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"I saw that little want to do these games...That's great. It'd be a lot of fun and we would at least act normal other than turning into a slobbering beast," Daria attempted to make her smile at least a little. Finishing with the dishes. She looked back to her. "Well, you two still are great, whether it's this imprinting or not."

Hearing the tires sharply on the ground outside she frowned looked to her ina with a worried look. Liam was never in a rush that much. Without hesitation she stepped out to see Liam coming out looking panicked.

"Darius was killed late this afternoon. Torn apart," Liam said in a quick panciked tone.
  Hot / Faust / 17d 21h 17m 5s
Charlie moved to put other dishes away. [b "We'll talk to Liam and Jake about the games. I'm sure they'd enjoy as much as you do."] The woman said thoughfully. Though even she could admit it would be something fun. Something that would make their life feel like more than just running all the time.

[b "Maybe that is what it is.. I never thought about it. I just know that as many times as I have thought about leaving...or have tried I can't. Even if I don't like to admit it, Liam's still the only light I have in all of this and keeps me sane. We don't imprint like's different...But I can't tell you how."]
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 18d 43m 25s
"Well, maybe we could have some normal games. If we're going to be fugitives we might as well bust out a board game or even card...Cards Against Humanity...that will make a fun night," she said as she put away the dishes in the rack. "Well, he says its like a personal drug...I guess someone you can't really live that familiar to you?"

It was meaning to help but they were all family at this point. "I'm sorry, I'm just curious if we imprint like he does."
  Hot / Faust / 18d 48m 21s
Charlie was washing some of the plates and had Daria to help her. It could have been something she could do on her own, but the help was appreciated. The woman wanted to ask how the other was taking the new name and essentially being a new person. But she had wanted to do it with neither Jake or Liam around.

Her hand nearly slipped on the knife she had been washing and she put it down to face Daria. [b "I know you do...and I've been told that I need to lighten up.. Just with how's become who I am."] Charlie said quietly.

Her dark eyes were still on the girl and she had to think aboiut that. [b "I know he and I dated...had been close even.. But I don't knoe about the imprinting thing."]
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 18d 1h 22m 0s
There wasn't ice cream but there was some food at the diner before getting groceries. It was nice to be out even if she was now under a new name, a new person, honestly she wasn't sure what to think of it. While Jake was outside Daria helped Charlie in the kitchen.

"We only joke because otherwise it'd be mental breakdowns. It's the only thing that feels normal anymore," she gave a soft sigh. "Are you and Liam, imprinted? Jake told me about it."

An imprint still bothered her though someone that knew and understand.
  Hot / Faust / 18d 1h 37m 13s
The faintest of smiles came to the woman's lips. [b "Thanks.."] She didn't mean to be so serious. But it had been what they had known. And she knew it was in part why they had not worked either. If she were honest she would have never made is so far without the man. He had been like a light to her in the darker times. Still was.

Quickly Charlie shook her head and moved past Daria and Jacob before she left. [b "Wouldn't give you a stupid name.."] And with that, the woman was gone. She was going to be 'window shopping' for a little while.

Jacob had watched their exchange. If they were like this not together, what had they been like when a couple. For some reason the shifter was thinking he wanted to ask about. He figured it might better help him to get the way they were. How the group worked.

His attention was drawn to Daria as she spoke. "Well only way to find out is to open it." Jake said. He was curious too. And when she did pull it out, the man read the name "Emma". It was something cute and not bad at all. Only did he stiffen when Charlie walked past like she had and muttered the words.

"So what exactly are we doing now?"
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 18d 10h 10m 1s
"Alright, go on then, I'll take the kids out for ice cream and we'll be home soon," Liam couldn't help but tease lightly. It was hard for Charlie to try and not be serious. It was what they did for so long, Liam remembered that was one reason they didn't make it. Despite the constant battle he had wanted some light in through the window.

"Yeah, if it's like Dani...or even something like that. Let me see..." Daria said unable to hold back her curiosity before taking the bag and opening it up. There was a picture with the name of Emma. That was a good name. "Hey, not to bad Charlie, thank you."

She almost bad for the hard time but instead just knew she needed to help.
  Hot / Faust / 18d 19h 54m 30s
Jacob nodded to Daria and gave a faint laugh. "What's the worse possible name that they can give you?" He asked as he was trying to lighten her mood a little. The shifter knew she was still having a difficult time. After everything she told him, he would think he crazy to just embrace it all.

He looked to Liam and Charlie as the other man came in. And again he wondered what had happened between them. Especially the times he had seen their closer moments. It was no wonder Daria teased them about being a thing.

Darius smiled to Liam as the man came in. "Just doing what you asked. And paying off that favour for a couple of my favourite people." The man said. And it was obvious he meant that about them.

Charlie was opening and closing a hand at her side. The woman was ready to murder two little pups. But hearing the chuckle caught her attention and a faint smile came to her lips. [b "Love to. Maybe we can go off and then leave the "kids" on their own for a bit."] It was her own retort from all the jokes Jake and Daria had been using
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 18d 20h 19m 26s
"No, just a reflex...It better not be a lame name...or biased because I'm partially Italian," Daria muttered. If it was something that what most people thought was Italian she'd hurt someone. The memories of walking away from everything wasn't good.

Liam walked through the door on his lunch break. Giving Darius a broad smile. "Hey, thanks for this, here's the other half of what I owe you." He said placing down the money.

Looking to Charlie who looked ready to murder someone he gave a soft chuckle for her. "Want to go? I have half an hour left."
  Hot / Faust / 18d 20h 37m 2s
Charlie's ecplanation of the man didn't quite help him ease off after the comment on Daria had been made. He didn't feel like the man was bad, but just something rubbed him the wrong way. And with that being the case, Jacob had lost his sense of humour. His dark eyes went to Daria as she seemed to shudder at seeing the papers.

"That bad..?" The you man asked her.

Charlie stood a little away from the two after she had handed the bag off. She was aware the two weren't exactly happy.

[b "Yes, Darius is why we came here. He is the only one we trust to do something like this..and he is good at what he does."] She said quietly.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 18d 21h 6m 6s
The man didn't seem that bad though the comment still rubbed her wrong. Looking to the bag, with her new identity she couldn't help but think of when she was told she was dead. Her family could never know or they'd be killed, too. Giving the smallest of shudders she barely confused on the new information.

"So he's why we are in Oregon then? Not that it's a bad state..." Daria asked looking to the man again. Jake seemed to slow down on the jokes, in fact upset about the comment as well.

Somehow, they might be best friends in this situation. It wasn't so bad.
  Hot / Faust / 18d 21h 16m 9s
A faint smirk came to his lips and he shrugged a little. "One of. But I knew not to get in trouble when in class." The man retorted as he teases the young woman. It was just so easy with her. Way easier than it had been with anyone before. Almost like...breathing..

At that thought, Jacob flushed a little. He was thankful when the man had and offered them a distraction. The smell was so different to him. But then they all had a different scent. Daria's he found he liked and it was soothing. And he was trying to pay attention, but couldn't help a growl when the man had said his words.

Charlie shot both Jacob and Daria a look. A faintly apologetic smile slipped to her lips. [b "Sorry Darius...they're both 'pups' so to speak.."] She said to the man, who only gave a wave of his hand in dismissal at her words.

[b "His name is Darius. He's an old friend of mine and Liam's..owed us a favour and is now a resident here in town. What's in the bag are your papers."] Charlie said as she walked over to Jacob and Daria, handing the other woman the bag so she could look at them.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 19d 1h 18m 2s
"You must have been the class clown," Daria observed with a chuckle before looking to the new man. He didn't smell like Jake, it was far more subtle, so that she might not have known. They were special, Jake had his own scent that she didn't mind.

"Suppose it would have been better if I was ugly," Daria almost said tartly to the man before biting the inside of her lip. "What's in the bag, Charlie?"

They would be in it when they got back. She was just puzzled with what was going on and who this guy was. A pack member? Rogue? She looked to Charlie silently asking questions.
  Hot / Faust / 19d 1h 41m 10s
[b "You two are ridiculous."] Charlie said with a faint growl to her words. She knew they were teasing, but they would be in for it later. Both of them it seemed were so similar in their wise cracks.

But she had to keep her focus and looked to the back door when the little bell rung. And a man in dark clothing came in. He was carrying a brown envelope and soon was looking at the three. "You and Liam said this was needed?" Were the words spoken, eyes going to Daria. "What a shame that such a pretty young thing had been cursed to this."

Jacob smirked at her words. "We'll be wanting to pull our ears off soon enough. You can see her temper flaring. But hey, that's why when they become parents they'll be good at it." Jake agreed.

Around the young woman things were easy. They were nice. And for the time being he was able to even forget what he had been running away from. But those thoughts were shaken away as soon as the man came in and began talking. He looked at Daria ans raised a brow. Honestly he was curious to see if she would become sassy or try and "behave" as Charlie had said when they walked in
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 19d 1h 40m 24s
Questions seemed to swirl around her head from anything from the big to the small. Right now it was the question of how they marked the territory, if it was the traditional way or a mystical way. That wasn't a question that she'd say out loud. She did give a chuckle at what he said. "Not unless I want to be lectured until I want to pull off my ears. When they become parents they are going to be awesome."

She knew they would be in for it, but right now it was fun. Around Jake it just got that much brighter. The smell wasn't great, and now they'd wait for whoever this person was.

Glancing around for any clues, it was a little underwhelming.
  Hot / Faust / 19d 21h 7m 41s

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