully he wasn't too gone to speak with normally, but either way it'd be entertaining to Matthew.
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The place was already pumping Lark rolled up in her classic VW Bug. It was bright orange with eyelashes and lipsticked named Henry. Of course the seats were covered in leopard print too. Adrian, her best friend, had christened her car with the name after Lark had used the name for him during a little problem she had. See, she had gone to the bar with Adrian and Lark had been pretty much cornered by some guy, Lief hissing and all, and Lark had stated she wasn't interested and that she had a boyfriend. Henry. Who was the man at the bar right behind the man. Why she hadn't just used Adrian's actual name, he had no clue. They were at a bar far from the college town where the man would not have known who the two actually were. The cat lady and all.

Abigail certainly knew how to throw a party. That's for sure.

As per the norm, anytime she attended the party, she was stared at. IT couldn't possible be because of Lief, her dog sized, wild looking cat, could it? It must be the eye liner and lip stick with all the leopard and the heels she liked to wear. It couldn't be her beautiful companion with his snazzy bow tye. He was just downright handsome and he held his head high as if he knew it. His tale flicked dismissively at the gaggle of mean girls in the corner that were snickering. They were just jealous.

Adrian had moved off ahead of her, wanting to get to the booze and any drug related thing he wanted to pick up to start his party. He was the bigger partier between the two of them but she liked to partake sometimes. In fact, tonight she had just such plans. [i Pot]. It wasn't a daily habit by any means for her. She even brought some catnip for Lief so that they could get high together with whoever was there.

Lark made her way through the path Adrian had left behind him, men and women alike appeared flustered or were glaring at him. He liked to swing from fling to fling, man or woman. Her handsome friend didn't discriminate. They had never actually slept together despite the rumors. They liked to play into the rumors though. Lief even played a part by making it a point to run against Adrian and letting Adrian pet him. Lief didn't let [i anyone] do that. So the rumors must be true. There was absolutely no such tension between the two of them. They just play flirted and would cuddle on couches. An odd friendship to say the least.

They had met freshmen year. Being home schooled, Lark was two years younger than the others there. Even then she had been confident in herself and had Lief with her every step of the way. Adrian had mistaken her for new prey at his new college and tried to make a move on her. A black eye and some pot later and they were best friends.

On her way to Adrian, Lark stopped in the kitchen briefly to grab some alcohol. There was some vodka and soda available so she made herself a mixed drink. There were even maraschino cherries. Chuckling, she tossed one in her drink, took a sip of the mostly alcohol beverage and headed into the back room where she found Adrian.

White powder had found it's way onto the table in neat white lines while off in the corner at another little table a bong was being filled with what smelled like awesome weed. She left Adrian somewhere off in the room and approached that corner, heels clicking against the floor as she walked over. She had a fluid, cat like grace and she felt eyes on her as she moved her body through the crowd, hips swaying as she did so. She smirked a little at some gasps when people saw Lief prowling right behind her, his bow tie proudly showing as he padded after his mistress.

They were about to get high on leaf... well, bud. That was her bad attempt at humor in her own head.
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Making his way back to his dorm that Matthew shared with a childhood friend of his by the name of [https://78.media.tumblr.com/c60b584487e37bc736bc8f29c1bab54b/tumblr_mlc1a8UmyK1qksua0o1_500.jpg Damian.] They shared many physical traits, such as being covered in tattoos, and having a few piercings. Other interests were a little opposite, speaking that Damian was studying in more English and history majors. Also more of a homebody than Matthew, Damian didn't typically go out to parties. He had agreed on this last one due to it being the biggest party that will end out this year of school before people start transferring or leaving because of completion.

Matthew dressed himself in a nice pair of jeans with a loose fit t-shirt that hugged his biceps nicely. He then tossed on a pair of vans, applied his signature cologne and was ready to head out. "Yo, Are you meeting me there or are you riding along?" Matthew called to Damian, who was in the bathroom adjusting the beanie he had put on. [b "I'm riding with you, Jackass. I'm ready to head out, lets get drunk as shit tonight!"] He exclaimed excitingly. Matthew just laughed, while grabbing his keys. "Man you don't get out enough." He then opened up his desk drawer, revealing a few choice drugs. Matthew was a social splurge kind of person, not willingly drugging himself on his down time. It was more fun to be intoxicated around people. Besides one of his favorite down time activities, weed.

He was known to be the 'Bad Influence' of his group of friends, but he didn't mind it. Matthew was living his life as freely as he pleased, and wasn't bothered by others opinions of him. He had grown up sheltered in his childhood, due to this he had been rebelling since he graduated highschool, moving onto the school campus while he saved money up to live in an apartment on his own. Which was planned on happening by the middle of the next school year.

Pulling up shy around 5:30 to Abigails party, Matthew sent her a text notifying his appearance. This girl was lucky enough to be living with her stupidly rich parents while she goes through college debt free. The best part was that they were constantly out of state for business purposes. Ontop of that, her house was far off to where neighbors can't complain about noise or mayhem.

As he and Damion exited his car, an already drunk and perky girl came running out to embrace Matthew happily. She was barely 5'0 and enjoyed jumping and hanging onto him like she was a backpack typically. "Hey you, already hitting the drinks I see?" He laughed, hugging the girl back while planting her on her feet. [b "Uh-duhh."] Abigail said while laughing. She then noticed more people coming, and made her way to other friends nearly tripping over herself. The guys looked at each other sharing a laugh. Damion had found a few class buddies and made his way to mingle. While Matthew went inside where music was bumping and people were vibing out. While making his way into the kitchen, he caught noise of someone talking about a crazy cat lady showing which made him chuckle. "What, did she bring cats with her to this party?" He asked himself while pouring a drink for himself saying his hellos to everyone that came by.
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[i Beep...beep...beep...[b thwack!]]

A black heeled boot knocked the annoying, beeping object off of its stand. It landed with a satisfying [i thump]. Music to her ears. A furry body brushed up against the woman in her bed, tangled in her own sheets. She was sweaty and sticky, it had been a hot night. Her room was still dim, slices of light appearing on the wall opposite her bed and not in her eyes. [i This time], she reminded herself.

Lark slowly began to stretch, spreading out even further across her bed. Her Savannah, Lief, followed her example, stretching out next to her in what space there was between her limbs. They always slept and woke up together. Showered even. He went everywhere with her. She was easily known as the crazy cat lady on campus. Not because she had many cats but because Lief was a Savannah, a mix between a Serval and a domestic cat. He was even a first generation, driving the point home even more.

She had hand raised him herself just before coming to college. She even had him licensed as a therapy animal. This kept the school from barring him entrance with her to her classes and the town house she lived in just off campus.

The 20 year old woman finally pushed herself out of her bed, nude, Lief following right behind. According to the clock on the floor it was around 4 pm. Yawning, she made her way to the bathroom across the hall from her room for a shower. She managed to snag an apartment to herself. It was a two bedroom apartment that would normally house 3 or more students but her family... had money.

She had finished her class, just one, much earlier that morning. As an art student, her classes were at weird times sometimes and she only had the one on Fridays. With exams coming up, she was happy for the break.

The 5'5" woman padded back into her room, Lief following close on her heels. He was all dry. She had seen to that with her blow dryer and towels. He head butted her as she pulled her phone out of the pile of her blankets. There were texts in there about a weekend long party happening that weekend. She smiled. It sounded like the perfect way to relax and also gather some inspiration for her photography class.

Knowing it was going to be another warm night, she decided to go a bit racier than she normally would to these parties. She threw on a sleeveless romper with a daring neckline. It plunged down between her breasts but the material had small pieces of plastic sewn into it to support the shape and not expose her. It was leopard printed with large rosettes, one of the many items of such design in her wardrobe. Knowing she was going to get messed up, she opted for a pair of 3 inch pumps with exposed toes, flashing her spotted cat themed nail polish. Tossing on some complimenting make up, she put her hair up in a messy bun and she was done. Turning her attention to Lief, whom she had put a snazzy bow tie on along with his harness, "You ready to go big guy?" Lief looked at her for a moment, almost like he was inspecting her, before he pushed against her legs as they made their way towards the door.

She grabbed her cross body purse that was just big enough for her phone, and lipstick. She also looped her polaroid camera around her neck and she was good to go.

Lark looked down at Lief and winked, "Let's show them what fierce looks like." With a sound of agreement, Lief left with Lark. It was going to be one hell of a party.

[i On my way.] She sent to Adrian, her best friend and partner in crime.
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"I need a drink..or Adderall." Muttered a very sleepy looking Matthew. It was nearly 10am, and the 22 year old was stuck in a health lecture for his college course. His blue eyes slouched as he watched his professor writing terms on the whiteboard to copy down. Exams where coming up soon, and Matthew was nearly done with his bachelors degree in Medical science. He had been contemplating if all of this work was worth working in the medical field, but he also thought of all of the debt he was drowning in just to get into the field to live comfortably.

He placed his head on his crossed arms over his desk and took a deep breath while the class was busy writing notes and listening to the profession go on and on for a solid 3 hours. Luckily this was his last class for a few days due to having a small break before exams. Then it was onto summer parties and blacking out. He lived for the social life, and soaking up every moment of being young. Matthew just didn't know how to properly blend both lives into one just yet. Night owl at heart, he gets merely 3-4 hours a sleep at night. Which was kicking him in the ass on this particular day.

Class was over, and the 5'10 male stood up and b-lined it out of the room. While exiting the college, he pulled out his phone receiving multiple text messages about a party that was starting soon, and planned to last an entire 3 days to celebrate exam week in a way that wasn't as depressing as cramming and feeling like the world was about to end.

He grinned wide, replying to the hosts message about being there. [i "I'll bring some party favors too, dollface. ;)] He added to the last message before she could reply. Matthew was a very common guest at this hosts parties, merely out of pure interest of the girl. Her name was Abigail, being one of the best hosts around and ontop of that was one of the top soccer players for their school. He was determined to make some kind of move that night, and was ready for anything to happen.
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