The leader and the officer

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"Please, you're like a cat. When is you not being sleepy or tired never true?" Nixon started laughing.
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 11d 7h 6m 24s
[+blueviolet[b “Hmm, what if it’s truee?”] he said, giving off a large yawn, he knew he wasn’t going to win this little argument
  Christian Kurrent~ Off Work / Grey_ / 11d 7h 29m 47s
Nixon laughed and patted his boyfriend's head, "We both know that's a lie."
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 11d 8h 37m 30s
Chris yawned and cuddled under the blanket, smiling as he chuckled [+mintgree[b "Aww, I dont wanna go to bed"]]
  Christian Kurrent~ Off Work / Grey_ / 12d 2h 11m 20s
Nixon laughed, then began to hum a soft tune. He started tucking Chris into the bed as if they were a child.
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 16d 9h 31m 57s
[+blueviolet "Whatever"] He mumbled in his sleep, curling up slightly
  Christian Kurrent~ Off Work / Grey_ / 16d 9h 53m 7s
Nixon laughed as he continued, kissing Chris' forehead softly, "You sleep too much~"
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 18d 7h 45m 36s
Chris closed his eyesa she yawned, slowly falling asleep as he felt Nixons hand on his back.
  Christian Kurrent~ Off Work / Grey_ / 18d 14h 33m 38s
Nixon laughed as he slowly rubbed circles into Chris' lower back, humming to himself.
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 20d 8h 15m 46s
[+blueviolet “Whatever”] he yawned ans he stretched, laying on his stomach as he pushed his face into the pillow.
  Christian Kurrent~ Off Work / Grey_ / 20d 8h 17m 52s
Nixon followed his gaze, chuckling when he saw the time, "You sleep as much as a cat~"
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 20d 8h 40m 53s
Chris blushed and nodded, leaning against Nixon in a tired way. Sighing, he looked at the time and noticed how much the two slept in and saw that it was near 12: 00.
  Christian Kurrent~ Off Work / Grey_ / 20d 14h 8m 33s
Nixon huffed before kissing Chris' cheek, "Fine, I'll just stick to kissing your beautiful face then~"
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 22d 8h 40m 4s
Chris looked to the side, shaking his head [+blueviolet "Mmm, no it's to early"] He shook his head
  Christian Kurrent~ Off Work / Grey_ / 28d 1h 9m 53s
Nixon pouted in a playful manner, "Please?~ I'll try to be nice~"
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 28d 7h 59m 13s

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