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The woman's eyes rolled. She truly was ignoring the "pups" and their comments. But if the little shifter decided to sass again, Charlie might actually scold him. The only reason she was behaving at all was she had promised Liam no trouble while in town.

Her nose was twitching and the smell had her blanching inwardly. But they had to go to the small shop at the end. [b "Yes...this would be what it's like."] She muttered as she opened the door to the shop and moved to let Jacob and Daria in first.

"I know...we all have good hearing and a sense of smell. But it's funny to see what happens. Do you ever do this to them just because you can?" Jake asked with a smirk.

Slowly he walked at Daria's side and made a face. The smell was aweful and made him want to run. But when they found out what it was, Jake stuffed his hands into his pockets again.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 19d 21h 45m 30s
Daria suppressed a chortle, knowing how Charlie's hearing was. Hell, they all had good hearing. Daria could only notice that there was an argument a little away and someone really need to take out the trash. "You know, we do have good hearing. I think she's just ignoring us," she nudged him lightly while they followed to wherever she was going.

The area did smell weird, and it was off putting almost as if they weren't supposed to be there. "Is that...what marking the territory smells like?"
  Hot / Faust / 19d 21h 58m 37s
Jake had brought his hands out of his pockets and had given Charlie a look when the woman had told them to behave. Did the woman honestly think they were children who needed to be scolded? "Yes ma'am." Jacob muttered as the other woman shot the glare his way but ignored him mostly as she dealt with getting Daria her papers.

A small smile came to his lips and he nodded. "Probably better not to ask too much and to go with it. I just had to see what she'd do without her 'boyfriend' here." The shifter said, his own hand seeming to move on its own and ALMOST take hers.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 19d 22h 25m 56s
Daria asked herself often whose life this was. It couldn't be hers. Running from both vampires and some werewolves. Changing into a beast, a new friend that was able to shift when he wanted, former lovers as roommates. It was all so strange she did question more than once.

"Okay," Daria said, knowing the answer sounded stupid but she wasn't going to question much more. "Nope, I think rolling with the flow is the best course of action, don't you think?"

Charlie and Liam knew what they were doing, while they were completely lost. She almost reached out for his hand before mentally cursing herself.
  Hot / Faust / 19d 22h 33m 29s
[b "That house is thought to be haunted and no one goes near it. This part of town believes it to be cursed."] Charlie explained as Daria had asked about it being okay to leave it unprotected as they did. But the woman didn't say much more and was hanging back as Jake and Daria stood a little ahead of her. Her eyes were on the people walking by.

Jake was much calmer than he had been. Lighter in a sense. But he couldn't quite say way. Since everything came out, the young man knew he respected the small pack of three and wanted to help as much as he could.

His hands were in his pockets as he leaned on the nearby building. "Did she even who we're meeting here?" He asked quietly.

[b "An old friend...he's good with this sort of thing. And here s
he comes. Be on your best behaviour."] Charlie said as she pushed herself off the wall and went up to the man who had come to meet them
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 17d 9h 25m 37s
At least it settled down after a day or two, though the air was still thick with the revelations. Her fake paperwork had came through from a contact, so it was Charlie, Jake and herself going to town while Liam was working.

"It's okay to leave our shabby little home unprotected?" Daria asked puzzled. That didn't seem quite right. Since then, she took to the training much better. There was something more about the wolf that attacked her, and she'd make that wolf pay hell for what it did.

Looking to Jake, who seemed more comfortable, he just seemed much calmer which was odd. She looked back to Charlie while they waited on this contact.
  Hot / Faust / 20d 19h 47m 31s
Charlie only shook her head to Daria. She had accepted her past. It didn't take the hurt from it but it was what it had been. [b "Now you know why.."] Was all the woman said. And her words meant that the young woman knew why her moods seemed to change so much like they did. And why she had learned to track and hunt like she had.

Jake was feeling bad for all of them. He was taking it all in still. But was called from his thoughts when Liam took back up speaking. Dark eyes went to the man. And before he much thought it true, Jacob found himself nodding. "Yeah, I'll join you guys."
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 20d 23h 2m 47s
Well, if this wasn't an 'oh fuck' moment she didn't know what was. She had seen her friends torn apart, Charlie had her whole family and more. Daria couldn't help but feel shame rising from the deep. Biting her lip she looked to Jake, before back to Charlie. "I'm sorry," she mumbled. Why did they chose this way to live?

"We've been trying to move to meet some of the others but we haven't had a lot of luck and some are being tracked. Not my family, maybe some, but mostly those who went rogue. Are you going to join us, Jake?" Liam asked steadily.
  Hot / Faust / 20d 23h 30m 55s
The woman's arms crossed and she sighed. She knew in a sense how Daria felt in being the only one left. But she had never let on to it. However since they were being honest, Charlie had to tell them. It had been their plan IF Daria made the next transformation. And the truth was better to know than being kept in the dark.

[b "I was five and came from a small village pack. The day had started out as any other had...but then before anyone knew what had happened the pack was being slaughtered one by one. Blood was everywhere...children crying over their parents and soon they were torn apart themselves...I don't know why I had been left alive..but I had been. And I was alone. For a few days I stayed there just with my parents and brothers and sisters...then I couldn't handle it...Liam's pack was passing through and thought everyone dead...that was until they found me.. Being so young and on my own they took me into their pack...I've owed them my life since."] It was harder to speak about it than she would ever admit. But they had the right to know.

Jake was listening to what was said. So it looked like they all had nessed up lives. And he could say he did not envy them at all. In fact the young man wondered how any of them seemed to cope with it all.

A weak smile came to his lips and he looked to Daria once more. She was the only one he was completely comfortable with. But he was slowly starting to trust the other two. And he wanted to know more.

"So what do you plan to do now? Why on the run like this?"
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 21d 3h 15m 0s
"So, if we are so awesome...why are we on the run and not doing anything? And also.... What more does this have to do with your families other than warring brothers?" Daria asked, puzzled about the whole ordeal before looking to Charlie. "So, your turn about your family."

Truthfully she wasn't ready to know about that night. She looked to Jake managing a bemused look. Somehow it was easier with him.

Liam could go on and on about their families but wouldn't. It was Charlie's turn.
  Hot / Faust / 21d 6h 52m 14s
Charlie sighed as she looked down. [b "Cold blooded killers is what we are...or thought to be. The Volturi had tried to control werewolves at first and turn them into their slaves. They didn't appreciate it and an uprising happened...Bringing us into the mess we're in now...Liam's Uncle's deal with them..."] That part had been left out.

Her eyes would not go to Liam, Daria or Jacob. [b "We can shift outside the moon. It just takes a lot to do it...But that night..."] She grimaced herself.

Jacob looked at the older two as they spoke. It was...their tale and how they spoke it was terrifying. Not that he had not figured it was messed up. But even he was in the same boat. He wished he didn't know it all.

Jake looked to Daria. " I see what you meant..." He was referring to ignorance being bliss
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 21d 3h 23m 59s
"Well, that and we can blend our presence in until the full moon, and then alone we could kill several of them in one go. The Volturi didn't like the idea that we are stronger than them in wolf form. So, they had a lot of us killed, and still are working on it," Liam said casually before giving a small wave of his hand. "Well, I'm second generation."

Daria couldn't help but feel cold to this realization knowing she would have preferred not knowing. "So, there's werewolves and vampires both after us. Is it possible that you can shift and...know?"

"This is about the attack..." Liam grimanced. "Yeah, it's possible, if old enough and strong enough."

Looking to Jake she let out an uneasy breath before giving a small shudder.
  Hot / Faust / 21d 20h 34m 26s
Charlie was sitting on the arm of the chair and listened to the tale as it was told. The legends and stories that she had heard since she had been a little girl. But still she could listen to them as it was a reminder.

[b "Because we chose to have nothing to do with it. And in wanting to stay out of it and to want to live peaceful and normal lives is seen as weak. Seen as being traitors to what we are. Those who hunt to kill us even remained 'true' to what we once stood for...and those like Liam's father want to wage a war. Want to take out all vampyres."] The woman explained as she moved to the window and looked out.

[b "Because we choose neither...we're a threat and so we have to keep running.. And some just are unlucky and get dragged into it all."]

"That's insane...And all this has been since you were chikdren?" Jacob now chimed it. It was amazing. And not in a good way. It was enough to have his "mind blown" and still wanting a better understanding.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 21d 20h 41m 25s
"Well, that is possibly a good start. Or we could start at the very beginning," Liam said, knowing it was a long, involved history. Giving a sigh, Liam went into the story of the Volturi finding werewolves a threat, and starting to hunt them to death. To werewolves going to America, fathering new ones with natives, thus the shifters.

"That leads us to our families, it's more recent, or we'd be shfiters ourselves. my uncle...are working with the Volturi to hunt us down, the others like my dad wants to make more so we can fight against."

"So, why are they after us?" She asked slowly, calmly.

"Alright, go ahead, Charlie," Liam stepped back to get a drink.
  Hot / Faust / 21d 20h 50m 31s
Jake gave her a small smile and a nod. "Try and take it easy." His way of telling her good night without really saying it. Now he at least understood her better as a person. Just it was a wonder she had told him so much..maybe he would consider telling her more about him. Maybe.


The woman's dark eyes were upon Liam. [b "Either way they should know..I know this isn't easy on you.."] She said quietly as she moved closer to the man. Her hand slowly went to his and took it, giving a small and reassuring squeeze. They weren't together anymore, but she didn't deny she cared for the man either.

[b "We'll both start with our families...and how we grew up...and go from there.."] Charlie said quietly and gave a weak smile.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 21d 21h 1m 11s

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