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Beautiful was the only way she could think to describe the man. Different and not at all like the other village people of who she had come across. He seemed to have their respect though as a couple had bowed their heads to the man. Even offered up a couple of "good mornings" as well. She had been staring, which she had known to not be very ladylike, but it could not be helped. Alexandria had never seen or met any like the man. And when his eyes locked with hers, the young maiden was almost certain she knew why. Her family was one who hated demons, though she herself didn't mind them. Always was she interested in those who were different. It had been how Philip and Felicity had become so dear to her when she had been a child.

"Lady Alexandria you cannot just wander off like this! If anything were to happen to you, master Mason would have my head!" Squeaked a young woman of about the same age as Alexandria. The other young woman was blonde and though dressed in a simple blue gown, it was not as intricate as the green as she wore. But it was still higher up than what would be expected.

[b "I am very sorry, Lucy... You see...the morning was so lovely and the town it called to me. I simply could not stay bound to the inn.."] She said as crystal gaze was still upon the spot where the man had been. Curious, the man had had her very curious.

"Well...I've found you and now it is time for some breakfast. There is a nice little place back this way.." Lucy said, taking Alexandria's arm and leading her back th way she had come. She had wanted to tell her young mistress what news had just arrived from her father.
  Lady Alexandria / SheDevil / 2y 197d 3h 40m 15s
The idea of a new person entering where Ryuke lived made him curious. The scent was more feminine, and light compared to the traveling men that came through. He felt no kind of danger, only interest on what could draw this kind of person into this small village.

He continued walking towards his destination, but keeping his attention all around him. Only to soon spot this newcomer rather easily to his surprise. She was dressed much differently than the rest of the towns people. She seemed higher up on the food chain, and that soon brought concern to his head. It seemed most of the wealthier families hunted demons, and were attempting a take over of most areas.

Ryuke noticed this young girl staring rather intensely at him, making eye contact with her once noticed. He frowned as he watched her take his appearance in. She looked very up kept, and her wandering alone in this town brought many questions to his mind. [i "Her family must be close by."] He though, soon turning his head from her and turned down another road to walk into the blacksmiths shop. There sat a middle aged man by the name of Lester. [b "Oh! Ryuke, Sir. Your lovely piece of work is ready for you to take off. Let me just go grab it, but stay here for a moment. I must tell you something! News runs fast through this little town I tell you what."] Lester spouted about, as he bumbled his way to an open room behind his front desk, grabbing Ryukes kitana.

"If this is about this young woman, I'm aware of her presence. Whom does she decent from is the bigger question." He spoke, putting a thumb to his jaw as he inspected his blade, sheathing it afterwards. [b "That sadly isn't very known right now. All we know is she came in on a horse and carriage, and is staying at our nicest inn. No one else joined her which was odd to a lot of us."] The man said, leaning against his desk pondering on the same situation. "I'm not sure, but I'll figure it out one way or another." Ryuke huffed, irritated by the situation more than anything. He hadn't had many problems with people, and wanted to keep it that way. Of course things aren't going to always go his way, but he makes ways to lessen the blow if they end out badly. "Well, I'll see you again soon. Thank you Lester." He called out as he waved out the door. Who was this girl, and why was she alone was all that surged through Ryukes mind.
  Ryuke / Quest / 2y 202d 5h 15m 19s
The day was a warm one and the clouds a soft white in a brilliant blue sky. It had been weeks that she had been traveling long the country side and in the small carriage that belonged to her family. Alexandria had been told that she was no to return home as the hunters among the villagers were becoming restless. They were wanting their pay and were starting to turn on those who happened to be more priveleged. So her father had sent her to the quaint village that according to the rumours had been protected for centuries and also had seemed not to change. In a sense, at least to her and to the village of which she had come from, the village seemed to be both beautiful and safe.

Slowly the young brunette of about twenty-one walked along the paved roads, browsing the shops. She had been in an all girls boarding school since she was eleven and had been meant to become a proper young lady. Alexandria dressed as such and had learned to behave as such, but truly it was not what she had wanted. The young woman missed Philip and Felicity so very much. All the games that the servant children and she used to play. All the running through the fields and the flower picking. And just all the laughs and joy the three had shared so very long ago. Even did she dread her thoughts at that moment of her old friends because they broke her heart and she had been told that they had been sold to another family. She knew that she would not be seeing them again.

Tears pricked at the corner of her eyes as she stopped outside a dress shop to examine the dresses. They were in hues of soft blues, pinks, and yellows. A far difference from the mellow green she happened to be wearing. And so very different in style as well. The young woman found herself almost tempted to go within the shop to try a new deess so that she may blend in. But then she thought better of it as she knew Lucy would not be able to find her if she were to do such a thing. And it was she turned away from the shop did she notice a man seeming stop in the middle of the street. Almost it appeared as he were trying to take something in. So strange and different he looked to her crystal blue eyes. And yet he had a beauty about him that she simply could not tear her gaze from.
  Lady Alexandria / SheDevil / 2y 197d 3h 40m 30s
It was a typical morning, the hustle and energy of the villagers picked up as the sun slowly starting to rise over the horizon. The morning dew had settled into the grass, making the air feel crisp as a small breeze had taken action for the day. It was perfect weather for Ryuke, who had been guarding this village for years now. He had been deemed main protector over all guards enlisted. Only a handful of villagers know his origin, but newer generations have learned to accept his presence and became comfortable.

Ryukes age was unknown to people around, but he had the physical appearance of a 23 year old man. He was a towering 6 foot, and sizable in stature. If the townspeople had even become unaware of where he resided, never seeming to find him in a home in the small area. He had lived just outside of this village, but had grown up in the village itself when he was a child. His personality seemed to fluctuate, typically never in the mood to deal with any confrontation or to even get to know anyone. He had felt best to keep to himself besides a choice of people. For Ryuke was a demon, and his life was starting to become threatened due to hunters seeking bloodshed to his species.

Things were changing drastically in his world, seeing as people became more wealthy than some. Watching as things were put in sections belonging differently in each area. Yet, this small village stayed steady it had seemed. Nothing really changed for their happy way of life. Things were kept calm, and that's all Ryuke wanted.

On this day, Ryuke had started out going through the town to fetch his katana that had maintenance needed done. The blacksmith in town was the only one that has understood his weapon and always brought it back to life stronger each time.

His clouded blue eyes stayed dim and he kept his vision ahead, while he walked. The sun started warming up and shining more onto the man, which added more color and light to his traditional tattoos that were on his arms and chest. He then closed his eyes and took a deep breath in, only to smell a different scent in the proximity. [i "Who could this be..?"] He thought to himself. There hasn't been any new comers or visitors for weeks now. What could be so different today?
  Ryuke / Quest / 2y 202d 6h 31m 22s

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