The leader and the officer

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Chris squeaked slightly and tried pushing him up but failed and accepted him laying on top of him, blushing more as he managed to get his legs out from under him and let his legs lay on Nixon's back.
  Christian Kurrent~ Off Work / Grey_ / 1d 17h 58m 28s
Nixon snickered as he started putting all of his weight onto Chris. "Oh no, gravity has gotten stronger!" he snickered as he laid on top of them.
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 1d 21h 54m 44s
He bit his lip and looked to the side, his leg on Nixon's side now [+blueviolet "Mmm....not really"] he muttered and pressed his hands lightly against Nixon's chest.
  Christian Kurrent~ Off Work / Grey_ / 3d 9h 44m 25s
Nixon simply laughed, pushing their leg off his stomach. "No breaks for you, huh?"
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 3d 20h 36m 18s
He blushed and glanced to the side [+blueviolet "A.a cop shouldn't be happy about that"] he mumbled and pressed his foot against the males stomach.
  Christian Kurrent~ Off Work / Grey_ / 17d 12h 43m 17s
Nixon gave a playful laugh. "You get flustered too easily~" he teased.
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 58d 58m 34s
Chris gulped as he was suddenly laid down as he panted, wiping his mouth and keeping his arm there, looking away [+blueviolet "D-damnit Nixon"] he huffed and hid his face with a pillow.
  Christian Kurrent~{Off Work} / Grey_ / 80d 16h 8m 52s
Nixon finished off the kiss and laid down on his back, chuckling as he looked up at Chris. "You seem to be enjoying yourself~"
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 81d 1h 20m 43s
He jolted slightly as he didn't want to close his eyes but couldn't keep them open. Closing them slowky, the passion in the kiss made his stomach have butterflies as he put his arms around the bigger male, kissing back.
  Christian Kurrent~{Off Work} / Grey_ / 89d 12h 45m 0s
Nixon chuckled. "I'll take that as a yes." He kissed Chris with a strong passion.
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 89d 21h 16m 25s
Chris blushed and slightly leaned into his hand, wondering what he was doing and grabbing his hand gently, entwining his fingers with his. [+blueviolet "U-umm."] not knowing how to answer by speaking, the flustered male nodded.
  Christian Kurrent~{Off Work} / Grey_ / 91d 16h 58m 43s
"Do you need help?~" Nixon chuckled, patting Kurrent's hair in a flirty way.
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 91d 19h 41m 54s
Chris groaned painfully, his little problem not going away as he rolled onto his stomach. Clenching legs slightly [+blue "S-stop calling me love, damnit"] he but his lip, panting slightly [+blue "And I'm not okay, obviously"]
  Christian Kurrent / Grey_ / 93d 54m 13s
Nixon nodded and went inside. He searched the house quite a bit before following Chris upstairs. "You okay, love?"
  Nixon / RamaAmor / 93d 1h 9m 21s
Chris opened the door and walked inside. Blushing and nodding [+blue "Y-yeah, come in"] he mumbled. Throwing his stuff on the table next to the couch. Walking upstairs in an uncomfortable way and flopped onto his bed. Not really caring about the male in his house.
  Christian Kurrent / Grey_ / 93d 1h 11m 11s

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