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He blushed badly, covering his mouth to keep himself from screaming at the larger male and he gulped [+blue "O-oi, get off"] he slightly stuttered, looking away to the side. Honestly, why the fuck did he 'basically' pin him down?

This stuff made Kurrent die of embarrassment. But why isn't he being flustered that much. Maybe because he's used to Nixon's idiot moves in front of all the cops.
  Christian Kurrent / Grey_ / 4d 3h 54m 34s
Nixon seemed to pin Kurrent down almost casually, a flirty tone in his voice. "Can't I simply walk you home?~"
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 4d 11h 46m 56s
He jumped slightly and fell backwards, his back laying on the desk as he just laid there, groaning slightly. He just wanted to die at the moment and blushed. [+blue "Grr, d-don't call me love!! I'm not yours"] he hissed. Crossing his arms.

Of course a few people would think the two were together because of somethings. But he was basically being forced to go with him.He couldn't reject though. If he were, he knew things were going to happen.

Still laying on the desk, he mumbled [+blue "What do you want!?"]
  Christian Kurrent / Grey_ / 4d 22h 6m 15s
Nixon entered the police station, his face now being known by the people there. He entered Chris' office, looking at his computer. "Hello, love!"
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 5d 9h 51m 33s
He smiled as he was home then blushed madly as the now flustered police officer felt a sudden kiss. He blinked a few times and wondered why he was being kissed so often. Walking into his house, he locked the door behind him. He was.he was kissed by him!?

~{Next Day}~

Chris was asleep in his office, it being a rather slow day, making him tired. He didn't even wake up when Kayden knocked on the door or called him name. Making the 2 year older police officer walk in and look down at Chris, poking his shoulder [+aqua "Aye, Kurrent??..."] he said and Chris stayed quiet, still asleep. Making Kayden blink a few times [+aqua "Sleepin beauty, your prince is here to save the day!"] Kayden laughed and used his fingers to press against Chris's lips, Chris not waking up and Kayden hissed under his breath. Shaking the cop violently and Chris groaned, holding onto his hand [+blue "Uuuuuugh, what!?"] he mumbled. [+aqua "Shifts almost over"] he grinned and walked off.
  Christian Kurrent / Grey_ / 5d 11h 19m 5s
Nixon nodded, holding Kurrent close as he walked them home. Once they got to Chris's front door, he planted a kiss on the officer's forehead and left happily.
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 5d 11h 23m 51s
He looked around, the only thing illuminating the street was one street lamp. It having a yellowish color, making it look creepy as he took a few steps back and bumped into Nixon, slightly jumping and he looked over. Letting out his breath and nodding [+blue "I.I guess.I don't like it out at this time"] he mumbled
  Christian Kurrent / Grey_ / 5d 11h 25m 41s
Nixon chuckled as they spent the night out in town, visiting shops and and eating lunch and dinner at some restaurants. By the time Nixon said it was over, it was completely black outside. "Want me to walk you home?"
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 5d 11h 27m 57s
He lifted an eyebrow, piercing through that inoccent look and he shrugged. Sighing and followed him, pulling his mouth cover up, not liking to be out where peoples germs were, keeping close to Nixon.
  Christian Kurrent / Grey_ / 5d 20h 16m 1s
"Oh, just...around town. I thought it would be fun to have a day off, so taking care of the job today!" He smiled, trying to look playful and innocent.
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 6d 12h 59m 32s
Chris huffed under his breath, wanting to pull his hand away, but kind of wanted to hold it. 'Ugh! What am I thinking?!' the officer thought for a moment and slipped his hand away. Putting it into his pocket to hide the shame he had.

He thought for a moment, why is he doing this? Why was he going with Nixon? He sure the hell didn't know why, falling a little back. Why.why did Jaxson say be careful. Remembering where he was, he quickly ran up next to the taller man. Scratching the back of his head and taking in a deep breath.

[+blue "Uhmm.where are we going today?"] Chris mumbled
  Christian Kurrent / Grey_ / 7d 3h 47m 27s
Nixon nodded. "Of course not! I have everything planned out!" He waited for Kurrent. He watched as they locked the door. Was there something important inside? He wanted to know. He smiled and grabbed Kurrent's hand, leading the way.
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 7d 10h 1m 27s
He gulped slightly and looked at his watch, making up a lie for the time would be a fail because his shift was over. Making him sigh and slightly rub his eyes [+blue "U-uhmm.....fine, only if you don't ditch like you did yesterday"] he sighed and huffed.

Walking over to his office, he slipped his uniform off, having his clothes under, he grabbed his coat and put it on, smiling at the warmth and taking his hat off, fluffing out and fixing his snowy hair.

Letting out a sigh, he walked back out of his office and locked the door. Knowing his office was safe and it had his personal information in it. So if anyone were to break in. He would be fucked.
  Christian Kurrent / Grey_ / 7d 11h 20m 54s
"I had to work late...So...wanna take a trip around the town?" It wasn't exactly a lie, there were new missing persons cases for a reason.
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 7d 11h 28m 52s
Chris walked out and jumped 5ft in the air as he saw.Nixon?!?! Again?!? Chris growled and Kayden grinned, walking away and being the asshole he was walked away chuckling.

[+blue "W-what the fuck are you doing here?!? What's with the blood lust look in your eyes?!"] he mumbled, rather flustered as he took a step near him. Examining him, his suspicion making him see how tired Nixon was and he sighed, shaking his head.
  Christian Kurrent / Grey_ / 7d 12h 6m 29s

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