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Jacob raised his brow at those words. He had a warpes sense of humour but even that was morbid for him. "That's a bit messed up. Shouldn't they at least give you some background of what you're apart of. Not just be like 'hey lets see if she makes it. If she does we'll tell her'." He said with a shake of his head.

When her question came to imprinting, Jacob froze. Had she really never heard of it before? Surely werewolves had some sort of code? Quickly he shook his head to regain himself. "It's kind of like finding your life oartner and soulmate. When you see them...everything changes. They actually become your your own drug.." If was the only way he could think to explain it. It was kind of awkward if he were honest.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 23d 20h 36m 30s
If Daria had a penny for every question she had at this point, she would be in the hundreds at this point. Honestly she wasn't sure what was going on. Looking to Jake she shook her head. "I don't know shit, really. I think they're waiting to see if I make it through this next transformation. It's okay, I mean, everyone already thinks I'm dead."

That was coming out of her mouth, jeez. She gave him a puzzled look about imprinting. "Never heard of it. What's imprinting?" She asked knowing they were close to the street. Her body was aching already, something she'd need to get used to here.
  Hot / Faust / 23d 21h 12m 23s
Jake was actually enjoying the run. It had not had him hurting or anything, but reminded him of drills Sam had given. He had noticed her curiosity spike but saw her subdue herself. Jake almost wanted to ask her, but they were close to Liam as the man was staring off in the distance.

"Does this sort of thing happen often? Him leaving you alone often?" The man muttered as Liam ran back.

Her next words surprised him. Even he had noticed that between the other two. "Did they tell you anything about imprints?" He asked slowly
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 23d 21h 7m 14s
It was almost instinct to try and figure out further about him. Instead she gave him a curious look before resuming again. It was helping the muscle burn that she was having, as well her joints felt better. When catching up with Liam, he looked out, as if seeing something she wasn't.

"What's up?" She asked casually.

"I don't know...something feels off..I'm going back to Charlie. I know you'll be okay," Liam began the run back.

Looking to Jake she shrugged, allowing herself to take a moment. "They broke up before they...I...well, something like that...Broke up and it sounds as if it was kind of bad but they still have that feel. I really don't get it."
  Hot / Faust / 23d 22h 35m 28s
Jacob returned her smirk that she had given. It was funny to see how she had taken the challenge he had offered up. Didn't seem like she would bite, but at least she seemed amused. He even seemed to have their alpha amused as well. Which at this rate worked since he had already gotten tired of being on his own.

"Nah he didn't do a thing. Offered a run and it sounded fun. But might give you less a reason to complain." Jake said as he was finishing with the stretches he had been doing. He was itching for a run.

When they came to about the halfway point in the run, Daria had stopped and leaned on a tree. She seemed to be taking it better than the day before from what he could see. "Yep. Just couldn't take it and ran for it." He wasn't lying
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 24d 1h 36m 47s
Daria gave a small smirk to him, but not as a challenge but more in amusement. Looking to Liam who was finding sheer enjoyment out of the whole scene. It was still puzzling how it all worked together with Liam as the big alpha and this shifter who just seemed to ease in.

"If I didn't know better, Liam, I'd say you set this up so I won't complain so much. It's really not working," Daria said before shaking her head. Mornings hadn't been her thing since high school. "Let's get this over with then."

The run actually felt good, her body was beginning to hurt, when it came down for a small pause she leaned against the tree. "So, you literally ran away. You don't have to tell me the story, I was wondering if you ran here from wherever."
  Hot / Faust / 24d 10h 5m 3s
Watching Daria and Liam made him smirk faintly. He wasn't sure if it was like watching a father and hos daughter or if it was like watching a brother and sister. But whatever it was, the shifter could tell they had formed some kind of bond. A form of family if he was looking for a word to describe it.

"A run in a couple miles doesn't sound bad. Bet I could finish it faster than you can." Jacob said. He coulen't help it. There was just that part of him that liked competition. He also thought it might get the girl to try.

"Or not? But seems fun either way." Jake said as he too began to stretch. He was curious how the challenge would be accepted.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 24d 5h 39m 40s
Daria continued with the stretching before she looked to Jake coming out. He was something different, though she couldn't place it. Granted she couldn't truly talk to people and open even just a little. Instead it was one secret to another and another, it was tiring.

"Yep, three miles," she said without much conviction, earning a chuckle from Liam.

"Just two's almost time, we need to make sure we have our energy," Liam explained as simply as he could in this moment. There was a lot more that would be explained.

"Maybe after not a run? I don't think I've slept in since the morning of the attack," Daria said rubbing her shoulder uncomfortably.
  Hot / Faust / 24d 22h 33m 30s
Jake listened to her words and nodded. He easily could get the point. Things were what they were and because others said them to be. Too used to it was the young man. "Thanks. Good night." He said before he found his way to the couch, figuring it would be the best place.


In the morning Jake woke to the early rays of the sun peeking in through the blinds. He hadn't even decided if he would run or not. But since he was awake, he figured there was no going back to sleep. And so grumbling and stretching he got up to find at least the girl, Daria and Liam.

Soon he had followed their scent to the porch and was blinking due to the sun. "So..gonna be running?" He asked as he leaned against the besm. It was obvious that he would be joining.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 25d 1h 3m 3s
"Every morning and something in the evening. Like clockwork, then one or both keep watch at night. I'd tell you if I knew why but it's always the same reasons. Good night, Jake," Daria said before finally attempting to get some sleep.


Daria was too tired to fight about the run but came down dressed. Liam was already ready looking to Daria, faintly wondering if Jake would join them. Five days away and the wolves were already feeling the change that was too happen.

"We will just wait to see if Jake wants to. They are able to change at still helps with the balance," Liam said finishing with his stretches.
  Hot / Faust / 25d 6h 36m 45s
[b "Another run like the one I saw yesterday?"] Jake asked. It was clear that had perked his interest. If he was able, the young man would maybe join. The idea of the run gave him something to think about. And it also would be nice to have a place to stay for a litte while.

[b "Thanks..think I will stay."] The small group had him curious. The relationship between "mom" and "dad" did too. From what he had gathered they had been a thing.

But he shook his head when Daria spoke and his attention was drawn to her. [b "I'm pretty sure I will be. And can see why. They seem to be something else."] Jake said as Charlie had given one last look after Liam before she gave both Jacob and Daria a nod. And after she had, the woman left the room and took a seat upon the steps outside.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 25d 7h 33m 37s
[b "Well, I have work in five hours, and we have a fun I'm two, Daria. You're welcome to stay if you want, Jake, or you can go. If you do leave don't tell about us, okay?"] Liam asked, before looking to Charlie. She meant well, but Jake was more able than they were at this time. Starting up the stairs he couldn't help one last look.

From what Daria could gather Jake was born while she had been mauled. These thoughts were giving her headaches. Of course she was also exhausted, and starting to feel the change.

"Suppose that's my cue to try and sleep. Hopefully you'll be here in the morning. Those two will be the reason I do go insane... Well...I already was and now..." She gave a wry laugh. Giving a small wave to him she slowly started up the stairs.
  Hot / Faust / 25d 9h 32m 51s
[b "No...fairies are one thing they make up. Or at least that I know we've not come across any. So you should be good when it comes to checking yourself in."] The woman commented as she leaned forward with her cheek pressed against her hand.

She was listening to Liam and the new male. And she was taking in his scent for if she ever had to track him or others like him. When Daria spoke, Charlie stood and stretched as she moved a bit closer.

[b "For the last few days you've been here. So why is it you've come so far from home, little wolf?"] Oh she knew that Liam wouldn'r approve but she was too tired to care.


Jacob listened to the older male and his head tilted. All of this was strange. Very strange and he didn't know what to make of this. Any of it.

"Well I guess you know what they tell us. The spirit warriors and such." He said with a shrug. Jacob wasn't even sure he believed in werewolves or what the man was selling.

But his eyes went to Daria and he nodded. "Nice to meet you. And yeah, guess I am." But then he looked to the other woman. "Yeah. And does it matter. Just left and don't really want to go back."
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 25d 10h 21m 50s
Maybe it was because it was early, or the full moon was close but Liam gave the younger male a look before shaking his head a little. What did they teach these people? He grabbed some beef jerky before sighing. [b "How do you think you came around? Its not spirits that entered the body, rather body parts and offspring came out. Eventually it evolved to what you are. The rest is a more bloody history."]

Daria could hear them, wondering faintly when this would have been told. Looking to Charlie she gave a flat look. " I get it but you say faeries and Im going to check myself in."

She stood up approaching the two. It was strange seeing this but she was trying not to question too much. "Im Daria, and that's Charlie. It was you I sensed earliy, wasn't it?"
  Hot / Faust / 25d 19h 47m 19s
[b "So now you know there are more things out there than just werewolves. Liam and I did intend to tell you..but once you were more accustomed to the change. You see taking in too much at one time could make all of this worse. Could mess with the transformation."] Charlie said as she took a seat near Daria once they got back.

The woman like the other was watching Liam and the shifter. But for the time being she fell silent.


Jacob tilted his head right, suggesting that he was indeed a male. It surprised him how much the male knew. But as it stood he could not talk as the wolf. So he only nodded to indicate that he understood.

As the clothing had been left out, Jacob took them and shifted back and got dressed. His fingers ran through his dark hair and brown eyes were upon the man. "Yeah. It's mostly a Native American thing. Didn't realize werewolves were real though." He said, never looking away from the three as he had moved to at least get a drink. "I'm Jacob...and who sre they?" He asked motioning to both Charlie and Daria
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 25d 19h 58m 35s

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