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It was strange playing like this but it was also amazing fun. Finally reaching the waterfall. The water at least went above her waist here before giving a grin towards him. "Oh, this water feels amazing...They have waterfalls in my hometown..."

She liked her home, the food, though she had been eager to escape. Looking to him she gave a smile to him. "Thanks for being my friend here...I really am glad that you came along...Even Charlie and Liam are being better than they were before."
  Hot / Faust / 7d 21h 34m 2s
It was no shock that both she and Liam were surprised in the turn of their conversation. Never was she so open and honest with the man, and never was he this open. It was strange but it also reminded her of what they had been. Reminded her that they still cared and it was more than for survival that they stayed together. Though before the shifter came, Charlie would have never thought about imprints or even how they worked. But Jacob unknowingly had brought that up for them. [b "It seems we understand why we can never leave.. We can drift and wander..but in the end we're still always there. Though I'm not sure if I prefer our way of imprinting or theirs."] The woman said softly as her eyes had trailed back to Jacob and Daria for a moment.

Nothing about this would be easy. They had traveled many roads and many years, a place to start would be difficult to find. Sex would definitely be the easiest as they both had admitted to missing it. But that wasn't fair and was putting their emotions on the line too. When her hand had been taken, Charlie gave his a squeeze and turned dark eyes to the man with a slow smile coming to her lips. [b "I think that will be the journey I look forward to most...and so will I.. We'll figure this out.."] Her words were quiet as she was falling into thought.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 8d 19h 56m 22s
Both were surprised, he was surprised that she missed this and was being so honest, and she seemed surprised he opened up. He couldn't blame them on both accounts. "I guess we imprint as well, just differently. Like an invisible bungee cord or something...while they have a ball and chain..." Liam said watching after them for a moment longer.

Where did they start? It was easy to start with sex but that wasn't fair. Instead he took her hand. "Well, whenever we want to try that journey again, I'm going to be right here. For now we can just figure out where to go next."
  Hot / Faust / 8d 22h 17m 47s
"Having me captive? Hm what would that ential?" Jake asked with a laugh and shake of his head. The flirting playfully as they were was fun. Felt natural in a way. Well on his end he knew why it was. On hers he didn't know. But he did know that she thought of them as good friends, which he was more than content with. He would be anything she wanted or needed of him. But with her he was free to be him too.

When she slid down from his back, Jake'e head tilted. But after a second, the girl tapped him and then darted off. "That's not fair!" The boy shouted and chased after her. He could have sworn they were children at that moment but he didn't care. It was just nice to have the freedom without the worry.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 9d 10h 3m 42s
"I haven't decided yet...the possibilities are endless though... Think having you captive sounds good," Daria smirked. When he began to spin she held on tighter wrapping her arms legs more around him. Holy crap, they were play flirting, that was something else.

After a moment when things were calm she slid off starting off further up closer to the water fall. "Tag. You're it," she looked back to him with a smirk. It wasn't a large waterfall but it was still very pretty.
  Hot / Faust / 9d 10h 21m 52s
Charlie was leaning on the railing and kept her eyes on the "kids". And as much as she hated herself for it, the woman envied them. They seemed so happy and so carefree at the moment. But also she would never wish on them the terrors she and Liam had suffered and seen. Even if she never said it, all of it was so hard for her. At one time, she and Liam had talked about it all.. A future with marriage and children. About being happy. This had never been a part of what they thought their future would be and it tore her to pieces on the inside.

When she heard him speak, dark eyes turned to look at the man. It had been A LONG time since she had heard him talk like that. Heard him be the old him and it had her heart racing in her chest. Made her feel almost like a school girl facing her crush. Quickly she had to shake her head. Her eyes then traveled back to Jake and to Daria. [b "We...maybe we could. There was never anything stating we couldn't be united and fight.. Maybe, just maybe we could show them there are two worlds and it isn't just 'gloom and doom'.. And sex would be nice too..always was amazing with you."] The last of her words were quiet, almost as if she had lost her nerve when those words had come.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 9d 20h 58m 56s
Liam closed his eyes, while he leaned back in the chair, his ribs hurt like a bitch and he still was devoid of energy. Somehow in this state he felt a lack of agitation instead a quietness. Looking to her for a moment he knew it was hard for her, they had talked it all, marriage and kids. Then it got serious and that was scary.

[b "Maybe it doesn't have to. Maybe it's possible to be united and fighting, while still having those would be nice...that and sex. Sex is always nice,"] Liam said before realizing what he was saying. [b "I'm sorry, my filter is gone I guess. Just thinking it might not be too late. Show the others there's two worlds."]
  Hot / Faust / 9d 23h 5m 43s
Jake hadn't expected for her to be so fast. She caught up to him like it was nothing and splashed him agsin, taking the shifter off his guard. Just had he shaken a bit as a dog might do before he soon felt her jump onto his back. He could have dropped her back into the water if he wanted, but he couldn't help laughing and in a sense finding the closeness nice.

"So now that you've got me, what are you gonna do?" Jake retorted, purely teasing her. The silliness was not something he minded. Hell, the shifter actually welcomed it. It brought a form of normality to things and reminded him that not everything had to be serious all the time.

And just to see what Daria did, Jacob laughed and spun with the girl on his back.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 9d 23h 39m 14s
If someone had told her that two months after having her life ripped away from her that she'd find a new one. While there had been a near death situation she was here laughing and playing like teenagers in some water. Chasing right after him she gave a laugh.

"You're not getting away," she splashed him charging right after him. When close enough she gave a splash before leaping onto his back. "Got you now," she grinned.

Whatever was making her act this way had to stop. She was beginning to act like an idiot.
  Faust / 10d 3h 11m 36s
[b "Amazing what two years can do..and how we changed with them.. It feels another life ago... And I miss it. Those carefree days...the running and the laughter. But like you said...once your eyes are opened and you're truly awake it's hard to go back to sleep and to ignore the world and what is happening."] The woman said quietly. She knew her words would not have to be loud for him to hear them. And she didn't want them loud enough to get over to Daria and Jacob.

Slowly she turned her gaze to look at Liam. Both of them were so very stressed and tense with it all. And they were only in their early twenties too. A sad smile traced her lips as he like she had the eyes of someone middle aged. [b "It would be nice to have that back..."] Charlie found herself saying as the laughter, words, and splashing could be heard just beyond.

But the fact of the matter was..they were damned. [b "It may be too late for us..but maybe we can help them?"]
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 10d 8h 30s
"I almost forgot that night...It was a good day...when was that? Two years ago. It feels like a damn lifetime ago. I wish all that never happened. It's impossible to be ignorant but to feel alive again..." Liam leaned back, looking away from them for a moment before he gave a half smile. They were so stressed now, Charlie had the eyes of a middle aged women. "I want that again, with general..."

He gave a small sigh knowing that it was impossible. The laughter and words could be heard as well as the splashing of water. They wouldn't have that back, it was too late to have that back. It was too late for them.
  Hot / Faust / 10d 22h 38m 25s
He laughed as he splashed her and she had him back. "And if it is?" He asked as he did splash her again. Jake had to admit she was beautiful. The way the water glistened around her and the way her skin tone appeared to glow in the sun's light. But he had to stop his thoughts.

After she had gone deeper, the shifter followed after. The water and the free moments were just what they needed. It was cool and it was like a breath of fresh air. One that was very much needed.

He knew she was his imprint. Or rather he had imprinted on her. But he was content to the closeness they shared and having her as a good friend. For now anyway. Besides, all of this was still new to him too. And again he found himself splashing her before diving into the water and swimming away from her. All was gair in their games, right?
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 11d 37m 8s
Daria gave a small laugh before smirking, splashing him back. "Oh, so, that's how you want to play it?" She asked going to more of a distance. The water felt so amazing, so fresh and relaxing. Jake was something to behold, tall and muscular with that skin tone.

This attraction was different and possibly...more? She didn't want to think there would be imprinting with her. Laterally pushing the thoughts away she splashed him giving a laugh.

At least there was a friend that was so comfortable.
  Hot / Faust / 11d 56m 57s
A faint smile came to the woman's lips. [b "I remember those days more than you think. Remember the dare to steal something from Old Mr.Warrent's shop. And how fast we had to run just to get away. Also the scolding we received that night?"] Charlie retorted as she was trying not to laugh. Liam knew she hadn't always been the stony faced terror or always so serious. It had only come when all of this started and they had had to learn to survive.

Brown eyes were on the other two, the 'pups' as she liked to call them. The soft breeze was nice and it almost washed away the tension and left a breath of fresh air. At least for the moment. [b "You know..I don't know. But watching them it could be."] She said, her words thoughtful. It wasn't usual for them to think on it. Given everything though, it was more something to maybe think about. [b "What about you? Do you think there is something to it..? A way that they are lucky in a sense?"]
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 10d 22h 17m 31s
"Don't you remember those jokes? And going around and playing like that? We may die anytime but I don't think we can always go around with a serious face," Liam said, it was nice outside, while he couldn't do much he wanted to spend some time outside. Watching the other pair for a minute he smiled.

"Do you think there's anything to this imprinting bit? Like one person the entire life?" Liam asked. It wasn't like them to think like that, but most didn't expect to live past fifty if lucky.
  Hot / Faust / 11d 3h 59m 11s

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