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Chris smiled as he cuddled up against him, nuzzling into his hair as he felt his eyes closed and he fell asleep.
  Chris Kurrent°°Off Work / Grey_ / 113d 22h 37m 53s
Nixon nodded and hugged Chris, falling asleep with his head on his shoulder.
  Nixon / KommonKaiju / 114d 3h 31m 41s
He sighed, closing Hi eyesa eyes and he fell extremely fatigue run over him and he sighed again [+silver[b "C'mon lets get some sleep and some food tomorrow"]]
  Chris Kurrent°°Off Work / Grey_ / 114d 10h 14m 52s
Nixon chuckled, "My cute little kitty that loves getting into trouble~"
  Nixon / KommonKaiju / 114d 12h 23m 51s
He blinked once before sighing softly, nuzzling into his neck [+silver "Well, my cat like ways haven't stopped"] he chuckled.
  Chris Kurrent°°Off Work / Grey_ / 114d 12h 25m 14s
Nixon hugged Chris once more, the embrace being tight and protective, "Because it was the only way I knew of to bring you back.
  Nixon / KommonKaiju / 114d 12h 26m 57s
He shook his head [+silver "Well, that wasn't very good. Why do that"] he said softly and crawled into his lap, resting his chin on the males shoulder.
  Chris Kurrent°°Off Work / Grey_ / 114d 12h 28m 58s
Nixon smiled as Chris hugged him, hugging back. "I'm sorry that I got a bit fragile when you were gone. The ritual took a week, and I wasn't able to take any breaks."
  Nixon / KommonKaiju / 114d 12h 41m 16s
He stuck his tongue out [+silver "Huuu, Ain that gonna be fun"] He sighed softly and hugged Nixon [+silver " Ah, whatever as long as I'm with you"]
  Chris Kurrent°°Off Work / Grey_ / 114d 12h 48m 32s
Nixon rubbed his arm, looking ashamed. Maybe he should have kept his mouth shut...
  Nixon / KommonKaiju / 114d 16h 33m 5s
Chris blinked twice, then blushed [+silver “YOURE FUCKING JOKING!!!”] he had said in a fit of anger. Of course, he didn’t want to be this demon, nor, did he want to be a demon at all. It was kinda forced upon him sadly. Couldn’t he have turned into something else? Getting it through his head, he sighed, whining slightly.
  Chris Kurrent°°Off Work / Grey_ / 114d 18h 29m 49s
Nixon finally calmed down and kissed Chris' cheek, "Love, an incubus, in simple terms, is a sex demon."
  Nixon / KommonKaiju / 115d 3h 35m 56s
[+silver[b "Incubus? What's that? "]] He asked as he tilted his head, rather confused about all of this
  Chris Kurrent°°Off Work / Grey_ / 115d 11h 17m 22s
"Love, your wings...they're incubus wings!" He laughed some more, finding the fact that his lover was now an incubus quite funny.
  Nixon / KommonKaiju / 115d 12h 23m 7s
He tilted his head [+silver[b "Huh? What is it? "]] He asked, trying to turn his head back to see what he was laughing about, rather confused.
  Chris Kurrent°°Off Work / Grey_ / 115d 12h 43m 50s

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