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"The more vampires there are..the more of us have the wolf gene kick in and we begin to shift.. So that's how the wolf thing comes about for us.. And yeah it is weird until you see it and fight them.." Jake said as he gave her a small shrug. It still bothered him, but he had come to accept it because he had no choice.

Her human life had sounded nice. Like something he wished he would have had. "It sounds like you had a good life. I'm really sorry it was taken away like this.." He said and before he thought it through jad taken her hand and given it a gentle and reassuring squeeze
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 16d 7h 19m 30s
"Ah, so that's where the whole spirit thing comes from? Vampires existing, too. That's so weird. I must be a lot more used to it than I am," Daria said not loving the idea of more in the world. "Uh, well I grew up in Idaho Falls, one of the bigger cities in Idaho. I was pretty normal, really. Dance team, dated the same guy since junior year...was planning on moving soon."

It was like another life now. She put her hands in pocket. "My parents are divorced but remarried, and I have a little sister. I try not to think of them though."
  Hot / Faust / 16d 10h 39m 36s
A faint smile traced the woman's lips. Very slowly did she nod to Daria, watching her and Jacob. It was sweet to watch the pair. They already seemed so close. A sigh slipped from her when the two went outside and she moved to the window. [b [i "You better be okay, Liam...if not I'm killing you myself."]] She whispered, though it was an empty threat.

Jacob walked outside with Daria, the night air being welcoming. It was slowly clearing his head again. And a small smile came to his lips as he nodded to her. They could only be honest with the small group. And it was time he told her a bit more.

"I was born on a reservation in La Push which is very close to Forks, Washinton. And for years I thought I was normal. I knew the tribal legends but I just thought that was what they had been. Turns out I was wrong. When I was fifteen my dad's best friend's daughter moved to Forks to live with her dad...and she became my best friend. Fell in love with a vampire too and caused tons of hell for her father and for me.." He said and gave shrug.

"What more is there for you?"
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 16d 7h 23m 35s
"At least sit down, Charlie, relax. We'll just make sure everything is safe, okay?" Daria said softly before squeezing her shoulder. It was a nice though, nice and sweet, she looked to Jake and nodded. Right now she only wanted to sit down and watch a movie but that wasn't her world anymore.

Stepping outside the night air was welcoming. Looking to him she gave a look to him before sighing. "Where are you from, Jake? We're the only people aside from Charlie and Liam that we can be honest to each other about."

It was a weird feeling when she had been a mostly open person before.
  Hot / Faust / 16d 21h 21m 37s
The woman had taken to looking down at her lap. She had damn near lost him multiple times, but somehow this time almost seemed worse than others. It was not until Daria spoke up did Charlie turn her gaze to look at the other woman. Slowly she shook her head and gave a weak smile. [b "No.. even if I wanted to I can't until I know what the outcome was."] Her words were quiet as they were spoken.

She knew she looked like hell. Usually it wasn't something that was pointed out. [b "Maybe the two of you can check around?"]

Jacob could see how worried the other two were. Even he was worried. He knew how Charlie felt in having watched his pack brothers fight, but even he knew this was different. Was this what watching an imprint doing something that could get them killed was like? Quickly he had to shake those thoughts away.

"Maybe we can see a little more of the area?" He asked the young woman. It was more like a they SHOULD as in the last couple days even he had learned how stubborn Charlie was.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 16d 21h 36m 1s
It was a nice location. There was only one room but it wasn't as if anyone would sleep after a night like that. Worrying about Liam would make it worse. Once they parked she looked softly to Charlie. "Why don't you go and try and rest, Jake and I will handle it until he comes, okay? You look like hell."

That wasn't something good to lead on but it was true. Looking to Jake, she couldn't help but feel worried but thankful he was here. It was strange to have this life and new people but it was actually not as bad anymore.
  Hot / Faust / 16d 22h 39m 16s
[b "This isn't the first time he has stood against his uncle.. and that.. It had been pretty bad. He knows what he is doing and is strong.. But even Liam isn't invincible.. He'll be hurt and bad when he gets back..and need our help more than he'll want to admit."] Charlie said as she kept her eyes on the road. Maybe it sounded a bit grave, but they deserved to know.

The woman was silent for a few moments, trying to keep her emotional control. She always hated leaving him if it meant he would be hurt. Like she said even if she wanted to she could not leave. [b "It's literally a small cabin in the woods. A spot we found when first coming here. It's also near a waterfall."] She said as she stopped the car. [b "To find the place you'll have to listen to the running water.."]
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 16d 22h 34m 40s
It was rather straightforward and thought out, Daria admired. They had everything they needed. Had spots picked out, what to do in this or that, it wasn't madness now to her. It was wonderful method. Looking to Charlie knowing she might feel right now, but not exactly.

"He should make it, right?" Daria asked meaning to sound more better than she did. "He's strong, and knows what he's doing...So, where are we going tonight?"

She wasn't fully sure what they'd do now.
  Hot / Faust / 16d 23h 6m 19s
The woman did recognize Laim's uncle and that was in part what had gotten her attention and brought her to his side. She didn't want to leave him on his own when it came to the man. But she also knew that she was to get Daria and and Jacob to the next safe place as well.

[b "Yes...I remember.."] She said as she looked to Liam. But before she could say or do anything more, Daria took her hand and took her to the car. She had not lied in what she had told Daria in how she felt about the man.

Jake looked to the car and nodded to him. He knew that Charlie would know what to do. He also knew that Liam would be taking care of his uncle.

"Be careful..we'll be waiting for you." Jacob said as he followed Daria to the car. He was soon in the back seat, seeing the two wolves as they phased. And that was the last glimpse before they were on the road
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 16d 21h 18m 4s
"Charlie, don't you recognize my Uncle Sean? It's been about ten years since he went rogue. Volturi I've been told," Liam said in a slow, careful tone. Even Jake was at danger here. "Sorry, I have an obligation to fill."

Liam looked to Jake, looking to the car. Silently saying taking them on the road, the next spot already discussed with Charlie. They worked together on everything.

Daria grabbed Charlie's hand leading her to the car.

It was just in time for the two wolves to shift and begin fighting giving them a chance to leave. Liam always had a failsafe though.
  Hot / Faust / 17d 1h 34m 18s
Jake was watching the man who had spoken, immediately having a bad feeling about him. And he was not disappointed either. Especially after his words were spoken. Had Liam not put a hand on his arm, he would have shifted. It was just that sense and need to want to protect his new found friends.

But at the touch, Jake stopped and looked at Liam. A brow was raised as if asking if the man would really let them go like that.

Charlie looked at the man and had moved to Liam's other side. [b "We mean no harm..and no packs either. Only did we come to do something and its been done."] Her words were quiet as they were spoken.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 17d 2h 26m 57s
Once the girls had the few bags they had they joined them down the stairs while all supplies was transferred to the old Ranger. It was older but it was also reliable. It seemed that the four of them would make it, until there was a clear scent.

"Well, a step behind, aren't we?" The man chuckled. "I've been looking hard for you, little nephew. Oh, and some new ones...are you forming your own little pack now?"

Liam put a hand on Jake's arm, in an attempt to control him from shifting. "Let's get in the car... We're going..." He said calmly.
  Hot / Faust / 17d 3h 26m 2s
Charlie caught the keys as they had been tossed to her. She then slowly nudged Daria. It was really no time to dally and they needed to go now. This was exactly why she and Liam had been so hard on the young woman. Something that they were used to doing.

Jacob was frozen for a moment. He wanted to shift and to investigate. But he knew that would get them killed. "Yeah, just tell me what we're grabbing." He said, tuning back in and watched Charlie and Daria as they went to grab things from the house. He followed Liam to the cars
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 17d 5h 35m 51s
Liam wasn't sure only he knew he was dead in his little shack up on the hill. "I don't really know, only that we were all there and we need to go now. Get what you have here and then we're leaving," Liam said tossing the car keys to Charlie. "Jake, were leaving the other car here so I need help moving the stuff over to the ranger."

He stepped outside where in the trunk of the clunker was any emergency supplies ever needed.
  Hot / Faust / 17d 6h 23m 42s
The cool night air was what he needed. He also had figured that Charlie and Daria had needed the alone time too. And so he sat upon the porch and was listening into the conversation. He almost wished he could make things easier on his new found family.

When Liam came up, Jake was on his feet. The man seemed more panicked than he had seen him. And it worried him. But before he could ask, the words were spoken.

Charlie smiled to Daria. And the smile was one tha wasn't often seen. It was kind of nice that she was trying. It made Charlie realize that she could try too.

[b "'re actually pretty amazing."] Probably one of the only times she would say those words.

Liam's driving and coming up as frantic as he was had her worried. She had rarely seen it but knew there to be something wrong. And when he said it, she could not help her gasp. [b "We..did you know the scent?"] Charlie asked, her words and voice barely audible.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 17d 9h 36m 33s

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