The leader and the officer

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He blushed and looked to the side [+blueviolet "You know exactly"] He mumbled, feeling another sharp pain run through his stomach to his head, giving him a slight headache.
  Christian Kurrent~ Off Work / Grey_ / 4d 15h 49m 37s
Nixon chuckled, knowing what the male was trying to do. "What is it, love?~"
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 4d 15h 52m 15s
He blushed as he felt the contact leave him before Chris climbed on top of him and nuzzle into his neck, seeming demanding if something.
  Christian Kurrent~ Off Work / Grey_ / 4d 16h 1m 40s
Nixon stopped after a bit, not wanting to accidentally hurt or take advantage of Chris due to them being sick. "I-I'm sorry, I-I got impatient..."
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 4d 16h 6m 32s
Chris shuddered as he put his hands on Nixon's chest, but didn't decline the male. As he suddenly felt the males hand travel down [+blueviolet "I-I love you too"]
  Christian Kurrent~ Off Work / Grey_ / 4d 16h 11m 29s
Nixon smirked as he travelled a bit lower, putting his lips on Chris' neck. "I love you~"
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 4d 16h 15m 31s
Chris blushed and nuzzles into hm a little more [+blueviolet "M-mmm, maybe a little"] He hummed softly.
  Christian Kurrent~ Off Work / Grey_ / 4d 16h 19m 41s
Nixon's hands travelled lower as he continued to massage the male. "You seem happy~"
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 4d 16h 21m 37s
Chris sighed as he felt the males hand on his back and he closed his eyes, the male feeling comfortable against Nixon's warmth and he nuzzled into him more.
  Christian Kurrent~ Off Work / Grey_ / 4d 16h 27m 28s
Nixon felt bad for Chris, seeing as how he got sick on his day off. He put his hands on Chris' back and began to give them a small massage in an attempt to help the male feel better.
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 4d 16h 34m 53s
Chris blushed slightly before he gently chuckled and nuzzles into his chest, closing his eyes again as he felt another pain run through his stomach. But he managed to hide his pain.
  Christian Kurrent~ Off Work / Grey_ / 4d 16h 41m 25s
Nixon chuckled, "I guess so~" Nixon turned his head and gave Chris a quick kiss on the lips, smiling.
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 4d 16h 42m 29s
[+blueviolet "Heh, looks like i'll need to stay home tomorrow"] he said softly and nuzzled into his side, kissing his ear.
  Christian Kurrent~ Off Work / Grey_ / 4d 16h 55m 49s
Nixon kissed Chris on the top of his head, wrapping an arm around the male's shoulders. "I'm sure you'll feel better soon~"
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 4d 17h 7m 17s
Chris smiled as he grabbed the medicine and drank some water before leaning against Nixon, closing his eyes as a sharp pain went through his stomach.
  Christian Kurrent / Grey_ / 4d 17h 11m 29s

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