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"There was someone coming... I couldn't let anything happen and he was down. So I used the spare gas and started the fire. They might find blame on us. My uncle took off...I'm sorry, Charlie," Liam settled back giving a small groan. This hurt and he felt so drained. "It should be okay."

He squeezed her hand before closing his eyes feeling even more exhausted. "You should get some will help and most of us need to be in good shape."
  Hot / Faust / 14d 5h 14m 36s
Charlie sat on her knees as she was beside the couch. Gently her fingers brushed through the man's hair as she pushed it back. [b "You're such an idiot...but you saved us. Next time this is on me..."] She whispered, trying to be mad at him for worrying her but instead giving a weak smile.

Jacob had gone to the small room so that he could shift back and get dressed. After he had, the man went out to the porch to check on Daria. She had been really upset when she had woke and he wanted to make sure she was alright. Besides he wanted to leave Liam and Charlie alone for a bit.

" doing okay?" Jake asked as he came up beside the woman.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 14d 21h 56m 27s
"Charlie...I had to make a scene...Started a fire...I'm sorry," Liam grimace before shifting. It hurt like a bitch and shifting really sapped his energy. "I'm just glad that you all made it just fine here...I was worried..."

Daria looked to the two before stepping out to the fresh air. They needed a moment. Leaning against the wall she let out a sigh. That nightmare hadn't been there for two days, but it still gave her the night sweats. Liam would be okay though.
  Hot / Faust / 14d 22h 3m 47s
Jacob found himself falling asleep as he was curled around the two. He hadn't meant to, but just for that bit everything had been so calm. And it was so easy to relax. So he had drifted.

It was Daria's sharp jolt and breaths that woke the wolf and he nudged her hand. He was worried about her and trying to let her know it had been a dream. When she stood, the wolf did and kept at her side because he knew she was on unsteady legs, dark brown eyes going to Liam and seeing the man stirring.

Charlie had still been asleep when the other two had moved away. It was the words and the soft shaking of her shoulder that woke her. Her eyes opened and she was quick to get up and move towards the couch.

[b "Liam..?"] She whispered softly. She was seeing if he really was waking.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 15d 19h 38m 15s
Looking to Charlie softly, she took her hand leaning against Jake for a moment. It was that moment when everything hit so well that it seemed like a strange dream. The next she knew she was reliving that moment when she had been attacked. The nightmare woke her forcefully as she jolted forward.

"Just a dream..." She whispered, taking deep breaths, just in time to see Liam stir. Standing up on unsteady legs she walked to him seeing he was starting to wake a little. "Charlie...he's waking up..." she said shaking Charlie's shoulder lightly.
  Hot / Faust / 15d 19h 57m 58s
A sigh slipped past Charlie's lips. She was stubborn and it had gotten her into trouble in the past. With another look to Liam, she finally relented and nodded slowly. [b "None of us will be any use if we're all exhausted.."] She finally whispered as she went to get a blanket and sat against the wall with her head on her lap.

She was trying to keep strong and to not break. But inside she was breaking. She knew why he had done what he had..but it had been a stupid move and she was scared to lose him.

The wolf nudged at her hand when she unconsciously rubbed his head. He knew that she wouldn't exactly be able to understand him. But he did still try as he nudged her, trying to reassure her. He then did get to his paws and curl around both Charlie and Daria to keep both warm.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 15d 20h 27m 30s
"Really, you need to rest, I will call you if you need anything. At least for two hours and then we'll take turns?" She requested with a sigh. "He looks like he's going to be passed out for a few hours, anyway. You aren't any good to him looking as bad as he does."

Hearing Jake come in she gave a smile before she started the fire. It was a hard time but they were a family, they were taking care of each other. She looked to her softly squeezing her knee.

"It's okay, Jake...just for a few hours..." She said, unconsciously rubbing his head with some affection.
  Hot / Faust / 15d 20h 39m 35s
Charlie could have told Daria that common medicine wouldn't work because they burned it off so quickly. But the woman had not wanted to discourage the other and was thankful for the help being given. When Liam was alseep, the woman used a cool cloth to wipe hos forehead and looked to Daria.

[b "I will closer to the morning. You've been a big help...thank you...Daria you should try and get some rest. I'll stay with him."] She said and then thought about the fire question. [b "We're far enough out that it shouldn't be noticed.."]

Jacob had taken to shifting again and being the great russet wolf. It would be easier for him to run the area to at least get a look around. He had also missed the running so freely.

And soon, the wolf came in and lay down with his head on his paws. He looked at both women and gave a faint whine. It was telling them that they both looked exhausted and should get some rest if they could. He wouldn't say sleep because who could after what had happened?
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 15d 21h 2m 51s
It took a good portion of the night to close up the wounds. It seemed that that most medicine was useless since they burned it off quickly. When Liam was sleeping she was feeling tired but not so much so that she could sleep. "Charlie, maybe you should sleep."

With Jake there they could be safe. While there wasn't a lot of space there was plenty of blankets. "Would it be okay to start a fire or would that give us away?" SHe asked blankly.
  Hot / Faust / 15d 21h 15m 41s
This was exactly what she had told Daria about before they had gotten to the new safe house. There was always a cost and it always took a lot. The woman had moved to standing back. She would definitely be asking Liam what he had done. And how he had stopped his uncle.

[b "We'll have to get the wounds cleaned up before they start to heal...and then watch to make sure he won't be overdoing it."] The woman said quietly as she moved over and knelt beside him. [b "Next one's on me..."] She whispered for only him to hear.

Jacob was standing back after they had gotteen Laim inside and to the couch. When it was said he was first in guard it made him cringe. To him that was almost as bad as alpha, which he had run from and didn't want. But there was no way Liam was up for the task right now.

"I'll watch out for them." He said as he moved over to stand with Daria. He was watching Charlie as the woman was knelt beside Liam. "Now I see what you had meant about them.." Jacob said quietly and gave Daria a faint smile. "Should we go and find the medical bag?" He asked her
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 15d 21h 28m 4s
It wasn't worth mentioning what he had to do to stop him from following only that it would bring consequences on them. Not good ones. He took the support of the pack to the couch where he groaned from the effort. "He's taken care of...for now..." Liam grunted. The healed as fast as well but it still would take it all out of him. "Jake, you're first in guard...girls, listen to him."

Daria looked worried before looking to him. "I can help, Charlie, I was going to school to be a nurse....let me know what I need to do. Okay?"
  Hot / Faust / 15d 22h 2m 51s
Daria pretty much had it right in how she described the shifters. And even he could find the humour in it. And he chuckled at her words. "It sums up a shifter pretty well." Jake said. Being with her was nice. Just it was soothing and he knew he had a friend in her. Well it was more to him. He had imprinted and he realized it now. But he wasn't going to say it because he liked the way things were and he was sure she did too.

Jacob had given Charlie a look too. "Daria's right. I can shift and am stronger if something happens." He said as his eyes had gone towards the way the engine had come from. He was about to go but then saw Liam stumbling up.

Charlie glared at the two of them. Even she knew they were trying to help. [b "I'm responsible for the two of you. If something happens.."] But the woman's words stopped and her nose twitched.

Almost immediately was she off the porch and running over to Liam. When she got to the man her arm went around his waist. [b "Come on...lets get you cleaned up and patched up...And then you're getting rest."] She muttered to him
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 15d 22h 53m 34s
"It's like a built in vampire detector...only a giant wolf that fixates on one person for the rest of your days..." Daria gave a small chuckle. It wasn't that funny, but it struck her as funny. It didn't strike her as weird that they got along so well or why it felt better with him around. She had a friend in this whole mess.

Seeing Charlie in this state. She looked to Jake and back to her. "Jake should do it...out of all of us right now he's stronger than all of us...just in case it's a trap."

There wasn't going to be stopping Charlie though. Liam stumbled out, looking terrible with slash marks all over his limbs and a vicious wound to his torso.
  Hot / Faust / 15d 23h 2m 12s
Her words were interesting. And not something he would have thought of himself. "You know that's an interesting thought. Never did think about it. Just knew the legends and did what what was supposed to be done." Jake said as he gave another of his small shrugs. He then gave a small laugh and nodded. "Well this is definitely new and keeps you on your toes."

There was a car pulling up in a hurry. The man's eyes went in the direction and he like her thought maybe it could be Liam. But they had to check to be sure. "Let me go first....and if something happens, you run."

Charlie had been listening to the sounds around them. And when the car could be heard, the woman came out. [b "The both of you aren't going anywhere. I'll go check on it."] She said, firmly.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 16d 5h 41m 56s
"That's strange. Maybe that's the grand scheme of it...eventually the offspring becomes a constant vampire detector. Just doesn't seem enough, does it?" Daria said softly before shrugging. Looking to him she thought on that. "It was getting boring, anyway. This is more interesting."

Hearing a car pull up in a hurry her first thought was Liam but it could be the uncle as well. "I'll be right behind you Jake."
  Hot / Faust / 16d 6h 15m 6s

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