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"I'm going to try and sleep, good night," Daria slowly rose giving him a half smile. She was physically and mentally exhausted. Somehow she had just exposed herself to someone blindly. There was something about the situation and him that made it easier, not like she had a lot of friends anyway.


Liam waited till they were mostly awake in the morning before looking to Charlie, the two newbies gathered just inside the small living room. "Alright, who wants to start, you or I, Charlie?" He asked, before running a hand through his hair. "It's very complicated and honestly it still scars the shit out of me."
  Hot / Faust / 21d 21h 11m 37s
The young man's dark eyes stayed trained on Daria as she spoke. He could feel the pain behind her words. Picture it so clearly and it made him hurt even to think about it. And for her to have to live with that pain..those memories was anazing. Truly she was stronger than what he has known and he admired her. She may have been a "pretty face" but she was also strong willed.

"I'm sorry all of that happened.. and the past can't be changed.." He said quietly. There was nothing he could say. Nothing he could do to try and to help. This was something she needed to come to terms with and had to live with.

"When do you think he'll be back?"
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 21d 21h 26m 18s
"Cal and I have been together for three years. We were going to move to Salt Lake City... And he was going to propose to me. I found the ring on him...last thing I did was call him lazy and storm off..." Daria stared off into the distance with some tears forming slowly. "They were just there ripped apart and left there..."

It was the daily nightmares before she looked to him. "That monster looked like it knew what it was doing, enjoyed it...can you imagine reliving that every night? Its more than being pushed. It's knowing you are that took everything you loved..."

Slowly rising, she felt the anger and pain course through her. "It's been a long night."
  Hot / Faust / 22d 1h 45m 29s
Jacob sat with his head on his lap as he listened to Daria. It seemed she had not always had it easy.. But she had had a good life for what it had been. And it sucked that it had been destroyed the way that it had been. That she had been forced into a life she would have never chosen. Hell he knew what that was like and very well. But he hated another having to suffer it too.

"That's a lot.. And I'm surprised you've not gone insane. You're strong and I have to admit I admire you ans respect you all the more." Jake said. He meant his words and even offered a small smile.

When she had done, the shifter figured he owed her a little of hos story. "I ran away from home because of a friend of mine...and because I was expected to fill a role I didn't want. This was I ran. I may or I may not be going back...But I get what you mean when you say pushed into a life you don't really want."
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 22d 18h 30m 48s
"I was the girl that hated the sidelines, instead it was out playing with the guys. That's pretty much the only reason I'm still alive..." Daria pulled her knees up to her chest looking out to the woods. It was time for the story, unsure what words to use since it was the first time saying it outloud.

" friends and I were in West Yellowstone. I'm from Idaho Falls. But you can't tell anyone, since I'm technically dead. Anyway...I was with my friend and boyfriend since we were leaving to go somewhere else and it was a last hurrah," she said adjusting her legs again. "It started with just the campfire, I was getting wood after arguing with Cam about getting it...Next I heard was the screams...

"There was only one...and it was terrifying...when the werewolf came after me I used the axe/shovel thing in the eye. He still bit me and got me....and I was left to bleed before they found me. And a fate...that was worse."
  Hot / Faust / 22d 21h 8m 38s
Charlie stood towards Liam's back right and piercing golden gaze was on the russet wolf. She was a little more critical of Jacob than were Daria and Liam. But after a couple of snuffles and checking him out, the black wolf had backed up. She lay with her head on her paws and was watching Jake and Daria play.


It was normal for her to wake with the sun and to see the bunny or was it part of a deer beside her? Whichever it had been completely none cleaned. She had been quick to wash up and to dress. It always was so weird without the clothing after changing back. It always took it's toll on her mentality as well. She was more inclined to think a little more from the wolf's mind.

Rubbing her arms and her legs, the woman sighed. It looked like the training had gotten a little rough. Charlie was not surprised to see Liam when he had come up. A faint smile traced her lips. [b "Looks like you and the pups just got up, Liam.. "] She was teasing the man to lighten things. They would have A LOT od explaining to do.


The night had been interesting. There had been a lot of running and playing after he had been accepted. Kind of odd how at home he felt. But nice too.

In the morning, Jake woke and had gotten dressed. He was the last to get to the others and looked to Daria as she spoke. [b "You are tough you know."] He said with a chuckle as he referred to their games. He then turned to Liam and nodded.

[b "I'll stay with her."] Jake wanted to know how she felt about the night
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 22d 21h 27m 49s
It was clear he was an alpha by the actions, Liam went over to Jake giving the sniff over, looking for signs of wanting to take control or threats. Before accepting him, the women also doing so, though Daria was quick to accept him, even initiating play.


Daria woke up sore, stomach upset and possibly a part of or a bunny by her. Groaning, she went for the clothes quickly placing it on and wiping herself off. There was some fresh bruises indicating play that went a little rough, or training in wolf form.

Finding the others she rubbed her head. "Not as bad as last time...still sore though..." she said going to the porch to sit. Sleep would be impossible for her after this even if she was tired.

"You did good, Charlie's been awake longer than we have, I'm going to take her back in," Liam nodded to her.
  Hot / Faust / 22d 21h 40m 48s
"I'll keep the warning in mind." Jake said as the truck stopped. As soon as it did, Jake had gone to an area slightly off and left his own clothes and shifted. The great russet wolf came back and sat, staring at where he knew the other wolves to be.

He was curious how this would all go. And noticed two down. Daria's change had made him a little worried because she seemed less tamed. But that quickly was set back and she fell calmer. It was down to the last of the group.

Charlie stood and dark eyes went to the moon. She had stripped from the dress she had been in and the change was relatively quick. Faster than Daria but not as quick as Liam. And it still tore at her some extent.

The tall pure black wolf with long legs and bright golden eyes soon was standing where she had stood. She stretched out and as she caught Liam's scent nearing her, Charlie padded over. Her head tolted slowly. He was the one who would have to accept the shifter. She and Daria would follow his decision and she knew it too
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 22d 22h 27m 12s
It was all done in great steps. Clear any people off from any back roads, then make sure the meat was positioned just right, have their clothes and whatnot positioned as right. Then when they got home there was someone to take turn watching.

"Really, if we seem like we won't accept you as're able to shift whenever and strong. When we are in our forms we are formidable and wild," Liam warned, it was up to him if he took it.

Liam prepared to transform, going to a patch, shedding his clothes. To him the transformation was easy, going from a blond man to a blond wolf with taller legs, snout, and was distinctly different from Jake.

It was longer for Daria, who was smaller, but was a tan wolf with specks of golden brown. She was much less tame. But one snarl from Liam stopped that before he went over to Charlie to check if she was okay.
  Hot / Faust / 22d 23h 3m 38s
Charlie's eyes flashed almost dangerously as she looked to Daria. But she had her control about her and bit back her own flare of temper. [b "It is not something I can ever forget. And fine, don't be long."] The woman said, quietly.

A sigh slipped from her and she shook her head. Slowly brown eyes looked up at Liam when he gave her shoulder the gentle squeeze. [b "Sorry...and I know this will be hard.."] She whispered as her eyes went to Jake.

It was strange to him. All three seemed on edge. But both Charlie and Daria more so. And for a moment, Jake considered asking. Or had until the two snapped off at the other. That told him to keep his mouth shut.

"I'll stay around...and I think this will work.. Besides I have to know all of this too. It confuses me." The man said as he looked at them all. When theu changed, he too would shift.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 22d 23h 37m 26s
It wasn't a friendly time for Daria, the scars still was on her body just that, on her mind it was still a fresh wound that hadn't closed quite yet. Looking to Charlie with quiet fury. "Yeah, I know, I was the only one that survived if you don't remember. Its hard to [i not] remember. I'll check the South side."

Liam watched in discomfort before looking to Jake. "This isn't an easy time for us. Don't take it personally. Tonight we should accept you...if not run..we are useless in this state but we can do so much more tonight. Tomorrow, we can explain."

Explaining would be the hardest part, it was a long, complex history. He needed to make sure it was all going well before squeezing Charlie's shoulder.
  Hot / Faust / 23d 4h 44m 37s
Jacob hadn't meant to say anything really. But it had all slipped. A sort of being compelled one might have called it. Both "funny" and creepy. It was what it was though. He said it and could not take it back. "So not knowing makes this a bit easier?" He asked as she had said it.

"Nope. Looks like neither of us pick or choose what we want. It is just kind of there." That was just to let Daria know he at least got it.

The run back and nothing fun for them. And Liam seemed just as "normal" as ever when they had gotten back. The man had even been dressed for work.


The days passed and it seemed at least in some sense they seemed more restless. On the day before the moon, they hunted and got supplies. It was strange to see it. But then the whole of it was strange to Jake.

"I'm sure you guys aren't that bad." Though the two minds kind of had him taken aback.

Charlie had been watching and until then didn't speak. [b "You'll soon see shifter what this is like. Not exactly pretty."] Harsh maybe, but he needed to know. To sugar coat any of it would have been stupid. Especially with the split mind and not being themselves for the moon. IF near a human they would not hesitate to rip them to shreads.

[b "Which, Daria is why we do this and stay this far out."] She said as she looked to Liam who seemed awkward. He always seemed a little put off. Only did she nod and toss the man the keys.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 22d 21h 36m 19s
It was hard enough knowing her world was falling apart in pieces. With some truth there might be a whole lot more falling apart that'd create a lot of collateral damage. "I don't know, maybe ignorance is bliss," Daria rubbed her arm lightly. "Either way, it's not your choice. I never thought this would be so linear."

The rum back was uneventful even if there was a feeling she couldn't shake.

Apparently Liam felt the situation was contained, he was dresses and ready for work, there was still that air. Jake had to be right about them to a point.


The days passed with the same pattern, during the day before the moon, they hunted using the meat as a form of fence. Supplies kept at one location, Liam and Charlie looking so calm about this.

When Jake asked about the dead animals Liam responded first. "We don't have two minds when change. It's just the wolf. This keeps us away from other places so we don't..."

"Rip apart people..." Daria said darkly, having not slept in the last two nights.

"Yeah, there's that, Charlie we should go in town for some food," Liam said uncomfortably.
  Hot / Faust / 23d 10h 38m 59s
The way she explained their life made him actually prefer being the shifter. The way they lived didn't sounf appealing at all. But it made him wonder how he would managed if he was one of them. "Have you tried to ask them about all this?" The man asked as now he was curious.

Inwardly, Jake found himself blanching at how he had explained it. He knew it could have been more smooth, but that wasn't his thing. The boy was known for blunt and had been as blunt as he could be. "Yeah, that's the jist of it. We see them and then bang. But they have to accept it too and we are bound to be anything needed of us." The words poured from his lips as he kicked the dirt in front of him.

The air around them felt slightly heavy and it was awkward. "Good plan. Lead the way." And with that, Jake waited for her to lead them back.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 23d 19h 27m 45s
"I'm starting to think I don't want to know. They talk about others and how they are in hiding too, and being hunted. It's really, well, its kind of terrifying but they've done this for years. It's... I don't know... It's weird. This will be my second moon and I barely survived as it was," Daria rubbed the back of her neck.

Listening to him explain she made a small face. "So, your wolf tells you who you are going to share your bed with for the rest of your life? You don't get a say in it at all?"

It still seemed so strange to her. "Maybe we should make our way back now." There was a weird feeling and she wasn't liking it.
  Hot / Faust / 23d 19h 55m 54s

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