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"Oh, that's because they generally tend to stay within little communities, you know, bloodlines and all..." Liam looked to the shifter, calmly, a shifter was more powerful right now any way. "Tilt your head right for male, left for female."

"Yes, mother dear..." Daria answered sarcastically following after, giving a a small yawn. It was close to dawn, either way. It was a short trek back to the little house.

Daria felt her temperature adjusted she placed on a jacket. Watching Liam put out some clothes and waited on this Shifter. So there was more than just them, what the hell...

Liam waited with his back turned while the other male transformed and dressed. Hearing it was safe he looked to him with a knowing nod. [b "Ah, dad was right, mostly Native American. Well, come in, help yourself to some food. I'm Liam."]
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Jacob was curious of the interaction. It seemed the older two were like her parents? Not that really couldn't be right as they all had different scents. But his attention was mostly drawn to the girl who seemed to be getting a scolding.

When the words were shot his way, the wolf shook his head. When he had run away, Jacob had not intended to be phasing back. But as it stood, he could see the male, the..alpha? had questions for him. And there were things he wanted to ask himself. So he remained sitting where he was.


[b "Five years ago was the last we saw of his kind. I almost wasn't aware shifters were still around."] The woman answered, Liam. Her eyes still taking in the wolf that sat before them all.

She then moved to Daria and sighed. [b "We'll bring the shifter back with us. It's not safe for any of us out here. Come on 'pup'."] She said quietly as she nudged her back tje direction they had come from
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 25d 21h 22m 52s
"Well, uh, I...I don't...I don't have an answer. It was just a feeling," Daria hung back, before she looked to the wolf again. It was a cure version of them, unless she was just biased. It wasn't an ordinary wolf, that was for sure.

Liam was silent for a minute taking in the wolf. "When was the last time we saw a shifter, Charlie? Five years ago in...Illinois?" He asked Charlie curiously. "You newbies must be confused. So, you have clothes with you? If not I can leave some and you might as well eat something. We don't bite. And you...reckless, get back inside..."

"Right," Daria looked back. Shifter, that was something new
  Hot / Faust / 25d 21h 36m 41s
[b "She's young and doesn't know that this sort of stunt can get her killed."] Charlotte shot back as she was quick to pick up on Daria's scent. The ways in which the young wolf had gone like literally lit up as she followed the directions. Following after her was not as difficult as it could have been.

When they came to where the young woman and wolf stood, arms crossed over Charlie's chest. Brown haze was on Daria. [b "Want to tell us why you thought this was a good idea? And looks like you found our little friend who has been lurking about."] The woman said with a flicker in her eyes.


The wolf had been shocked to see the young woman he had seen before. Instead of going after her, the great russet wolf's head tilted. Now that she was so close he could definitely smell her. And she did not smell human, but also not like wolves her knew either. What exactly was she?

He was debating between shifting back to talk to her and staying the wolf. But his choice was made when two others came up. Brown eyes went from Daria to both the man and woman who had appeared. His massive head only tilted in question for the time being. There were three of them and one of him. A fight for the moment would not be wise.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 25d 22h 4m 6s
It was if there was arrows lighting the way. Go right, go left, there's a branch just came to her brain. Daria followed as close as was safe before seeing what she tracking. Jumping back two feet she looked to see the russet wolf. It wasn't that type but it wasnt the normal one, either.

"Huh, they never mentioned there's more than one kind," Daria placed a hand over her heart. Still having those feelings about seeing a wolf. "You're certainly a whole lot cuter though."

Smelling Liam and Charlie approaching she frowned. "Oh, shit, I'm in trouble..." She sighed placing her hands in her pockets, waiting for them.


"No common sense! Oh jeez...." Liam muttered following after Charlie as she tracked Daria down.
  Hot / Faust / 25d 22h 22m 15s
Jacob had not been able to get the new scents out of his head or out of his senses. The fact that he had smelled one semi familiar and the other completely new had been of no help. And because of what he had resolved to do if he came across it again, the wolf found himself running through the night. And what he saw almost amazed him as it had been two women off by themselves. But he was still too far to really tell what they had been doing. Just he knew they had been working on something.

However, the two did not seem stay out long. It almost seemed like a schedule? But Jake did shake that off and pad back into the woods. He had to keep to his act of being a wolf. And getting close as he had had been a stupid move to say the very least. Well that and he was hungry and so off to search for something he could hunt.

The moon was high and the night had become late when he caught the scent of something else he could eat as he was still hungry. And the giant russet began to chase after it. All the while, he was aware that someone or something was coming his way. So he was also ready to either bolt or attack of it was needed. He just hoped it would not come to it.


The night seemed to pass like clock work to say the least. Charlie had done a VERY awkward dinner with both Liam and Daria. It didn't used to be ao forced and awkward. But that had been before. Quickly that had to be pushed out of her mind. The past was the past and meant to be left there.

And after she had they had eaten she had taken the other woman out. They kept semi close to the small house just in case. And she had started small as she said. Just getting used to the sounds around them and the scents. Though still she could catch a lingering almost dog smell upon the soft wind. It had been that that had actually had her call it a night and to have them go back in.

While Daria had been trying to sleep, Charlie had taken her usual perch upon the windowsill. It had become a thing that she and Liam took turns in sleeping and watching. And just below she could see Daria leaving. [b "Liam..."] The woman said as she moved over to the man, trying to wake him.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 26d 17h 21m 45s
"Everyone does deserve to know the truth. It's just too soon right now, after witnessing all that horror, we should take it baby steps. Anything right now could weaken the transformation," Liam answered grimly before nodding to her. "Of course, you know what to do if anything happens to me."

There was a safety protocol for everything. Once changed, he gave Charlie a stiff nod before taking the old truck to work, leaving one car for them just in case. Always a full tank of gas, supplies and whatever else was needed.


Eating with them was like eating with divorced parents. Daria had grown up with a divorced parents and they weren't even as awkward as those two. When evening came, she worked with Charlie on the excercises before they called it a night.

Just when it seemed she might sleep, she smelt the blood again, heard the sound of the screams and saw their mangled faces. The pain rose suddenly to her back where she had been attacked before being left to die.

Waking up panting, she slowly placed her pajama bottoms on and shoes. It was so incredibly hot she thought she would die.

"It's okay,'s over..." She repeated to herself outside taking in the cold air. "Who are you kidding? It's not even close to over."

Then there was the sounds in the distance. Frowning she stepped off the porch starting towards it, tracking it through smell and amazingly some sight.
  Hot / Faust / 26d 20h 47m 51s
The man knew why she didn't let him live it down. It was her way to keep him in his place. And it also made him back off a bit when it came to Daria as well. Oh the woman teased the new little wolf but she was protective of her as well. Not that the other woman knew it.

[b "I know.. but it is not something you tell them right away. But you are right..she deserves to know the truth."] Charlie said quietly. Her eyes only briefly glanced back to Liam before she pulled them away again. The break up was still fresh to her and it hurt. She knew the WHY but it never had softened the blow. Nor did the fact that they kept together for necessity as they had.

[b "We'll make sure to keep out of trouble. I was thinking to go for a quick run while she washed up...And careful."] The woman said as he went up the stairs.

With a sigh, Charlie moved out to the porch. She was competent enough in that she could change as the man could. But NEVER did she choose to do so. Only did she choose to keep within their monthly cycle. Though she was wondering what Daria would do when she knew it all.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 26d 21h 11m 54s
"You haven't let me lived it down since then, Charlie. I think after this moon it might be a good time to tell her all of the story. That would work more, it usually does," Liam went for something light to eat. Glancing to the worn watch he looked to her, almost with regret. The breakup hadn't been easy, seeing her everyday was even worse. Necessity was the only thing that kept them in the same room. "I should go get ready for work. I should be off just before sundown."

There wasn't patrols, persay, but someone always was on watch just in case. If they had to make a hasty exit they were ready. He was capable of shifting at will, Liam just preferred not to since it took a lot out of him.

He waited for a moment before heading up the creaking stairs to the tiny room that was his. It was barely big enough for the tall male but he made it work.
  Hot / Faust / 26d 22h 34m 29s
The great russet wolf was still thinking on the people he had seen that morning on their had almost seemed like some sort of training. And it had him more than a little curious. Especially when he had not seen many coming out into this part of the woods.

Back and forth Jake pasded as he was debating what to do. He could just mind his own business and stay as if he were a normal wolf. Or he could go and try and track them. He could try and find out more and put out his curiosity. And being him, Jake decided he would try and get a better look next he caught their scent.


Her arms ceossed over her chest as she looked at the man. Maybe she should have been one to give in, but unlike some she was not afraid of him. [b "Just takes time. She wasn't born into this life. Remeber you started the change before I did. Even happened to be the one to train me. And if I do recall Mister Navy Seal you almost wanted to give up on me too. Until I outdid you and the others on tracking."] The woman said with a shrug as she moved over to the small window.

Her eyes were locked on the woods that he and Daria had come from. [b "There has been a new scent around...not the kind of wolves we're used to."]
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 26d 17h 39m 25s
Daria had more questions such as why it mattered if they could three miles made a differences between changing now and then. It seemed almost two months and a lifetime was something else. It wasn't supposed to be her life.

Daria could smell herself so acutely that she stood up with a sigh. "Alright, fine," she said before going to the small, terrible bathroom. To earn money Lism took an under the counter job.


"Are you sure she's going to get this soon, Charlie? Something has to happen soon and we can't lose any numbers," Liam said darkly going for a drink in the fridge. "I think some of the others might be close to Canada. I did get a small message, they wouldn't give much, it's probably my uncle still tracking them."

It was a messy family to be born into. Half of them were psychotic or probably dead, Charlie had just been brought in for the ride. Running a hand though his hair he knew they'd need to get papers for Daria soon so she could be "legal" while still dead.
  Hot / Faust / 27d 7h 21m 43s
The young woman was a bit of a headache with all the questions. Yes she knew that the other was new, but still it got on her nerves. Once in a while, Charlie wished Daria would listen and not question what she was told or taught. It almost reminded her of the old pack and days how the pups had an issue in listening. But she had to let those thoughts go.

[b "We do mostly change once a month and at the Full Moon.. but there are times we may change outside of that. And if that happens it is far more dangerous than our normal change. It is forced or triggered somehow.. Liam does this so that we are ready for anything and know how to think on our feet."] There was an affectionate undertone to her words as they had been said. And when Daria mentioned they still acted like a couple in some ways, her head tilted. Honestly she did not quite get what the young woman meant by it.

A smirk crossed her lips at the begging for her to take the night's training session. It always amused her when their newling wanted her to train her instead. Just to mess with Daria, Charlie almost told her no. But it had been ruined by Liam when he came back and said it would be a good idea. If he thought it a good idea that meant no getting out of it.

[b "Fine, I can take her out tonight. But you know it won't be far and it starts basic."] The woman said as she hopped off the counter.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 27d 18h 46m 20s
"So...all of Navy Seals training. To do what? We transform once a month, right? So why is there all this running and other excercises? Liam said something about transforming outside of the full moon," Daria questioned, it being so new to her that she had to question everything. It frustrated Liam and Charlie but what could she say? This was new and she didn't want to die.

"You two still act like a couple in some ways. That's why I say it. So...perhaps tonight you'd do the next training instead of Liam. Please?" She asked hopefully.

Liam stood outside the door listening to them talk before shaking his head. Placing the shirt back on, hair still partially wet from the creek. "It ain't a bad're the better tracker than I am. It's what we need to do next is the smell and hearing."
  Hot / Faust / 27d 21h 38m 19s
The woman cringed at Daria's calling Liam her boyfriend. It was true that the two had been together. And still there were sparks that flew every once in a while, but still the wording. The other woman knew fully well they were not together and gave a pointed brown eyed gaze.

She hopped onto the counter and smirked faintly as she had a cup of coffee in her hands. Charlie had been lucky enough to get out of that morning's little run as it was referred to by Liam. Though she actually didn't mind it either. It was actually easy enough for her to keep up and to not "die" like their little newling friend.

[b "Simple. You don't train and you die. This is done so you can run and to out run anyone who may want to hunt you. It's survival of the fittest and this will make you fit. Besides we've been doing this our whole lives and it's what we know, 'pup'."] Charlie teased.
  H.O.T / SheDevil / 27d 21h 55m 11s
Daria didn't know better then. If something felt strange, investigate it, that was what Liam like to say. Finishing the long run, she half dragged herself back to the little house they were renting. It was a quarter of a mile outside of the logging town, there was woods nearby, and so far it was safe.

Plopping down dramatically after Liam went to go to the stream to clean himself. "You're boyfriend is sadistic, Charlie," Daria told her with an exaggerated sound. She knew they weren't 'dating' but they sure as hell had sparks still.

Thinking back to that strange feeling earlier. Perhaps it'd be good to investigate that...or not...this was a whole new world to the girl that was the wild girl in Idaho. "I know, you guys aren't together anymore. Why is it again we have to train like we're in the Navy Seals?"
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