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The nefarious Dr Coyle is back and her arms are locked and loaded, think you can beat her to the punch?


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"I'm not sure, is there a Chinese restaurant nearby?" She asked, hoping for some chow mein. "If not, I can go for anything else..." she told him, smiling while she changed her fists to mechanical hands.
  Dr Coyle / DoomGuy123 / 355d 11h 16m 10s
The Commish rubbed the back of his head a bit as he blushed, and he placed an arm around Coyle. "Well, where would you like to go? There are tons of restaurants in the city below this sky arena." He said.
  Max Brass / AskTheStaff / 355d 11h 18m 34s
Bye shook his head since he couldn't eat, but Coyle raised an arm, since she was hungry. "You know I haven't eaten for a while..." she said, but she invited Byte an Barq anyway. "Honestly, I don't mind them being around much..." she told him, and kissed him on the cheek, making him blush
  Dr Coyle / DoomGuy123 / 355d 11h 21m 12s
"That makes enough sense, Coyle. And sure! I've needed a sparring partner for a while." Brass smiled, glancing around at everyone and seeing that they were all rather content at the moment. "Now...who's ready to eat?" He laughed.
  Max Brass / AskTheStaff / 355d 11h 23m 11s
"Hey, I kinda owe him after I KO'd him to be able to watch you fight Mechanica..." she said, explaining why she told Byte that. "Maybe you and I could have a sparring match when we have some free time, eh Max?" She asked, smiling brightly.
  Dr Coyle / DoomGuy123 / 355d 11h 25m 1s
The Commish watched as everything played out, and he chuckled a bit. "Coyle, you're in a mood, today." He complimented her, and smiled.
  Max Brass / AskTheStaff / 355d 11h 32m 2s
Then Byte came up, and held his fists up when he say Coyle. "Calm down Byte, she's now that bad..." Mechanica told him, and he looked at them, then his arms fell to the floor in surprise when she didn't attack him. "Tell you what Byte, if you come by my lab, I'll make you a special pair of fists for the tournament." She said, and Barq seemed to jump at the offer.
  Dr Coyle / DoomGuy123 / 356d 19h 47m 57s
"I'm really looking forward to those fists, Coyle." Brass smiled and nugded her arm a bit. The Commish watched Coyle and Mechanica speak to each other, as he smiled. Everyone in the stands were still cheering, and even Biff seemed to be more excited than usual...which was extremely surprising.
  Max Brass / AskTheStaff / 356d 19h 50m 7s
The two girls agreed, and Coyle told him she had a special set of fists for him when they got back to the lab. "If you want, I can make you a new set of fists, Mechanica..." she said, smiling. "That would be cool!" The girl told Coyle, rather excited.
  Dr Coyle / DoomGuy123 / 356d 19h 53m 19s
Brass looked around and smiled as Mechanica was thanking him, and Coyle was talking as well. "How about all three of us go and get a bite to eat somewhere?" He asked happily, glancing towards the girl who was now the new Champion.
  Max Brass / AskTheStaff / 356d 19h 55m 34s
Mechanica was surprised that he handed her the belt, and she smiled, then hugged him before she went up to the podium. As Mechanica was thanking Brass for everything, Coyle leaped over the ring and came up to him. "Hey, you are a good person, despite what you act like to the are the reason why we got together again..." she said, giving him a fist bump. "So, what do you want to do after the ceremony is over?" She asked, then Biff told them that the reigning champion had apparently retired from his throne.
  Dr Coyle / DoomGuy123 / 356d 20h 1m 6s
The Commish had to admit that Mechanica packed just as much punch as he did back in the day, which was quite surprising. However, the man was happy to see how far she had gotten despite everything that was against her. Brass smiled and walked up to the victory podium, with the championship belt in-hand as Biff began to announce how he won. He turned back, seeing Mechanica-despite disappointed at losing the final match-still grinning and cheering for her childhood hero. That was when the Commish turned around fully, and walked up to the girl. "You deserve this more than I do. I remember you from years past, and have seen your growth. You remind me of...well, myself in my young days of being an ARMS fighter. kind of touches my heart. Go up there, Champion." He said with a big smile, handing Mechanica the belt gently.
  Max Brass / AskTheStaff / 356d 20h 6m 23s
She gave him a thumbs up and then sat back and watched, the fight against Mechanica being a strong and close one, and she even saw them KO each other at the same time. "Haven't seen that before...but I've done it before..." she told herself, and she cheered when Brass got a KO. After four rounds, the announcement of the new winner came on. And the winner of the ARMS Grand Prix is-" Biff started.
  Dr Coyle / DoomGuy123 / 356d 20h 13m 51s
Max Brass heard his name be called, as he rushed through the doors and out into the ring. He looked around, waving and being his usual, gloating self. The Commish soon saw Coyle, waving towards her as well and giving her a big smile.
  Max Brass / AskTheStaff / 356d 20h 25m 12s
Dr Coyle hurried to the stands to watch, and she even paid for a front row seat, which meant she could talk to Brass afterwards when he finished. "Max Brass!" The announcement shouted, and she waited for Brass to come out. "Now that's my boy..." she said to herself, but she then realized that everyone in the stands were staring at her.
  Dr Coyle / DoomGuy123 / 356d 20h 29m 8s

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